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  1. DenverTyrant
    for sure, especially with football. I mean, I get the concussions issue, but getting mad at a coach for yelling at a kid is ridiculous.
  2. JoeLegend
    Thats the hardest part. Dealing with the parents
  3. DenverTyrant
    Yeah, I had to be really cautious sometimes because these kids are just boys, you know? Even at 11-12 many parents are really protective, especially moms. I'm only 20, so its not like they're my kids, I'm just doing it for the coaching experience.
  4. JoeLegend
    We had ego maniacs coaching last year. The QB coach and OC and HC all got into one day. I was working with O-Line and D-Line looked over and could not help but luagh. I'm glad I'm not with those guys anymore.
  5. DenverTyrant
    Yeah, I didn't really ask the HC lol. He saw what I was doing and I think just accepted it because I ended up writing the gameplans every week.
  6. JoeLegend
    I wanted to do that but the head coach did not. I was O-Line coach and had the Guards help the center
  7. DenverTyrant
    What I did (I was the O-Line coach and D-Line assistant) was took my center aside during some of the crap like ladder running our dumbass head coach was doing and made him practice snaps with one of the QBs. We probably got an extra 50 snaps every time we did that, and it helped build consistently.

    Honestly, I don't know much about playing center though. Scheme wise I can coach it fine, but as far as how to hold the ball and such I have no idea. I was a guard and a DT, and I only learned to Gun snap in case of an injury.
  8. JoeLegend
    Thats the thing is we cant get the snaps
  9. DenverTyrant
    Thing is, with kids its easier to run the gun once they figure it out. Expect a lot of bad snaps in August, but by September you will get it going.

    That was an all gun system though. Switching between the two is a fail.
  10. JoeLegend
    Under center primarily but I want to do more shotgun this season
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