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  • Dallas Cowboys Thread

    I'm surprised there isn't one for the Cowboys (unless it was on a previous page)

    I know there alot of Cowboys haters here, but its all good. I mean no harm

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    Absolutely HATE this thread.
    ****funniest thread ever***


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      lol, i have a feeling you will not be the only one.


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        cowboys suck!!!!!!!

        i kid

        one bad thing about this season is wade phillips isnt fired...
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          He didn't get an extension either. Basically, he gets to play out his contract in 2010. If they take one slight step backwards next year, we will have a new coach in 2011


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            Cowboy fans are not welcome on this board


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              Sorry Longhornfan


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                We need to hope either;

                S Earl Thomas falls to us
                G Mike Iupati falls to us

                if neither one of those things happen we should trade down and add some more picks later in the draft.


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                  He looked ok comfortable catching the ball and has great size 6'6 252 with good speed 4.48 40yard dash.


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                    Longhorn, people just hate on us cause we're so ****ing good. Definitely an east coast bias on this site. **** them. Don't apologize. Wade Phillips or not, we are going to the Super Bowl this year!


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                      Originally posted by big blue monster View Post
                      Absolutely HATE this thread.
                      Eat it. Giants suck. Eli is a no talent hillbilly.


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                        Well, this thread needs some love.

                        I don't think it's too early to start talking about the off-season for Dallas given that there really isn't much to learn from the final game of the season since most players have shown their colours through the season and any rookies getting thrown in at the last will not be giving a clear impression. I'll try and break it up into categories which are applicable, though feel free to add/subtract and say what's on your mind. For the purposes of discussion this is discussion should assume that next season goes ahead.

                        Head Coach: Firing Wade had to happen because the team was looking like a pee-wee team with all the stupid penalties and crap attitudes. Under Garrett the trend has been better, though the Cards game showed a bit of a regression into the old ways, though if the final game doesn't continue the trend then I'll give it a pass as a one off. Going into next season with a high draft pick I'm hopeful of the team being able to add some serious talent which can turn the tide quickly on a poor season. Is Garrett the man to do the job? I have liked most of what I've seen so far, and giving him a full pre-season to get rid of all of Wade's influences will probably ensure further improvement. However, he needs to stay on the players about professionalism and discipline after seeing the Cards game. If he's the coach he must cut the dead wood. I don't know the coaching scene too well, so I'm not sure what the options are at the moment. There aren't really any HCs getting the sack this season that I'd be interested in as alternatives.

                        Offence - QB: I think Romo is still the starter next season. McGee handled himself reasonably well and deserved to come away with a little more in the Cards game. Kitna has played very well and as long as he's happy to be the back up I'm very happy for him to be there. I don't see too much wrong with the position coming into the off season and I think most of the effort should go into other positions.

                        RB: A bit of a mess. There's Barber who's becoming a bit of an injury case, Jones who's got great ability but also spends a bit too much time in treatment and Choice who doesn't get the reps to really know what he's like on a consistent basis. Of course some of the struggle in this position is down to the plays not being called in the early part of the season and the OL being pretty poor in creating lanes. I think the team tried to establish Jones as the starter but his durability issues have made it tough to really nail him down. I think with better blocking and a clear decision on the starter the position will be alright for next season. Also, if the defence improves then the plays will be there to run the ball instead of going for the pass too often.

                        TE: Witten is amazing and there's no need for much change here. Bennett is just average, but with Witten ahead of him he's just a back up.

                        WR: Roy Williams has to go. He can't catch anything and is a huge waste of space. Sam Hurd came in against the Cards and made some good plays which were more than Williams has really done all season. Austin hasn't produced on the same level as last season but is still the number one receiver. Bryant was really showing some good form before getting injured and I think he'll be getting a lot more time next season if he can shake off the injury bug. After those two I'd like to see some more from Sam Hurd after he came in and made some plays against the Cards. Past that I'm not 100% acquainted with the guys on the depth chart, but the Cowboys could use some help here I feel, though it's not a high priority.

                        OL: *Will get to later*

                        Defence: D-Line


                        Corners: A lot of depth and quality issues in the seconday, and especially at the corner position. Jenkins simply doesn't look like a big time player. His effort levels throughout the season have been poor and he can't be trusted to stop anyone. I don't like him. Newman has been a good servant to the club, but he's not as durable any more and age catches up with everyone eventually. With some depth at the position and an off season to heal his wounds he can come back, but plans need to be made to ensure the Cowboys aren't caught out. I definitely think if Prince or Patrick Peterson are on the board when Dallas is on the clock they have to take one or the other. This position is so dire there's absolutely no choice. I don't think there's really a free agent corner out there that I would want the Cowboys to take on when there is a pick available of this quality.


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                          I am reviving this thread. Will talk to myself if I have to.
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                            Haha, I'll talk back!


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                              Originally posted by Drodan View Post
                              Haha, I'll talk back!
                              Love your sig. Obviously Ware and Peterson, and I may not be a Thunder fan but Westbrook is a monster.
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