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    Yeah, I'm like 99% sure I'm the only Bucs fan on this board, but whatever, at least now I can have spirited conversations with myself without coming off like a lunatic, I hope.

    Anywho, I sincerely hope the Bucs are targeting Everson Griffen with their 35th overall pick, and then take the best reciever on the board at 42 tonight. In the third, I'm feeling the best CB available, unless there just isn't anyone who warrants a 3rd rounder, in which case, OT.

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    Well, I get partial credit for them taking the best WR on the board, right?

    ****in' Brian Price...


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      Do you know Matt McGuire?

      Originally posted by EllijayFalconsFan
      I hate you Kyle Orton, I hate your family, I hate your dog, if you have cats I hate those, I also hate any fish you have, I hate your hobbies, I hope you fail at most things you do.


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        Of him, obviously. But I've no idea of his rooting interests.


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          You are not alone

          And I don't mean that in a creepy, Michael Jackson kind of way. I too am a Bucs fan, even though I hardly ever visit these forums (48 hour work weeks, 2 kids, trying to go to school, and writing for Deblogled...only time left is for drinking).

          But definitely a Bucs fan, and looking forward to seeing how far Freeman's come this week against the Brownies. Thoughts?


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            Hey, I've heard of you.

            My main thought is I don't understand how all the Browns fans I've encountered are so incredibily confident going into today's game. The game is a complete toss-up at best, at worst it's going to be another Jake Delhomme masterpeice.

            But I'm excited to see Freeman, if a little apprehensive. He looked crisp in his two pre-season games, but there may have been a little bit of rust develop in his time off. Hopefully, though, he just picks up where he left off with Mike Williams.


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              I think said Browns fans bought the hype on Delhomme, forgetting that he likes to throw the ball into double-coverage and doesn't enjoy the motion of following through. Part of the Brownies' problem, though, is play selection. I'm glad Tampa won, but the Browns were gashing the Bucs with the run. I like TB's linebackers, but all of them (even Ruud) overrun too many plays. That has to stop. The Bucs dodged a bullet, but they need to take a long look at the film on this one.

              I think Freeman and Williams will be a real bright spot, too. I just hope it's sooner rather than later.

              "Hey, I've heard of you" = the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me LOL


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                I was pretty impressed with how they played today. The run defense looked adequate against a good running team. And yeah, we benefitted from some boneheaded playcalling, but Josh Freeman looked absolutely incredible today. He's a stud, there's no two ways about it.


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                  It is sad that the most recent post is from September. I hate that we have lost so many starters to injuries, I wonder how different it would be if we did not have the week 4 bye. I was really hoping that Talib would have a 10 int year and McCoy could get a couple more sacks, but I cant see us winning many more games with such an injury depleted depleted team. At least we cant have a losing season this year, really hope we can pull off one more win.


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                    I have gone back and forth on the Adrian Clayborn thing since the beginning of the college football season. Everything I read says that he is great against the run, but 17 reps at his pro day? Really? At 280lbs he posts a 17? Combine his total with Gerald McCoy's and we still wouldn't break the record. I'm confused, but in my life it's necessary.


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                      I don't think Clayborn is the best pick at #20 for us. Considering seven DEs would be off the board, I'm sticking with Mike Pouncy (OG, U FLA) until someone can convince me the 8th best DE is a better value than the best OG in the draft.


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                        Here is my full Tampa Bay Buccaneer draft:

                        Round 1 (Overall #20)
                        Mike Pouncy, OG, University of Florida

                        Round 2 (Overall #51)
                        The Pick: Christian Ballard, DE, University of Iowa

                        Round 3 (Overall #84)
                        The Pick: Chris Carter, OLB, Fresno State

                        Round 4 (Overall #116)
                        The Pick: Pierre Allen, DE, University of Nebraska

                        Round 5 (Overall #151)
                        The Pick: Deunta Williams, FS, University of North Carolina

                        Round 6 (Overall #187)
                        The Pick: Mike Mohamed, ILB, California

                        Round 7 (Overall #222)
                        The Pick: Markus White, DE, Florida State

                        Round 7 (Overall #238)
                        The Pick: Lee Smith, TE, Marshall

                        To see the reasons, check my blog: <a href="">BucsDraftNews</a>


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                          I was pleased with our draft overall. I think Clayborn and Bowers will stay healthy, Clayborn has played with Erbs Palsy his entire life and he seems confident it wont effect him. If Bowers knee was not manageable I think Dominik would have stayed away from him. Mason Foster is a tackling machine, and hopefully he can tackle the runner before they get 10 yards downfield. Stocker and Black also have potential to see a decent amount of playing time.


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                            Our defense will be much better this year. Bowers and Clayborn are gonna eat quarterbacks alive.
                            Sophomore Stats of QBs taken before Josh Freeman.

                            Mark Sanchez-
                            3291 yards 17 td 13 int

                            Matthew Stafford
                            535 yards 6td 1 int (missed 19 games so far in 2 year career)

                            Josh Freeman
                            3500 yards 25 td 6 int

                            Yea I think the Jets and Lions made a mistake.



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                              The draft was good. Give this defense one or two years to get some experience under them and they are going to wreck havoc all over the NFC south. This could be a very promising year for the Bucs. Signing a big play making corner when the lockout ends would be huge.