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  • Hey guys, whats up?


    • Yeah...Rags just won, didn't you?


      • I must sound so paranoid right now


        • Originally posted by ctrmcougar View Post
          I must sound so paranoid right now
          I did not just win.


          • I thought your comment might have been you gently sliding into you gloating.

            Well, I guess the game should continue onto one more day. Luckily for me, I won't have to make the decision of who to lynch! I've got ideas, especially since it is only 1 scum (a Simonds/MD4L combo seems unlikely).

            Good luck my fellow will really need it


            • Peace Cougar
              Originally posted by Daniel
              Me and my gun buddies aren't paranoid, but let me tell you about how Hillary's gun squads will come into your home to take away your God-given freedoms and guns, while forcing you to gay marry illegal immigrants and turn your home to Muslim abortion clinics.

              That's how you sound.


              • Oh, pheltz is on. My write-up better be good. As a BYU fan/Mormon, there are certain a few directions...


                • Swag, if you are really town and this game continues, win this game!

                  motivational speech over


                  • Vote Count:

                    ctrmcougar - 3 - Simonds, SwAg Dynasty, Ragnarok

                    ctrmcougar has been lynched. Writeup Incoming.
                    pheltzbahr 2016 NFL Mock


                    • “Guise, five left.”


                      “Guess what? Cougar is scum.”

                      “Oh word? Nice job mason bro.”

                      Lynch cougar Lynch cougar Lynch cougar

                      ctrmcougar arrives on scene to see so few people in the Town Square. "Hey dudes, what’s up!” “You’re the last one, that’s what’s up.” The remaining Mafia All Stars gather round cougar as he tries to back away from the situation, but it is of no use. One lands a solid punch to the nose and blood spurts from cougar’s face. Another follows that up with a front kick to the abdomen that knocks cougar to his knees. The other walks up behind cougar, throws him in a sleeper hold and with one swift movement breaks his neck Bruce Lee style.

                      ctrmcougar is dead. He was The Stealer, Town Aligned

                      pheltzbahr 2016 NFL Mock


                      • Oops.


                        • Originally posted by Simonds View Post
                          So concerned....


                          • Night Twelve is Over. Writeup Incoming.
                            pheltzbahr 2016 NFL Mock


                            • Night 12:

                              Simonds sits at his desk, typing out a message on his computer. “Yeah, that looks good,” he says to himself as he prints it out. He puts the message in an envelope and gets ready to leave his abode. *ring ring* Simonds picks up the phone, “Hello, this is Simonds,” he answers. “Oh hey, yeah I can come over. Be there in a few.” Simonds hangs up the phone and ventures out into the darkness.

                              *ding dong* The door opens and Simonds sees his buddy standing in the doorway, looking nervous and confused.

                              “Hey SwAg, what’s so urgent? I came over as soon as I hung up.” Simonds steps into SwAg’s house and leaves the front door ajar.

                              “Tell me Simonds, you dumb or scum? I don’t get this at all, and now we’ve been killing Townies left and right since I brought you back, and a lot of them on your advice.”

                              Simonds backs away from SwAg a couple steps and casually turns away from him, hoping to avoid eye contact. “No, I uh, don’t know what’s going on either,” Simonds says, trying to buy a few seconds. He glances towards the cracked open front door and sees a shadow move on the porch. The door opens and a man slips in.

                              “Sorry SwAg, I didn’t want it to go down like this,” Simonds whispers as he hits the deck.

                              The intruder bursts into the room decked out in red headband and wristbands, sees Simonds laying on the floor and his target standing there unprotected. The man raises his UZI and fires at SwAg Dynasty. SwAg gets riddled with bullets and falls to the ground. Ragnarok walks up to his dying victim, pops another clip into the UZI and looks SwAg dead in the eyes, “You’re not getting saved this time.” SwAg can barely talk and is bleeding profusely from his wounds, but he manages to crack half a smile and raise his middle finger at his houseguests. Ragnarok promptly raises the gun, pulls the trigger and blows off the middle finger with a burst. He unloads the rest of the clip into SwAg’s forehead at point blank range.

                              SwAg Dynasty is dead. He was, The Reviver, Town Aligned

                              “One more buddy," Ragnarok conveys to Simonds. Simonds nods and they jog down the street in unison and reach their destination.

                              “This one could be tricky, but I’ve got a plan.....” Simonds says. “Ok, sounds good. Let’s do this,” Rags responds.

                              Simonds changes into his spare KFC Delivery garb and grabs an empty Colonel’s Bucket strewn across the unkempt front yard. “Ugh, way to keep property values up,” Simonds thinks to himself as he goes to ring the front doorbell.

                              *ding dong*

                              MD4L answers the door, hunting rifle in hand. “The fuck do you want, cracker?”

                              “Oh hello good sir, I have your free fried chicken here. All of our preferred customers are receiving one this evening.”

                              “Fo reals?” MD4L says, as he puts his rifle back onto the rack to accept his generous gift. Simonds hands MD4L the empty bucket and dives out of the way while yelling out, “Now!”
                              Ragnarok rises from the bushes and sprays MD4L with bullets. MD4L looks down at his wounds, but is more disappointed he won’t be able to taste the Colonel’s goodness one last time before departing this cruel world. “That’s just cold, guys,” MD4L gurgles as his eyes roll back in his head.

                              miamidolphin4life is dead. He was The PGO, Town Aligned.
                              “Holy shit Rags, that was fucking close! Great shooting!”

                              “Great plan Simonds, the extra KFC Delivery Uniform finally came in handy. Why do you carry one of those around anyway?”

                              “I likes the dark meat Rags. You’d be surprised how far that gets you.”

                              “Oh, cool. Anyone ever tell you that you look like Brad Stevens?”

                              The sun starts to rise, indicating a new dawn in All Star land and Rags picks up an early morning edition of the local newspaper off a driveway. "Heh, check out the front page story Simonds," and he hands the paper to Simonds.

                              The Headline reads: "Cthulhu"

                              The pair walk off into the new day, into victory!

                              All Star Aligned is victorious. They have won Mafia All Stars.

                              Congratulations to Ragnarok, Simonds, CKane138, BodyBurner, Walter, mdb17 and Hunter.
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                              • Everyone feel free to come back into the thread and talk.

                                I will be posting Night Logs, Roles and Player analysis in the near future.

                                Thanks to everyone for playing, I had a great time running the game, hope everyone had a good time playing.

                                Special thanks to rackcitysteelers for co-modding, nice job on the Lynch writeups and double checking everything with me. Would have been a lot tougher in the early stages without you.
                                pheltzbahr 2016 NFL Mock