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    Rules (in no particular order):

    (1) Don't edit or delete posts
    (2) Don't check who's online
    (3) Monk or myself reserve the right to modkill you if you break the rules
    (4) Don't post any PMs you recieve word-for-word.
    (5) Don't share Night info before the writeup comes
    (6) Nights are 24 hours
    (7) Day One is 24 hours, rest are 72
    (8) Ask me ?s if you're confused
    (9) Be patient with me
    (10) If you wish to lynch someone, bold their name: (eg. Lynch Monk)
    (11) If you want to form a deadchat. Go ahead, and so. You don't have to invite me or Monk, but our feelings will be hurt.
    (12) Have fun!

    An old 103 year old man, his identity concealed due to security concerns, lies in bed, fatally ill. Legend has it, that it was he who was the one who invented the beloved soda Coca-Cola. Inside his infinantly coma stricken mind, he dances and prances through a timeline of beverage history; caught in a limbo between fantasy and reality. It is in this state in which we find ourselves in. It appears that each drink has embodied itself into 10 select persons. However, not all of them share a common interest. Before the 10 begin to congregate one has already gone missing, there's no doubt that paranoia is beginning to set in, and a body's already turned up.

    Andy Q. is dead, he was Orange Juice with Pulp, Beverage-Aligned.

    Soon another shot is heard.

    Monk is dead, he was Sapp, Right-From-the-tree-Aligned


    2.)2ky- Ice- Fresh-Aligned
    5.)Robley- Gin- Fresh-Aligned
    7.)Johnny- J.P- Fresh-Aligned
    3.)Corry- Water- Fresh-Aligned

    1.) SanchoPanza- Slice- Beverage-Aligned
    4.) InjuredReserve- Coca-Cola- Beverage Aligned
    6.) bcb 1213- Golden Mead- Beverage-Aligned
    8.) CKane138- New Coke- Beverage-Aligned
    9.) Rackcitysteelers- Tonic water- Beverage-Aligned
    10.)Gong- Sam Adams- Beverage-Aligned

    Phase Logs:

    Day 1: Trent Stops By On His Way To Indy

    Night 1: Gong is gifted with death. 2ky melts into oblivion, and an Alpha-Male is born.

    Day 2: Rack? Defend Himself? As if!

    Night 2: Johnny gets mowed down.

    Day 3: A Coke and Noooose.
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    First iamagod


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      it is day one with 10 alive and 10 voting it's 6 to lynch!!!!!!!


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        Andy, put the player list in the OP.


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          Post-Game Awards, Roles, and Wrap Up.

          You're New Coke, Biggest Marketing Failure Since, Beverage Aligned.

          You thought you were the whizkid. New kid on the block you were ready to take the world by storm. With gigantic shoes to fill, you fell... and fell and fell. Sadly, you're company has lost millions of dollars becasue of you. Luckily, decades later you might have a chance to redeem yourself. Since your the drink of new directions, you'll be able to redirect anybody's Night actions by PMing Me or Monk.

          You win when all threats to Town are eliminated.

          Communicate w/ nobody

          Poor CKane. He was perpetually raped by Cory, he never used his ability once. His targets were always good, however. If he had sent his PM earlier than Cory, he could have killed Cory, by redirecting him into Sancho. Lynching Rack really hurt you though.
          GRADE: B-

          Welcome to Bottoms Up Mafia!

          You are: Golden Mead, The drink of warriors, Beverage-Aligned

          You're in a word. Slow. Slow and methodical. Your syrupy taste will propel you with a steady hand. Your so slow in fact that you have the ability to slow down the sun itself. You can extend the lynch of a player by PMing me during the day. You're superior brew may come in handy as time moves on...

          Communicate w/ nobody

          Win when all threats to Beverage aligned are gone.-BCB
          Ladies and Gentleman, our Town LVP! BCB didn't play a terrible game, but he refused to either hammer or extend IR's lynch, which really cost town. He seemed to catch on at the end, though because he stole Cory's vote, but at that point it was already too late. BCB was right when he said this game came down to his vote. This role was a bit Underpowered so I'll give you that.
          GRADE: D-

          Welcome to Bottoms Up Mafia!

          You are: Tonic Water,Emotionally Unstable Child, Beverage Aligned.

          After running away from home due to neglect. (you felt Gin was getting all the attention) You were adopted by Golden Mead, a compassionate man who loved you like his own. However after he showed up drunk one Night. You ran away. Never to return again. Sure, you'll help your fellow beverages, but you'd love nothing more than the death of Golden Mead. If you lynch Golden Mead on Night One. You'll be the sole winner. After that you won't really care anymore, as your anger will die down. Every night PM me choosing any power you'd like except an investigation Once Night 3 is past though you'll be significantly weaker.
          (HINT: He has digits in his name.)

          Communicate w/ Nobody

          Win when: All threats to Beverage-Aligned are eliminaed. OR Golden Mead is lynched Day One.---RACK
          Rack was lynched without a defense as usual. Although he seemed confused by his role. Missing Day 1 really hurt him too. Pretty bland game
          GRADE: D

          You are: Sam Adams, The Banquet Beer, Beverage-Aligned

          You've been satisfying men for over 200 years. And you don't intend to stop. You're that blue-collar worker paving roads all night. Your fine brew, is a delectable hops sensation, and it's the life giving alcohol in you that brings others to life. You have a one shot revive and a one shot reverse, (your alcohol does that to people). You may use them both on one night, if inclined to do so.

          Communicate w/ Nobody

          Win when all threats to Bverage-Aligned are gone.-GONG
          Gong was killed Night One. Not much to say, except the Browns suck (which goes without saying)
          GRADE: ✓+

          Welcome to Bottoms Up Mafia!

          You are: Ice, Everyone's Favorite Cube, Fresh Aligned (originally Beverage)

          Your the friendliest guy out there. Your best friend and worst enemy is Water. The two of you have always had a rocky relationship. You may form a "One Night Stand" with Water. This means that you'll be able to communicate with him for only one night in secured chatroom. You may only do this for one Night. Being the most versitale of all cubes you posses a unique set of skills. You "melt" as the game goes on however:

          Nights 1/2= Any Action
          N. 3/4 Choice between a role-block or a double-vote
          Nothing else beyond this.

          Don't talk to anyone (except when you PM me about water)
          You win once all threats to Beverage-Aligned are gone.-FOOT
          Footsy played a great game. His role was OP, but it was a lot of fun to watch. Faking his own death on N1 was classic. The mason he had with Cory was placed so that he scum could manipulate him. One of the hidden aspects was that if Gong had lived long enough to see when Footsy would start the mason. He could have single-handedly killed Cory in the chatroom. It would have been Footsy's warning. The only thing preventing this grade from being an A+ is the Rack lynch . Congrats on the win.
          GRADE: A. M.E.P (Most Entertaining Player)

          (I lost IR and Sanco's PMs, so Ill just write about them)

          IR was Coca-Cola, the cop. IR overall played a great game. He targeted CKane which motivated him Night 2. He was the first person that had Cory pegged, and apparently had JAS pegged as well. The only flaw was leading the Rack lynch.
          GRADE: B+.

          Sancho was Slice Soda. He was originally Seltzer, but he could re-role by sending me three ingredient. Each ingredient had an assigned power. (I posted the list somewhere.) He got the PGO/Watcher. Sancho never targeted Town once and was on the D1 Robley lynch. Killing JAS N2 was the only thing preventing a scum domination. I made a mistake by forgetting a PM (he was the Watcher) Great Job. For this reason you are our Town MVP
          GRADE: A-

          You are Joesph Priestly, The Father of All Soda, Fresh-Aligned

          You're the man behind it all. Who could have made such a delightful beverage? You, of course! You have recruited a talented army of beverages in your pursuit of fame and glory. You'll do whatever it takes, even if you have to kill. Each Night Phase you'll be granted one kill.

          Communicate w/: Robley and Cory

          You win when Fresh-Aligned outnumbers Town.-JAS
          JAS played an OK game. Got a quality kill on Gong, who's been on fire lately. So, I can't blame him for that. He was then killed by targeting Sancho. Wasn't sure whether to give him the win, but I threw it in there because I want to get on his good side, and he's a bro.

          I lost Robley and Cory's PM (too lazy to get my notes)

          Robley: Robley was Gin, Intoxicating Beverage. (he restricted his victim from voting on odd # days)
          He played a very underrated game. Nothing of notice, but stealing BCB's vote and intoxicating CKane certainly helped his faction. He did what he could with what I gave him.
          GRADE: C+

          Corycurren: Cory was Water, The First Drink, Beverage-Aligned. Ability theif.
          Cory played one of the most masterful scum games in recent memory. He recruited 2ky, in a very gutsy/risky move. He continualy stole CKane's redirect, and finished off a strong performance by going head to head with IR and winning. Like IR said Casting IR as the head of Fresh-Aligned was ingenious and for that he wins Scum MVP and (by far) Game MVP
          Last edited by Andy Q.; 10-01-2013, 09:30 PM.


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              Robley's in this?

              Lynch Robley


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                Cameron is gay.


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                  10 voting. 6 to Lynch.



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                    I love this.


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                      Originally posted by Ckane138 View Post
                      Robley's in this?

                      Lynch Robley
                      Yeah, lynch Robley


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                        lynch gong

                        Harry Potter spammer
                        A mans reputation is what his friends say about him. His character is what his enemies say about him

                        Live everyday as if it is your last, one day it will be

                        Life has defining moments, define the moment or the moment will define you

                        Ask yourself if you would feel comfortable giving your 2 best friends keys to your house. If not, find new best friends

                        Dont trust a women who doesn't close her eyes when you kiss her


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                          Originally posted by SanchoPanza View Post
                          Yeah, lynch Robley
                          Australians are sooo annoying.


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                            Lynch Robley
                            2 more!


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                              Originally posted by football2ky View Post
                              Lynch Robley
                              2 more!
                              You're really bad at math.