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    Johnnyallstar still couldn’t believe the damage that had been done by the earthquake. He walked around the house as if in a dream. It was so surreal that he couldn’t seem to grasp the full despair of his surroundings. He had lived a long, unique life, that had seen many pains and struggles, but nothing quite like this. Johnnyallstar thought the only thing that would get him through this time is to just make due, refusing to give in to the despair. After all, it was his job to watch the house while the young master was away at the Capitol.

    A knock on the door startled him. Looters? Rioters? No, why would they knock? He hefted his old shotgun as he cautiously approached the door. Years of covert operations training took over him; attention to detail, awareness, survival. As Johnnyallstar attempted to peek out a window to see who was at the door, a detonation hit him, and flung him across the room. Three men wearing black skull masks entered through the hole where the door had once been. Two were heavily armed thugs, but the third man wore a spotless white suit, and was cleaning his fingernails with a small switchblade. Johnnyallstar tried to escape, to find cover, but he found his legs weren’t responding.

    The man in the suit looked down upon Johnnyallstar’s crippled form. “Pity.” He said behind his mask. “When Bruce gets home, tell him I’m looking for him..... Nevermind, “ he said, noticing a still active security camera. “I’m sure he’ll get the message.” With that, he chuckled maliciously and knelt down and began to work. He did not finish for a very, very long time.

    Johnnyallstar is dead! He was

    Alfred Pennyworth, the Butler-Gotham City-Aligned


    SwAg Dynasty was walking down a dark, rainy alley looking for another victim. After finding an old razor, he had alleviated three poor souls from existence already tonight, and his mind was alight with the fire of pain from their marks. These three new marks were on the back of his left knee, and with every step, he remembered the look of fear leaving their eyes as they died. Glorious!

    He saw a man, a straggler, who was trying to loot a broken down storefront. Swag instantly pitied the man, so desperate to extend his mortal coil, so singly focused on his life that he was reduced to such pathetic filth. “Sassy little nig.” he muttered to himself. No matter, Swag would help this poor lost soul, freeing him from this living affliction.

    Swag’s hands were literally shaking with anticipation of cutting himself again as he inched closer to the oblivious man. He raised his razor, and just as he was about to strike, something heavy fell from the sky and drove him into the ground. Despite being concussed, he knew exactly what it was. The Batman. Lightning crackled, outlining the Batman against the dark sky. Swag rolled to his feet and held the razor threateningly. The man fled, but no matter, Swag had found a much more fun toy.

    “I have a special place for your mark, Batman” Swag cackled. “Right inside my left eyelid. Every time I blink it will hurt like hell, and remind me of what an irritating little man you were.” With that, he slashed wildly at the Batman, missing. Immediately he felt immense pain, and his knee buckled, shattered to the inside, then his elbow was snapped backwards, and he dropped the razor. The Batman was in no mood to play. Swag laid on the ground, anxious to finally taste sweet oblivion, and he felt a strange sense of serenity as he watched the steel shod black boot descend on his face.

    SwAg Dynasty is dead! He was

    Mr. Zsasz, Scarred Psychopath-Independent Villainy.


    1.) You may Character claim, but you are NOT allowed to role claim.
    2.) No editing or deleting posts. Single, double, triple, etc posting is acceptable. You should all know this by now.
    3.) Bold your Lynch vote, eg. “Lynch Johnnyallstar” unlynching before changing a vote is appreciated, but not required.
    4.) Day phase will end with a majority vote, and night phases will last up to 24 hours or shortly after all PMs are in, whichever comes first. Exceptional circumstances in which Mod discretion can end a phase early, day or night. If you miss sending a night PM, I will not wait for you the next night, send in PMs even if you are just saying you’re not using an ability that night.
    5.) No checking the “who’s online” page.
    6.) No directly quoting PMs, and no discussing night PMs before the nightly writeup, or post screenshots of game related things.
    7.) Limit dead posting to a single goodbye. No game discussions by dead people. Mods may make a deadchat and invite people in.
    8.) No discussing the game outside of this thread, unless specifically expressed within your role PM.
    9.) As a first time mod, and a very large game, I ask for patience with write ups, and for any errors I may make, though I have Swag to keep me honest. If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me.

    Gotham Population:
    1. Blue
    2. Robley was Bruce Wayne, The Batman- Batman Incorporated
    3. Football2ky was Carmine Falcone, The Roman- False Face Society
    4. Andy Q. was James Gordon, Gotham Police Commissioner-Gotham City-Aligned
    5. RoflDogs was The Riddler, Shameless Narcissit- Independent Villainy
    6. Centurion was Dr Jonathan Crane, the Scarecrow- False Face Society
    7. Rackcitysteeler
    8. bcb1213 was Maxie Zeus, God of ECT- Independent Villainy
    9. VikingFan was Dick Grayson, Nightwing- Batman Incorporated
    10. Friese was The Joker, Clown Prince of Crime-Royal Flush Gang
    11. Daniel was Ra's al Ghul, The Immortal Man-Independent Villainy
    12. Jepg
    13. Corycurren was Deathstroke, the Terminator- Independent Villainy
    14. InjuredReserve was Selina Kyle, Catwoman-Batman Incorporated
    15. Monk
    16. GongKong was Talia al Ghul, Daughter of the Demon -Independent Villainy
    17. Sancho was Tommy Elliot, Hush-Independent Villainy
    18. Walter
    19. SickPuppets
    20. JLash
    21. Uslydevilu
    22. Lions was Pamela Isley, Green Goddess- Independent Villainy
    23. PR was Barbara Gordon, Oracle- Batman Incorporated
    24. BodyBurner
    25. Morgus was Harley Quinn, Former Therapist-Royal Flush Gang
    26. Alastair was Tim Drake, Red Robin Batman Incorporated
    27. Bud49 was Dr. Victor Freeze, Cryogenic Genius- Independent Villainy***
    28. Clov
    29. Mrs.Clov was Damian Wayne, Robin- Batman Incorporated
    30. Ragnarok was Noah Clutter, the Calculator- Independent Villainy

    Day 1:Lynching is too hard for the vagrant citizens of Gotham on day 1.
    Night 1: Brawn Beats Brains, and BCB finds too much of a good thing is bad for you.
    Day 2: Vikingfan doesn't defend himself as the Last Flying Grayson falls
    Night 2: Blue gets his, but where's the body?
    Day 3 Update: Everyone's after MrsClov, but Cory's bullet beats the lynch to the wrong Wayne
    Day 3: The park is on fire! We don't need no water, just let Lions burn!
    Night 3: Bud49 finds his funding, Rags is taken out of the equation, and the scarecrow learns what fear really is!
    Day 4 Update: Andy goes full Obba, and the Commissioner gives up.
    Day 4: Only steps away from Andy's corpse the Joker gets his final laugh.
    Night 4: Morgus and Gong learn that Batman is for equal rights.
    Day 5: Riots stop a lynch, but Daniel decides to live forever elsewhere.
    Night 5: A strange peace falls over Gotham, and only the Sewers know noise.
    Day 6: Sancho gets hushed by the crowd.
    Night 6: IR unwillingly feeds the Croc, and Footy learns about the Chicago way.
    Day 7: Knightfall.
    Night 7: Quiet night in Gotham
    Day 8: Oracle can't save herself.
    Night 8: Nights have gotten aweful quiet now.
    Day 9: Red Robin gets his wings clipped.
    Night 9: Usly has his third date with a crowbar. That's about it.

    It is now Day 1. With 30 alive and 30 voting, it is 16 to lynch!
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    End Game Writeups

    Preliminary mod comments of the game in whole

    First off, I want to thank everyone for playing. I put a ton of work into this game, trying to make it deep and rich, but sadly many of the little intricacies were lost. C'est la vie.

    I did learn a lot from this experience, but that is not to say it wasn't without it's plentiful mistakes. I'll be honest; I tried to make as balanced a game as I could, but I'm afraid I just had too few in Batman Inc to really give them much of a chance. Even when everything went right for them Night 2, it wasn't enough. Also there were numerous vote count mistakes, and even once sent AndyQ's night PM to Blue by mistake. Wasn't critical, but it was there. Also getting lost on a write up about Cory getting clobbered.

    While I know that a lot of people were upset that I didn't end the first day phase early, I had previously decided that I was not going to, and allowed the town JOAT (Walter) to have a one shot phase ender so that if the day 1 got too out of hand, it could be used. It wasn't used for that, but that was Walter's discretion, and it worked out for him in the end. I originally planned for it to start night one, but with 30 people and a limit of only 100 messages in the inbox, I changed my mind as my inbox was flooded with PMs immediately after sending out the roles anyways.

    Unfortunately, there were inactives, and people who got very frustrated to the point of modkilling themselves, which I think hurt the game, but I do understand their frustration.

    One of the things I would like to apologize for is that I kept extra town win conditions hidden for the most part. This was a mistake, and I tried to heavily imply them in the role PMs, but because they weren't explicit, I think some were lost causes. Because of the nature of the setting, Gotham's villains easily outnumber the Batman crew, but mostly act as independent characters. I had hoped that with many of the villains having individual win conditions, and the rest having the ability to recruit themselves into the two town masons, that I would have a larger villain civil war. Oh well, live and learn.

    Full Role PMs plus hiddens and Player Comments

    Batman Incorporated and Friends

    Bruce Wayne, The Batman-Batman Incorporated You are Vengeance. You are the Night. You are.... BATMAN. The Caped Crusader, the World's Greatest Detective, the Masked Manhunter, the Dark Knight. After watching your parents be murdered in front of your eyes, you dedicated your life to learning the way of the ninja, dozens of martial arts styles, became the world’s greatest detective, and used your father's vast wealth to become the greatest enemy of villainy. Each night, you can target a player to kill each night as you eliminate the scum from Gotham once and for all.
    HIDDEN: Unkillable at night, but lynchable and killable during the day, as he is weakest when pretending to be Bruce Wayne. If he chooses not to take a night action, he will remain Bruce Wayne for the night, be investigated as Gotham City-Aligned, and killable. His kill will fail if it targets a Gotham City-Aligned character.
    Night Action: Kill “player”
    You may Communicate with: All of Batman Incorporated (Robley, vikingfan, MrsClov, PR, Alastair)su
    Win Condition: Outlive, and outnumber the villains of Gotham City.
    Robley played a mediocre game. He trolled in the thread, trolled in the scumchat, and was forced, reluctantly, to do the best thing town did, which was recruit Clov. One thing I'll give credit for, was his lucky fakeclaim on Penguin, since BB was completely absent from the game.

    Dick Grayson, Nightwing-Batman Incorporated The first Robin, and the best. Losing your acrobatic parents to sabotage by an extortioner, you were adopted by the Caped-Crusader to be his partner in vigilantism. After witnessing the Batman brutalize a man for information in front of his children, you parted ways and changed your name to Nightwing. Though you've had disagreements with Bruce, you're still one of his closest friends and allies. Each night, you can target a player to beat up, and prevent them from taking any actions that night.
    HIDDEN: Can inherit the Mantle of the Bat should Bruce Wayne be lynched or killed, and gain his abilities, plus unlynchability until he's the only Batman-Aligned remaining, as he will keep the Cowl until he is dead, or victorious.

    Night Action: Beat up (Player)
    You may Communicate with: All of Batman Incorporated (Robley, vikingfan, MrsClov, PR, Alastair)
    Win Condition: Outlive, and outnumber the villains of Gotham City
    VF got a tiny bit of pressure, refused to fight it, and was lynched, losing Batman Inc a powerful role, and worse a potential game winner. For not even trying to put any defense up, even against the weakest of weak arguments, he gets Game LVP

    Damian Wayne, Robin-Batman Incorporated The most recent Boy Wonder, you are the son of Bruce Wayne and Thalia al Ghul. Trained by your mother to be an assassin from a young age, you are a ferocious fighter, but a bit of a ****y hothead. With your smart mouth and attitude, you love nothing more than making villains become flustered and attack each other. Each night you can redirect one player's actions to another.

    Night Action: Redirect (Player 1) to (Player 2)
    You may Communicate with: All of Batman Incorporated (Robley, vikingfan, MrsClov, PR, Alastair)
    Win Condition: Outlive, and outnumber the villains of Gotham City.
    One of the few roles with nothing hidden, as I couldn't seem to find anything fitting. She did okay, listening to her scummates and occasionally offering ideas. Good game for somebody still learning the ropes. Unfortunately, a bad fakeclaim of the lurking SickPuppets led to your death.

    Barbara Gordon, Oracle-Batman Incorporated The daughter of Commissioner Jim Gordon, you are a brilliant, virtuous crimefighter. You started fighting crime as Batgirl until you were crippled after being shot by the Joker. Now, you continue to help the Batman family by being their eyes and ears through the Batcomputer. Each night, you can protect one target by watching over them with satellites and radio communication.
    HIDDEN WINCON: Keep your father alive through the course of the game. Also, All Batman Incorporated will give investigation results as Gotham City-Aligned as long as Barbara is alive.

    Night Action: Protect (Player)
    You may Communicate with: All of Batman Incorporated (Robley, vikingfan, MrsClov, PR, Alastair)
    Win Condition: Outlive, and outnumber the villains of Gotham City.
    Solid game by PR. He was the best scummy who started as BI. But only was able to successfully protect himself. There was a bit of mod error on my fault, which I will get to later, because of his hidden ability and Alastair's ability. Unfortunately, Andy Q decided to modkill himself, preventing you from getting your hidden win condition.

    Tim Drake, Red Robin- Batman Incorporated A replacement Robin after Dick Grayson separated ways with Batman, and Jason Todd’s murder, you were graduated to Red Robin after being realized as an equal, allowing Damian Wayne to take the mantle of Robin. You were a boy when you saw the Flying Graysons perish, which gave you an instant bond with Nightwing. Though you are an expert with the staff, your largest contribution now is using your hacking skills to change how people appear aligned for a day. Each night, you can target one player, and change their alignment to something else.

    Night Action: Change alignment of (Player) to X
    You may Communicate with: All of Batman Incorporated
    Win Condition: Outlive, and outnumber the villains of Gotham City
    Good game, but I kinda screwed you over accidentally. I had forgotten that PR's hidden ability covers for you having to target your own. The idea was to make Gotham City look bigger than what it was, continuing the ruse of a two town game, but I kinda screwed that one up. This was the very last role I made, I had made it in a hurry, and even then I felt it was somewhat weak. Your abilities did throw some confusion in the ranks, but it wasn't much. You did well enough, despite being crippled by poor modding.

    Selina Kyle, the Catwoman-Independent Villainy The top cat burglar in Gotham. Quick, cunning, and beautiful, you are able to steal anything from rare jewelry to even the Batman's heart. But you are fickle, and quickly bored, always looking to make a bigger score with each successive heist. Each night, you can choose a player to steal an item from, or use an item you have stolen.
    HIDDEN: Her ability does not role-block, it merely copies. If she steals from Bruce Wayne, she instead falls in love and joins Batman Incorporated, but if Batman targets her, she will be eliminated. If she steals from Black Mask, it is random which ability she acquires, cannot be recruit attempt.

    Night Action: Steal from (player), or use (item) on (Player)
    You may Communicate with: No one
    Win Condition:Survive and eliminate all threats to your criminal activities
    Night one made a good target of Cory to try to steal his sniper rifle, but was hit by Clov. Then recruited himself to Batman Inc night two by targeting Robley. Didn't use SickPuppet's opium pipe and dress, but made a fantastic move stealing from the admitted motivator, and motivating Robley. IR died in the craziest possible circumstance I could imagine... let me explain it.

    Footy had recruited himself to FFS, and motivated Walter. Walter used his two moves to 1.) Redirect PR to Jlash(PGO) 2.) Recruit IR. Clov targeted footy to roleblock, eliminating Walter's recruitment attempt. Uslydevilu then redirected Walt to IR, which meant that Walt redirected IR to Jlash, leading to IR's unfortunate death.

    Overall, it was a very good game. IR is good at scum, and somehow always is scum, even when he starts as town.

    Jason Todd, The Red Hood- Independent Villainy A former Robin, you were brutally killed by the Joker with a crowbar. Resurrected by the Lazarus Pits, your mind was broken by the experience of death. Now you now seek vengeance on the Joker, and all the villains of Gotham, and you won't let anyone, criminal or otherwise, to get in your way of cleaning up the streets. Each night you can chose one target to kidnap one target, preventing them from carrying out their intended plans, and preventing anyone else from finding them.

    HIDDEN WINCON: If he finds the Joker, he will kill him with a crowbar in revenge instead of just kidnapping him. If targeted for a kill by the Batman, there is a 50/50 chance he becomes Batman Incorporated instead of killed.

    Night Action: Kidnap (Player)
    You may Communicate with: No one
    Win Condition:Survive and eliminate all threats to your criminal activities.
    Incredibly powerful role, and Clov played it excellently. He began targeting important town as soon as he was BI, and made up for the loss of VF easily. Clov didn't start as scum, but after joining scum chat, he made his presence felt. Excellent game, and Scum MVP. Some of you may argue the flavor of Todd joining back with the batman, but to that I say this Batman was doing exactly what Todd wanted him to do. Go look at Under the Red Hood, and you know this Batman is what Todd wanted.

    Gotham City-Aligned

    Jack Ryder, Radio Jockey-Gotham City-Aligned Jack Ryder is a controversial talk show host working for Gotham City News. Right or wrong, it doesn’t matter the subject, you’ll take whatever stance necessary to keep his ratings high. Since the earthquake, and the shutdown of GCN, you have taken it upon yourself to be the newsman for the public. Using your CB/HAM radio, portable generator, and printers, you will continue to send people the news, whether they like it or not. Each night, you can write a short (<150 words) article to add to the nightly writeup.
    HIDDEN WINCON: Gets a win if three or more lynches are driven by his writeup. Alignment of lynchee doesn’t matter.

    Night Action: Write up
    You may Communicate with: No one.
    Win Condition: Survive to the end of the game.
    Another role I thought I left a bit underpowered. Basically he could do whatever he wanted with write ups. Unfortunately, real life got in the way for the first half of the game, and by the time you came in, people were incredibly suspicious of the write ups, even though you did have good reads. Though I will say I had a chuckle once you realized that you could win with either side, and then felt free to lynch Batman Inc.

    Andy Q.
    James Gordon, Gotham Police Commissioner-Gotham City-Aligned Commissioner Gordon began his career in the GPD a month before the Batman began his crusade against crime. One of the few good cops, you worked your way up through corrupt police and politicians. You assist the Batman however you can, but you don't know his identity, so each night you are able to jail one target, and detect their alignment, but they are bound to break out due to the lack of a police force. Your targets will be jailed for one day you can prevent them from speaking or voting.
    HIDDEN: He hasn’t seen his daughter since the earthquake, but if he attempts to jail Oracle, he instead protects her that night, and they are able to send each other a single short, PM which must be passed through a mod. Has a 50% chance to roleblock if PM is sent before target’s PM is sent.

    Night Action: Jail (Player)
    You may Communicate with: No one.
    Win Condition: Survive until Batman and his crew clean up Gotham.
    Scum cop who could eventually communicate briefly with Batman Inc, who also had a chance to roleblock. Gordon was powerful, but AndyQ got exasperated and completely outed himself. Credit to him that he didn't immediately get lynched by silly town that was afraid of being seen as villains, but that's neither here nor there. For outing yourself, and your role, surrounded by villains who wanted you dead, and even modkilled yourself denying PR a win, and maybe even BI... Joe would be proud! And that makes you Joe's Most Valuable Player, Andy!

    Royal Flush Gang

    The Joker, Clown Prince of Crime-Royal Flush Gang The greatest of villains, you are the yin to Batman's yang. The chaos to his order. No matter how far you have gone, the Batman has always tossed you back in Arkham Asylum, even after beating one of his Robins to death with a crowbar. You typically hang around the Amusement Mile with your girlfriend, Harley Quinn, and plot your schemes. Being a psychotic sociopath, each night you can target someone to kill.
    HIDDEN: Because the Joker is crazy, he will identify people who are also targeting his target. He will not identify their alignment, character, or role, he will just know they are there.

    Night Action: Kill (Player)
    You may Communicate with: Harley Quinn
    Win Condition: Survive and eliminate all threats to your criminal activities, and be the dominant Villians of Gotham.
    Amazing role, but poor luck. First night you targeted Snake/Jepg who was a self recruiting bomb, then you targeted Blue who would survive the first night kill. By night three, people even wondered if the joker was really a killer. The thing that hit the Royal Flush gang the hardest was the time zone difference between Friese and the other members. And unfortunately was killed off immediately after being outed as a non IV alignment. Also, I was saddened that I had already mentally written several different Joker kills, including Joker fish, lethal buzzer, sadistic knifing, and the BANG! gun.

    Harley Quinn, Former Therapist-Royal Flush Gang Specializing in the psychology of the super villain, you are able deduce reasons for people to act the way they do, but ever since meeting Mr. J, you’ve devoted your life to your puddin’, and some say you just haven’t been right in the head. Each night, you can use your questionable therapist skills to help determine who someone is.
    HIDDEN: Harley isn’t quite as reliable as she’d like to think, but she and the Joker don’t care, they kill for fun, anyways. Each investigation, she has a 3 level gradient chance for accuracy and quality of research, 1 being completely worthless or misleading information, 3 being a perfect result. Also will form mason with Poison Ivy upon successful investigation. May form Gotham City Siren alignment if Joker dies, and is still alive with Ivy in mason. If GCS happens, Catwoman is also recruitable.

    Night Action: Investigate (Player)
    You may Communicate with: The Joker
    Win Condition: Survive and eliminate all threats to your criminal activities, and be the dominant Villians of Gotham.
    Probably a bit too weak, being an unreliable flavor investigator, but was able to form mason with Ivy and eventually a different faction altogether if Friese died early. Though he had very good targets, Lady Luck was not on his side. Night 1 and 2 targeted PR and Alastair. The PR investigation fell short, and the Alastair investigation was good, but redirected to Blue by MrsClov, who was being targeted for a kill by Friese.

    Scarface, Nobody’s Dummy-Independent Villainy You were brought to life in Blackgate Prison, carved from an old gallows tree by a man named Donnegan. But Donnegan was incompetent, and called you Woody, a stupid name for a gangster as illustrious as yourself. Soon, Donnegan acquired a roommate named Arnold Wesker, a weak, but malleable man. As Wesker planned to commit suicide, you talked him into killing Donnegan instead, and using the escape tunnel Donnegan had been digging. In the fight, Donnegan cut your face with a corkscrew, prompting you to take the moniker of Scarface. Wesker had remained your loyal companion until his untimely death by the Tally Man shortly before the earthquake. Alone, you now search for a new dummy to aid in your criminal empire. Also, you have packed yourself full of C4, so if anyone ever tries to gang up on you again, they will get a nasty surprise.
    HIDDEN: Will be recruited by first villain faction who targets him for any ability. When lynched, has a 20% chance to kill none, 50% chance to kill 1, 30% chance to kill 2. Who is killed is determined randomly.

    Night Action: None
    You may Communicate with: No one
    Win Condition:Survive and eliminate all threats to your criminal activities.
    I really should have made the win condition different as I always think that a bomb should go off. Couldn't do much overall. Snake was too busy to play, and Jepg came in right as his mason was falling apart. Sad luck outside of being targeted by a mason night one. Potential was there, but luck wasn't.

    Independent Villainy

    Dr. Victor Freeze, Cryogenic Genius- Independent Villainy A brilliant cryogeneticist, you managed to successfully create a method of cryogenically freezing people, keeping them alive. You began this research to save your wife, Nora, from a terminal illness of which there is no known cure. All was fine until your corrupt boss, Ferris Boyle shut down your operation and threw you into a pile of cryogenic beakers, mutating you into someone who cannot exist in above freezing temperatures. Now, you conduct a series of crimes to pay for your research and studies to cure your wife, and to obtain diamonds which keeps your suit running. Each night, you can target one player to freeze, which prevents them from speaking the next day phase as they thaw out.
    HIDDEN WINCON: If he freezes Falcone’s men, or is motivated by Falcone, he will take the money, and leave Gotham to fulfill his research of curing his wife.

    Night Action: Freeze (Player)
    You may Communicate with: No one
    Win Condition:Survive and eliminate all threats to your criminal activities.
    After Footy came out and basically told everyone who he was and what he did, it wasn't too hard for bud to put 2 and 2 together and get the easy win. Didn't have to play too long, but got his win, and that's what counts.

    Body Burner
    The Penguin, Gentleman of Crime-Independent Villainy Oswald Cobblepot III, a small, misshapen man who was born into opulence, but cast out from his family due to his deformity. You developed an obsession for birds, and a knack for developing trick umbrellas which you used to conduct a series of crimes in the past. Now you a legitimate business, the fancy Iceberg Lounge nightclub, but your real passion is being a criminal mastermind. In the backrooms of the Iceberg Lounge you are the head of a large information gathering service. While you lack any physical prowess, you have eyes and ears everywhere in Gotham, and each night you can use these eyes and ears to watch one target.
    HIDDEN: If targeted by the Batman, he will offer up one of his previous targets to save his life, redirecting the Batman only if said previous target had been a villain.

    Night Action: Watch (Player)
    You may Communicate with: No one
    Win Condition:Survive and eliminate all threats to your criminal activities.
    Posted once in the thread? Never sent a PM. Asleep at the wheel. Apparently life got in the way. Shame, since I liked his character. Game LVP because he didn't contribute anything at all to the game.

    The Riddler, Shameless Narcissist- Independent Villainy. Edward Nigma, a man with a truly dizzying intellect. Ever since you were a child you loved puzzles, riddles, and finding out dirty little secrets. But the one thing you truly live for is to show how much smarter you are than everyone else. Using your superior intellect, you enjoy watching the ignorant monkeys run about to the tune of your little games, so each night, you can choose to give one player a riddle, and they will have 48 hours to solve it. If they fail, they will die, but this will not cause a phase change. You can only have one riddle active at a time.
    HIDDEN WIN: Outsmart the Batman, or four other players.

    Night Action: Give Riddle to (Player)
    You may Communicate with: No one
    Win Condition:Survive and eliminate all threats to your criminal activities.
    This one hurt me. Seriously. I created a diabolical grid puzzle to challenge players with, spending over two hours producing it, and making sure it was workable, all for him to target the PGO the first night. GG. Also one of the few characters who could kill the batman at night, because of the real time timer. Here's a link to it, if you're interested.

    Deathstroke, the Terminator-Independent Villainy You are the greatest assassin in the world despite only having one eye. Slade Wilson, a name to be feared and respected, you are an unstoppable mercenary who is able to kill anyone. For a price. You are in Gotham because you were hired by Roman Sionis to kill Bruce Wayne. You have one kill to use at any time, day or night, but to earn your pay, you must kill Bruce Wayne.
    HIDDEN: If he kills the wrong target, he leaves Gotham in shame. If Bruce Wayne is killed before Deathstroke finds him, he leaves empty handed the next phase.

    Night Action: Kill (Player)
    You may Communicate with: No one
    Win Condition: Eliminate Bruce Wayne.
    Don't believe me that IV was meant to be a town full of independents? Check his wincon. Cory played alright, trolled around for information, and ultimately killed scum. Not the scum he was looking for, but he got scum. Also got a Wayne! Just not the right one. Also, I think that makes Cory a child killer. I don't think that's a good thing.

    Ra's al Ghul, The Immortal Man-Independent Villainy The head of the League of Assassins, Ra's has the world's largest information gathering association at his disposal. Thanks to your Lazarus pits, you have lived for centuries as the Demon Head, and have been biding your time until you could conquer the world. As such, there is no man who can get information like you, and each night you can send your informants to investigate one target’s alignment.
    HIDDEN: If Ra’s is killed, his minions will use the Lazarus Pits once to revive him, but at least three game phases must pass before he revives. Should he die a second time, he will not return to Gotham.

    Night Action: Investigate (Player)
    You may Communicate with: No one
    Win Condition:Survive and eliminate all threats to your criminal activities.
    Bulletproof investigator. Even though he was motivated by Footy, only targeted scum once... since IR wasn't scum night 1. Got frustrated, and modkilled himself. After his death, I really thought that Batman Inc had a good chance to win.

    Pamela Isley, Green Goddess-Independent Villainy You were once just a small time scientist trying to save the earth from human filth, but after a freak accident with chemical byproducts, you have a newfound command over all things organic. Now free from Arkham, you have taken control of Robinson Park, turning it into a lush paradise. Using your combination of pheromones and sexy ass body you are able to cause men to quickly surrender to your will. Each night, you may choose one target to use your powers of sexual persuasion to control their actions for the night.
    HIDDEN: Will form mason with Harley if successfully investigated by her. If Joker is alive, Pamela will join the Royal Flush Gang, if Joker is dead, or dies while in mason, they will form a new alignment able to recruit Catwoman. Ability will not work on female targets: Harley Quinn, Talia al Ghul, Catwoman, Oracle.
    Didn't really play all that much. Nothing really significant happened with his ability until it was inherited.

    Clayface, Actor Extraordinaire-Independent Villany As Basil Karlo, you were once the heartthrob of the nation, starring in a multitude of movie lead roles, but you always obsessed over your looks. After a tragic accident with an experimental beauty cream, you have become a hideous monster, but it isn’t without its perks. It has granted you shapeshifting abilities, and as such, you can control your appearance. With your acting clout, and your ability to look like anyone, you can impersonate anyone you choose. Once per game, you can assume the role and activity of any villain who has died, and take control of their operations.
    HIDDEN: If the person he is impersonating is revived by Maxie Zeus, Clayface will be exposed and killed by whoever he was impersonating.

    Night Action: Impersonate (Player)
    You may Communicate with: No one
    Win Condition:Survive and eliminate all threats to your criminal activities.
    Speaking of inheriting, Usly did a good job of being patient, but had problems misunderstanding who he could inherit from. Tried to inherit VF, and an alive, but shamed Clov. Did okay with redirecting, but I didn't understand why he didn't attempt to redirect Clov into anyone else while Clov kept targeting him night after night at the end.

    Maxie Zeus, God of ECT-Independent Villainy A former history/mythology professor, after losing your wife you became obsessed with ancient Greek mythos, and began having a god-delusion that you are the incarnation of Zeus Astroplos himself. As Zeus is the god of thunder, you are the commander of electricity. Once per game, you can prove your powers of electricity to start the heart of a fallen player.
    HIDDEN: If Maxie Zeus revives a member of a villain faction, he will join that faction. If he is recruited before he uses his ability, who he revives will join his faction. Should he revive a character in the opposing faction for some reason, Maxie will be outed and killed.

    Night Action: Revive (Player)
    You may Communicate with: No one
    Win Condition:Survive and eliminate all threats to your criminal activities.
    Sadly wasn't a doctor, since he targeted himself night 1, which was when he was targeted for a kill. Somebody dies night one, and it's not usually fair. It is what it is, though.

    Bane, The. Man. Who. Broke. The. Bat.-Independent Villainy You take pride in the fact that you broke the bat, but ever since that first shining moment of glory, you have seemed to fade. Despite having a dazzling intellect, you are frequently thought of as little more than muscle. Once a fearsome cartel don, you have lost everything and become a glorified gun for hire with a luchador mask. But you understand that this is only a temporary setback, and inevitably will take your rightful place as the king of crime. Each night, you can use your incredible venom increased strength to protect one target from harm.
    HIDDEN: Initially has a 20% chance to brutalize whoever visits his protection target preventing them from talking or voting the next day phase, which increases 10% with each successful protection against abilities. Hidden wincon of breaking the Bat.

    Night Action: Protect (Player)
    You may Communicate with: No one
    Win Condition:Survive and eliminate all threats to your criminal activities.
    Started off well, considering the pressure that was put on you led to a few members of the scum and indy factions showing obvious confusion about the relationship of town to scum, and exactly who was who. Targeted Rags night one, which would have been solid, except that you chickened out and changed to yourself, then ended by protecting Clov a few nights in a row before going back to yourself and Blue. Not a bad game, but not a great game.

    Killer Croc, The Dragon-Independent Villany Waylon Jones always had it tough. Growing up with a medical malady which turned your skin into green scales, and being mocked for years as a “lizard boy” you rejected your name, and took on the moniker Killer Croc. Using your fearsome appearance, you made money as a wrestler, a carnival freak, and finally as a criminal. But over the years, you have grown larger, less human, more animalistic, and now you stand at ten feet tall, and your mind has degenerated into something primal. Now freed from Arkham Asylum, you slink along the sewers under Gotham, waiting to ambush the food that comes to your lair.
    HIDDEN: Has an individual win if Croc manages to capture 3 players and eat them.

    Night Action: None
    You may Communicate with: No one
    Win Condition:Survive and eliminate all threats to your criminal activities.
    Stayed on the lowdown for most of the game, but once Centurion hit you, and Walt knew who you were, it was easy for you to get the win, since he was willing to feed his opponents to the Croc. Nice and easy win. Got quite a few people for being the PGO. Batman also targeted you, but by himself wasn't able to take you down, which worked in your favor.

    The Mad Hatter, Psychedelic Manipulator-Independent Villainy Jervis Tetch, snivelling wretch. Obsessed with the stories of Lewis Carrol, you began dressing yourself like your favorite character, and went about finding little blonde girls with blue eyes. Alice, you called each and every one of them, before you abused them, and sold them into slavery. Each night, you can target a player to turn into your “Alice.” For the next day phase they must post in rhyme, blue, and small letters, as a sign of being turned into a submissive, abused Alice.
    HIDDEN: Wincon of turning three different female characters into his Alice (Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Oracle, Talia al Ghul, or Harley Quinn)

    Night Action: Turn (Player) into Alice
    You may Communicate with: No one
    Win Condition:Survive and eliminate all threats to your criminal activities.
    Stayed a lurker for most of the game, and by the time he started using abilities it was too late for him to get the win. I was actually sad that he didn't use it earlier, because I would have loved to see the madness start earlier. Managed to get MrsClov killed with his counter-claim. Decent game, but you should have been more present in the early phases.

    Talia al Ghul, Daughter of the Demon -Independent Villainy Daughter of Ra’s al Ghul, you were trained as an assassin from your youth. Thanks to your father’s interventions, you have an extended lifespan, and a wealth of knowledge. Despite this, you are suspicious and wary of your father’s obsessions. You have also fallen hopelessly in love with the Batman. So much, that you’ve even had his child, who is now serving as his Robin, your allegiances between your father and the Batman are torn, but you will let neither get in the way of your goals, father, beloved, or anyone. Despite having your son, he still refuses to join your cause, and now, your beloved must die for his iniquity. Each night, you can use your stealth abilities to track player activities.
    HIDDEN: Will not be seen by the watcher, cannot be successfully targeted on a night that she does nothing.
    Ninja Tracker. Missing night 1's PM actually worked out well for you considering that both Alastair and Centurion attempted to target you night one. Targeted Usly the night he inherited from Lions, but otherwise didn't really get it going. Strong thread presence still showed you having a good game, despite not being on target with night actions.

    Tommy Elliot, Hush-Independent Villainy A child of a wealthy family, you were childhood friends with Bruce Wayne. As kids, you always used to play strategy games, and were the one person Bruce ever felt he could really confide in. You fell in love with Bruce’s parents, and were jealous of Bruce’s good fortune. Unlike Bruce, your father was an abusive drunk, and your mother was a passive aggressive *****. It was cathartic when you killed them. As you studied to become a world class surgeon like Thomas Wayne, and even surgically altered your face to look like Bruce so you could supplant him in his life. Each night, you can follow around one player, just to make sure they stay alive, because you’re going to need others to help you take down the Batman.
    Post Restriction: Because you are obsessed with being Bruce Wayne, you cannot deny being him should you be so accused.
    HIDDEN: Because he surgically changed his appearance to look like Bruce Wayne, the Watcher and Investigator have a 75% chance to incorrectly identify him as Wayne when targeting him.
    Night Action: Medic to (Player)
    You may Communicate with: No one
    Win Condition:Survive and eliminate all threats to your criminal activities.
    Targeted town every night he managed to get a PM in, including Walter, IR, and Friese, but was never there at the right time. Did okay in the thread though, in his own way.

    Noah Clutter, the Calculator- Independent Villainy You were always a bit of a geek. A nerd. Even a neckbeard. You never were able to really break out as a fully successful villain. But what you did manage to do is devise a network of communications that are so expansive that you can calculate what villains, and heroes do even before they do them. You are a master at hacking information networks, and decryption. Every night, you can tap the wires of any single target, and hear what they intend to do. In return, you will read whatever they PM to the mods that night.
    HIDDEN: While the Calculator is clever, the Batcomputer is too powerful for him to hack easily. If he targets Oracle, he will get a messy, random, sloppy encryption, rather than her PM(s).

    Night Action: Hack (Player)
    You may Communicate with: No one
    Win Condition:Survive and eliminate all threats to your criminal activities.
    Poor Rags. He had a very strong role, but was targeted 6 times while alive, including 4 times on day 3 when he died. Night one was redirected, night two was role blocked, and night three targeted by Friese and Robley for kills, Walter for redirection, and Blue. Poor guy couldn't get a break to be able to function. Targeted Footsy, Blue, and Morgus, so there were things to learn.

    False Face Society

    Black Mask, King of Gotham Crime-False Face Society Roman Sionis, born to a family of Wayne “frenemies” who were self absorbed, and negligent of their only child. A severe mistake they learned too late, once you burned down the house with them inside. You hated the masks that people wear to show the world, so you made one for yourself from your parent's coffin. A black skull mask. After the Arkham breakout, you acquired the services of the Scarecrow to aid you in your attempt to build an empire on Gotham’s ashes. Using your underworld connections, and your cunning mind, you are able to attack your enemies in a number of ways.
    HIDDEN: His recruit attempt will begin at 70% success rate, and increase by 10% with each failure, and only used up when successful, works only on Independent Villainy aligned. Should he survive to run out of abilities, he will gain a kill, as he decides to take matters into his own hands.

    Night Action: Each night, you may choose to use up to one of the following actions each night:
    1x Investigation
    1x Ending a phase, day or night, early by inciting a riot.
    1x Recruit attempt
    1x Vote Census
    3x Protections
    3x Redirections

    You may Communicate with: The Scarecrow
    Win Condition:Survive and eliminate all threats to your criminal activities, and be the dominant Villains of Gotham.
    Wow, what a game. I thought at first that he was a little overly cautious protecting Centurion the first two nights, but by the end of the game had everybody questioning whether he was truly and Unlynchable, Untouchable Godfather Recruiter/JOAT. Don't worry, Walter was completely killable and lynchable, just not at the times he used his abilities to prevent such. The one time people tried to lynch him, he ended the phase early, and then protected himself from several targets. Also found every member of BI left, and pushed for each one to get killed. Walt started slow, but in the end earned Game MVP. His gambit with Jlash as PGO, lying that he was Penguin, was a brilliant move which netted Batman targeting the PGO. Excellent game.

    Dr Jonathan Crane, the Scarecrow- False Face Society You are obsessed with fear and phobias. Since you were a young man, you have marveled at the power that fear has over people, and what it can do. Once upon a time you had a real job, working at the Arkham Asylum, until your sick tests on patients were discovered. After the breakout, you were approached by Black Mask to start controlling large sections of Gotham. Much like the Batman, you utilize fear in your pursuits, but unlike the Batman, you utilize a hallucinogenic toxin to induce greater panic. Each night, you can target one player to hit with your fear gas, and prevent them from taking any action that night phase.

    Night Action: Gas (Player)
    You may Communicate with: Black Mask
    Win Condition: Survive and eliminate all threats to your criminal activities, and be the dominant Villians of Gotham.
    Cent had a good game, and worked well with Walter in making plans. Convincing Walt to target him while he prodded for the PGO on nights 1 and 2. Unfortunately he finally found him night 3, when Walt tried to redirect Rags. Good game for the brief time, though.

    Harvey Dent, District Attorney-Gotham City-Aligned Gotham's White Knight, you are the the youngest District Attorney Gotham has ever had. Charged with cleaning the streets of villains, you passionately support The Batman's actions. You are the public crusader, always fighting to clear the streets of scum and filth, no matter the cost. Each night, you can choose one player to prosecute, which makes the target easier to lynch by 25% of the normal total, rounded up.
    HIDDEN: If targeted for a night kill, he will survive, but becomes Two-Face, which alters his ability, alignment, and win condition. As long as he remains Harvey Dent, he has a wincon of getting 3 targeted villains lynched.

    Night Action: Prosecute (Player)
    You may Communicate with: No one
    Win Condition: Survive to the end of the game, eliminate the villains from the streets.

    Two-Face, Dualistic Criminal-Independent Villainy Gotham's Black Curse, you are Batman's biggest failure. Once you were his best friend, and closest ally against crime, but after being splashed in the face with acid, your latent schizophrenia and multiple personality disorders became presented. You are still a brilliant criminal mind, but now, you utilize a coin flip to determine the fate of your actions. Each night, you chose a target, and you will either use your lawyering abilities to increase or decrease the difficulty of lynching a target by 25%.
    HIDDEN: Wincon of convincing the scum to lynch Bruce Wayne, if Wayne is still alive.

    Night Action: Prosecute (Player)
    You may Communicate with: No one.
    Win Condition: Survive and eliminate all threats to your criminal activities.
    Blue had a really rough game from the get go. He had a lot of strange reads, and wasn't sure who was scum and who was town, and even got caught by Monk on day one on that very issue. For a long time, it seemed like he had too much tunnel vision of what he thought the game was supposed to be like, and what the game really was. But he didn't get JVP, so it's all good. Recruited by Walter at the very end gave him faction win. None of his targets ever reached the threshold for seeing if a lynch ended early, or late. Note, he didn't receive both PMs at once. Started as Harvey, then was turned to IV after being targeted for a night kill, and got the Two-Face PM then.

    Carmine Falcone, The Roman-Independent Villainy Being a wealthy mafia don has it's perks. As such, you are able to clandestinely move huge sums of money in any direction you see fit. Doing so, you are able to fund the activities of your targets, allowing them to make a second action each night, Because you can't allow any nosy parties to find your specific involvement with various criminals, you cannot target the same person twice in a row.
    HIDDEN: If Falcone motivates all living members of a villainous faction, he joins that faction.

    Night Action: Fund (Player)
    You may Communicate with: No one
    Win Condition:Survive and eliminate all threats to your criminal activities.
    You toed the line for getting modkilled, but I didn't want to modkill somebody day one. Other than that, you did alright. Targeting Walter twice, and Daniel once. Target of Snake on night one failed because Snake doesn't have a night ability. Also recruited himself by targeting Walter, the only living member of FFS at the time.
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          Hopefully I'm not the first lynch in my first mafia game ever.


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                Hopefully I'm not the first lynch in my first mafia game ever.
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                  Lynch Bud
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                    I had Brandon Weeden in a two QB league and LeeLee picked up Brian Hoyer and made me trade Sidney Rice in order to get him. FML
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                      I had Brandon Weeden in a two QB league and LeeLee picked up Brian Hoyer and made me trade Sidney Rice in order to get him. FML
                      .....Are you retarded or....?
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                          .....Are you retarded or....?


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                              Originally posted by Johnnyallstar
                              I call dibs on Saban.

                              I'm gonna suplex that doomtrain so hard.