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  • Cold War Mini-Mafia Game Thread


    War in Korea continues

    A combined Chinese and North Korean counter offensive has pushed back the UN forces to a line very close to the pre-war borders. Along this border the war has been a deadly stalemate since 1951.

    The threat of a nuclear war has never been as big as during the Korean War, and as a result both East and West are now trying to prevent a nuclear war, but are also to be ready to retaliate should the other strike first. Countering the threat with a threat, but avoiding a real war has become the mantra of diplomacy in our time, which even without war is not peaceful.

    The Security Council was quick for once. Friese, who has been neutral since 1815, had no reason to change that even in this time and offered help in negotiating, which the Council gladly accepted. After all, Friese was home to both the founder of the Red Cross and the Pope’s Guard. And of course he’s also famous for cheese and chocolate.

    Friese has initiated negotiations. He is Switzerland, Neutral Aligned

    Congratulations to our Winners:

    Chg 91, The United States of America, NATO Aligned
    Daniel, The United Kingdom, NATO Aligned
    corycurren, West Germany, NATO Aligned (Started Pro-West Aligned)
    Centurion, France, NATO Aligned (Started Pro-West Aligned)
    SickPuppets, Brazil, NATO Aligned (Started Neutral Aligned)
    Johnnyallstar, East Germany, NATO Aligned (Started Pro-East Aligned)
    Blue, Sweden, Neutral Aligned

    Also played:
    Andy Q., Poland, Pro-West Aligned (Started Pro-EastAligned)
    uslydevilu, Libya, Neutral Aligned
    bcb1213, The People's Republic of China, Warsaw Pact-Aligned
    football2ky, South Africa, Neutral Aligned
    MrsClov, India, Neutral Aligned
    Clovdyx, Australia, Warsaw Pact-Aligned (Started Neutral Aligned)
    monk2310, Israel, Neutral Aligned
    SanchoPanza, The Soviet Union, Warsaw Pact-Aligned

    It’s spring 1953. The UN Security Council is in session. With 15 alive and 15 voting it’s 8 to ban a country.

    1. Keep the discussion on topic. No spamming gifs, fan fiction or other garbage.
    2. You are not allowed to claim or fake claim your alignment! You may claim nation and/or role at any time, but doing so is strongly discouraged: there are risks you are not aware of.
    3. You are not allowed to talk about the game outside of the game thread unless it says otherwise in your role PM. I must be invited to any and all chatrooms! No dead chats that aren’t created by me.
    4. In order to vote for someone to get banned during the spring phase, you must bold their name. Unlynching/unbanning is not necessary. In this game it doesn’t matter whether you lynch someone or ban someone, both versions count.
    5. A player is banned as soon as he has received the necessary number of votes.
    6. Fall/autumn phases will end once I have received all PMs or after 24 hours (whichever is earlier). You must send in a PM even if you don’t want to use your ability.
    7. If you forget your fall PM I won’t wait for your PM in the following fall phases.
    8. Day 1 (Spring 1953) will last 72 hours. If no player has received a majority of votes at the end of that time there won’t be a ban.
    9. No editing or deleting your posts in the game thread. Double, triple, quadruple, quintuple, etc. posting is fine.
    10. I reserve the right to modkill and forcefully end a ban. I also reserve the right to put a 48 hour limit on any phase if nothing is happening.
    11. NO DEAD POSTING! Once you're dead, you're out of the Game Thread.
    13. Do not post information from your fall phase PM prior to the write-up being posted.
    14. Do not read the Who's Online list.

    This is the first online mafia game I mod, so be patient with me. There are two things to keep in mind. The first is time difference. I’m at EST + 6 hours. The second is language. English is not my native language, so if you don’t understand me just tell me so.
    Have fun and enjoy the game!

    Spring 1953: football2ky gets expelled
    Fall 1953: MrsClov gets blown away
    Spring 1954: The world takes revenge on uslydevilu, and monk pulls another monk
    Fall 1954: Alliances are formed, but otherwise it's peaceful
    Spring 1955: Everyone is on Sancho, but someone with a veto isn't
    Fall 1955: Spy wars!
    Spring 1956: Communism doesn't work for Clovdyx
    Fall 1956: Coup in East Germany?
    Spring 1957: bcb leaves the stage and vows to return
    Fall 1957: NATO wins
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    Coming soon: Cold War Mini Mafia II - The Berlin Wall

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    I admit that there could have been more neutrals, and even bcb’s complaint about the names of the factions holds some truth, but then I wanted it to be a small game, and from my European perspective it was quite clear that both NATO and Warsaw Pact were exactly the same level of scumminess. Nevertheless it was quite fun to mod a game, and there weren’t even issues of quitting.

    At the start of the game the factions were mirrored. Each alliance started with 2 people, 2 were pro west, 2 pro east and 7 neutral.

    The faction leaders

    You are The United States of America, NATO-Aligned

    Emerging victorious from World War II you are now the western superpower. For four years you even had a monopoly on nuclear weapons, but since the Soviet Union has leveled the field things have become more complicated.
    As leader of the western alliance you have several advantages. As long as there are at least two NATO members around any lynch on you will be vetoed by the UN.

    You have two fall/autumn actions:
    a) Use your diplomats to influence one nation (see below)
    b) Use the CIA to prevent someone else from doing an action.
    Each fall you can do BOTH actions (not just one). If you choose to do both actions there’s a certain chance one of them will fail.

    You have an additional action. In a game with so many spies there may even be traitors around. Should you find a traitor in your own ranks you may kill him/her. This is a one-shot ability and may only be directed at NATO-Members. It requires you to have proof that this player is a traitor, which means you’ll have to convince me (in your PM). If you direct this action at a player who isn’t a traitor it’s wasted, and nothing will happen. This action might be taken at any point during the game. Be careful who you tell about this ability!

    Influencing rules:
    There are five alignments in the game: NATO – Pro-West – Neutral – Pro-East – Warsaw Pact

    When you influence a nation it moves one step towards NATO. Once a nation is NATO or Warsaw Pact its alignment is locked, and it can no longer be influenced. A nation cannot move more than one step left or right during one fall/autumn phase, no matter how many times it is being influenced.

    Winning Condition: Your faction wins when more than 50% of the living players are NATO members.

    [hidden: chance to fail one action if both were performed was 25%]
    The Soviet Union was identical apart from flavor text.

    Chg (United States) played an OK game even though he constantly wanted to nuke someone. Was unlucky with early targeting/blocking but after that did well enough.
    Night targets:
    1) Roleblocked cent (blocked by Sancho); Influence JAS (whose alignment was locked that night because of the historic events)
    2) Roleblocked Andy, Influenced Centurion
    3) Roleblocked bcb, Influenced SickPuppets, decided to kill Daniel for the Lulz (wasn’t the traitor)
    4) Influenced SickPuppets
    5) Influenced SickPuppets

    Sancho (Soviet Union) started well, his choice in the GDR workers uprising event meant that JAS had his alignment locked, and he went for SickPuppets early. His night targets were good most of the time, except N5, when he targeted cory.

    Night targets:
    1) Influenced SickPuppets, Roleblocked chg
    2) Influenced SickPuppets (blocked by cory), Roleblocked Blue
    3) Influenced JAS (blocked by JAS)
    4) Influenced Andy (blocked by JAS)
    5) (Motivated because of Sputnik-event)Blocked cory, Influenced cory (blocked by JAS, wouldn’t have done anything as cory’s alignment was locked)

    The Sidekicks

    You are The United Kingdom, NATO-Aligned

    After the hardship of World War II you ended up only in third place, and even worse you found out that lots of people in your empire didn’t even like you and preferred independence. Nasty, I say, and Commonwealth doesn’t even sound like Empire. However, all nostalgic feelings aside you understand that in the post war world you need friends, and who could be a better friend to you than the United States? So you two formed the western alliance to protect freedom and democracy.

    You have two fall/autumn abilities.
    a) Use your diplomats to influence another nation
    b) Send out MI6 to find out who’s who (investigate Character)

    You can decide if you want to use one of your abilities or both during a Fall/autumn phase. However, if you decide to use both there’s a chance that one or both actions will fail.

    Your alliance leader knows the influencing rules and must explain them to you.

    Winning Condition: Your faction wins when more than 50% of the living players are NATO members.

    [hidden: Chance to fail first action was 50%. If first action failed the chance for the second to fail was 16,67%. If the first action didn’t fail the chance for the second to fail was 50%]
    Again the PR China had the same role apart from flavor.

    Daniel (UK) played a tremendous game and was the driving force behind the NATO. His only flaw was that he tried to influence bcb N1, but he couldn’t have known that bcb was Warsaw Pact and his alignment locked. Apart from that he was leading planner, even after corycurren joined them. Recruiting both cory and Centurion during the same night proved to be the crucial move for NATO in the game. Daniel is Game MVP.

    Night targets:
    1) Investigate SickPuppets, influence bcb (not possible)
    2) Influence cory
    3) Influence blue (was protected)
    4) Influence Andy
    5) Influence Andy

    Bcb (The People’s Republic of China) took some time to understand he was in one of the “scum” factions, but then played a good game. His misfortune was the fact that JAS had investigated both Sancho and him and that cory brought that information with him when he joined NATO during N2. After that he fought bravely, but he couldn’t do much. Getting clov to join them wasn’t the best possible move, but a good one.

    Night targets:
    1) Influenced Clov, Investigated chg (failed RNG roll)
    2) Influenced Clov
    3) Influenced SickPuppets (blocked by chg)
    4) Influenced SickPuppets (was redirected to himself by cory)

    The third guy

    Welcome to the Cold War Minimafia, Centurion

    You are France, Pro-West Aligned

    You were among the winners of World War II, still you lost a lot. What once used to be a huge colonial empire now is now in open rebellion. Fighting a losing war Indochina and dealing with ever increasing riots in your African possessions you know that colonies might not be your future. But who or what is then? Historically you have been bounded to the west, but that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way.

    Fall/autumn phase action: Choose a player. You’ll be told who tries to meddle with that player (watch).

    You win if you are Pro-West aligned and alive at the end of the game.

    You may communicate with no one.

    [hidden: loses ability upon joining NATO (France) / Warsaw Pact (Poland) and gains influence ability]
    France was a watcher, Poland a tracker.

    Centurion (France) started very well when he watched MrsClov N1, outed usly as the killer and thus removed the only killer from the game. Recruited by N3 and tasked with pulling JAS over into NATO he played a good game. He wasn’t targeted after N2.

    Night targets:
    1) Watched MrsClov
    2) Watched JAS
    3) Influence JAS
    4) Influence JAS
    5) Influence JAS

    Andy Q. (Poland) played a quiet game. He didn’t make bad moves but also didn’t make the real good ones, so he’s nowhere near LVP, but unfortunately not near MVP either. His night targets were OK in general, but he was unfortunate as they didn’t do anything that could help him.

    Night targets:
    1) Tracked Sancho
    2) Tracked bcb (blocked by chg)
    3) Tracked bcb
    4) Lost night action because of event
    5) Tracked Daniel

    The Germans

    You are West Germany, Pro-West Aligned

    After four years of Allied occupation you were allowed to reform as a nation in May 1949. Lots of your cities are still showing WW2 bomb damage, but your people have created the Wirtschaftswunder, turning you into an economic powerhouse not even a decade after the end of the war. The western alliance is aware that you'd have to take the brunt of a full scale war, so besides helping them you have another goal – reunification.

    Every fall phase you may perform one of the following actions
    - Investigate
    - Block
    - Redirect Player (you may not chose the target the player is redirected to)
    - Silence (no posting/voting during the next spring phase)

    Winning Conditions:
    You win if you are reunited with East Germany. To reunite West and East Germany must have the same alignment and stay at that alignment for two years (=two fall/autumn phases).

    Depending on your alignment you win at different moments if reunited:
    Neutral: You win outright, game is over.
    Pro-West or Pro-East: You are now joined as one nation with two players. Every action that targets one of you happens to both of you, but your abilities are joined and you can only perform one action together. If your alignment changes in this situation see above/below
    NATO or Warsaw Pact: You win together with your faction. If you die you still have secured a win.

    [hidden: Lose block and investigate when joining NATO (West Germany) or Warsaw Pact (East Germany) but gain full redirect. Lose all abilities if joining the other faction]
    Achieving reunification at neutral would have been a huge effort and well worth the victory. There wasn’t much chance to get there from the start.

    Corycurren (West Germany) played a great game, as he usually does. When he joined NATO he brought information with him, even though it was information JAS had gotten him. After joining NATO he used his redirect to full effect. Cory is Game MVP Runner up.

    Night targets:
    1) Investigate Blue
    2) (Motivated by World Cup event) Roleblocked Sanch/Investigated SickPuppets
    3) Redirected Clov to Clov
    4) Redirected bcb to bcb
    5) Redirected Andy to Andy (blocked by Sancho)

    JAS (East Germany) gathered the crucial information when he investigated Sancho and bcb (even though it was after a redirect). After cory was recruited by NATO he basically followed their plan and in the end got a win.

    Night targets:
    1) Investigated Sancho
    2) Investigated Daniel (was redirected to bcb by Clov)
    3) Blocked Sancho
    4) Blocked Sancho
    5) Blocked Sancho

    The Neutrals


    Welcome to the Cold War Mini Mafia, football2ky

    You are South Africa, Neutral Aligned

    You are deep inside the age of Apartheid and struggle with the world around you. And while racial segregation isn’t uncommon in other parts of the world you are more efficient at it. However, the world only cares if something really horrible happens.

    Every fall/autumn phase you may select a player. This player will be so shocked about something that happened in your country that he won’t speak or vote during the next spring phase.

    You win if you are neutral at the end of the game. And alive, of course.

    You may communicate with no one.
    I doubt anyone believed your North Korea claim. And I’m sure you knew no one would fall for your attempt to get people modkilled. Up to that point it was typical day 1 talk. After that things escalated, and your thread play became a head scratcher. There were others (monk, Andy Q.) who were early targets, but it seemed you just wanted to get lynched. You tried to do different ways of argumentation at the same time but didn’t follow any to the end. Several times during the day phase I sat in front of my screen, asking myself what the heck you were doing there. Football2ky is Game JVP.


    Welcome to the Cold War Minimafia, MrsClov

    You are India, Neutral Aligned.

    Having achieved independence recently you are now a strong supporter of decolonization everywhere in the world. With a large population you have become the voice of the people still suffering from colonialism, and together with Egypt* and Yugoslavia* you formed a league of neutral nations.

    Every fall/autumn phase you can select a player you want to influence. There are five alignments in the game, with “neutral” being the middle ground. Influencing a player will move that player’s alignment one step towards your current alignment. You cannot target yourself with this action.

    You win if you are neutral at the end of the game. And alive, of course.

    You may communicate with no one.

    (*neither Egypt nor Yugoslavia are in the game, it's just flavor text).
    When I had to make last minute changes to the game to add monk I also made another mistake. I swapped your role with SickPuppets, but forgot to print them out again. When you asked me about your role I first explained SickPuppets role to you – which of course made no sense. Fortunately I noticed at the beginning of Night 1 (mainly because SickPuppets sent his PM very early), so I avoided any major damage.
    You played OK. You hammered footy’s lynch without the intention to hammer, but I doubt it changed anything. Killed N1 by usly. Poor MrsClov, you didn’t do anything wrong.

    Night targets
    1) Influenced Monk (who was already neutral at that point)


    Welcome to the Cold War Minimafia, uslydevilu

    You are Libya, Neutral Aligned

    For ages foreign nations have ruled and plundered Libya, soiling its very grounds with their unholyness. Now finally you are independent, but still there are lots of factions inside and even more outside. It’s time to show them they cannot do what they want without consequences. And who knows what might happen if you could take out the nemesis of the Arab world – Israel? Everybody would acknowledge your superiority, and you’d be their hero.

    Every fall/autumn phase you may select one player. You’ll carry out a terrorist attack on his cities. Depending on that player’s alignment several things might happen:

    - Kill, you are not discovered
    - Kill, you are discovered (kill becomes suicide kill)
    - Target is silenced
    - You are stopped before the attack and are silenced during the next spring phase

    (All four options are possible, there’s no alignment/option combination that has a 0% chance).

    You’ll secure a win if you kill Israel (even if you don’t survive the kill). If Israel is voted out during a spring phase you’ll have to step up and must take out both the USA and the Soviet Union to get a win.

    You may communicate with no one.
    Bad luck stroke again. Targeting MrsClov was OK, but to your misfortune Centurion decided to watch MrsClov. From that moment you were doomed. Even worse: Israel (monk) died with
    you – but due to his own stupidity and during a day phase.

    Night actions:
    1) Kill MrsClov


    Welcome to the Cold War Mini Mafia, monk2310

    You are Israel, Neutral Aligned

    Newly founded in what used to be British Palestine you have quickly become the thorn in your neighbors’ side. You managed to defeat them when they tried to overrun you in 1948, but you know that there won’t be peace for a long time to come.
    Your only hope for now lies in the Security Council, where you have powerful friends while you build up your forces.

    Every spring phase your vote in the Security Council counts double.

    You win if you are neutral at the end of the game. And alive, of course.

    You may communicate with no one.

    [hidden: loses double vote during Suez Crisis in 1956]
    Monk. Do I have to say more? Actually I have. It took me about an hour to work the extra role in. When I announced it I got a PM that said he’d either be lynched D1 or modkilled before N2. Prophetic.
    I don’t know what was there before he edited the post, and I don’t care. I might even have overlooked the spamming, but there was no choice I could overlook editing a posting. That was stupid, to say the least. Even worse was the impact it had on the game. After he debacled there was only one neutral left (Blue). It reduced the number of influencing targets, and the double vote would have been crucial in later votes. Monk is Game LVP.


    Welcome to the Cold War Minimafia, Blue

    You are Sweden, Neutral Aligned

    Your great imperial days are long over, and you since have developed into a modern nation. You managed to stay neutral during both World Wars, even though it required some shrewd measures. On the one hand you sold the Nazis iron ore, on the other hand you protected and saved the Danish Jews in an act of mercy that’ll never be forgotten. Neutrality has served you well.

    Ability: Every fall/autumn phase you may choose a player who will be protected from the others’ actions. You cannot target the same player twice in a row.

    Winning conditions: You win if you are still neutral at the end of the game. And alive, of course.

    You may communicate with no one.
    Blue was in bad luck early on. During Night 1 he was redirected, during Night 2 he was blocked, which resulted in Cent getting recruited. He managed to stay neutral after that by staying under the radar and the occasional protection on himself.

    Night Actions:
    1) Protect self (redirected to usly)
    2) Protect Cent (blocked by Sancho)
    3) Protect self
    4) Protect cory
    5) Protect self


    Welcome to the Cold War Minimafia, Clovdyx

    You are Australia, Neutral Aligned

    The end of World War II left you scathed and scarred, but victorious. Due to your British heritage western values are being held high, but you also started to open up to your neighbors. You even managed to gain importance on the great stage of international diplomacy, so there are others who listen to you.

    Every fall/autumn phase you may choose a player and redirect his attention. You cannot choose who that player will be redirected to.

    Winning conditions: You win if you are neutral at the end of the game. And alive, of course.

    You may communicate with no one.
    Clov did OK but fell victim to the process of elimination NATO did in their chat during the night. That was in part possible because he redirected JAS to bcb (he’s not to blame, though, because he couldn’t choose the target).

    Night actions:
    1) Redirected Blue (to usly)
    2) Redirected JAS (to bcb)
    3) Redirected Daniel (was redirected to himself by cory)


    Welcome to the Cold War Mini-Mafia, SickPuppets

    You are Brazil, Neutral Aligned

    Since the end of World War II crisis has been common to you. Several short-lived governments have left you, a prosperous nation rich in resources, in political shambles. You need help, but fortunately it’s easy for you to get it.

    Every fall/autumn phase you may select another player. You’ll gain that players vote during the spring phase.

    You win if you are neutral aligned at the end of the game. And alive, of course.

    You may communicate with no one.
    SickPuppets got to the winning side, but didn’t manage to send in two of his PMs. He started OK but disappeared for two days before returning for the final day.

    Night targets:
    1) Stole bcb’s vote
    2) Stole Daniel’s vote
    3) Forgot PM
    4) Didn’t get in his PM in time
    5) Stole JAS vote
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    Coming soon: Cold War Mini Mafia II - The Berlin Wall


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      Well, let's do this.
      Originally posted by Johnnyallstar
      I call dibs on Saban.

      I'm gonna suplex that doomtrain so hard.


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        Capitalist pigs.


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          Originally posted by Daniel View Post
          Capitalist pigs.
          Socialist Adventurers.
          Originally posted by Johnnyallstar
          I call dibs on Saban.

          I'm gonna suplex that doomtrain so hard.


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            This is promising.
            Originally posted by GongKong
            I wonder what Cory has cooked up. He is usually a leader of men. Cory the butcher of bakersfield. The one that does not eat the last piece of bread on the table. Truly a hero to the people, even if he spit in the butter bowl, cuz he is a wily little rebel.


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              Originally posted by SickPuppets View Post
              Socialist Adventurers.
              Communist platypuses.


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                Is there a way to backwards R


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                  Coming soon: Cold War Mini Mafia II - The Berlin Wall


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                    Originally posted by SanchoPanza View Post
                    Is there a way to backwards R
                    Я u srs
                    Originally posted by GongKong
                    I wonder what Cory has cooked up. He is usually a leader of men. Cory the butcher of bakersfield. The one that does not eat the last piece of bread on the table. Truly a hero to the people, even if he spit in the butter bowl, cuz he is a wily little rebel.


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                      I'm North Korea.


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                        УЭДН БЯФ ШФФ
                        Originally posted by GongKong
                        I wonder what Cory has cooked up. He is usually a leader of men. Cory the butcher of bakersfield. The one that does not eat the last piece of bread on the table. Truly a hero to the people, even if he spit in the butter bowl, cuz he is a wily little rebel.


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                          So who's neutral aligned?


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                            Lynch Football2ky
                            Originally posted by GongKong
                            I wonder what Cory has cooked up. He is usually a leader of men. Cory the butcher of bakersfield. The one that does not eat the last piece of bread on the table. Truly a hero to the people, even if he spit in the butter bowl, cuz he is a wily little rebel.


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                              Originally posted by corycurren View Post
                              Lynch Football2ky
                              You not neutral aligned?