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  • Forum Live Fantasy Draft and Mafia Party Mafia Game Thread

    The date was the twentieth of July, two thousand and thirteen. It was a day that will forever live in infamy (on the forum ran by world’s #1 website for NFL Draft and fantasy football not owned by a major sports network). It was evident that the twelve brave heroes, separated by hundreds of miles across the eastern half of the continental United States, remained oblivious that their fates would become intertwined over the remaining offseason and throughout the magnificent spectacle known as the 2013 NFL season. At approximately 12:13 PM eastern standard time, one hero curiously gazed upon the words that his eyes had fallen upon.

    “ Forum Live Fantasy Draft,” he read. “What blasphemy dost me overlord speaketh?” he pondered.

    The fiesty midget to his left replied, “You’re a moron.”

    While she was not inherently wrong in this assumption, Clovdyx stared in disbelief at the opportunity that his favorite sports writer had presented. Spend all night in a car, drive to one of the nation’s worst cities, to hang out with a bunch of other degenerate football dweebs like himself? This was literally going to be one of the most rewarding things he had ever done.

    Several hundred posts later, Clovdyx took the iniative and organized the monumental gathering that all other social events would be judged by. You know, assuming they involved picking dudes you have no affiliation with while hammered.

    Fast forward a few weeks and several hours in a car. The group of twelve, along with several others not participating, had gathered in Walter’s house. Eyes shifted around the room as their fearless leader passed out eleven pieces of paper.

    “I’m third,” Walt announced.

    “That’s an 8. I’m third,” PSU corrected.

    “I’m drunk,” Ragnarok proudly declared. Yes, my friend, yes, you are. But it was like, 2:30 by the time that I started handing out papers so it’s all good.

    “Hey, who wants to play Mafia?” VikingSteve asked. What the hell? When did he get here? Anyhow, a deck of cards were thrown onto the table. A challenge had clearly been issued but time was working against them. Clovdyx contemplated his options and quickly began dealing the cards.

    “We’ll play Mafia in between picks of the draft. Black is town, red is Mafia. JLash, you’re on the clock.”

    “With the first overall pick in the Live Fantasy Draft, I’ll take Adrian Peterson.

    Clovdyx grinned and wrote in his pick - Jamal Charles, before nodding at Steve. “Gentleman, welcome to Mafia. It is Night 0. Your first victim is…”

    The loud crash of Steve’s body folding onto Walt’s nice floor echoed through the room.

    “Oh my god, he’s bleeding!” MrsClov exclaimed.

    “Nah, that’s just his little foofoo drink. He’ll be fine. Walk it off, Scuba!”

    VikingSteve is dead! He was - VikingSteve, Eye Phelta Tit, Screw JLash-Aligned


    Official Game Rules – do NOT post until you’ve read them

    -Do not talk about the game outside of the game thread.
    -In order to vote for someone to get lynched during the day, you must bold lynch and their name (i.e. Lynch Simonds); you do not need to unlynch one person before you vote to lynch another.
    -If your vote isn't perfectly clear to me, it doesn't count.
    -You get one dead post for a “Good game”, “Good luck all”, etc. Do not reveal game-related information.
    -You may claim any role related information, and you may post your PM. You may not use the “letter method” (E.g., “What are the 7th, 13th, and 9th letters of your win condition?”) or any other gimmicks.
    -You may not edit or delete any posts. Period. You may post any amount of consecutive posts.
    -You may not reveal any night results until the write up has been posted.
    -You may not check the “Who’s Online” list.
    -You may not post any screenshots.
    -You must link me to all chats.
    -I will not tolerate severe personal attacks. I'm okay with little things like "you're being retarded" or "you're an idiot", but this is a game. If you can't play nicely, you can't play.
    -I reserve the right to modkill at my discretion. If you break these results, expect to be removed from the game.
    -Day Phase will last 72 hours or until a majority has been reached. Any “unvotes” will be ignored once a majority has been reached, whether I am on or not. If a decision has not been made at the end of 72 hours, I will decide for you.
    -Each player will be expected to contribute five game-related posts over the course of each day phase. You will be reminded privately, then publicly, if you fail to comply. A third offense will constitute a modkill. Players who are unable to post due to time differences or "Short"/"rushed" phases will be exempt for the phase in question. Still, you are expected to contribute at your earliest convenience.
    -If you would like to know how many posts you have for a current day, let me know and I will gladly provide this to you.

    - Nights will last 24 hours, unless I receive all PM’s early. If you do not wish to use an action, you must send a PM to let me know. If you miss a PM, I won’t wait for you the following night.

    3) Blue - Walter, THIS IS MY HOUSE, Draft-Aligned
    9) uslydevilu - InjuredReserve, One Smug Motherfucker, Draft-Aligned
    21) Johnnyallstar - Beer, Drowning Our Sorrows, Draft-Aligned

    Player list:

    1) Friese - uslydevilu, Mr. Congeniality, Draft-Aligned
    2) Ragnarok - TBod, Ruiner of Games, Indianapolis-Aligned
    4) Ray Smuckles - Pheltzbahr, My great, great Godfatherl, No Show-Aligned
    5) Corycurren - Bottom Dollar Food Guy, Douche, Indianapolis-Aligned
    6) Bcb1213 - Siena, Jerking to Disney Channel, No Show-Aligned
    7) JLash - JLash, Hernandez-Lite, Draft-Aligned
    8) Walter - SirA, Cheating Pats Fan, No Show-Aligned
    10) football2k - Serial Killer Gong, Gong Killing You, Indianapolis-Aligned
    11) Rofldogs - MrsClov, Gluten Free Baker, Draft-Aligned
    12) Daniel (PSU) - Corycurren, Lock Down, Draft-Aligned
    13) Monk - Bodyburner, Do No Harm, Draft-Aligned
    14) Miamidolphin4life - PSU, Heads above the rest, Draft-Aligned
    15) SwAg Dynasty (Sickpuppets) - Girls who don’t know Mafia, worser than DT, Draft-aligned
    16) Snake (Paul Goodman) - Chg91, El Lil’ Smoky-o, No Show-Aligned
    17) PR - Walt’s Friend With Spiked Hair, A Ball of Confusion, Draft-Aligned
    18) MrsClov - Brandon Weeden, the Grim Repear, Indianapolis-Aligned
    19) Chg91 - Miley Cyrus, Alastair's Fantasy, Indianapolis-Aligned
    20) Jepg - Lance Moore, Anything and Everything, Draft-Aligned
    22) Pheltzbahr - Bcb, Booty Callin’ some bitches, Draft-Aligned

    Day One: Monk does nothing wrong but still sees his time run out.
    Night One: Cory gets beaten, MD4L gets rocked, PR party fouls, and Rofl doesn't come back.
    Day Two: Jepg can't take this any Moore
    Night Two: Friese learns nice guys finish dead, Smuckles is in the closet.
    Day Three: Chg91's swansong falls on deaf ears
    Night Three: Rofl makes me WF's #1 bachelor, we learn even a Prince can die, and some other stuff
    Day Four: Walter can't cheat death any further
    Night Four: PR's effort can't save him, and more SwAg doesn't mean more skill
    Day Five: SMUCKLES: Some Morons, **** it. He didn't die.
    Night Five: Both JLashes go down and Pheltz retires from skanks
    Day Six: Divine intervention helps Snake puff, puff, pass on
    Night Six: Killing Daniel is the ultimate party foul
    Day Seven: "Weeding out the serial killer?"
    Night Seven: "D7: Guess not" or "Scum snatches defeat from the jaws of victory."
    Day Eight: It only took eight tries to get one right.
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    Welcome to’s first ever annual live fantasy football draft, Blue! You are…

    Walter, THIS IS MY HOUSE!, Draft-Aligned.

    As the owner of the site, and maybe the nicest house of anybody I know, this party would have never went down with you. It was your idea, and you were clearly the driving force behind it. You can use this influence to stop somebody from doing stupid.

    You have two abilities available to you.
    During night, you may PM the name of a player. This player will be unvotable during the following the day phase.
    During day, PM me to stop a lynch you disagree with. You may include the name of a replacement lynch candidate or choose to no lynch. This may only be used ONCE.

    Win condition: Get rid of any threats to your awesome party.
    You may communicate with: SickPuppets
    Welcome to’s first ever annual live fantasy football draft, SwAg Dynasty! You are…

    Girls who don’t know Mafia, worser than DT, Draft-aligned

    One of the highlights of the draft party for most of us was the live version of Mafia that we got to play for the first time. It brought laughs, it brought tears. It brought people not understanding how abilities worked, and why were we voting. And gosh, can we stop being so hateful? “Scum” is just such a mean word.

    None of this was demonstrated better than the games Walt’s female friends turned in. They seemed like genuinely nice people, and to be fair, all of us were pretty intoxicated at that point. Even still, if you want to do anything this game, you’re going to need help. Because of this, I’ll let you cheat and get advice from Walt.

    Beyond that, you have no active ability. You’re only going to jack it up.

    Win condition: Uh, what? Walter said you have to eliminate threats to the draft. Whatever that means.
    You may communicate with: Blue.

    (They’re so helpless, if “Walter” dies while the girls are still alive, they’ll ragequit)
    SickPuppets was replaced because he didn't read his role PM until probably halfway through the day phase, spent five minutes in chat, and never posted. At all. He PM'ed me about a week after I told him he had been replaced and apologized, apparently something came up. Say "la V".

    Welcome to’s first ever annual live fantasy football draft, uslydevilu! You are…

    InjuredReserve, One Smug MotherfuckerDraft-Aligned.

    One of Walt’s best friends, you have some unholy drafting talent. You are also highly respected, and feared, in Mafia. Leelee thinks your wife’s chest is nice. Unfortunately, none of these impact this game. Instead, your benefit comes your superior intellect, which allows you to sort through the bull****.

    During the night phase, you may use the following ability:
    -PM me with a question you wish to answer. You may only use this ability three times. Two questions must be yes or no, the other can be any format. You may not ask questions that clearly give an unfair advantage (e.g., “who are all of the scum?)

    Win condition: Eliminate any threats to this awesome party.
    You may only communicate with your temporary mason partner for the specified duration.
    Originally, IR had two abilities - the questions, and forming a temporary mason faction with a player of his choosing. This would last from the start of the day phase until the end of the night phase (for example, using it N1 would let them communicate all of D2 and N2). I forgot to change the bottom part when sending it to Usly but got it cleared up.

    Welcome to’s first ever annual live fantasy football draft, Jepg! You are…

    Lance Moore, Anything and Everything, Draft-Aligned.

    Some people think Drew Brees can turn anybody into an elite receiver. The truth of the matter is you can turn anybody into an elite quarterback. Drafted in 2005, the Saints offense turned around in 2006. This is completely a testament to your skills as the league’s #1 receiver. After all, Calvin Johnson only got drafted once. You got drafted half a dozen teams by one person. #SkillzYolo #Swag #Ihonestlydon’tknowwhypeoplehashtagthings.

    Due to your massive talent, you can do anything. During the night phase, you may run any of the following routes:
    -Go (Kill a player of your choice)
    -Post (Check two players’ hostility towards each other)
    -Slant (Protect a player of your choice)
    -Curl (Investigate a player’s alignment)
    -Screen (Investigate a player’s role)

    However, you must use all abilities - or refrain from taking action as a substitute for the 5th ability - before you can reuse an ability.

    Win condition: Eliminate anybody opposed to your awesome fans at the draft.
    You may not communicate with anybody.
    Win conditions. Riding on my lollerskates. We'll discuss this later.

    Welcome to’s first ever annual live fantasy football draft, JLash! You are…

    JLash, Hernandez-Lite, Draft-Aligned.

    You’ve long been my boy, and it was nice to finally meet you. Two things stood out to me about JLash at the party. One, you have no problem making your wife wait in the car the entire draft - as you shouldn’t - and two, he’s the only person I’ve seen do a fantasy draft with a plastic knife and an airsoft gun in his hands.

    Thankfully, you haven’t gone full-Hernandez and aren’t paranoid. This gives you the choice of the following options each night:
    -Give a player of your choice the gun, allowing them to protect themselves.
    -Keep the gun and knife for yourself to protect yourself

    Win condition: Take out all threats to the draft party
    You may not communicate with anybody.

    PS: Yes, this really was given to you randomly. I laughed when I saw it.

    (Because the gun isn’t real, it’s limited effectiveness. If only one targets the gun owner, 50% chance to die. If more than one, a kill is guaranteed but randomly chosen between the attackers. Only one character may have JLash’s gun)
    Obviously the PS was added after I assigned the roles. Rags and Cory discussed the possibility of somebody getting themselves. Mathematically, there was a decent shot it.

    Welcome to’s first ever annual live fantasy football draft, Daniel! You are…

    Corycurren, Lock Down, Draft-Aligned.

    Bad news: you’re a Giants fan! But in your defense, you’re easily the coolest Giants fan. You also did a good job of running real life Mafia, and when playing, you shut people down J.J. Watt style. With the evil lurking, waiting to ambush the party, that’s going to come in handy.

    Each night, you may choose one player you wish to jail. This will leave them unable to communicate during the thread the following day phase, leaving them unable to vote, as well. You also have a chance to block them from taking any night actions.

    Win condition: Help remove any threat to the draft.
    You may only communicate in the game thread.

    (Starts out as a 20% chance, increases by 5% each night, with a max of 50%)
    Welcome to’s first ever annual live fantasy football draft, Friese! You are…

    Uslydevil, Mr. Congeniality, Draft-Aligned.

    A bit unknown on the forums prior to the draft, you’re good friends with Walt and the guys in real life, and you’ve been increasingly active in the time since. That’s great because you have an awesome personality, and it makes people genuinely want to be around you. You also traded picks in the draft, allowing him to move up to 2nd overall and take superstud Jamaal Charles, a key member to Clov’s #1 fantasy team. However, you’re still just getting your feet wet with this mafia thing...

    Each night, you may PM me the name of two players. If these two players chose to use a night ability, you will flip their abilities. If one, or both, did not use abilities you will be informed of this.

    Win condition: Eliminate anybody opposing your friends’ draft party.
    You may not communicate outside of the game thread.
    Boy, did I hit the nail on the head with that last sentence. Sorry Usly.

    Welcome to’s first ever annual live fantasy football draft, Football2ky! You are…

    Gong, Drunken Savant, Draft-Aligned.

    Some people think you’re a forum personality, not unlike other forum celebrities, like Leelee or Kaiser. These people have clearly never met you, as you only have one gear: goepicwinning. #CharlieSheenReference. Like Chuck, you spent your free time submerged in your poison of choice (alcohol) and ranting endlessly. The real life response Gong gave to Lindsey asking “What do you have against good football?” was probably the most hilarious tirade I’ve ever witnessed, narrowly edging out a comparison to a bagpipe-raping octopus. Still, to your credit, you don’t let the alcohol control you and you were easily the most fun to be around at the party.

    Unfortunately, being drunk all night doesn’t really lend itself to any specialties. Oh, and you have to ***** incoherently about Cleveland every day phase. On the upside, your verboseness means your vote counts double during day phases.

    Win condition: Eliminate anybody opposing your friends’ draft party.
    You may not communicate outside of the game thread.

    (If GongKong outlives Brandon Weeden, he will become the Serial Killer. If Gong dies before Brandon Weeden, his rage will bring him back to life at the end of the next night phase as a zombie. Anybody who targets zombiekong will become a zombie, including the hammer vote. Anybody who night targets or hammers a zombie has a 25% chance to become a zombie. Zombiekong has ONE death survival. Zombies win when outnumbering all other remaining players.)
    It's hard to describe how badly I - and others - wanted Gongapocalypse to happen. That's not the way things went, and he ended up going the serial killer route. I can't imagine what was going through Footy's head when he saw a PM from me called "your new role" with six people alive.

    You are no longer GongKong, Drunken Savant, Draft-Aligned. You are now...

    Serial Killer Gong, Gong Killing You, Indianapolis-Aligned.

    What in the FUCK, Cleveland, and stupid town asshole Mafia players? Goddamn Browns wasted another draft pick on a stupid terrible quarterback that can't even win a game or stay alive in mafia? **** this game, **** Cleveland, **** town, and **** you. You've had enough of this bullshit Gong, and you're not going to sit around knowing all your friends get to root for real teams.

    Each night, you may PM me the name player you're fed up with. If successful, you will destroy this person for not having to suffer through being a Browns fan.

    Win condition: Survive until the end of the game. You may not win with town.
    You may not communicate outside of the game thread.
    Welcome to’s first ever annual live fantasy football draft, Pheltzbahr! You are…

    Bcb, Booty Callin’ some *****es, Draft-Aligned.

    Learning that BCB stand for “Booty Call Bill” was one of the highlights of the party, even if your real name drives me insane. Sorry bro - just don’t like people with two first names. Because of your booty call expertise, one might say you’re a real ASSet to town, though.

    Each night, you may PM me the name of one player you wish to hook up with a booty call. Just because you’ve mastered it doesn’t mean you have to hog it. Wingman up. If your action is successful, they will have high spirits the next day, leaving them free to use an extra night action the following night.

    Win condition: Eliminate anybody opposing your friends’ draft party.
    You may not communicate outside of the game thread.

    (If he tries to motivate “MrsClov” or “Miley Cyrus” , he’ll die. Don’t fuck with my woman. Or my wife)
    Welcome to’s first ever annual live fantasy football draft, Miamidolphin4life! You are…

    PSU, Heads above the rest, Draft-Aligned.

    When you walk in, everybody notices. That’s partially because you shut the door and said “hello”, and the draftees are not deaf. It’s also because you’re 8’3” (we measured) and since Scuba clearly wasn’t attending, it was pretty obvious who you were.

    You can use your height to not only your advantage, but to the advantage of the rest of the party. Once during the game, you may do a game-wide redirect. Lightning always hits the tallest spot, so all active actions will be redirected to you.

    Win condition: Eliminate all threats to your draft party and your friends. If you die due to your night ability and town wins, you will be among the winning players.
    You can’t communicate outside of the game thread
    Welcome to’s first ever annual live fantasy football draft, Johnnyallstar! You are…

    Beer, Drowning our sorrows, Draft-Aligned.

    Not only were you part of the draft, you very well may have been the official sponsor of the draft. I’d be shocked if the group didn’t go through half a dozen cases over the weekend, and it was clearly evident by everybody double fisting bottles throughout the entire draft. Later on, Beer teamed with his old buddy Pong, and history was made.

    Unfortunately, with the good (everything about beer) comes the bad (all of the effects), including the inability to do anything. Each night, you may choose one person to serve yourself to. If effective, that person will stay in the kitchen and drink.

    Win condition: Eliminate all threats to the beer-loving draft party
    You may not communicate outside of the game thread

    (Due to gluten allergies, has an 80% chance to fail if targeting “MrsClov” [Rofldogs], 20% to kill her. Only 50% chance to RB “Brandon Weeden” [MrsClov], since he might actually playsdrunk anyways. Will not affect Gong, unless he has inherited the kill)
    Welcome to’s first ever annual live fantasy football draft, Rofl! You are…

    MrsClov, Gluteen free baker,Draft-Aligned.

    This is awkward for me, and I really don’t want to make you into my wife more than I have to. One key aspect of her role in the party was baking brownies, full of fatty delicous gluten all of us fatasses ate. By us, I mean me.

    You can’t bake without ingredients though, and it’s well documented that Walt doesn’t own food. Therefore, each night, you have a choice of going to the store or staying at the draft. If you go, you will be protected from all abilities, but your terrible sense of directions will leave you lost, costing you the ability to do or say anything in the following day phase. If you stay, you can still play Mafia and watch the draft, but you won’t have protection from the scum or bread.

    Win condition: Eliminate all threats to your draft party and its tasty snacks
    Do not communicate with anyone outside the game thread.
    Welcome to’s first ever annual live fantasy football draft, Monk! You are…

    Bodyburner, do no harm, Draft-Aligned.

    When I first saw you, you looked like a combination of a teddy bear and a beer-smashing bro. Much to my displeasure, you were quick to point out that you’re not a bro. On top of that, you don’t even burn bodies anymore. I can’t even be sure you drafted players, as that might be just another thread in your web of lies!

    Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t be a bro in this game. Once per night, you may PM me the name of a player you wish to be bros with. If successful, you will stop all other night actions from affecting this person.

    Win condition: Eliminate all threats to your draft party and its tasty snacks
    Do not communicate with anyone outside the game thread.
    Welcome to’s first ever annual live fantasy football draft, PhoenixRogue! You are…

    Walt’s Friend With Spiked Hair, A Ball of Confusion, Draft-Aligned.

    I...don’t remember your name. You showed up pretty late, had nothing to do with the draft, and didn’t say a whole lot. You seemed pretty cool though, and you at least tried to figure out what to do in Mafia. At one point, you actually put the game on your back and managed to do work to stay alive.

    Since you’re a football fan, I’m going to assume you’ve got the momentum, and we’ll let you carry that over to this game. Each night, you may PM me the name of one player you wish to investigate. If successful, you’ll find out their alignment, allowing you to lead the team again.

    Win condition: Eliminate all threats to your draft party and its tasty snacks
    Do not communicate with anyone outside the game thread.

    (Nights 1 and 2, results will be correct. Night 3, results will be “Church of Weeden aligned”. Odd numbered nights will be correct, while even numbered nights have 25% chance to be correct, 75% chance to be randomly chosen between Draft, No Show, Indianapolis, and Jerks of the Week).
    Apparently his name was Josh.

    Welcome to’s first ever annual live fantasy football draft, Ragnarok! You are…

    TBod, Ruiner of Games, Indianapolis-Aligned.

    I don’t care what McNulty says (shocker, right?) - you’re a great dude. I thought you did well during the draft, you were cool just hanging out, and you were great to talk to. Unfortunately, you’re a little weak on your Mafia modding skills, having announced to the whole game that Walter protected another player from dying. It ruined the game, but we all got a good laugh out of it.

    You exist only to ruin my mafia game by revealing the roles of each player. Beginning Day Two, you may make two guesses in the thread about what a player did. For example, your first post on Day Two:

    “Clovdyx protected Simonds last night”, or “Hunter investigated Hyper”

    I will then notify you by PM whether you are correct or not. There is no penalty for guessing incorrectly, so it is in your best interest to both guesses each day. You are NOT required to make your guesses as your first posts. You are NOT required to make both guesses at the same time.

    Win condition: Survive until the end of the game, OR get four guesses correct. You may win with town.
    Do not communicate with anyone outside the game thread. I'd ever protect Simonds.

    Welcome to’s first ever annual live fantasy football draft, Chg91! You are…

    Miley Cyrus, Alastair’s fantasy, Indianapolis-Aligned.

    Shortly after my arrival, Ragnarok said he hoped we could make it through the weekend without discussing Miley or seeing her on TV. We couldn’t escape the hobag then, and the guys can’t escape her now. Yay, us.

    Each night, you may choose one player to twerk on. This person will be required to post in pink and say “la da di da di” each post.

    Win condition: Survive until the end of the game, or have twerked on half the remaining players. You may win with town.
    Do not communicate with anyone outside the game thread.

    (50% chance to give target AIDs. If not treated on two nights following developing AIDs, will die 3rd night)
    I guess you can't treat AIDs when you kill the doctor D1.

    Welcome to’s first ever annual live fantasy football draft, sweetheart! You are…

    Brandon Weeden, the Grim Repear, Indianapolis-Aligned.

    With GeorgiaJeff not participating in the draft party, you were clearly the oldest there. Okay, Weeden wasn’t REALLY at our party but Gong ranted about him long enough - while the rest of us trashed Weeden long enough - that he might as well have been a part of it. With you qualifying for retirement at the end of the season, maybe Walter can get ahold of the Browns and talk you into showing up.

    In the mean time, you need to show us big meanie mean faces (this was the common insult of your childhood) who is boss. Each night, you PM me the name of a player you wish to kill. If successful, you will throw a football at their head and kill him. Just kidding - you’d miss.

    Win condition: Survive until the end of the game
    Do not communicate with anyone outside the game thread.
    Welcome to’s first ever annual live fantasy football draft, Cory! You are…

    Bottom Dollar Food Guy, Douche, Indianapolis-Aligned.

    I never heard of Bottom Dollar Foods until I started reading Jerk of the Weeks regularly. Of course, BDF is kind of a legend in JOTW, unrivaled by everybody else who pisses Walt off. Except, of course, the draft party - by far the most awesome jerks in the history of the world. Still, even as a group, we cannot match the weird people I saw when I went to get some snacks from the grocery store. I don’t know if your goal was to troll me, but you did, and you’ll troll everybody this game too!

    Each night, you may choose ONE of the following troll abilities to use:
    -Can indefinitely switch one person's ability
    -Can indefinitely switch one person's target
    -Can randomly affect necessary vote counts
    -Can make it secret vote

    When using either of the first two abilities, the effects will remain active for that person until you choose to turn it off. For example, Night One - “Change Clovdyx’s target.” Until you use this on another person, OR PM me saying “turn off the target switch”, my target would be randomized every night. Both abilities may be active at the same time, but you may not use the other abilities while either of the first two are activated.

    You may de-activate the first two abilities at any time (including immediately after day begins), you may deactivate them simultaneously, and deactivating them at the beginning of the night will take effect IMMEDIATELY (that is, the original target will be "normal" that evening, and you are free to use any other ability)

    Win condition: Survive until the end of the game. You may win with Town.
    Do not communicate with anyone outside the game thread.

    (The ability assigned can be any of: Redirection, Roleblocking, Giving a weapon for protection, turn the target into a PGO, or make them Vanilla.
    Votes - 20% chance at 25% of norm, 30% chance at 50% of norm, 30% chance at 75% of norm, 20% chance at 125% of norm)
    Welcome to’s first ever annual live fantasy football draft, Walt! You are…

    SirA, Cheating Pats Fan, No Show.

    You’re a fellow Pats fan, so I was hoping you’d help represent at the draft, but alas - life comes up. Besides, you’re too cool for that party anyway, and you have a new team now, so you can do your own fantasy football league - once you eliminate the current party.

    As a Patriots fan, you’re an expert in deception and trickery. You know, spygate and 18-1, all that jazz. Yeah yeah, go suck a dick, Jets. This allows you to manipulate the players like puppets in your game. Each night, you may use ONE of the following manipulations:
    -Frame a player to the alignment of your choice. If they are lynched while framed, it will remain throughout the duration of the game.
    -Post a message in the write up. It can say whatever you want, with a limit of 600 characters.
    -Send an anonymous message to a player of your choice. You may say whatever you want, to include attribution to any player (should you choose). This has a limit of 200 characters.

    Win condition: Outnumber the remaining members of the draft party.
    You may communicate with: Bcb, Paul Goodman, TopTierTom
    Welcome to’s first ever annual live fantasy football draft, Bcb! You are…

    Siena, Jerking to Disney Channel, No Show.

    Everybody on the forum likes you, and most everybody respects your senior moderator authorityshipness position. However, you have one habit that creeps me out beyond belief...and on top of being a NY fan, you’re kind of into underage girls. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    You can use your authority to e-fuck somebody each night, using your fearsome moderator fake-pedo but still seriously a bit weird powers. Each night, you may choose ONE of the following
    -Buttsex, leaving them unable to do anything that night.
    -Kidnapping, leaving them unable to vote/talk
    -Handcuffing, allowing you to flip two players’ targets.

    Win condition: Outnumber the remaining members of the draft party.
    You may communicate with: Walt, Paul Goodman, TopTierTom
    Welcome to’s first ever annual live fantasy football draft, Paul Goodman! You are…

    Chg91, El Lil’ Smoky-o, No Show-Aligned.

    Some believed you were one of the best mafia players in your day, but your prime has long gone. Now you’re just a halfmod with questionable tastes in football teams. Remember, I say that with love. Presumably the biggest partier of your faction, you contribute party favors to the drafters, even though you weren’t there.

    Each night, you may use ONE of the following abilities:
    -Protecting a player of your choosing, leaving them immune to all other abilities
    -Determine a player’s role

    Win condition: Outnumber the remaining members of the draft party.
    You may communicate with: Walt, Bcb, TopTierTom
    Welcome to’s first ever annual live fantasy football draft, TopTierTom! You are…

    Pheltzbahr, my Great Great Godfather, No Show-aligned.

    The founder of the CMD, one of the most valuable posters, and my favorite Jets fan - yes, you are a man of many hats. However, I’m assuming you were having a hip replaced during the draft and couldn’t make it out. I can sympathize with your pain, but unlike you, I didn’t get all bitter and start an evil scum faction to sabotage the draft party. Way to tell me Santa’s not real, Gramps.

    As the godfather, you have no active ability unique to you, but will survive two deaths (lynch or NK) while your faction is alive. Should you be investigated, you will show up as Town.

    Furthermore, as the senior member of the team, you have the final say in who carries out the factional kill each night. This will replace that member’s default ability. You may choose to do it yourself, but you will lose your immunities until the start of the next night phase.

    Win condition: Outnumber the remaining members of the draft party.
    You may communicate with: Walt, Bcb, Paul Goodman
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      Leelee and Siena I assume will be in here somewhere.
      All I know is that Leelee is gonna be in the game and gonna be scum
      Bcb is definitely scum
      As you can see, Blue formed some accurate opinions early. That’s pretty much par for his course. This carried over for most of the game, as his decisions were usually pretty good. Of course, he wouldn’t be Blue without being absolutely wrong - and refusing to accept otherwise - about half the game.
      So you don't know that he didn't track, so you aren't an ability cop. You aren't the tracker or you wouldn't have pushed so hard to lynch him when he claimed JOAT. You aren't watcher. So there's really only two abilities left that you could have, and I'm not totally buying that you're a Town version of either of them.
      This was regarding Rags stating that Jepg tracked Friese, which Jepg didn’t do, and Rags knew this. On one hand, you can’t fault Blue for not knowing Rags had a game-unique role; on the other hand, Rags specifically stated in the thread he had never seen a role like it before. And yes, he could get results in the middle of the dayphase.
      We've got our thief killer taking out Rofl, for some reason. Someone being a bro and killing Rags
      - chat
      This just made me laugh.
      He's No Show-Aligned, lied about the fake writeup with Usly (or at least lied that Rags did it), and Clov or Gong let it drop in scumchat accidentally that Chg wouldn't be around for a couple days
      Yes, yes, and no. That was something Walt came up with on the spur of the moment. He actually had me double checking the forums to see if Chg mentioned it and forgot to tell me.
      So yeah. All I know is PR is lying about not knowing what the vomiting and such is about.
      You're lying, cut the bull****. Stuff like that doesn't just show up in the writeup without the person mentioned not knowing what it does or why it's there.
      Except it did. As it turns out, PR (and Jepg) COULD have concluded it was tied to them writing in pink, but they had no way of knowing. Neither of their role PM’s mentioned them catching AIDs. Sorry Blue, but you’re wrong again.

      Still, him and Swag bounced a lot of good ideas back and forth in their chat, and I was genuinely shocked that nobody considered the two of them being masons. Swag died fairly early but scum would have been better served taking Blue out - not only did he have the ability to kill somebody, it would have removed Swag as well. It also came back to bite him as he ended up leading town, albeit with bad directions. Still, with the generally underwhelming play from Town and him winning, Blue is our Town Most Valuable Player.

      Especially since I have extreme doubts that Clovdyx would make Gong a village idiot role on Day 1 in such an unsubtle fashion. In case you haven't noticed, Clovdyx doesn't like the mundane or simple.
      - 539
      This post by Swag should have gotten more discussion. Everybody was wrapped up early with analyzing Jepg’s bull**** that footy got a free pass. Obviously footy was NOT lying but it might have brought up the thought, “Hey...maybe his role isn’t as straightforward as it seems.” I guess it didn’t matter when all he did was kill fellow scum and die in his one phase as the SK.
      Originally posted by SwAg Dynasty View Post
      A defense by me of jepg will probably do more harm than good, but I really think he is Town.

      You just admitted you're under psychological duress, now we're accepting your opinion into evidence while neglecting any type of possible restriction.

      Can I get a link to where Ragnarok said he had reason to doubt jepg? All I saw was that he doubts jepg's role / story to be true, there is a difference between believing something and having plausible reason to believe something.

      Usly didn't hard-claim Ragnarok as Town, Usly hard-claimed Ragnarok as not a threat to Town; anyone who knows Clov's mafia tendencies knows he isn't one that would make a role like that just so cut-and-dry... I know I chastised people earlier for speculating on game mechanics, but forreal just think about it: If Usly determines whether or not people are threats to Town, why wouldn't he just receive an alignment investigation? Well, the answer to that last I talked to Clov he doesn't believe all Independents should be labeled as scum / threats just because their alignment.

      This renders the point about the perceived information Ragnarok "gave" questionable.

      Yeah, jepg is annoying, but if I had to take a swing at anyone on this day phase it isn't him.
      This is post 1473 by Swag. He was right about Jepg, Rags, and Usly, and he pretty much called Ray out. Five posts later, he posted a lynch list containing six people - 2 No Show, the SK, and Chg among them. And yet, people ignored him. Like Blue, several good ideas in the chat. I figured Blue would break his computer when he saw he was paired with SickPuppets. Swag, on the other hand, was about as good as a partner as he could have gotten. I said this early in deadchat, I think to Cory - if scum kills Blue and Swag, they are assured a victory. I don’t change that stance now. The biggest argument people have against Swag is he doesn’t try; he tried, and much like in Clovfia, he showed an understand that only about five active players have. Combined with the fact his final votes were: Rags, Rags, Chg, and Walter - none being DA - and he wasn’t one of the idiots on the Monk lynch, Swag is your two time Game’s Best Player.

      Originally posted by uslydevilu View Post
      I'm so angry that you're not scum this game.
      This was to Cory towards the end of Day 1. He’s not technically wrong, in that Cory could win with town, but he was Indy and decided and he was pretty much going to troll PR the entire game. I like to think that sums up Usly’s play pretty much from start to finish. I’d be surprised if he didn’t call every other player in the game scum at least once, he revealed his investigation results early for no reason, and he nearly got himself offed in the process. I hope you continue to play and improve, but this is one of those games where the headcoach might as well just burn the tape - other than winning, not much went right for you this game. It’s with much regret that I give a winner the Game’s Worst Player.

      I don’t have any quotes from Jepg to put in his write-up. That’s mainly because he died incredibly early for reasons I’m still not sure I understand. If I recall correctly, the biggest argument anybody had against Jepg was that he had a different win condition. First, I don’t know if I gave any two players the exact same wording (except when I had a copy/paste fail). Second, he’s Lance Moore; anybody at that party should have expected him to be in the game, and logically, an NFL player that wasn’t there wouldn’t have a win condition that says “Eliminate all threats to your draft party”...because it’s not his goddamn draft party.

      The two things I don’t understand are why Jepg tried faking a role restriction Day One, especially that one, and why he suggested he knew who Friese targeted. N1, Jepg used an investigation ability to find out Friese was the ability swapper. I guess he banked on Friese not being a scum swapper that was trying to frame somebody. Rags ended up guessing “Jepg tracked Friese”, and of course, that came back wrong. I guess if you’re not going to be completely open you run the risk of it biting you in the ass.

      JLash played a pretty quiet game and really didn’t affect the outcome at all. He knew PR’s results were full of **** and appropriately pointed this out but had no way of really backing it. I won’t knock his use of the night ability, other than perhaps keeping his gun N2, as I figured Friese would be a pretty good target after outing Walt. The first night he gave it to Pheltz, three or four players targeted him, so town got lucky there. The second time he gave it away, Lindsey killed him, so he screwed himself there. So-so game. Of course, he did drop this that made me smack my head.

      This was in reply to Bcb saying that “Clovdyx” wouldn’t be a No Show. Bcb quickly pointed out that, well, I showed. I have some more thoughts on that matter, but we’ll address those later.

      Daniel got called out by Blue several times for not really contributing, which isn’t entirely fair. I’ll admit that Daniel didn’t play his best game, but he did make some good points throughout, and I specifically noted these two quotes.
      So, I'm tempted to lynch Walt. I've been in scum factions and pulled the move I think he might be pulling.
      I'm not positive, but Walt's not dumb. I could see him "hammering" himself when he's one away to make it look like he's the godfather. I mean, we know he had a frame, so how often do we see godfathers with abilities?
      If you all remember, Walter voted for himself when he was being lynched, but he was next to last - not the actual hammer. He decided in chat he was going to do it to make it seem like he hammered himself in hopes that town would think he’s a godfather trying to end the phase. Daniel clearly didn’t buy it and helped to push the lynch through. As the jailer, he targeted PR night one and luckily, that didn’t cost town (that was Cory’s doing). The rest of the game, he pretty much decided Ray needs to shut up. I don’t blame him but I’m not sure there weren’t better targets. Again, so-so game, with lynching Monk being probably his biggest mistake.

      Friese was originally going to be your JVP, as it originally looked like he wasn’t going to out Walter, but he ended up doing it and outing who I expect would have been the most crucial member of their faction. It’s too bad he died early because I was interested to see how the role would be used. Due to the limited time in the game, lynching Monk was his only fault, and that’s what kept him from being your Best Player.

      I have pulled this move, in DD. It was Rags idea. He is in that faction. Walt needs to be lynched today. He is very lynchable.
      Usly is a great lynch, but find scum kill scum.
      I am gonna wait for MrsClov to name and role claim, and if not lynch her.
      Footy, footy, footy. I….really don’t know what to say here. I almost want to defer to Cory, but I’m worried for your wellbeing about the things he’d say. If you look at those first two quotes, it seems like he played a great game; he, along with Daniel, insisted on lynching Walt despite the whole “godfather hammer” routine. Then you look at the third quote and realize that the more things change, the more they stay the same. I’ve said this a hundred times by now, and I swear to god, I will beat it into everybody on this forum eventually - if your sole reason for wanting to lynch somebody is they won’t roleclaim, you’re wrong. There is no other side to the discussion. Just accept the fact you’re playing terribly, you don’t understand how the game works, and you’re wrong.

      Furthermore, I just don’t get the killing of Bcb once he inherited the kill. The godfather of the scum faction told you who to kill in the game thread. I’m not the smartest or best Mafia player on the site (just kidding - of course I am), but that’s probably a sign that scum would like that person dead. Since the WC clearly states you cannot win with Town, probably in your best interest to listen to them.

      And that, my friends, is why Footy is one-third of your Joe’s Valuable Players.

      I did. My plan to get your scummate to divulge that privileged info and out you guys has now backfired as you have told the entire game. Well played BCB, well played.
      This is in response to Bcb asking if Pheltz said he was going out of town, or if it was from a BDL PM. The irony of his reply made me laugh when I read it. Unfortunately, not everything Pheltz said was so great...
      This still fails to address the discrepancy in WC. Why is yours individually differing?
      Pheltz badgering Jepg was one of the more memorable reasons for his death. Pheltz had no way of knowing WC’s were largely dependent on the role, but it shouldn’t be out of the question that I didn’t make everything so “checkable”; if somebody wanted to post a PM to clear themselves, I’m not going to have a cookie cutter template so people can confirm/deny based on formatting - judge it on content. Of course, he had his moments to shine. After Blue got “redirected” into Walt, Pheltz questioned Blue’s motives for even using the ability, and he also had this gem. If you don’t understand why I put a requirement for post count/content per day, it’s so we get things like this:
      Not a chicken, a headless chicken.

      I'm on Walter and think we can take out a scum who has skirted death for a couple phases. His group seems depleted, and he may be the last one. With inherited kills, we may permanently eliminate 1 kill from the game.

      PR's info is great and revealed a previously unknown faction, so that's a positive in my mind for risk/reward on him being on the up and up. I'm less concerned about his sickness with the pink text and all if Walt is taken out as that was likely a chg conversion attempt. If PRs info is true, there's probably enough town roles to decipher in the next phase or two. Allowing Walt to skate again probably allows him to frame, which we don't have any reason to believe he can't do, even if he's inherited a kill. Either way, he's a known scum in my mind.

      There definitely seem to be continuities on WF Mafia that you aren't aware of, and I don't fault you for that. I believe PR and think usly and JLash are scum, but the more you seem inflexible in seeing the right move for today, the more I feel you're trying to steer away from Walt. This isn't a post to argue about, its the way my logic is working. If you're Draft, think cautiously with an open mind and this should make sense to you.
      This was directed towards Ray after Ray refuted Pheltz’s claim that he (Ray) was basically playing like a chicken with its head cut off. Overlooking the fact that “Indianapolis” could not possibly have been our scum faction...I love everything about this post. It was logical. It was reasonable. It was open minded. It combined analytics with ability results. If his night actions mirrored this level of Mafia skill, he would have blown Swag out of the water for best player. Unfortunately, he motivated Rofl (lucky he didn’t die), the investigator who would get bastardized results, the PGO (lucky he didn’t die then), the serial killer, and the scum faction’s main killer. In that order. Still, if I was Pheltzbahr, I’d be pretty satisfied with my game.

      ….I got nothing. Lynched Monk. Can’t remember a single argument you made. Avoided using your ability the one night you had a chance. Really the only good thing that came from his playing was it allowed Friese it swap Blue and Walter’s abilities so Friese could out Walter as the framer. I’m not rewarding dumb luck, so combining a quick death with a poor start...your Town Least Valuable Player.

      Another player who didn’t particularly stand out to me in the thread, I want to commend Johnny for having the common sense to post this gem:
      If the OP is right, and our mafia is red, then we are in trouble because we haven't found any yet. The problem with the character claim is that if there is a recruiter, which has been often suspected, character means nothing.
      Amidst all the discussion on whether or not Indianapolis was our scum faction and whether Walt framed himself, Johnny was the one person to realize the truth: I ****ing gave you guys the answer. The one piece of flavor nobody read into is the one that mattered the most. Pretty so-so game, but that also ties into his coinflip on blocking Weeden. Oh, and he was your frontrunner for JVP after trying to roleblock Walter days after his death, but the end of the game was too dumb to let him have it. He’s lucky he wasn’t the last PM or it would have counted.

      I have nothing in my notes from Rofl. That’s probably because he couldn’t post Day Two and died shortly after. If anybody else remembers something mind-blowingly good (or bad) he posted, please feel free to let me know. Overall, not great.

      Monk...I don’t blame you. You did nothing wrong. People are going to do what they’re going to do, and I’m sorry that it took away your chance to prove yourself. You had an important role and I actually think you could have done some good. Better luck next time.

      PR is probably still not speaking to me. However, I want you to know, I only partially did this to you. Yes, the bastard aspects of your role are my fault, but I didn’t choose to take away your investigation N1 - that was a combination of Cory’s role and Random Number Generator that really hated town early for some reason. I didn’t choose to jail you - that was Daniel. I didn’t choose to give you two investigations on the night your results went to hell - that was Pheltz. I didn’t choose to make you write in pink and give you AIDs - that was Chg and town-hating RNG again.
      Investigator that was motivated found two scum. Jlash answered all of the questions for usly yesterday and usly avoided all the questions. Made my investigation choices easy. They are both scum Swag. Sorry I'm not going to follow scum in Usly who tried to claim my ability for two days and now suddenly has switched to "comparing" people day 3. Usly is the way to go.
      Ah, hindsight...
      And I don't know what's up with sickness. I thought it was Clovs way of telling me to write pink like it was for jepg the night prior in writeup, but the extra day of it in writeupafter mileys death makes me think otherwise.
      This wasn’t wrong.
      As well as a variety of other joat investigative abilities that were proven wrong on Rags...
      This was in regards to Usly’s comparative results. I don’t blame PR for doubting Usly when Rags came up Indy (still not scum) and suddenly had an entirely different set of results. PR’s major downfall is not unlike most people’s in these games: closed-mindedness and a “my ideas are best” complex. I don’t like to be told I’m wrong. I really don’t like to be told I’m wrong in a way that insults my intelligence or belittles my thoughts. So I don’t fault PR there...but sometimes, you just have to step back and accept maybe there’s more going on than you know.
      No. I don't ****ing have to because I'm not going to assume the structure of this game when we have ****ing Lance Moore and Miley Cyrus in the game. Jlash is Church of Weeden aligned w/ Usly. That's what I know. Prove my investigation wrong.
      Just like we know when we are investigated or protected or watched right? I don't know what's going on. I could die from the sickness for all I know.
      Again, he’s not wrong. Despite the incorrect results on Usly and JLash, he actually was one of the better town players this game. He just got bent over every three feet.
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        I don’t have much to say on Rags, but I want to call attention to this post.
        Monk - town lean
        PR - I think he was trying to make an excuse to put his vote somewhere...but pretty null right now. Gonna unlynch PR actually
        rofl - scum lean, trying to bit too hard to be flippant
        MrsClov - town lean - thought she responded to PR in a good manner
        TTT - town lean, wondering if he isn't playing the confusion card a bit too much, but he did have an interesting point on blue
        blue - scum lean, catch and release point was intriguing
        footsy - scum lean, I need to go back and read but something was pinging me on him
        pheltz - I'd almost forgot he was playing which is unusual for him. Needs to be looked into.
        This was post 461, maybe halfway through D1? Rags was basically wrong about everything here. And I’m proud of him for that. “Gee, shouldn’t you be tearing him apart like you are everybody else?”

        No, I shouldn’t, and here’s why - Rags was trying. He had about a day of information to go off, and most of that wasn’t even relevant. Outside of Blue and Rags, there wasn’t a whole lot of intelligent Mafia playing going on early, so I don’t fault him for having bad reads off of nothing. There’s certainly room for improvement but I’m glad that he’s finally accepting we can do better here if we stop dicking around for 75% of the game.

        Chg’s biggest contribution to the game was a post he never made about being inactive. I guess he really had no need to side with DA or NS based on his role, but whatever. At least it gave me an excuse to post pictures of Miley Cyrus. Would be your LVP if it wasn’t “won” by somebody who could have made a difference (or at least bull****ted their way to a cheap victory).

        I've said before and I'll say again I don't think we can assume what Clov would or would not do in a game.
        Walter could be a killer though, and I believe that is the point that Swag is trying to make. Why would we want to keep a potential killer alive?
        I don't know if you can really call it pushing the lynch when we've been trying to lynch Walter for days and have been unable to vote for him until now.
        I don’t know if she’s just listened to me rant about how people here refuse to play Mafia correctly for too long, but it’s posts like these that make me pretty happy with how she played throughout the game. You can argue she still tried to be a bit too “under the radar” while contributing, but compared to a lot of more experienced players who do the same thing without the sensible posts, I’m not going to hold that against her. Most of her kills were in an attempt to set somebody else up - not a terrible strategy. As far as I can tell, aside from PR being on her D1 while drunk, I can’t remember anybody really pushing her until ClaimGate. From what I can tell, nearly everybody in deadchat shared my sentiments about her playing, and if the scummiest thing a person does all game is not want to RC, they probably played pretty damn well. Her death was really the tipping point Town needed, and other than maybe Blue...I’m not sure anybody directly impacted the final outcome. Ladies and gentlemen, the most biased Most Valuable Player I’ll ever hand out. I’m still not sure she knows what “Feeling Kinda Setzer” refers to though.

        This was probably my favorite role I’ve written, and I was sad to see it go so early. Not much to really say about Cory’s performance. He got an OP’ed troll role and decided he was going to spend the entire game messing with PR. After Cory’s death, a combination of bad luck, other players, and PR messed with PR. Cory may not have gotten the win, but his dream came true.

        What I want to address is something that pissed Cory off to no end in deadchat - the whole Indianapolis-Aligned thing. Not everybody grew up 45 minutes from the RCA Dome/Lucas Oil, like I did. I get that. However, if you've watched a single Colts game, you've heard Indianapolis referred to as Indy a dozen times. I know some people tossed this idea around early, but I simply don't understand how there was a discussion about it being the scum faction.

        Even if you disregard the aspect that Indy is the nickname for Indianapolis, I said Mafia was Red in the first post, and Cory explained it very eloquently in deadchat. "Of course I was scum as the Bottom Dollar Food Guy. You even had my natural partners - Tbod and Miley Cyrus. What do these three have characters have in common? Indianapolis, of course!"

        Walt got boned early by Friese but lucked into the fact that he was unvotable Day 2. Then on N2, Blue made the mistake of using his ability which allowed Bcb to swap their targets (Walt killed himself, knowing that he would end up killing whoever Blue had targeted...the kill ended up being blocked, but Bcb’s swap still took effect). He almost got out of another lynch with his hammer trick and threw town through a loop with his alignment. I think I can safely name Walt Mafia’s Most Valuable Player. I do want to pull attention to his quote from their chat though:

        ugh that's why i hate this five-post-per-day rule... i'd just disappear and not say anything, but if anyone tries to vote for me i could be in big trouble
        And that is why I included the rule. Nobody gets a free pass by just deciding they’re not going to participate. There were a handful of players I had in mind when I decided to implement it. I wish I hadn’t, but I wish people didn’t force me to, either.


        Bcb tried his hardest to seem town, and it worked for most of the game. I don’t think anybody suspected him until he died, though that’s not overly impressive when you realize he just rode a softclaim for a fake claim I gave them to start the game from the start. If you look through the actual thread, I’m not sure he really did anything to contribute to town until late in the game.

        Let's lynch walt today but Let's not rush it. Let's get some info first
        For instance, how the ruiner of games wasn't a threat to town and how usly got a new ability the third day
        Again. Snake can't be a killer cause the person he replaced literally wasn't on for a whole nightophaseand via previous convos with Clov I know that means he can't use an ability unless he sends it in himself.
        The top quote makes a lot of sense, but Walt was out in the open - any decent player would have bussed the hell out of him. The bottom is a logical thing, but it also should have thrown up a red flag. When would I have told him that? The truth is I told him it early in the game in their scum chat. Bcb didn’t play poorly, but when I hand you a free pass throughout the game, it’s not excelling to simply not get lynched. Oh, and he said this in Deadchat...

        Thing is we know what blue does and it doesn't hurt us
        Ask Snake how much it hurt. As an aside, he also decided that he should block Johnny and have Ray kill footy the final night of the game. I understand that you want to take out the double voter, but why are you going to leave a roleblocker in the game so many nights? Your second wheel of our Joe’s Valuble Players.

        Snake came into an incredibly tough spot so I’m not going to bother doing a write-up for him. Paul made some thoughtful posts before he disappeared with some personal issues, though like Ray, I think he’s a bit out of his element. On other sites they might have been enough to establish him as town but posts like his seemingly go ignored here. He managed to protect his teammates each night he was in the game but one, but still, inactivity hurt him. For that, he’s Mafia’s Least Valuable Player.

        I don’t have much to say about Ray, either. He spent a lot of the game trapped in the closet, and nobody listened to him after he survived the first lynch attempt. I probably would have written him off as scum as well, but remember, that doesn’t mean everything he says is wrong. Only a four man faction in a 22 player game seems unlikely, so there very well could have been another faction coasting their way to a win because everybody ignored his lists. The coaster thing still seems stupid to me though.
        So you're all going against me on this. Seriously? How do you guys play mafia if guys that play scummy and investigate as scum aren't worth lynching? Is this the twilight zone?
        It seems like I’ve said this a lot, but he’s not wrong.

        Of course, I have to finish the trifecta of Joe’s Valuable Players with him. Killing the SK, who is killing your partner, over town’s leader or a roleblocker just doesn’t make sense. Sure, they didn’t know he was a SK...but again, if they were that worried about the double vote, they had plenty of opportunities to take him out. It’s not like it was hidden for the first month of the game.
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          Game on.


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            Lynch pheltz
            Originally posted by JoeLegend
            You guys are right im wrong.


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              I got a new look for this game, I hope it'll elevate my game.
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                Vote count:
                • Pheltzbahr - 1 - Jepg

                With 22 alive and 22 voting, it's 12 to lynch. 72 hours remain.


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                  Woo. Should be fun.


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                    Originally posted by monk2310 View Post
                    I got a new look for this game, I hope it'll elevate my game.
                    My palms are sweating in anticipation
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                      Originally posted by Walter View Post
                      My palms are sweating in anticipation
                      My palms are sweating because I'm been jerking it for four hours straight.


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                        Originally posted by Clovdyx View Post
                        My palms are sweating because I'm been jerking it for four hours straight.
                        Haha I'm jealous
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                          Originally posted by Walter View Post
                          My palms are sweating in anticipation
                          "Despite Monk's antics, he's a fun guy to have around in these Mafia games. He's a wild card and always adds some humor to the proceedings. "

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                            Lynch Monk
                            Originally posted by GongKong
                            I wonder what Cory has cooked up. He is usually a leader of men. Cory the butcher of bakersfield. The one that does not eat the last piece of bread on the table. Truly a hero to the people, even if he spit in the butter bowl, cuz he is a wily little rebel.


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                              You guys are right im wrong.