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  • Originally posted by Walter View Post
    Going to post a sign-up thread soon.

    I didn't like the ending the first time I saw it but I liked it more every time I watched it afterward
    *cough cough*


    • Originally posted by corycurren View Post
      You're better than Monk

      NevAr Forget
      This is going in my sig fo sure.
      Annoyer of Everyone, and I'm not sorry about it.

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      Lord Of the Mentally Retarded

      Long May MD4L homer Florida players

      May Rags always be drunk.

      Defense wins championships, Murderers win at everything.


      • Originally posted by Clovdyx View Post
        I almost shot Monk after the claim, because I figured Swag would be the lynch if monk was telling the truth, and town would rather have a town Swag alive over a town monk.

        But I had to play the odds.
        I had to make some type of play. Otherwise I would've been lynched and wouldn't have had Xmad to protect me. If I didn't claim swag as scum i would've died anyway.
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        • well maybe if you weren't so terrible all the time you wouldn't be policy lynched in the first place

          you're now the ouroboros of being terrible
          Originally posted by GongKong
          I wonder what Cory has cooked up. He is usually a leader of men. Cory the butcher of bakersfield. The one that does not eat the last piece of bread on the table. Truly a hero to the people, even if he spit in the butter bowl, cuz he is a wily little rebel.


          • I don't know how you decided making up a result on me was your best means of survival.

            If anything, I would say it is the opposite.
            Originally posted by Daniel
            Me and my gun buddies aren't paranoid, but let me tell you about how Hillary's gun squads will come into your home to take away your God-given freedoms and guns, while forcing you to gay marry illegal immigrants and turn your home to Muslim abortion clinics.

            That's how you sound.