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    Official Draft Grades

    Presented by Coherent, Daniel, and Nasmatic

    Below are my grades. The first letter grade next to your name is a GM grade. I evaluated this based on moves made through trading and swapping players. The other grade is your draft grade. I based this off of value and need according to my BB of prospects. Of course some people are high on others than some, so don't be offended if I didn't like the pick. You all did a really good job when it came to the draft, but some GM's made some bad news when trading. Regardless this was fun and I thank everyone who participated and helped me through the process.

    So here are your grades...

    Indianapolis - Jwarr37 C+ - Draft B

    1.1 Andrew Luck, QB Stanford A
    2.2 Alameda Ta'amu NT, Washington B
    2.3 Dwayne Allen TE, Clemson B
    2.10 Shea McClellin, DE/OLB/MLB, Boise State A
    3.1 Leonard Johnson CB, Iowa St. C
    3.28 Tommy Streeter WR, Miami C
    4.2 Nick Toon WR, Wisconsin A
    4.3 Cyrus Gray RB, Texas A&M B+
    4.24 Dwight Jones WR, UNC B+
    5.1 Michael Egnew TE, Missouri B-
    5.35 Frank Alexander DE, Oklahoma D+
    6.37 Tim Fugger DE/OLB, Vanderbilt C+
    7.7 Coty Sensabaugh CB, Clemson A
    7.46 Adam Gettis G/C, Iowa A

    A very solid Draft. I think you reached on Ta'amu and Allen, but both were quality picks. Johnson and Streeter were probably reaches too, but both have nice potential. I like that you reloaded on WR's. You picked up a nice receiving corp for Luck to work with. You traded a lot of leadership though, especially on the defensive end, where you lost Mathis and Freeney. For a rebuilding team, you got solid value with them, but this team is still a few years from competing.

    Washington - TommyVercetti A - Draft B

    1. 2 - Robert Griffin II, QB, Baylor A
    3. 6 - Casey Hayward, CB, Vanderbilt A-
    3. 18 - Brandon Washington, OG, Miami B+
    4. 14 - Jonathan Massaquoi, DE/OLB, Troy B+
    6. 27 - Omar Bolden, CB, Arizona State C+
    7. 13 - Adrien Cole, ILB, Louisiana Tech C+

    I love the acquisitions made for the Skins. You picked up a lot of talented defensive players through trading, and a couple through the draft. You filled all the major needs and obtained proper value for the majority of your picks. You did most of your work through trade, but it will benefit because this is a playoff team that is only a couple years away from being a contender. The only major need I see is WR, even though the Redskins picked up a few already. There were a few of them in the later rounds you could have gone with, but overall you did an nice job.

    Minnesota - The Kaiser B+ - Draft C+

    1.3: Matt Kalil, OT, Southern California A+
    1.26: Stephen Hill, WR, Georgia Tech A
    3.3: Markelle Martin, S, Oklahoma State B
    4.33: Senio Kelemete, OG, Washington B-
    4.39: Shaun Prater, CB, Iowa B
    5.3: Ronnie Hillman, RB, San Diego State B+
    6.5: Terrell Manning, OLB, North Carolina State A
    7.3: Damon Harrison, NT, William Penn C+
    7.16: Micah Pellerin, CB, Hampton C

    You filled a lot of needs with this draft, which should make this team competitive, but I was sure you were going to take advantage of Weeden falling to you, or at least try to bring in another QB. Ponder isn't ready, and needs a stop-gap to learn the ropes. You fixed the OLine though, got a true number one WR, and picked up some help in the secondary, which are the Vikings biggest needs. You drafted well, but the fact you didn't look for another QB hurts your grade.

    Cleveland - SirA A - Draft B-

    #4 - David DeCastro OG Stanford B-
    #22 - Nick Perry DE USC B+
    #37 - Rueben Randle WR LSU C+
    #100 - Ryan Broyles WR Oklahoma A
    #118 - Sean Spence OLB Miami B
    #160 - Vic Ballard RB Mississippi State B-
    #204 - B.J. Coleman QB UT-Chattanooga A
    #205 - Darius Fleming LB Notre Dame C
    #211 - Tony Dye S UCLA B-
    #233 - Eric Page WR Toledo B+
    #245 - Desmond Morrow CB Toledo C+
    #247 - Chistro Bilukidi DT Georgia State C-

    Acquiring Tate and Hasselback was great and should improve this team. DeCastro was a reach, but he was 6th on my board and is justified. You got good value for most of your picks, although I'm not high on Randle. LSU receivers typically struggle in the NFL. I think Randle has the potential to be a good number 2, but you made it up by taking Broyles and Page, who both are going to be excellent slot guys I think. Colt McCoy will love throwing to them and they will make him a better QB in the long run. You didn't address the RT spot, and your grade suffered because of it, but you made some nice moves to improve this team.

    Jacksonville - Phatal C+ - Draft C+

    1.13 - Vinny Curry, DE D
    2.53 - Alshon Jeffery, WR B+
    3.70 - Brandon Boykin, CB B
    3.82 - Cam Johnson, DE B+
    3.87 - Kirk Cousins, QB A-
    5.142 - Matt McCants, OT B-
    6.176 - Tauren Poole, RB B
    7.228 - Ronald Leary, OG A

    While I like that you traded Mike Adams, because I think he will bust, your OLine looks horrific. Gabbert is going to get banged up a lot with that line. Curry at 13 was a pretty big reach. You could have traded down and got him in the late first if you wanted to. He was 11th on your BB, and in the 40's on mine. I'm a fan of him too, and think he will be a solid DE, but reaching 30 spots before he should be taken is not smart. The rest of your picks were great though, but I only see one or two starters out of this, which hurts because your team has a ton of holes still.

    Miami - JoeLegend B+ - Draft C+

    1.8: LB Luke Kuechly A
    3.9: QB Brock Oswieler A
    3.10: OLB Travis Lewis D+
    4.6: Drafted S Janzen Jackson C-
    4.7: C Michael Brewster C
    4.8: LB Vontaze Burfict C+
    4.17: OT Andrew Datko B
    5.10: RB/WR Chris Rainey B

    You successfully converted a 3-4 into 4-3 in one draft, kudos, but you reached in the mid rounds. Kuechly is a stud and was great value at 8. Lewis was a massive reach. With the character issues and a drop in production the last couple seasons, he'll be lucky to go in the 5th. Same thing with Jackson, and Burfict. Your taking a shot on troubled guys and if they don't pan out, you look like an idiot because you took them so high. Mathis and Freeney were excellent pick-ups and will bring some leadership to that defense, which hopefully rubs off on the troubled players.

    Carolina - The Prodigy A- - Draft B+

    1.9 - Dre Kirkpatrick CB B
    3.5 - Lamar Miller RB A
    5.8 - Marcus Forston DT B
    6.4 - Josh Kaddu OLB B
    6.8 - Edwin Baker RB C+
    6.10 - Jerry Franklin, ILB B+
    6.38 - Chandler Harnish, QB C

    Newton to Jackson is going to scare a lot of teams. Add that with the value you got with the Miller pick, this offense looks ridiculous. Kirkpatrick was a bit of a reach, but he fills a need and should be a solid corner. Fortson and Kaddu were excellent value picks, as was Franklin. You did a good job filling your needs and with the Saints banged up, the Panthers look like a playoff team.

    Kansas City - Snake002 B+ - Draft B+

    1 (11). Trent Richardson, RB A+
    2 (44). Kelechi Osemele, OG B-
    3 (74). Josh Chapman, NT B+
    4 (107). Tank Carder, LB B+
    5 (146). Trevor Guyton, DE B
    6 (182). Donnie Fletcher, CB A
    7 (218). Derek Moye, WR C+
    7 (238). Kellen Moore, QB A

    Richardson and Charles is easily the best RB tandem in the league, and you received great value with that pick. Moore is probably not the answer at QB, but he doesn't have to play right away. I think he has the potential to develop into a quality starter for you. There are not to many holes with this team, but the ones that were obvious you fixed. If Cassel can stay healthy and perform respectably, this should be a playoff team again.

    Seattle - NMD B- - Draft B

    2.49: Lavonte David, LB, Nebraska A
    2.59: Bobby Wagner, LB, Utah St. B
    3.75: Chris Polk, RB, Washington B+
    3.79: Mike Martin, DT, Michigan C+
    4.105: George Iloka, SS, Boise St. B
    6.181- Olivier Vernon, DE, Miami B
    6.197- Tom Compton, OT, South Dakota
    7.225- Chris Greenwood, FS, Albion B

    Your record this season will rely on Matt Flynn and his development. You got great value with the two linebackers and Polk, who should all make a immediate impact. Ikola could work out in the long run, so he was a good investment. I don't see a whole lot of holes with this team, which should make you a playoff team under Carrol.

    Arizona - Jpeg C - Draft B-

    2.39 Mychal Kendricks ILB B
    3.83 Mitchell Schwartz OG/T A
    5.144 Jarius Wright WR B
    5.147 Ryan Steed CB B+
    5.156 DeVier Posey WR B
    5.166 Hebron Fangupo, NT B+
    6.173 Quentin Saulsberry OG A
    7.215 Cordarro Law OLB B
    7.219 Derek Carrier TE B+

    You traded a top 3 WR for pretty much nothing, who also happens to be your franchise player. The Cardinals fan base would be livid if this deal went down. As for your draft, you made up for the trade. Kendricks is a good fit for this team. Your OLine is still pretty mediocre, and you better hope Schwartz can play some tackle. Regardless, you haven't made Kolb's job and easier. That defense looks pretty nasty, but it's worthless if you can't put up points.

    Philadelphia - PSUShenanigans A - Draft B

    1.15- QB Ryan Tannehill B-
    2.46- DT Devon Still B+
    2.51- WR Mohammed Sanu B
    3.88 - RB LaMichael James A-
    4.114- TE Ladarius Green B
    5.153 - OLB Emmanuel Acho A
    6.172 - OG Josh LeRebius B
    6.194 - FB Bradie Ewing C
    6.200 - P Bryan Anger B

    Mike Vick has probably two years left of being a serviceable QB, so I like the Tannehill pick. He has the intangibles to be a good leader and fits Reid system well. Still was good value , as were your next 4 picks. You pretty much neglected the OLine, which hurts your draft grade, because that is your biggest need. Luckily, Tannehill will not be asked to play the first year, which gives the eagles time to take a OT next year.

    Oakland - Arcade C- - Draft C+

    Josh Robinson, CB A
    Joe Adams, WR B-
    Keenan Robinson, LB A
    Tyrone Crawford, DE B
    Joe Looney, OG B-
    DaJohn Harris, DT B+
    Shawn Loiseau, LB C

    Nothing flashy here, but some solid picks across the board. Robinson probably isn't a number one corner, because he isn't physical. Regardless it was a need and he was the best CB available. Adams is a solid pick, but you didn't take a RB after trading McFadden, which is stupid because now your putting all your faith in Palmer. Carson Palmer is going to have a rough time behind that line and young receivers. This is easily the worst team on paper and I don't think you improved them at all.

    San Diego - SilentJaguar B - Draft A-

    1.18- Melvin Ingram, OLB/South Carolina B+
    2.56- Amini Sitatolu, OG-OT/Midwestern State C+
    3.78- Marvin Jones, WR/California A
    3.90- Dwight Bentley, CB/Louisiana-Lafayette A
    4.99- Brandon Mosley, OT/Auburn A
    4.110- Robert Turbin, RB/Utah State B+
    4.121- Antonio Allen, SS/South Carolina A
    5.139- Demario Davis, OLB/Arkansas State A
    5.149- James Michael-Johnson, ILB/Nevada B
    5.163- Christian Thompson, FS/South Carolina State B
    6.183- Dale Moss, WR/South Dakota State C
    7.226- Chase Ford, TE/Miami C+
    7.235- Adonis Thomas, RB/Toledo B
    7.250- Chigbo Anunoby, NT/Morehouse B-

    Lots of great pick here, although you only added a lot of depth and not quality starters. Bentley was a steal, but I don't think he is the answer at corner, and neither is Verner. I don't know if Meachem is a quality one, but Marvin Jones will be an excellent number 2. A lot of the guys you picked have the potential to be starters, like Mosley, Allen, Turbin, and Michael-Johnson, so overall I like the picks. You typically went BPA, which is never a bad thing.

    Chicago - Mezzanine A - Draft B+

    1.19: Cordy Glenn, OG A
    4.111: Orson Charles, TE B
    5.150: Winston Guy Jr., S B
    6.184: Asa Jackson, CB B

    I think Glenn was a good pick, but should probably remain at guard. You traded for Couples, who will be great lined up next to Peppers. Your pass-rush is excellent, especially knowing the QB's in your division. Charles was a good pick too, but I think you should have drafted a corner higher considering how deep this class is. You have 3 potential starters out of the 5 players you acquired, which in turn makes this a good draft.

    Tennessee - Daniel A- - Draft A

    1.28: Peter Konz, C, Wisconsin A
    2.43: Kendall Reyes, DT, Connecticut A-
    2.52: Alfonzo Dennard, CB, Nebraska A+
    3.89: Brandon Brooks, OG, Miami (OH) B
    4.115: Nigel Bradham, OLB, Florida State B+
    5.161: T.Y. Hilton, WR, FIU A+
    6.191: Joe Long, OT, Wayne State A
    7.208: Sean Richardson, SS, Vanderbilt A
    7.227:J.K. Schaffer, MLB, Cincinnati B-

    Excellent draft Daniel. You filled all your needs, and most of these picks are actually BPA. I think your first 5 picks will make a great impact on this team. Locker is ready to start, so trading Hasselbeck was smart. Dennard is going to fall with the recent news of his assault, but you drafted before that happened, so I can not knock you for that. Charles Woodson will be a great leader for this D which looks pretty strong actually. You have a lot of guys who do certain things well, which will keep your players fresh. This was probably the best draft overall, so kudos.

    Atlanta - Nasmatic B- - Draft B

    2.23 - Jayron Hosley, CB, Virginia Tech B+
    3.20 - Philip Blake, C, Baylor C+
    5.22 - Levy Ad****, OT, Oklahoma State B
    6.23 - Taylor Thompson, TE, SMU B+
    7.22 (Comp) - Davin Meggett, RB, Maryland C-
    7.42 (Comp) - Eddie Pleasant, S, Oregon B

    Hosley was a good value pick, but you reached on your last three picks. There were some RB's that I had better rated than Blake, but you filled a need nonetheless. Ad**** is a RT only, so I wish you would have taken a guy with LT potential. Some people have Thompson as a 3-4 guy. I had a couple TE's rated higher than him, but the learnign under Gonzales will really bring that potential along. A solid draft for the Falcons overall.

    Detroit - Link A - Draft A-

    1.23 (23) Whitney Mercilus DE B
    2.22 (54) Kevin Zeitler G/C A
    4.22 (117) Tony Bergstrom T/G B+
    5.20 (155) DeQuan Menzie CB A
    5.23 (158) Trenton Robinson S B
    6.7 (177) Donald Stephenson T/G B+
    7.24 (231) Drake Dunsmore FB/TE A

    This offense is pretty much unstopable with Chris Johnson's arrival. It is so dynamic, so for that I have to give you a nice grade. You did a serviceable job upgrading the OLine, but I don't think Menzie is the answer at CB. He was the best CB available though, so good pick. Dunsmore is going to be an excellent addition to this offense too. I'm not sure how good of a blocker he is, but he will be a great pass-catching FB, which opens up a lot for this offense.

    Pittsburgh - Rackcitysteelers C - Draft C+

    1.24 - Dont'a Hightower, ILB, Alabama A
    2.1 - Janoris Jenkins, CB, Northern Alabama B+
    3.24 - Derek Wolfe, DE, Cincinnati A
    4.24 - Nick Jean-Baptiste, NT, Baylor B+
    7.2 - Julian Miller, OLB, West Virginia A
    7.33 - Rokevious Watkins, OG, South Carolina B
    7.39 - Greg McCoy, CB, TCU C
    7.41 - Garth Gerhart, C/OG, Arizona State C+

    Your first 4 picks were great, and should all be starters at some point in their careers. Miller late was also a nice pick-up since you lost Worilds. Funny you mentions looking for a WR, but didn't draft one in such a deep class. You also made a pretty bad trade for Antonio Brown, but you have slot guys who are serviceable, and you were able to pick up needs with the picks you received. The reason for a low grade is because you didn't address the OLine effectively, which hurts because you depleted the offense to begin with. That defense will continue to be stout, but I don't see Pitt as a playoff team next year with the current roster.

    Houston - Betelgeuse A+ - Draft A-

    Round 1: Mark Barron, S, Alabama A
    Round 2: Ronnell Lewis, LB, Oklahoma A-
    Round 3: Brandon Thompson, DT, Clemson A
    Round 3: Billy Winn, DE, Boise State B+
    Round 4: Nate Potter, OT, Boise State A
    Round 5: James Hanna, TE, Oklahoma B
    Round 5: Jeff Fuller, WR, Texas A&M C+
    Round 7: Randy Bullock, K, Texas A&M B

    Grabbing Brown and Floyd has opened up a ton of doors for this offense. Nate Potter should be able to anchor at guard, and maybe even some OT in this scheme. Barron, Lewis, Thompson and Winn were all steals, and BPA as well. There isn't much to complain about, considering the Texans have very little needs anyway. Both sides of the ball look extremely dangerous and should have no problem winning the division, and maybe even a Super Bowl.

    New Orleans - JJtheGiantsfan A- - Draft A-

    3.89: Jake Bequette, DE, Arkansas B+
    4.122: Coryell Judie, CB, Texas A&M B+
    5.162: Gerell Robinson, WR, Arizona State C+
    6.179: Danny Trevathan, OLB, Kentucky A
    7.234: Brett Roy, DT, Nevada A

    You didn't draft much, but you picked up some great players with your picks. I'm a huge fan of Brett Roy, and think he will be a huge steal for the Saints. Bequette is a nice 4-3 DE, and you gained proper value. Trevathan can develop into a starter down the road, and was a good pick at that point. You made a good effort with the picks you had, and filled some needs as well.

    Baltimore - Rusdog D - Draft C-

    2-41: Zach Brown LB North Carolina B-
    2-60: Chandler Jones LB Syracuse B+
    2-61: Brandon Taylor S LSU A
    4-130: Greg Childs WR Arkansas C
    5-169: Lucas Nix OG Pittsburgh B+
    6-198: Cliff Harris CB Oregon B
    7-236: Jeff Demps RB Florida C

    Trading Webb and Yanda was a terrible move, considering we needed depth at both those positions. You have no idea how our OLine works, and did barley anything to upgrade it. If you are going to move Oher to guard, at least take a tackle. That move makes no sense considering Oher is a very good RT. Brandon Taylor and Chandler Joens were nice picks, and will probably be starters down the road. Greg Childs was a massive reach, and will not start over Torrey Smith. Jeff Demps doesn't fit our system at all, and there are much better RB's you could have taken earlier. Being a Ravens fan, I'm disgusted by the moves you made, and you probably have taken us out playoff contention because our line is so terrible.

    San Francisco - Arcade A+ - Draft B+

    4.30: AJ Jenkins, WR, Illinois A
    5.16: David Molk, C B
    6.15: DeAngelo Peterson, TE, LSU B
    6.29: Aaron Henry, S B+
    7.14: Miles Burris, DE/OLB B-
    7.30: Mike Daniels, DT/DE B

    You robbed Fitz and Yanda, which automatically gives you an A as a GM. As for the draft, Jenkins was excellent value there and could be a good number 2. The rest are all back-ups, but then again you didn't have many holes to fills. You definitely upgraded this roster into contenders.

    New England- KyleCleric B - B+

    1.27: Harrison Smith, S B
    1.31: Kendall Wright, WR A
    2.48: Andre Branch, OLB B
    2.62: Jerel Worthy, DL B-
    3.93: Jared Crick, DL/OLB A+
    4.126: Ron Brooks, DB B

    I think you got great value with all the picks made. Kendall Wright was probably unnecessary because of the Lloyd pick up, but he was still good value. I worry if Branch can play in a 3-4, but your next two picks were solid value, and that DLine is going to be very strong. I think if you went Jenkins instead of Wright, this would have been an A draft, but nonetheless, nice job.

    New York Giants - JJtheGiantsfan A - Draft A+

    1.32: Coby Fleener, TE, Stanford A+
    2.50: Doug Martin, RB, Boise State A+
    2.63: Trumaine Johnson, DB, Montana C
    3.74: Jeff Allen, OT/G, Illinois A
    3.94: Juron Criner, WR, Arizona B+
    4.105: Audie Cole, LB, NC State B
    4.131(Comp): Jaye Howard, DT, Florida B
    6.201: Brandon Lindsey, DE, Pittsburgh A
    7.205: Trevin Wade, CB, Arizona B-
    7.224: Rishaw Johnson, OG, Cal-PA B+
    7.239: Desmond Wynn, G/C, Rutgers C+

    You went BPA pretty much the whole way, and ended up with the best draft of the week. Coming off a Super Bowl win, you didn't have many holes to fill. You took the two major holes with your first two picks and received excellent value. I think Johnson was a reach slightly, but filled a need. Criner, Allen, and Lindsey were all amazing value picks and make your roster that much deeper. Kudos, because this draft has you set up to be contenders for the next decade.

    Here are Daniel and Nasmatic's grades.

    Daniel's - Note: some of the picks were not posted before he sent these grade.

    Pats: B
    Jets: B
    Bills: B+
    Dolphins: C-
    Chargers: A-
    Broncos: B-
    Chiefs: B
    Colts: B+
    Jags: C+
    Titans: A-
    Texans: A-
    Browns: B+
    Ravens: C+
    Bengals: B
    Giants: B-
    Eagles: A-
    Redskins: A-
    Seahawks: C
    Cards: D
    Rams: B
    Panthers: B+
    Falcons: C+
    Saints: B+ (they did a lot with a little)
    Packers: B-
    Lions: B+
    Vikings: B-
    Bears: C+ (decent value picks, but ignoring the OL need is inexcusable)


    Jaguars: B-
    Bengals: C+
    Packers: A
    Broncos: B
    Patriots: A-
    Giants: A
    Saints: B-
    Titans: B+
    Seahawks: A-
    Texans: A+
    Rams: B+
    Jets: B
    Steelers: B+ (A for draft, C for trades)
    Eagles: B
    Chargers: A-
    Browns: B+
    Lions: A-
    Redskins: A-
    Panthers: A-
    Ravens: D
    Chiefs: B
    Dolphins: C
    Colts: A-
    Bears: A
    Vikings: B
    49ers: A
    Raiders: C
    Cardinals: BJaguars: B-
    Bengals: C+
    Packers: A
    Broncos: B
    Patriots: A-
    Giants: A
    Saints: B-
    Titans: B+
    Seahawks: A-
    Texans: A+
    Rams: B+
    Jets: B
    Steelers: B+ (A for draft, C for trades)
    Eagles: B
    Chargers: A-
    Browns: B+
    Lions: A-
    Redskins: A-
    Panthers: A-
    Ravens: D
    Chiefs: B
    Dolphins: C
    Colts: A-
    Bears: A
    Vikings: B
    49ers: A
    Raiders: C
    Cardinals: B
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    Cincinnati Bengals Be The GM 2015
    Trade BlockAndy Dalton, Geno Atkins, Giovanni Bernard, Margus Hunt, Michael Johnson,


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    QB: Blaine Gabbert/Chad Henne/Kirk Cousins/Dan LeFevour
    RB: MJD/Rashad Jennings/DeJaun Harris/Tauren Poole/Deji Karim/Richard Murphy
    FB: Greg Jones/Montell Owens/Brock Bolen
    WR: Steve Johnson/Alshon Jeffery/Laurent Robinson/Mike Thomas/Jarett Dillard/Cecil Shorts/Lee Evans/Chastin West/Taylor Price/Brian Robiskie
    TE: Marcedes Lewis/Zach Miller/Zach Potter/Colin Cloherty
    LT: Eugene Monroe/Cameron Bradfield
    LG: Will Rackley//Tauren Poole
    C: Brad Meester/John Estes
    RG: Uche Nwaneri
    RT: Cameron Bradfield/Guy Whimper/Matt McCants

    DE: Jeremy Mincey/Vinny Curry/Cam Johnson/John Chick/Austin Lane/Aaron Kampman
    DT: Terrance Knighton/Tyson Alualu/CJ Mosley/D'Anthony Smith
    LB: Daryl Smith/Paul Posluszny/Clint Session/Russell Allen/Kyle Bosworth
    CB: Derek Cox/Rashean Mathis/Aaron Ross/William Middleton/Brandon Boykin/Drew Coleman/Rod Isaac
    Safties: Dwight Lowery/Dawan Landry/Courtney Greene/Chris Prosinski

    K: Josh Scobee
    P: Nick Harris/Spencer Lanning

    13 - Vinny Curry, DE
    30 - Mike Adams (traded), OT
    53 - Alshon Jeffery, WR
    70 - Brandon Boykin, CB
    82 - Cam Johnson, DE
    87 - Kirk Cousins, QB
    142 - Matt McCants, OT
    176 - Tauren Poole, RB
    228 - Ronald Leary, OG
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      Cincinnati Bengals

      QB: Andy Dalton/Bruce Gradkowski
      RB: David Wilson/Ben Jarvus Green-Ellis/Bernard Scott
      WR1: A.J. Green/Jordan White
      WR2: Rishard Matthews/Jordan White/Ryan Whalen
      Slot: Jordan Shipley/Andrew Hawkins/Jordan White
      TE: Jermaine Gresham/Colin Cochart
      LT: Andrew Whitworth/Riley Reiff
      LG: Travelle Wharton/Clint Boling
      C: Kyle Cook/ Clint Boling
      RG: Andre Smith/ Otis Hudson
      RT: Riley Reiff/Dennis Roland

      RE: Michael Johnson/Robert Geathers
      DT: Geno Atkins/Nick Hayden
      NT: Domata Peko/Pat Sims
      LE: Derrick Harvey/Jamall Anderson
      OLB: Thomas Howard/Kyle Wilber
      ILB: Rey Mauluga/Dan Skuta
      OLB: Manny Lawson/Kyle Wilber
      CB: Leon Hall/Jason Allen
      FS: Nate Clements/Terrance Newman
      SS: Reggie Nelson/ Robert Sands
      CB: Stephon Gilmore/Josh Norman

      Draft Picks

      1.10 - Riley Reiff, OT, Iowa
      1.16 - Stephon Gilmore, CB, South Carolina
      2.38 - David Wilson, RB, Virginia Tech
      4.104 - Jordan White, WR, Western Michigan
      4.116 - Josh Norman, CB, Coastal Carolina
      6.171 - Kyle Wilber, OLB, Wake Forest
      7.212 - Rishard Matthews, WR, Nevada

      Green Bay Packers

      QB: Aaron Rodgers/Brandon Weeden
      RB: Ahmad Bradshaw/Isaiah Pead/Bernard Pierce
      WR1: Greg Jennings/ Donald Driver
      WR2: Jordy Nelson/Tori Gurley
      Slot: Randall Cobb/Junior Hemingway
      TE: Jermichael Finley/Tom Crabtree/Brian Linthicum
      LT: Chad Clifton/Marshall Newhouse
      LG: Jason Sitton/Ray Dominguez
      C: Jeff Saturday/Evan Dietrich-Smith
      RG: T.J. Lang/Evan Dietrich-Smith
      RT: Bryan Bulaga/Derek Sherrod

      RE: Fletcher Cox/Jarius Wynn
      NT: B.J Raji/Dan Muir
      LE: Cullen Jenkins/Ziggy Hood
      OLB: Clay Matthews/Frank Zombo
      ILB: A.J. Hawk/D.J. Smith
      ILB: Desmond Bishop/Robert Francois
      OLB: Jason Worilds/Brad Jones
      CB: Tramon Williams/Davon House
      FS: Morgan Burnett/Jarrett Bush
      SS: Charlie Peprah/Phillip Thomas
      CB: Antoine Cason/Sam Shields

      Draft Picks

      1.12 - Fletcher Cox, DE, Mississippi St.
      4.123 - Bernard Pierce, RB, Temple
      4.132 - Isaiah Pead, RB, Cincinnati
      4.133 - Brandon Weeden, QB, Oklahoma
      6.193 - Phillip Thomas, S, Syracuse
      7.241 - Brian Linthicum, TE, Michigan St.
      7.243 - Junior Hemingway, WR, Michigan


      Antoine Cason CB, Jason Worilds OLB/DE, Ziggy Hood DE, Ahmad Bradshaw RB
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      Cincinnati Bengals Be The GM 2015
      Trade BlockAndy Dalton, Geno Atkins, Giovanni Bernard, Margus Hunt, Michael Johnson,



      • #4
        QB: Peyton Manning
        RB: Willis McGahee/Knowshon Moreno
        FB: Evan Rodriguez
        WR: Demaryius Thomas, Reggie Wayne, Eric Decker
        TE: Joel Dreeson, Jacob Tamme
        LT: Mike Adams
        LG: Orlando Franklin
        C: Zane Beadles
        RG: Chris Kuper
        RT: Zebrie Sanders

        LOLB: Von Miller
        SILB: Joe Mays
        WILB: Wesley Woodyard
        ROLB: Elvis Dumervil
        LDE: Justin Baanan
        NT: Akiem Hicks
        RDE: Michael Brockers
        LCB: Champ Bailey
        FS: Quinton Carter
        SS: David Bruton
        RCB: Tracy Porter
        K: Matt Prater
        P: Britton Colquitt

        QB: Caleb Hanie, Russell Wilson
        HB: Lance Ball, Terrance Gannaway, Boom Herron
        FB: Spencer Larsen
        WR: Brandon Stokley, Matt Willis, Jason Hill
        TE: Julius Thomas, Virgil Green
        LT: Chris Clark
        LG: CJ Davis
        C: JD Walton
        RG: Adam Grant
        RT: Ryan Harris

        LOLB: Jeremy Beal
        SILB: Nate Irving
        WILB: Mike Mohammed
        ROLB: Mario Haggan
        LE: Ty Warren
        NT: Sealver Siliga
        RE: Kevin Vickerson
        CB: Chris Harris, Syd'Quan Thompson
        FS: Cassius Vaughn
        SS: Rafael Bush

        Updates to come
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          New England Patriots-

          QB: Tom Brady/Brian Hoyer/Ryan Mallett
          RB: Shane Vereen/Stevan Ridley/Danny Woodhead
          WR: Brandon Lloyd/Deion Branch/Julian Edelman
          WR: Wes Welker/Kendall Wright/Matt Slater
          TE: Rob Gronkowski/Daniel Fells
          TE: Aaron Hernandez/Spencer Larsen
          LT: Nate Solder
          LG: Logan Mankins/Robert Gallery
          C: Dan Koppen/Ryan Wendell
          RG: Brian Waters/Dan Connolly
          RT: Sebastian Vollmer/Marcus Cannon

          LE: Vince Wilfork/Brandon Deaderick
          NT: Kyle Love/Myron Pryor
          RE: Jerel Worthy/Jonathan Fanene/Jared Crick
          LOLB: Rob Ninkovich/Jermaine Cunningham
          LILB: Brandon Spikes/Dane Fletcher
          RILB: Jerod Mayo/Jeff Tarpinian/Tracy White
          ROLB: Andre Branch/Trevor Scott
          CB: Devin McCourty/Kyle Arrington/Sterling Moore
          CB: Ras-I Dowling/Ron Brooks
          S: Pat Chung/Josh Barrett
          S: Harrison Smith/Steve Gregory

          K: Stephen Gostkowski
          P: Zoltan Mesko
          LS: Danny Aiken

          KR: Danny Woodhead
          PR: Julian Edelman

          27: Harrison Smith, S
          31: Kendall Wright, WR
          48: Andre Branch, OLB
          62: Jerel Worthy, DL
          93: Jared Crick, DL/OLB
          126: Rob Brooks, DB
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            New York Giants

            1.32: Coby Fleener, TE, Stanford
            2.50: Doug Martin, RB, Boise State
            2.63: Trumaine Johnson, DB, Montana
            3.74: Jeff Allen, OT/G, Illinois
            3.94: Juron Criner, WR, Arizona
            4.105: Audie Cole, LB, NC State
            4.131(Comp): Jaye Howard, DT, Florida
            6.201: Brandon Lindsey, DE, Pittsburgh
            7.205: Trevin Wade, CB, Arizona
            7.224: Rishaw Johnson, OG, Cal-PA
            7.239: Desmond Wynn, G/C, Rutgers

            QB: Eli Manning, David Carr
            RB: Doug Martin, Da'Rel Scott, Andre Brown
            WR-1: Hakeem Nicks, Juron Criner (WR2 in 3WR Sets) , Ramses Barden
            WR-2: Victor Cruz, Domenik Hixon, Jerrel Jernigan
            WR-S: Victor Cruz, Jerrel Jernigan
            TE: Coby Fleener, Martellus Bennett
            LT: Will Beatty, Jeff Allen, Sean Locklear
            LG: Chris Snee, Rishaw Johnson
            C: David Baas, Jim Cordle
            RG: Mitch Petrus, Desmond Wynn
            RT: James Brewer, David Diehl, Sean Locklear

            Defense 4-3
            RE: Jason Pierre Paul, Mathias Kiwinuka
            UT: Chri Canty, Marvin Austin, Jaye Howard
            NT: Linval Joseph, Dwayne Hendricks
            LE: Justin Tuck, Brandon Lindsey, Justin Trattou
            ROLB: Jacquian Williams, Mark Herzlich
            MLB: Chase Blackburn, Audie Cole
            LOLB: Michael Boley, Clint Sintim
            CB: Corey Webster, Prince Amukamara, Justin Tryon
            CB: Terrell Thomas, Trevin Wade
            SS: Kenny Phillips, Chad Jones, Tyler Sash
            FS: Trumaine Johnson, Chris Horton

            K: Lawrence Tynes
            P: Steve Weatherford
            KR: Brandon Tate, Da'Rel Scott
            PR: Brandon Tate

            New Orleans Saints

            Draft Picks

            3.89: Jake Bequette, DE, Arkansas
            4.122: Coryell Judie, CB, Texas A&M
            5.162: Gerell Robinson, WR, Arizona State
            6.179: Danny Trevathan, OLB, Kentucky
            7.234: Brett Roy, DT, Nevada

            QB: Drew Brees, Sean Canfield
            RB: Mark Ingram, Darren Sproles, Pierre Thomas
            FB: Jed Collins
            WR: Marques Colston, Adrian Arrington
            WR: Gerrell Robinson, Lance Moore
            WR-S:Lance Moore, Devery Henderson
            TE: Jimmy Graham, David Thomas
            LT: Jermon Bushrod, Phil Trautwein
            LG: Ben Grubbs, Eric Olsen
            C: Brian De La Puente, Matt Tennant
            RG: Jahri Evans, Nick Howell
            RT: Charles Brown. Zach Streif

            Defense 4-3
            LE: Cameron Jordan, Jake Bequette, Greg Romeus
            UT: Sedrick Ellis, Brett Roy, Cameron Jordan
            NT: Brodrick Bunkley, Mitch King
            RE: Will Smith, Junior Gallette, Turk McBride,
            LOLB: Jonathan Vilma, Martez Wilson, Scott Shanle
            MLB: Curtis Lofton, Jonathan Vilma
            ROLB: David Hawthorne, Danny Trevathan, Scott Shanle
            CB: Jabari Greer, Johnny Patrick, Kamaal McIlwain
            CB: Patrick Robinson, Coryell Judie, Cord Parks
            FS: Malcolm Jenkins
            SS: Roman Harper

            K: Garrett Hartley
            P: Thomas Morstead
            K/PR: Darren Sproles
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              Depth chart has starters first, backups after that. For the situational pass rushers, I put (PR) in italics next to their name. Newcomers via trade in bold, rookies in blue:

              QB: Jake Locker, Seneca Wallace Rusty Smith
              WR: Kenny Britt, Nate Washington, T.Y. Hilton, Damian Williams, Lavelle Hawkins, Isaiah Williams
              RB: Jahvid Best, Jamie Harper, Javon Ringer
              FB: Quinn Johnson, Will Ta'ufo'ou
              TE: Jared Cook, Craig Stevens, Daniel Graham
              LT: Michael Roos, Mike Otto
              LG: Steve Hutchinson, Leroy Harris
              C: Peter Konz, Kevin Matthews
              RG: Brandon Brooks, Fernando Velasco
              RT: David Stewart, Joe Long

              DE: Derrick Morgan, Robert Ayers, Sam Acho, Kamerion Wimbley (PR), Dave Ball
              DT: Jurrell Casey, Kendall Reyes, Shaun Smith, Sen'Derrick Marks, Karl Klug (PR), Leger Douzable, Malcolm Sheppard
              SLB: Akeem Ayers, Patrick Bailey, Antonio Coleman
              MLB: Colin McCarthy, J.K. Schaffer
              WLB: Nigel Bradham, Will Witherspoon
              CB: Charles Woodson, Jason McCourty, Alfonzo Dennard, Ryan Mouton, Michael Adams
              SS: Jordan Babineaux, Sean Richardson, Al Afavala
              FS: Nick Collins, James Sanders

              K: Rob Bironas
              P: Brett Kern
              KR: Marc Mariani, T.Y. Hilton

              Trade Strategy: Tennessee had already addressed a few needs in free agency, but the biggest signings were of All Pro guard Steve Hutchinson and defensive end Kamerion Wimbley. The biggest problems for the Titans last season was interior line play and a lack of pass rush, so the Titans were already sitting pretty by the time I got started with them.
              My first priority was to get rid of overrated players and find undervalued players. On the Titans roster, I thought that Chris Johnson and Michael Griffin were overvalued, so I knew I could get good value for them. I replaced Johnson with Jahvid Best, who has never had the benefit of playing behind a great offensive line (which I built through the draft). As a part of a three back system with better pass blocking, Best will be better than he was in Detroit.
              Robert Ayers is also undervalued, since he's only had one good year (the year he finally moved back to a 4-3 DE). Taking a sure thing is always better than a risk in the draft, and I figured he'd probably be better than what I could get in the third round anyway.
              Picking up Collins was a boom or bust move. If he recovers, then he'll be a steal. If not, then he's the only really weak spot among the defensive backs.
              Charles Woodson is an upgrade over Finnegan, and he creates turnovers. He's old, but I knew I could draft his replacement with this year's deep corner class.
              I traded away Hasselbeck because I expect Locker to start; Seneca Wallace was just a bonus pickup, and he has the athleticism to run a similar offense to Jake Locker.
              I didn't want to give up Tommie Campbell, but Sam Acho was a great value, and will make Tennessee very deep and very good at the defensive end position.
              Antonio Richardson and Isaiah Williams probably won't make the roster, but they can be training camp fodder.

              Draft Strategy: I tried to balance taking the best players available and fixing needs. I traded down with Konz in mind in the first round, because I knew he'd be there. Center is the biggest need for the Titans, and the class is thin, so getting the best of the class was very important. It was also pretty fair value at the end of the first (28th overall).
              --Defensive tackles bust like crazy, which is one reason I took Reyes over Still. Reyes seems to have a better work ethic and was almost as productive in college. Reyes also had an impressive Senior Bowl and Combine, so his ceiling may be just as high as Still's anyway. Getting him nine picks into the second round was pretty good value as well (43rd overall).
              --I'm still very high on Alfonzo Dennard. He looked bad at the Senior Bowl, but he had a hip injury. He was a little better at the Combine, which shows me that he will recover fully. With Woodson in front of him, Dennard will only be coming in periodically anyway, so he'll have plenty of time to rest and heal before he's really needed. Keep in mind that, before the Senior Bowl, he was a sure-fire first rounder. I think getting him late in the second is a tremendous value (52nd overall), and I only even took him here for that reason (I was gonna try to trade up for Hayward in the third).
              --At 89th overall, I took Brandon Brooks. He's a pretty raw guard, but the Titans have a fantastic offensive line coaching staff. Last season, the line committed the third fewest penalties in the NFL and was also a top five unit in sacks surrendered. Munchak and Matthews will have no trouble getting a lot out of Brooks, so he'll be ready to start at right guard very soon. If he isn't, then Harris can move to right guard until he is. Harris is a decent blocker, but he's a penalty machine.
              --I'm really high on Nigel Bradham. He had a really great Combine, and he'll be an upgrade to the weakside position. With Akeem Ayers and Colin McCarthy already there and doing well, he'll complete the young trio of linebackers. He was a decent value at the 115th overall selection as well.
              --I knew I could afford to wait on a wide receiver with the depth this year's class provided. T.Y. Hilton will be a great depth addition to the Titans' receivers, and he could blossom into a starter one day. Small school receivers are often undervalued, and getting such a good one in the fifth round (161st) is a deal. I was hoping Michael Egnew or Winston Guy Jr. would fall to me here, but T.Y. Hilton is a good consolation prize.
              --I traded away Byron Stingily to get back into Round Six, so with my next pick (191) I took the best available offensive tackle, Joe Long. He'll probably never be more than a backup, but his long arms and bloodlines could make him a diamond in the rough, especially under the tutelage of Tennessee's offensive line staff.
              --Tennessee needs better depth at safety. Sean Richardson will be a quality backup strong safety, and can put a bandaid on the position if Babineaux is injured, so he's well worth the first pick of the seventh round. Furthermore, he's already a Nashville guy, so the fanbase will like him. Once you're in the seventh round, you're drafting for depth and special teams anyway.
              --For my last pick (227), I grabbed the new backup middle linebacker, J.K. Schaffer. He had great production in college and seems to be a hard working guy. He's not the biggest or the most athletic, but he's a great football player and would be a good guy to have in the locker room.

              Players lost:
              Matt Hasselbeck-Traded for Seneca Wallace and pick 161 (TY Hilton).
              Chris Johnson-Traded, with a fifth rounder, for a third round pick (Brandon Brooks) and Jahvid Best.
              Michael Griffin-Traded for Ziggy Hood
              Ziggy Hood-Traded, with a seventh rounder, for Nick Collins
              Alterraun Verner-Traded for a second rounder (Kendall Reyes)
              Eugene Amano-traded for a seventh rounder (J.K. Schaffer)
              Gerald McRath-traded for a seventh rounder (Sean Richardson)
              Tommie Campbell, Byron Stingily, Tim Shaw-traded for Sam Acho, James Sanders, Michael Adams, Antonio Coleman, Isaiah Williams and a sixth rounder (Joe Long)

              Players acquired:
              Charles Woodson-Don't remember the trade on this one
              Robert Ayers-Obtained for a third and sixth round pick
              1.28: Peter Konz, C, Wisconsin
              2.43: Kendall Reyes, DT, Uconn
              2.52: Alfonzo Dennard, CB, Nebraska
              3. 89: Brandon Brooks, OG, Miami (OH)
              4.115: Nigel Bradham, OLB, Florida State
              5.161: TY Hilton, WR, FIU
              6.191: Joe Long, OT, Wayne State
              7.208: Sean Richardson, SS, Vandy
              7.227: JK Schaffer, MLB, Cincinnati

              With the changes on offense and defense, the Titans move back to the kind of team they were in 2008: ground and pound with Harper and Best on offense with a great offensive line anchoring, and a tough trench team on defense that focuses on preventing big plays. If Kenny Britt can stay healthy, the addition of T.Y. Hilton will give the Titans a good, deep group of receivers for Locker to throw to.
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                Seattle Seahawks

                QB – Matt Flynn, Tarvaris Jackson, Josh Portis
                RB – Marshawn Lynch, Chris Polk, Leon Washington
                FB – Michael Robinson
                WR – Sidney Rice, Mike Williams, Kris Durham
                WR – Doug Baldwin, Deon Butler, Ricardo Lockette
                TE – Zach Miller, Cameron Morrah, Anthony McCoy
                LT – Russell Okung, Paul McQuistan
                LG – James Carpenter(+pup?), Deuce Lutui
                C – Max Unger, Lemeul Jeanpierre
                RG – John Moffitt, Frank Omiyale
                RT – Breno Giacomini, Tom Compton

                LEO – Osi Umenyiora, Chris Clemons, Olivier Vernon
                5T – Red Bryant, Jason Jones
                3T – Alan Branch, Clinton McDonald
                NT – Brandon Mebane, Mike Martin
                SLB – Leroy Hill, Bobby Wagner
                WLB – Lavonte David, Malcolm Smith
                MLB – KJ Wright , Barrett Rudd, Matt McCoy
                SS – Kam Chancellor, George Iloka
                FS – Earl Thomas, Chris Greenwood
                CB – Richard Sherman, Marcus Trufant, Byron Maxwell
                CB – Brandon Browner, Walter Thurmond(+PUP), Roy Lewis

                Special Teams
                K – Steven Hauschka
                P – Jon Ryan
                LS – Clint Gresham

                Practice Squad
                Mike Morgan, Pierre Allen, Jameson Konz, Jeron Johnson, Pep Levingston

                Draft Picks
                Rd 2 - 49- Lavonte David WLB, 59- Bobby Wagner SLB
                Rd 3 - 75- Chris Polk RB, 79- Mike Martin NT
                Rd 4 - 105- George Iloka SS
                Rd 6 - 181- Olivier Vernon DE, 197- Tom Compton OG/OT
                Rd 7 - 225- Chris Greenwood CB/FS

                My original draft plan was turned on it's head when I missed my first round pick. I traded down and up again trying to position myself to safely draft Donta Hightower at the most value I could. The other change would have ended up with me taking Chandler Jones in the 2nd instead of Bobby Wagner. But since I messed up and missed my pick I had to make some moves to get the defense I wanted.

                1st Round
                I had Quinton Coples given to me at my 20th pick which on the surface is good value for his upside but in terms of my defense he just isn't a fit. Coples is a prototypical strong side DE but I already have the newly re-signed Red Bryant over there on rushing downs and I need a pure pass rusher at the LEO DE and Coples doesn't fit that either. He would have been stuck to a passing down only DE and not really a true back up at either spot. At this point I had to look for value and traded Coples for a prototypical LEO DE in Osi Umenyiora, who would be the starter and let Chris Clemons rotate with him and as a 3rd down specialist, and a 3rd round pick.

                2nd Round
                With two picks in the 2nd round I wanted to bring in an immediate starter at LB and another to eventually take over for Leroy Hill. I took Lovante David as a perfect WILL LB who can start from day one. With my other 2nd round pick I chose Bobby Wagner who has the versatility to play any of the 3 LB spots. KJ Wright has the versatility to play either SAM or MIKE so the plan is to put him at MIKE and have Leroy Hill play SAM to start the season then I'll see if Wagner better suits the SAM or MIKE. The eventual starting lineup will be David at WILL and Wagner and Wright playing the other 2 spots which whatever combo works better.

                3rd Round
                I needed a RB to back up Lynch and I want him to run with power while being fast enough and with good enough hands to be a 3rd down back. Chris Polk fits the bill perfectly and will be the perfect compliment to Beast Mode.

                With the other 3rd round pick I wanted to take the best player available. I had Sean Spence the highest but already drafted 2 speedy LBs so it came down to Mike Martin, Bruce Irvin, and James Brown. I like Irvin as a potential LEO DE but I already have Osi and Clemons and felt I could wait for a project. I chose Mike Martin to play NT behind Brandon Mebane because I don't need a real big NT just a powerful guy to push the pocket and hold the point. I already have the biggest 3tech and 5tech in the league on either side of him on running down with Branch and Bryant.

                4th Round
                Here I saw the opportunity to grab a nice backup to Kam Chancellor with I very long SS in George Iloka. He can fill in with a similar skillset and give me a versatility to bring in the big nickel with 3 safeties, 2 being small LB size.

                6th Round
                I grabbed the athletic Olivier Vernon to train to be a future LEO and Tom Compton who can play either OG spot or RT as nice depth developmental player.

                7th Round
                I took the big division III CB/FS Chris Greenwood with freakish measurable in size and speed to develop into a player on this team. He's 6-1 1/4 with 4.41 speed and 43 inch vert, Draft Countdown has him as a 5/6 round prospect.
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                My 2014 Big Board and Mock Draft Thread

                My 2013 Big Board and Mock Draft Thread



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                  QB: Ryan Fitzpatrick/Tyler Thigpen/Ryan Lindley
                  RB: Fred Jackson/CJ Spiller/Tashard Choice/Johnny White
                  WR1: Michael Floyd/Derek Hagan
                  WR2: Donald Jones/Chris Givens
                  Slot/WR3: David Nelson/Golden Tate
                  TE: Scott Chandler/Lee Smith
                  LT: Erik Pears/Chris Hairston
                  LG: Kraig Urbik
                  C: Eric Wood/Colin Brown
                  RG: Chad Rinehart/Michael Jasper
                  RT: Jonathan Martin/Sam Young

                  RE: Mario Williams/Chris Kelsay
                  NT: Marcell Dareus/Kellen Heard
                  UT: Kyle Williams/Cory Redding/Andre Neblett
                  LE: Carlos Dunlap/Alex Carrington
                  3rd pass rusher/backup end: Mark Anderson
                  OLB: Nick Barnett/Robert Eddins
                  MLB: Kelvin Sheppard/Scott McKillop
                  OLB: James Anderson/Kirk Morrison/Arthur Moats
                  CB: Drayton Florence/Terrence McGee/Leodis McKelvin
                  FS: Antoine Bethea/Joshua Nesbitt
                  SS: George Wilson/Bryan Scott/Da'Norris Searcy
                  CB: Aaron Williams/Chase Minnifield

                  Draft Picks:

                  1.7 - Michael Floyd, WR, Notre Dame
                  1.17 - Jonathan Martin, OT, Stanford
                  3.7 - Chase Minnifield, CB, Virginia
                  4.28 - Chris Givens, WR, Wake Forest
                  7.44 (Comp) - Ryan Lindley, QB, San Diego State

                  QB: Matt Ryan/Chris Redman/John Parker Wilson
                  RB: Michael Turner/Jason Snelling/Jacquizz Rodgers/Davin Meggett
                  FB: Ovie Mughelli/Mike Cox
                  WR1: Roddy White/Kerry Meier
                  WR2: Julio Jones/Kevin Cone
                  Slot/WR3: Harry Douglas
                  TE: Tony Gonzalez/Michael Palmer/Taylor Thompson
                  LT: Will Svitek/Sam Baker
                  LG: Justin Blalock/Kirk Chambers
                  C: Todd McClure/Philip Blake
                  RG: Joe Hawley/Garrett Reynolds
                  RT: Tyson Clabo/Levy Adcock

                  RE: John Abraham/Kroy Biermann/Cliff Matthews
                  DT: Jonathan Babineaux/Peria Jerry
                  DT: Corey Peters/Vance Walker
                  LE: Ray Edwards/Lawrence Sidbury
                  OLB: Sean Weatherspoon/Robert James
                  MLB: Akeem Dent/Lofa Tatupu
                  OLB: Steven Nicholas/Spencer Adkins
                  CB: Brent Grimes/Chris Owens
                  FS: Thomas DeCoud/Shann Schillinger
                  SS: William Moore/Eddie Pleasant
                  CB: Jayron Hosley/Dunta Robinson/Dominique Franks

                  Draft Picks:

                  2.23 - Jayron Hosley, CB, Virginia Tech
                  3.20 - Philip Blake, C, Baylor
                  5.22 - Levy Adcock, OT, Oklahoma State
                  6.23 - Taylor Thompson, TE, SMU
                  7.22 (Comp) - Davin Meggett, RB, Maryland
                  7.42 (Comp) - Eddie Pleasant, S, Oregon

                  Draft picks are bolded. Veteran additions are underlined
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                    Houston Texans

                    QB - Matt Schaub, TJ Yates
                    HB - Arian Foster, Montario Hardesty, Javarris Williams
                    FB - James Casey
                    WR - Andre Johnson, Malcom Floyd
                    WR - Malcom Floyd, Antonio Brown, Jeff Fuller, Lestar Jean
                    Slot - Antonio Brown, Owen Daniels, Kevin Walter
                    TE - Owen Daniels, James Hanna, James Casey, Garrett Graham
                    LT - Duane Brown, Rashad Butler, Derek Newton
                    LG - Wade Smith, Nate Potter, Shelley Smith
                    C - Chris Myers, Jon Weeks
                    RG - Antoine Caldwell, Shelley Smith
                    RT - Rashad Butler, Nate Potter, Andrew Gardner

                    LE - JJ Watt, Billy Winn, Tim Jamison
                    NT - Shaun Cody, Brandon Thompson, Earl Mitchell
                    RE - Antonio Smith, Billy Winn, Tim Jamison
                    LOLB - Brooks Reed, Ronnell Lewis, Jesse Nading
                    ILB - Brian Cushing, Tim Dobbins
                    ILB - Darryl Sharpton, Bradie James, Ronnell Lewis
                    ROLB - Connor Barwin, Ronnell Lewis, Bryan Braman
                    CB - Johnathan Joseph, Glover Quin, Kareem Jackson, Brice McCain, Brandon Harris, Sherrick McManis
                    FS - Danieal Manning, Troy Nolan
                    SS - Mark Barron, Quintin Demps, Glover Quin

                    K - Randy Bullock
                    P - Donnie Jones

                    KR/PR - Antonio Brown


                    Ben Tate, 161st pick and 233rd pick for 67th pick, Montario Hardesty and 139th pick.
                    26th and 99th pick for 21st pick (Mark Barron).
                    139th pick for Malcom Floyd.
                    121st pick and Jacoby Jones for 159th pick (James Hanna) and Antonio Brown.
                    67th pick and 195th pick for 65th pick (Brandon Thompson).
                    76th pick for 92nd pick, 127th pick and 167th pick (Billy Winn, Nate Potter and Jeff Fuller).
                    Jeff Maehl and Trindon Holliday for 216th pick (Randy Bullock).


                    Round 1: 21 - Mark Barron, S, Alabama
                    Round 2: 58 - Ronnell Lewis, LB, Oklahoma
                    Round 3: 65 - Brandon Thompson, DT, Clemson
                    Round 3: 92 - Billy Winn, DE, Boise State
                    Round 4: 127-Nate Potter, OT, Boise State
                    Round 5: 159-James Hanna, TE, Oklahoma
                    Round 5: 167-Jeff Fuller, WR, Texas A&M
                    Round 7: 216-Randy Bullock, K, Texas A&M
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                    CMD VI Texans


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                      St Louis Rams

                      QB: Sam Bradford, AJ Feeley
                      RB: Ryan Matthews, Carnell Williams
                      FB: Brit Miller
                      WR: Justin Blackmon, Danario Alexander, Danny Amendola, Greg Salas
                      TE: Lance Kendricks
                      LT: Rodger Saffold
                      LG: Andy Levitre
                      C: Scott Wells
                      RG: Harvey Dahl
                      RT: Jason Smith

                      RDE: Robert Quinn, William Hayes
                      DT: Kendall Langford
                      LDE: Chris Long
                      OLB: Jo Lon Dunbar
                      ILB: James Laurinaitis
                      OLB: Chris Chamberlain, Brady Popping
                      CB: Cortland Finnegan, Marquis Johnson
                      FS: Eric Weddle
                      SS: Quintin Mikell, Darian Stewart
                      CB: Ron Bartell, Bradley Fletcher

                      I'll put the rest of the guys in later.


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                        New York Jets

                        QB: Mark Sanchez / Tim Tebow / Greg McElroy
                        RB Shonn Greene / Joe McKnight / Bilal Powell / John Griffin
                        FB John Conner / Josh Baker
                        LWR Chaz Schilens / Jeremy Kerley / Marvin McNutt / Logan Payne / Scotty McKnight / Royce Adams
                        RWR Santonio Holmes / Patrick Turner / Eron Riley / Dexter Jackson
                        Slot Jeremy Kerley
                        LT D'Brickashaw Ferguson / Austin Howard
                        LG Matt Slauson / Caleb Schlauderaff / Trevor Canfield
                        C Nick Mangold / Kris O'Dowd
                        RG Brandon Moore / Dennis Landolt / Matt Kroul
                        RT Bobby Massie /Wayne Hunter (Swing OL) / Vladimir Ducasse
                        TE Dustin Keller / Jeff Cumberland / Dedrick Epps / Hayden Smith

                        LDE Muhammad Wilkerson / Ropati Pitoitua
                        NT Sione Pouha / Kenrick Ellis / Martin Tevaseu
                        RDT Mike Devito / Marcus Dixon
                        LOLB Courtney Upshaw / Bryan Thomas / Garret McIntyre / Eddie Jones
                        LILB Bart Scott / Josh Mauga / Matt Berning
                        RILB David Harris / Nick Bellore
                        ROLB Calvin Pace / Aaron Maybin / Ricky Sapp
                        LCB Darrelle Revis / Kyle Wilson (Nickel CB) / Julian Posey
                        RCB Lardarius Webb / Isaiah Trufant / Ellis Lankster
                        SS Laron Landry /
                        FS Eric Smith / Tracy Wilson

                        Special Teams
                        P TJ Conley / Travis Baltz
                        PK Nick Folk
                        LS Tanner Purdum
                        PR Jeremy Kerley
                        KR Joe McKnight / Jeremy Kerley

                        1.29: Courtney Upshaw, Alabama, OLB
                        2.47: Bobby Massie, OT, Ole Miss
                        3.77: Marvin McNutt, WR, Iowa

                        Antonio Cromartie CB
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                        Be the GM 2012-New York Jets
                        1.29: (via Balt trade) Courtney Upshaw, Alabama, OLB
                        2.47: Bobby Massie, OT, Ole Miss
                        3.77: Marvin McNutt, WR, Iowa

                        Coming: Ladarius Webb
                        Going: Antonio Cromartie, his 8 "babies mommas",twitter handle, 10 childrens, twins in the oven, & millions of dollars in future child support payments.
                        The bad penny: Mark Sanchez


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                          Pittsburgh Steelers

                          Bolded - Rookie
                          Underlined - Newcomer

                          QB: Ben Roethlisberger, Dennis Dixon, Charlie Batch
                          RB: Rashard Mendenhall, James Starks, Issac Redman, John Clay, Mewelde Moore
                          FB: David Johnson
                          WR: Mike Wallace, James Jones, Jerricho Cotchery
                          WR: Emmanuel Sanders, Early Doucet, Jacoby Jones
                          TE: Heath Miller, Leonard Pope, Weslye Saunders
                          LT: Max Starks, Jonathan Scott
                          LG: Doug Legurskey, Rokevious Watkins
                          C: Maurkice Pouncey, Garth Gerhart
                          RG: Ramon Foster, Trai Essex
                          RT: Marcus Gilbert, Willie Colon

                          RE: Brett Kiesel, Derek Wolfe
                          NT: Casey Hampton, Nick Jean-Baptiste
                          LE: Cameron Heyward, Al Woods
                          ROLB: James Harrison, Chris Carter
                          ILB: Lawrence Timmons, Stewart Bradley
                          ILB: Dont'a Hightower, Larry Foote
                          LOLB: Lamar Woodley, Julian Miller
                          CB: Ike Taylor, Keenan Lewis, Cortez Allen, Anthony Madison
                          FS: Michael Griffin, Ryan Mundy
                          SS: Troy Polamalu, Will Allen, Damon Cromartie-Smith
                          CB:Janoris Jenkins, AJ Jefferson, Greg McCoy

                          K: Shaun Suisham
                          P:Jeremy Kapinos
                          KR: Emmanuel Sanders, Greg McCoy
                          PR: Emmanuel Sanders, Jerricho Cotchery

                          Draft Picks
                          1.24 - Dont'a Hightower, ILB, Alabama
                          2.1 - Janoris Jenkins, CB, Northern Alabama
                          3.24 - Derek Wolfe, DE, Cincinnati
                          4.24 - Nick Jean-Baptiste, NT, Baylor
                          7.2 - Julian Miller, OLB, West Virginia
                          7.33 - Rokevious Watkins, OG, South Carolina
                          7.39 - Greg McCoy, CB, TCU
                          7.41 - Garth Gerhart, C/OG, Arizona State

                          Acquired: Jacoby Jones, James Starks, Michael Griffin, AJ Jefferson, Stewart Bradley, Early Doucet, James Jones
                          Lost: Antonio Brown, Jason Worilds, Ziggy Hood, Ryan Clark, Stevenson Sylvester
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                            Philadelphia Eagles

                            QB: Michael Vick / Ryan Tannehill / Mike Kafka
                            RB: Shady McCoy / LaMichael James / Dion Lewis
                            FB: Bradie Ewing
                            WR: DeSean Jackson / Mohammed Sanu / Riley Cooper
                            WR: Jeremy Maclin / Jason Avant
                            TE: Brent Celek / Ladarius Green / Clay Harbor
                            LT: Demetress Bell / King Dunlap
                            LG: Evan Mathis / Josh LeRibeus
                            C: Jason Kelce / Steve Vallos
                            RG: Danny Watkins / Mike Gibson
                            RT: Todd Herremans

                            LE: Jason Babin / Brandon Graham
                            DT: Mike Patterson / Devon Still
                            DT: Cullen Jenkins / Derek Landri / Antonio Dixon
                            RE: Trent Cole / Darryl Tapp
                            SSL: Jamar Chaney / Moise Fokou / Emmanuel Acho
                            ILB: Demeco Ryans / Akeem Jordan / Casey Matthews
                            WSL: Brian Rolle / Keenan Clayton
                            RCB/Nickel: Nnamdi Asomugha / Dominic Rodgers Cromartie (only RCB) / Curtis Marsh
                            LCB: Asante Samuel / Joselio Hanson
                            FS: Nate Allen / Colt Anderson
                            SS: Jaiquan Jarrett / Kurt Coleman

                            K: Alex Henery
                            P: Chas Henry or Bryan Anger (camp battle)
                            LS: Jon Dorenbos

                            IR: Jason Peters

                            Draft Picks:
                            1.15- QB Ryan Tannehill
                            2.46- DT Devon Still
                            2.51- WR Mohammed Sanu
                            3.88 - RB LaMichael James
                            4.114- TE Ladarius Green
                            5.153 - OLB Emmanuel Acho
                            6.172 - OG Josh LeRebius
                            6.194 - FB Bradie Ewing
                            6.200 - P Bryan Anger


                            I wanted to keep Asante and just have Nnamdi move to the slot in the nickel. Also, Nate Allen is definitely the starting FS and Coleman the third safety. As much as I want to, the eagles wont give up on Jarrett yet so hell be the starting SS this year. That's my reason for not going CB/S. Otherwise, I just went BPA. Tannehill, Still, Sanu, James will definitely go earlier than that. Green will be the third TE off the board apparently and Acho is a 3-4th round prospect and someone the Eagles are looking at. The last three picks are depth (LeRebius) or camp battle at not important positions (FB and P). Got a lot of depth at Dline and LB right now but i didnt wanna cut any of them (already had to cut Phillip Hunt). Most of the early rookies are offensive too so more weapons is always a plus.
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                              Chargers depth chart:

                              Bold = Starter

                              Blue = Draft picks

                              Red = Players traded for


                              QB: Phillip Rivers/Charlie Whitehurst
                              RB: Steven Jackson/Robert Turbin/Adonis Thomas
                              FB: Le'Ron McClain/Jacob Hester
                              WR1: Robert Meachem/Patrick Crayton
                              WR2: Marvin Jones/Eddie Royal/Dale Moss
                              WRS: Vincent Brown/Roscoe Parrish
                              TE: Antonio Gates/Randy McMichael/Dante Rosario/Chase Ford
                              OT: Jared Gaither/Jeromey Clary/Brandon Mosley/Steve Schilling
                              OG: Louis Vasquez/Amini Sitatolu/Tyronne Green/Brandon Mosley
                              OC: Nick Hardwick/Colin Baxter
                              K: Nate Kaeding
                              KR: Marcus Gilchrist


                              DE: Corey Luiget/Vaughn Martin/Jacques Cesaire/Luis Castillo
                              NT: Antonio Garay/Cam Thomas/Chigbo Anunoby
                              OLB: Shaun Phillips/Jarret Johnson/Melvin Ingram/Travis LaBoy/Demario Davis
                              ILB: Donald Butler/Takeo Spikes/James Michael-Johnson/Darryl Gamble
                              CB: Dwight Bentley/Alterrun Verner/Marcus Gilchrist/Shareece Wright
                              S: Quentin Jammer/Atari Bigby/Christian Thompson/Antonio Allen
                              P: Mike Scifres
                              PR: Marcus Gilchrist

                              Draft Selections:

                              1/18- Melvin Ingram, OLB/South Carolina
                              2/56- Amini Sitatolu, OG-OT/Midwestern State
                              3/78- Marvin Jones, WR/California
                              3/90- Dwight Bentley, CB/Louisiana-Lafayette
                              4/99- Brandon Mosley, OT/Auburn
                              4/110- Robert Turbin, RB/Utah State
                              4/121- Antonio Allen, SS/South Carolina
                              5/139- Demario Davis, OLB/Arkansas State
                              5/149- James Michael-Johnson, ILB/Nevada
                              5/163- Christian Thompson, FS/South Carolina State
                              6/183- Dale Moss, WR/South Dakota State
                              7/226- Chase Ford, TE/Miami
                              7/235- Adonis Thomas, RB/Toledo
                              7/250- Chigbo Anunoby, NT/Morehouse
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