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    He averages 4 turnovers per game. Most in the league.

    The Dirk point is an awful one. Have you ever thought that maybe Dirk is just tired from playing an extra month of basketball last year? Not that Deron will have to worry about the postseason any time soon.

    If you don't think Derrick Rose is a superior defender to Deron Williams, you are not a knowledgable basketball fan. Period. For reference Yes bleacherreport sucks, but there are actual stats.

    Rose scores more with a better TS%. Rose is less TO prone with a higher usage rate. This is true even when including Rose's recent attempts to return from injury that have submarined his efficiency numbers. If you look at earlier splits, it is a blowout.

    The Nash/Phoenix example is illustrative whether you will admit it or not. Nash is a huge reason for Gortat's ascent.

    Deron has carried his team where exactly? Yes being the go to scorer on a team should be taken into account when examining efficiency/output, but it is certainly not some sort of trump card against Deron's deficiencies. You don't get respect for putting the team on your back but then immediately falling over because it is too heavy.

    Deron is the face of the the Nets franchise, and the Nets suck. The Nets suck worse than any team Chris Paul, Steve Nash, Derrick Rose, or Rajon Rondo have ever started on. That is an indictment of Deron Williams as a star player in this league. Look at all the teams that are near the Nets in the standings. Do they have any players considered stars?

    You keep implying the Nets play hard which is hilarious.


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      Where is the PF thread?


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        sometime I will put them up, had the whooping cough for two weeks and then been depressed about NBA for obvious reasons
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