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Week 2: ESPN power rankings - prediction.

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  • Week 2: ESPN power rankings - prediction.

    Last weeks rankings:

    My week 2 predictions:
    Steelers(1), Giants(2), Eagles(3), Patriots(4), Colts(5), Vikings(6), Titans(7), Falcons (8), Ravens(9), Chargers(10), Packers(11), Seahawks(12), Cowboys(13), Saints(14), Jets(15), Bears(16), 49ers(17), Bills(18), Cardinals(19), Panthers(20), Jaguars(21), Redskins(22), Dolphins(23), Texans(24), Browns(25), Buccaneers(26), Chiefs(27), Raiders(28), Broncos(29), Bengels(30), Lions(31), Rams(32).

    On the downslide:
    Chargers -5: They almost lost to one of the worst teams in the league. Injuries abound on this team already.
    Panthers -6: They got blown out. Delhomme and his 14.7 QB rating are not the answer.
    Cardinals -6: Sloppy loss at home against a weaker division rival.
    Dolphins - 7: They play the Colts, Chargers and Bills in the next 3 weeks. Look for them to go 0-4.

    On the upswing:
    Dallas +4: Romo looks better than he ever did with Owens.
    Saints +4: Brees' effort will help this team win big. Bad play by other teams helps them in the rankings.
    49ers +5: Taking out the defending NFC champs is a good start. They need to beat Seattle next week if they plan on taking the NFC West.
    Jets +8: This teams ranking was too low to begin with, them beating the Texans is proof. They now have their QB, which was the biggest hole they had.

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    Chargers = over-reaction to yearly early sucking

    Jets = over-reaction to yearly early sucking of the texans. Everyone remembers how they finish and deem them a sleeper team. The texans are mediocre at best.

    Michael Floyd > Justin Blackmon


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      I don't think it's fair to call the Raiders "the worst" or "one of the worst" after seeing them in full force last night. Dare I say it, they looked sharp.
      Neckbeard's kung-fu is not strong...