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Nomination for Jerk of the Week: Panthers Front Office

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    Cannot help but laugh when I think about the Sporting News article last month that listed Jake Delhomme as the 2nd most underrated player in the NFL. Good call SN.


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      Originally posted by Portnam View Post
      It's all part of Carolina's strategy. They want a Top 5 pick to make as sure as possible they're drafting a franchise QB when the time comes, but there's too much talent on the team as it is now, and having Delhomme exponentially increases the chance they completely bottom out in the next season or two.
      They don't have a first rounder this year, silly.


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        Originally posted by EL Guapo View Post
        I always hear Cowher would want to go there. Do you hear that in Carolina?
        Yea, all the time. But if we need a coach and a GM to replace Fox and Hurney, can any of you see Cower moving into a Parcells type GM / VP of football operations role?

        I completely agree with the OP about Flacco, I know we liked him, our front office was apparently so misinformed/naive about where he was going that they thought he may fall back to us in 2nd round.

        What I think is happening in a very quiet and subtle way here in Carolina is that the players have no confidence in JD on the field. We are out of the media spotlight and no one with the organization has weekly ego stroking press conferences, but how else can you explain a team that lost 2 starters from a 12 - 4 team look so totally uncomfortable and out of synch? In the locker room, everyone will swear it is JD's team and that he is the man, but something is way way wrong when that team is on the field.