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Chargers-Giants Write Up

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  • Chargers-Giants Write Up

    Chargers 21 Giants 20

    • “Pray for the dead and the dead will pray for you.” No, I am not referring to the Giants season (which coincidentally is also all but dead), but I am referring to LaDamian Tomlinson’s career. Tomlinson looked worse than the 2007 Shaun Alexander and it was not even close. LT had a rushing average of a shade over 1.8 and his longer gains were mostly made by him being tripped up and getting two yards due to his height. He was just awful and needs to retire.

    • “You play to win the game!” It seemed as if Herman Edwards had coached another game in Giants Stadium. Tom Coughlin got ridiculously conservative during multiple 4th and 1s with a missed field goal attempt by Tynes and what turned out to net 15 yards from a punt after a Giants penalty. Coughlin routinely would just run the ball once it became 2nd and less than 3 yards, which predictably went nowhere. The worst example was after a late Thomas interception of Rivers, which went down to the four, the Giants had a holding call and then ran the ball three times straight and then had to kick a field goal. It was insanely conservative and with a three point lead, Coughlin was playing not to lose the game.

    Also, the clock management before the half was awful by both sides. In a 7-7 game, the Giants get the ball back with 53 seconds at their own ten. San Diego had two timeouts. Coughlin decided to try to put a drive together a drive at that point which resulted in a punt and gave San Diego the ball back at their own 47 with about 20 seconds left. Norv Turner, another terrible coach, decided that running five yard slants would get the job done, instead of running a twenty yard play to set up a reasonable field goal attempt. It is no wonder why Turner is considered to be terrible and it is scary that he was the better coach today.

    • “Wide Right!” No, I am not referring to the missed field goal by Tynes, which was wide left, I am referring to the honoring of the 1990 Giants Team. Carl Banks, Stephen Baker “The Touchdown Maker”, Matt Bahr and Jeff Hostetler as well as some other made an appearance. Surprisingly enough, Phil Simms who was up in the broadcasting booth decided not to come down. It is too bad that the Giants could not win one for their old team.

    • “They are consistent only in their inconsistency.” The Giants defensive line, which was considered to be among the best in the league was inconsistent today, having a few good drives, namely the one where the sent the Chargers backwards for fifteen yards in one drive, a sack, a blown up screen to the over the hill running back and a draw that went nowhere. However, there were other times when Rivers had all day to throw.

    Similarly, the Giants offensive line was able to open some running lanes but Eli was running for his life quite a bit. Eli’s left foot still seemed to be bothering him, as he was not using that foot much to plant and seemed to try to float it or zip with his arm alone.

    • “Shades of the Dolphins.” I was wearing my Joey Porter jersey to the game in the hopes that it would help the Dolphins beat the Patriots in Foxboro (it did not work). What actually happened is that I brought in the Dolphins’ unique style of losing, the old dominate the time of possession and lose in the last few minutes in heart wrenching fashion as the Giants had the ball for more than fifteen minutes more than the Chargers yet gave up a late game winning touchdown.

    • “Other stats and observations.” Eli Manning was 25/33 for 215 yards and two touchdowns and Rivers was 24/36 for 209 yards three touchdowns and two picks. Jacobs had a decent rushing average for the Giants (about 6.1 yards per carry) with 11 rushed for 67 yards, while Bradshaw did little. Steve Smith hauled in a touchdown and seven other grabs for 57 yards while Vincent Jackson hauled in two touchdowns and three other grabs for 58 yards.

    This was my last time at Giants Stadium, and the place was rocking at times, especially during Rivers’ go ahead drive. The only funny thing today was that there was a drunk woman who was swearing loudly behind me. Normally, you would think that someone in their late teens or twenties was swearing, but this woman was at least fifty. You had your usual Veterans Day Stuff happen and a team from White Plains, NY playing football on the field at halftime, during which time you got to see about every gadget play in the book.
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