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  • Walterfootball Free League Year 2 Free League Year Two

    Before I begin this write up, I would like to note some of the changes in the rules in this league:

    1. It is a PPR league.
    2. The RB/WR spot was swapped to a WR/TE spot
    3. Passing TDs are worth more than normal.
    4. Defenses were amped in the scoring as well.

    This draft was done by twelve regulars on the forums, including Walt himself. Since there is nothing riding on this league, besides being called Rich Kotite, I will talk about the best and worst pick of each round, as well as my pick. I will also indicate who some people are when the team name is not completely obvious. I also would like to thank Cameron Kane who helped run this and made sure everyone’s inbox was full of reminders.

    Round 1:

    1. (Ckane) Inglorious Basterds : Chris Johnson
    2. Team Potter: Ray Rice
    3. Team Athuridon: Maurice Jones-Drew
    4. BobLoblaw’s LawBlog: Adrian Peterson
    5. (Wraith) Rich Kotite’s Jets: Andre Johnson
    6. (hunterm) Ohio State Buckeyes: Frank Gore
    7. Favre Favre and More Favre: Randy Moss
    8. Team AZChargers: Steven Jackson
    9. (Waffles) Manatee Cawks: Michael Turner
    10. Team ChicagoJay: Jamaal Charles
    11. (Walter) Epic Debaclation: Calvin Johnson
    12. Team Vikingfan173: Aaron Rodgers

    Round 2:

    1. Team Vikingfan173: Brandon Marshall
    2. (Walter) Epic Debaclation: Ryan Mathews
    3. Team ChicagoJay: Rashard Mendenhall
    4. (Waffles) Manatee Cawks: Drew Brees
    5. Team AZChargers: DeAngelo Williams
    6. Favre Favre and More Favre: Miles Austin
    7. (hunterm) Ohio State Buckeyes: DeSean Jackson
    8. (Wraith) Rich Kotite’s Jets: Ryan Grant
    9. BobLoblaw’s Lawblog: Larry Fitzgerald
    10. Team Athuridon: Roddy White
    11. Team Potter: Reggie Wayne
    12. (Ckane) Inglorious Basterds: Cedric Benson

    My picks: If you are picking fifth in a PPR league, you are taking either one of the big four running backs or Andre Johnson. No excuses for taking anyone else. Ryan Grant will have a big year as long as his tackles remain healthy. He also can catch passes which helps his PPR stock.

    Best Pick: Adrian Peterson really should not slip past the second pick (provided your league does not penalize you for fumbles), so getting him at the fourth pick is the best pick.

    Worst Picks: While I am not as high as Walt on Calvin Johnson that is not the worst pick. ChicagoJay’s first two picks were pretty bad though. Jamaal Charles is definitely a very good running back but a huge risk in round 1 because there is a good chance Todd Haley will give Thomas Jones the starting job or a large amount of the carries. Mendenhall is an above average back playing behind a woeful offensive line with a bad quarterback for the first four games of the season. I am wondering how he is better than Williams, Grant, Benson and Greene?

    Round 3:

    1. (Ckane) Inglorious Basterds : Peyton Manning
    2. Team Potter: Pierre Thomas
    3. Team Athuridon: Jahvid Best
    4. BobLoblaw’s LawBlog: Shonn Greene
    5. (Wraith) Rich Kotite’s Jets: Steve Smith (CAR)
    6. (hunterm) Ohio State Buckeyes: LeSean McCoy
    7. Favre Favre and More Favre: Joseph Addai
    8. Team AZChargers: Tom Brady
    9. (Waffles) Manatee Cawks: Beanie Wells
    10. Team ChicagoJay: Steve Smith (NYG)
    11. (Walter) Epic Debaclation: Arian Foster
    12. Team Vikingfan173: Matt Forte

    Round 4:

    1. Team Vikingfan173: Percy Harvin
    2. (Walter) Epic Debaclation: Greg Jennings
    3. Team ChicagoJay: Matt Schaub
    4. (Waffles) Manatee Cawks: Marques Colston
    5. Team AZChargers: Anquan Boldin
    6. Favre Favre and More Favre: Jonathan Stewart
    7. (hunterm) Ohio State Buckeyes: Philip Rivers
    8. (Wraith) Rich Kotite’s Jets: Tony Romo
    9. BobLoblaw’s Lawblog: Dallas Clark
    10. Team Athuridon: Dwayne Bowe
    11. Team Potter: Joe Flacco
    12. (Ckane) Inglorious Basterds: Antonio Gates

    My Picks: I was debating between Steve Smith and Greg Jennings and ultimately decided on Smith since he tends to get more receptions and that the Panthers do not have a very good tight end who will compete for touches. That being said I would have been happy with either one. Tony Romo was the last of the upper echelon fantasy quarterbacks available and waiting a few rounds could mean a huge dropoff in my quarterback’s productivity.

    Best Pick: How did Jennings last into the fourth round? I may never know, but Walt nabbed a huge steal here in getting an elite wide receiver who has an elite quarterback throwing him the ball.

    Worst Picks: ChicagoJay is up to his old tricks again when he took Steve Smith and eschewing the better Jennings. His defense was that Smith is going to be Eli Manning’s number one target. I guess he missed the reports that Manning was working the most heavily with Hakeem Nicks. Unfortunately, this will not be the last time in the draft that someone takes a teams’ second option over its preferred option at a position.

    It would not be a fantasy write up from me unless I was bashing Joey Potter somehow, and his fourth round pick was definitely worthy of some major criticism. He clearly did not learn after taking Matt Ryan in round five last year in not taking a decent, sure thing at quarterback or none at all in the early rounds when he snagged Flacco in round four. Flacco may have been there at the end of round six.

    Round 5:

    1. (Ckane) Inglorious Basterds : Michael Crabtree
    2. Team Potter: Wes Welker
    3. Team Athuridon: Jermichael Finley
    4. BobLoblaw’s LawBlog: CJ Spiller
    5. (Wraith) Rich Kotite’s Jets: Knowshon Moreno
    6. (hunterm) Ohio State Buckeyes: Mike Sims-Walker
    7. Favre Favre and More Favre: Jeremy Maclin
    8. Team AZChargers: Chad Ochocinco
    9. (Waffles) Manatee Cawks: Vernon Davis
    10. Team ChicagoJay: Hakeem Nicks
    11. (Walter) Epic Debaclation: Reggie Bush
    12. Team Vikingfan173: Jason Witten

    Round 6:

    1. Team Vikingfan173: Ahmad Bradshaw
    2. (Walter) Epic Debaclation: Ronnie Brown
    3. Team ChicagoJay: Santana Moss
    4. (Waffles) Manatee Cawks: Hines Ward
    5. Team AZChargers: Donald Driver
    6. Favre Favre and More Favre: Felix Jones
    7. (hunterm) Ohio State Buckeyes: Mike Wallace
    8. (Wraith) Rich Kotite’s Jets: Brent Celek
    9. BobLoblaw’s Lawblog: Johnny Knox
    10. Team Athuridon: Ricky Williams
    11. Team Potter: Pierre Garcon
    12. (Ckane) Inglorious Basterds: Tony Gonzalez

    My Picks: I could not resist taking a starting running back in an offense that is trying to be more run heavy (Knowshon Moreno) in round five. While he may be in effective for a week or two while he recovers from surgery, he will be a productive back this year who I can reliably start which is the most I can ask for in week five with competent drafters. In a league that I can start two tight ends, I needed a decent tight end who catches a lot of passes, which is why I took Celek.

    Best Pick: With Fred Jackson injured and Marshawn Lynch looking predictably terrible, CJ Spiller will be the team’s only back for a while. Getting the vast majority of a team’s running game is usually worth a first or second round pick.

    Worst Picks: As I said after last round, do not pick a player on a team, when there is a superior/more preferred player still on the board. Walter took Ronnie Brown, who was horrendous this preseason and is coming off an injury, over Ricky Williams, who looked more competent, while AZChargers took Ochocinco over Owens, who Palmer prefers to throw to. I am not sure what they are thinking but there is no reason to make fantasy football harder on yourself by not taking the best players available.

    Round 7:

    1. (Ckane) Inglorious Basterds : Marion Barber
    2. Team Potter: Zach Miller
    3. Team Athuridon: Lee Evans
    4. BobLoblaw’s LawBlog: Robert Meachem
    5. (Wraith) Rich Kotite’s Jets: Carnell Williams
    6. (hunterm) Ohio State Buckeyes: Justin Forsett
    7. Favre Favre and More Favre: Michael Bush
    8. Team AZChargers: Brandon Jacobs
    9. (Waffles) Manatee Cawks: Vincent Jackson
    10. Team ChicagoJay: Clinton Portis
    11. (Walter) Epic Debaclation: LaDainian Tomlinson
    12. Team Vikingfan173: Mike Williams (TB)

    Round 8:

    1. Team Vikingfan173: Chris Cooley
    2. (Walter) Epic Debaclation: Terrell Owens
    3. Team ChicagoJay: Fred Jackson
    4. (Waffles) Manatee Cawks: Jerome Harrison
    5. Team AZChargers: Kellen Winslow
    6. Favre Favre and More Favre: Brett Favre (You had to know this was coming)
    7. (hunterm) Ohio State Buckeyes: Steve Breaston
    8. (Wraith) Rich Kotite’s Jets: Jerricho Cotchery
    9. BobLoblaw’s Lawblog: Tim Hightower
    10. Team Athuridon: Matt Stafford
    11. Team Potter: Visanthe Shiancoe
    12. (Ckane) Inglorious Basterds: Derrick Mason

    My Picks: I have no idea why Carnell Williams is going so late when there really is not another running back on the Bucs that should take a lot of carries away (minus the top ten running back, Earnest Graham). Cotchery is the only Jets receiver worth taking as Sanchez likes to throw to Cotchery and Keller and that is about it.

    Best Picks: The Jerome Harrison pick was amazing as Hardesty got hurt this week so Harrison will be getting almost all of the touches in Cleveland’s backfield. Also, I have to give some credit to the Favre pick as he will likely have a very good season (at least as good as Flacco’s who was taken four rounds earlier). At the time the Bush pick would have been in here but he has since gotten injured. Finally my own Williams pick is in here for the aforementioned reasons.

    Worst Picks: I feel like a broken record when I say this, but why would you take the second string running back on a team (Forsett) over the starter (Washington). Since I know everyone in the draft reads this site, I have to begin to wonder if I missed the piece of fantasy advice that says take crappy players over better ones. If that was the case I should have taken Joe McKnight and Ted Ginn Junior.

    Round 9:

    1. (Ckane) Inglorious Basterds : Bernard Berrian
    2. Team Potter: TJ Houshmandzadeh
    3. Team Athuridon: Mike Thomas
    4. BobLoblaw’s LawBlog: Louis Murphy
    5. (Wraith) Rich Kotite’s Jets: Malcolm Floyd
    6. (hunterm) Ohio State Buckeyes: Chester Taylor
    7. Favre Favre and More Favre: Jabar Gaffney
    8. Team AZChargers: Jets D/ST
    9. (Waffles) Manatee Cawks: Braylon Edwards
    10. Team ChicagoJay: Mohamed Massaquoi
    11. (Walter) Epic Debaclation: Matt Ryan
    12. Team Vikingfan173: Darren Sproles

    Round 10:

    1. Team Vikingfan173: Dez Bryant
    2. (Walter) Epic Debaclation: Kevin Kolb
    3. Team ChicagoJay: Davone Bess
    4. (Waffles) Manatee Cawks: Thomas Jones
    5. Team AZChargers: Jay Cutler
    6. Favre Favre and More Favre: Montario Hardesty
    7. (hunterm) Ohio State Buckeyes: Santonio Holmes
    8. (Wraith) Rich Kotite’s Jets: Leon Washington
    9. BobLoblaw’s Lawblog: Donovan McNabb
    10. Team Athuridon: Julian Edelman
    11. Team Potter: Kenny Britt
    12. (Ckane) Inglorious Basterds: Donald Brown

    My Picks: I was thrilled to have Malcolm Floyd fall to me. A number one wide receiver in a prolific offense is a steal in round 9 and he could have a huge year if Jackson does not return. If Jackson does return he will have a decent year. Leon Washington is most likely going to be Seattle’s feature back with Justin Forsett sucking. A starting running back in round ten is a good deal to me.

    Best Pick: Malcolm Floyd will vastly out produce a ninth round pick. Louis Murphy and Massaquoi were also very good picks being number one wide receivers.

    Worst Picks: Well Joey Potter took Houshmandzadeh here who was unceremoniously cut by the Seahawks this past weekend. Team AZChargers took his defense already, one that is missing its best cornerback and pass rusher (read: only decent pass rusher) for some time. Plus there is no reason to take a starting defense this early. It looks like Potter is back to his 2009 form.

    Round 11:

    1. (Ckane) Inglorious Basterds : Devin Aromashodu
    2. Team Potter: Bengals D/ST
    3. Team Athuridon: Rashad Jennings
    4. BobLoblaw’s LawBlog: Legedu Naanee
    5. (Wraith) Rich Kotite’s Jets: Eli Manning
    6. (hunterm) Ohio State Buckeyes: Eddie Royal
    7. Favre Favre and More Favre: Steve Slaton
    8. Team AZChargers: Darren McFadden
    9. (Waffles) Manatee Cawks: Eagles D/ST
    10. Team ChicagoJay: Laurent Robinson
    11. (Walter) Epic Debaclation: Willis McGahee
    12. Team Vikingfan173: Nate Burleson

    Round 12:

    1. Team Vikingfan173: Laurence Maroney
    2. (Walter) Epic Debaclation: Devin Hester
    3. Team ChicagoJay: Brian Hartline
    4. (Waffles) Manatee Cawks: Ben Roethlisberger
    5. Team AZChargers: Devery Henderson
    6. Favre Favre and More Favre: Ravens D/ST
    7. (hunterm) Ohio State Buckeyes: Bernard Scott
    8. (Wraith) Rich Kotite’s Jets: Anthony Armstrong
    9. BobLoblaw’s Lawblog: Chad Henne
    10. Team Athuridon: Rob Gronkowski
    11. Team Potter: Matt Moore
    12. (Ckane) Inglorious Basterds: Roy Williams

    My Picks: I needed a backup quarterback, and Eli Manning is a quarterback without a decent running game and a bunch of good wide receivers. That is a recipe for fantasy success, especially as how the Giants defense is mediocre at best now which will mean that Eli will have to air it out more than the Giants would like. Manning is a quarterback I would have been okay with taking in round eight, so getting him three rounds later made me very happy. Armstrong is penciled in as the number two wide receiver for the Redskins and could have a decent year and is worth a late round flier.

    Best Pick: Jay has been bashed a lot in this fantasy football recap but he had two very good selections, both of wide receivers who could have decent years. The former (Robinson) needs to stay healthy for a change but is clearly Bradford’s best available target. Hartline also needs his quarterback to mature and to get more consistent hands. Two picks that have great potential.

    Worst Picks: Matt Moore? Really, Joey? You know he has been terrible in the preseason, right (which can often be a red flag in a quarterback competition) and can be yanked if the season turns south in favor of Jimmy Clausen. How about a quarterback with some decent upside, which is what should be drafted for in the later rounds like Josh Freeman or if you want a consistent quarterback, how about Kyle Orton who is better than Moore? And we wondered how you started 0-5 last year.

    Round 13:

    1. (Ckane) Inglorious Basterds : Sidney Rice
    2. Team Potter: Kevin Faulk
    3. Team Athuridon: Vince Young
    4. BobLoblaw’s LawBlog: Toby Gerhart
    5. (Wraith) Rich Kotite’s Jets: Cowboys D/ST
    6. (hunterm) Ohio State Buckeyes: Jermaine Gresham
    7. Favre Favre and More Favre: Josh Freeman
    8. Team AZChargers: Austin Collie
    9. (Waffles) Manatee Cawks: Packers D/ST
    10. Team ChicagoJay: Chris Chambers
    11. (Walter) Epic Debaclation: Correll Buckhalter
    12. Team Vikingfan173: Jacoby Jones

    Round 14:

    1. Team Vikingfan173: Giants D/ST
    2. (Walter) Epic Debaclation: Owen Daniels
    3. Team ChicagoJay: John Carlson
    4. (Waffles) Manatee Cawks: Nate Kaeding
    5. Team AZChargers: Steven Gostowski
    6. Favre Favre and More Favre: Kevin Smith
    7. (hunterm) Ohio State Buckeyes: Steelers D/ST
    8. (Wraith) Rich Kotite’s Jets: Jordan Shipley
    9. BobLoblaw’s Lawblog: 49ers D/ST
    10. Team Athuridon: Anthony Gonzalez
    11. Team Potter: Phil Dawson
    12. (Ckane) Inglorious Basterds: Javon Ringer

    My Picks: I have the Cowboys as one of my top rated defenses as they have three guys who get a bunch of sacks every year (Ratiff, Spencer and Ware) and the rest of their defense is decent. Shipley is an upside pick as Palmer has liked to target him a lot and he acts as a slot receiver and could catch a lot of passes this year which is the most I could hope for of a 14th rounder in a PPR league.

    Best Picks: A bunch of good upside picks were made including: Shipley, Gonzalez, Freeman and Gresham. In the later rounds upside is what you are targeting so any pick you make now that has a chance at overtaking a starter is a good pick.

    Worst Picks: Good God, Joey. How many times do you want to end up in this blurb? It is a bad enough to take a kicker early but to take one that is normally going undrafted because he is on an anemic offense is just moronic. Seriously, Joey, what the hell were you thinking? The other two people who took kickers in round 14 get honorable mentions for this category.

    Round 15:

    1. (Ckane) Inglorious Basterds : Vikings D/ST
    2. Team Potter: Ben Watson
    3. Team Athuridon: Texans D/ST
    4. BobLoblaw’s LawBlog: Nate Washington
    5. (Wraith) Rich Kotite’s Jets: Mason Crosby
    6. (hunterm) Ohio State Buckeyes: Fred Davis
    7. Favre Favre and More Favre: Greg Olsen
    8. Team AZChargers: Marshawn Lynch
    9. (Waffles) Manatee Cawks: Kevin Walter
    10. Team ChicagoJay: Ryan Longwell
    11. (Walter) Epic Debaclation: Saints D/ST
    12. Team Vikingfan173: Alex Smith

    Round 16:

    1. Team Vikingfan173: Rob Bironas
    2. (Walter) Epic Debaclation: David Akers
    3. Team ChicagoJay: Chargers D/ST
    4. (Waffles) Manatee Cawks: Joey Galloway
    5. Team AZChargers: Early Doucet
    6. Favre Favre and More Favre: Garrett Hartley
    7. (hunterm) Ohio State Buckeyes: Robbie Gould
    8. (Wraith) Rich Kotite’s Jets: Michael Hoomanawanui
    9. BobLoblaw’s Lawblog: Sebastian Janikowski
    10. Team Athuridon: Shayne Graham
    11. Team Potter: Anthony Dixon
    12. (Ckane) Inglorious Basterds: Lawrence Tynes

    My Picks: I wanted an accurate kicker on what looked like it would be a prolific offense this year. Crosby seemed the best kicker available who would fit that bill. Michael Hoomanawanui seems to have some upside as Bradford likes to throw to him and that when Laurent Robinson inevitably gets injured Michael Hoomanawanui would be the only legitimate target for Bradford to throw to. That and I wanted to draft someone with that long of a last name.

    Best Pick: Nate Washington has been having a very good camp and looks like he may emerge as the number one wide receiver for the Titans meaning that there is a good chance that he can be a productive player for Bobloblaw’s team.

    Worst Pick: I am convinced that Joey is just drafting random Browns players now. Ben Watson sucks and is not the best receiving tight end on the Browns (that would be Evan Moore). Watson was not productive with the Patriots who have better weapons, a better quarterback and a better, well, everything. Maybe Joey just likes losing. That is the only explanation I have for some of these picks. Joey Galloway would make this list, but I know he was autopicked from ESPN’s crappy rankings.