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Super Bowl XLVI Live In-Game Thread

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  • Super Bowl XLVI Live In-Game Thread

    New York Giants (12-7) vs. New England Patriots (15-3)
    Line: Patriots by 3. Total: 54.5.

    Discuss here.

    I'll also have my live annual Super Bowl blog here -
    2016 NFL Mock Draft

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    Giants - 30
    Pats - 27
    pheltzbahr 2016 NFL Mock


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      I called the Giants to win right before the playoffs started. Gonna stick with it.


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        Everyone is picking the Giants.
        2016 NFL Mock Draft

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          Ne 49, nyg 7.


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            Originally posted by Walter View Post
            Everyone is picking the Giants.
            Among my local friends it's all Pats all the time.


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              Giants 63
              Pats 0

              It's unleash the dragon time yall


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                Supa Bol.


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                  Originally posted by RoflDogs View Post
                  Giants 63
                  Pats 0
                  Are you serious bro


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                    I said the spread should be Giants+3.5.

                    I'll cry if the Patriots don't win, though.

                    edit: The last team to score will win the game and that score will happen in the last 5 minutes of the game.

                    I'll take Giants 20, Patriots 24.

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                      Time for some prop bets.

                      Henry Hynoski under 4.5 rushing/receiving combined +100
                      Bet 1u to win 1u
                      Comments: Strictly fading Cousin Sal's Gary Russell Memorial Prop Bet of the Year. Easy Money

                      Hakeem Nicks catches a pass before Rob Gronkowski -105
                      Bet 1.05u to win 1u
                      Comment: Giants will probably get the ball first, so he's got that edge along with the obvious issue of Gronk's health.

                      Eli Manning WILL throw a third quarter TD pass +160
                      Bet 1u to win 1.6u
                      Comment: Strictly playing the odds. I'm guessing this line is set based on some meaningless small sample trend.

                      Mario Manningham OVER 3.5 receptions +130
                      Bet 1u to win 1.3u
                      Mario Manningham OVER 45.5 yards -115
                      Bet 1.15u to win 1u
                      Mario Manning will score first touchdown of the game +1500
                      Bet .5u to win 7.5u
                      Comment: I'm going all in on Manningham. I like his matchup coming out of the slot.

                      Wes Welker OVER 7 receptions -120
                      Bet 1.2u to win 1u
                      Wes Welker OVER 81.5 receiving yards -115
                      Bet 1.15u to win 1u
                      Comment: Ditto. Welker has always gone nuts against the Giants and if there's any issue with Gronk he'll benefit statistically.

                      Jake Ballard UNDER 2.5 receptions +100
                      Bet 1u to win 1u
                      Comment: The line's inflated since he did so well in the last game against the Patriots, but the Giants should go to more 3 wide and spread formations this time around.

                      Giants OVER 2.5 sacks -125
                      Bet 2.5u to win 2u
                      Comment: http://thesportscommentator.files.wo...uck-090908.jpg

                      The winning coach will get dumped with ORANGE Gatorade +275
                      Bet .5u to win 1.38u
                      Comment: My second favorite stupid bet to throw money away on every year

                      I couldn't find my favorite "even/odd jersey number will score first TD" prop


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                        Even if I wasn't a Pats fan, I'd want to see the Giants lose simply because of all their **** talk and the media's dicksucking.
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                          I love the legacies that'll be effected by this game. If the Pats win, it ends 'they can't win SBs after Spygate', it ends any concerns over Brady winning a SB without a dominant D, it prolly makes Brady/BB the best coach/QB combo ever, and on and on. If the Giants win, I think it makes Coughlin a HOF coach(debatable but he has a very nice resume), Eli surpasses Peyton in rings in the house Peyton built, he knocks off Brady yet again, etc etc.

                          Even sans Packers, I am really gonna enjoy watching this game.


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                            I hope both teams lose.
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                              Originally posted by SanchoPanza View Post
                              Are you serious bro
                              Rofl is always serious.