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A future signing so crazy it just might work

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  • A future signing so crazy it just might work

    I know this is a longshot, and it might sound stupid, but I really think the Patriots should go after Colin Kaepernick. That'd take some of the pressure off Tom Brady just in case he gets hurt. I still don't understand why they traded Jimmy Garappolo to the 49ers, but it'd be really ironic if they signed Kaepernick. I don't know how well he'd get along with Bill Belichick. I'm not saying this just to get attention, but I only think it makes sense if that they sign Kaepernick. Like I said, this might be a longshot, but would the Patriots actually do the unthinkable and sign Colin Kaepernick?

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    If Brady got hurt then maybe, but I don't see Kap and Bill getting along too well. Though if anybody could get Kap to win games it would be Bill. My only guess about Garappolo is that the Pats are looking to find a QB for the future and don't think that he was it, so they took what they could get. Probably going to draft a QB high to groom as a possible successor. Then again, its the Pats.


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      He's a single read and run QB that can't play anymore now that he's been figured out.
      Flinchy McTapQwik