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    What prospect do you think fits like a glove with a certain team's style of play? I feel like every mocker has an original pick or two that they mock up and then fall in love with. I'm particularly interested in what the homers have to say about which offensive or defensive lineman or defensive backs they think would be a perfect fit with their team's style. You don't have to worry about what pick they would have to take them with, or who they already have on their roster. I just want to know what people think based on the player's styles: any prospect, any position. Give an explanation.

    I'll give you guys an example - I think Pat White would be a perfect fit in Miami. He would be a total BEAST in their wildcat formation.

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    I'd say Michael Crabtree anywhere fits like a glove.


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      Aaron Curry in Detroit.

      No, Tyson Jackson in Green Bay, I cannot see them going anywhere else, we need a 5 technique, he is a 5 technique.
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        Chris Wells would be perfect for the Jets. Wells and Jones (probably his last year with his current contract) would be a powerful one two punch that would allow the Jets to control the clock, keeping their defense fresh.


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          NT Ron Brace would be perfect in Atlanta. He could plug up the middle beautifully for them.
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            I will drop a duece if the raiders come up with Eugene Monroe or somehow Michael Oher...

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              Aaron Curry's versatility is the perfect match for the Patriots and the Chiefs.


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                Clint Sintim seems like someone who would be a perfect fit in NE's system.


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                  Matt Stafford in Detroit.


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                    Originally posted by PuppyPuncher View Post
                    Aaron Curry's versatility is the perfect match for the Patriots and the Chiefs.
                    Is there really a team he doesn't fit?


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                      Connor Barwin - Pats (basically the same reason as the above LBs to the Patriots: Versatility. It's been said on the forums before, he just seems like the next Mike Vrabel)
                      Peria Jerry - Colts (Big enough to hold up against the run but athletic enough to thrive in their scheme)

                      These aren't really that original though. One that no one's mentioned that I actually wouldn't mind seeing is Bryan Robiskie to Indy. He reminds me a lot of Marvin but with more size. Like Harrison, he's not a burner but still has good speed and is just a really good football player who runs great routes, has nice hands and is, this might sound weird, really graceful. Makes it all look so easy, which, for me, is the epitome of Marvin. Unfortunately, it is hard to see a scenario where he is still around at 29 in the Second Round. Maybe though.
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                        Originally posted by Joey_Potter View Post
                        NT Ron Brace would be perfect in Atlanta. He could plug up the middle beautifully for them.
                        outside of the fact he doesn't fit the cover 2 need of pass rushing from the NT spot. I think Moala is a better fit for NT for us than Brace is.

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                          a few to Atlanta that I just see:
                          DE Michael Johnson
                          S Chip Vaughn
                          LB Nic Harris

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                            Nic Harris, as a SS/LB "tweener" appears to fit with the Patriot tradition - Milloy, Harrison and (would-be) Tank Williams. But I'm no longer certain that they aren't going away from that toward a SS who's more of a FS/SS/CB hybrid, perhaps like Sean Smith, though he may be a bit overrated (?).

                            If so, this may also mean they'd be looking for an LB or two who excels in coverage, especially of TEs and RBs in pass patterns.


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                              Kenny Britt - Steelers

                              Loves to block and is a big physical target