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Heroes Thread - Spoilers for Episode 20 (Scroll down for it)

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    nice. heroes thread. i'm down.
    that last episode was pimp. best scene when hiro went back in time one minute, saw another painting of him getting hit with a shovel. then the shaman hits him again, then walks by and hits past hiro. hilarious.
    walter you have some good theories/predictions. close on clair shooting her adopted mom, but her adopted mom ends up shooting her. very clever.
    siena, blasphemy is right. keep the pics coming. forget these haters. baby got back.
    haha, from the pantierie video 'nobody ****s with mccain' nice.
    It's sad that canadians follow american politics more than our own. but come on. Pamela Anderson never said ' nobody ****s with jean chretien'


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      So Sylar knew the only way for Peter to get out (since he doesn't have powers) would be to throw him out the window but slow him down so he didn't die. The curious thing though is that Arthur definitely figured this out, but didn't do anything about it. I guess he just thinks he will be able to convert Sylar to his side in time, so then he can use him as a weapon instead of fighting himself and risking his life.

      Another thing I'm confused about is how Daphne expects to keep from Parkman that she is still working for Pinehurst and trying to recruit him or bring him there. The scene where Parkman created the illusion was pretty awesome though.

      How does Nathan expect to be able to "kick down doors" at Pinehurst when his only ability is flight? Seriously, the place is a stronghold, he's going to get himself caught, sapped of his powers and used as a test subject.
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        I just saw the new episode on Hulu.

        I'm not sold on your point klunker18. I think Peter living and actually healing decently has to do with Claire. She even admitted to evolving she might be able to emit some short-radius healing wave. I dunno just a hunce.

        I feel Sylar is a bad guy again at least that would be cool. He's better bad than good.

        I knew after Parkman got "killed" it was an illusion, no way he dies anytime soon. As we talked about earlier in this thread he is the best protagonist at the moment.

        I'm curious what Daphne is still afraid of? She meants she is afraid to go back, but where? She is cute and all but the mole on her nose looks really weird on close ups.

        I also knew Elle on a plane = lots of trouble. C'mon Claire electricity that she can't control well on a plane? At least she's hot and can't be killed, cause Claire is an idiot. Elle is an idiot too, but we all knew that.

        Sucks that Maury Parkman died, turned out he was just trying to protect Matt the entire time. Guess he wasn't that bad after all.

        So the roots of a Tamboti Tree and Hyena Dung mixed together will let you see the future? Better get some of that for Rod Marinelli to let him know if he doesn't do something soon he will have no job for next season.
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          I think either Arthur or Sylar saved Peter’s life. Claire and Elle need to make out.

          Maury may have pulled the same trick as Matt but I’m guessing he didn’t.


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            Maury and the Parkmans

            I was actually thinking about the same thing as El Guapo. What if Maury made his death an illusion for Daphne and Knox? I don't think that happened, but it would be cool if it did. Maury was a cool bad guy. It was odd to see him defend his son like that. It's almost as if he wanted off the show and the writers had to kill him off somehow.

            I liked that fake scene with Parkman and Daphne. I knew Parkman wasn't dead, but I forgot he had that ability. It's a shame he was double-crossed in the end. I agree that Daphne is cute, but that thing on her nose bothers me as well.

            Peter's Fall

            With Sylar throwing Peter out of the window, I found that odd because Arthur asked Blue Fire guy to bring Peter to him alive. Why would he suddenly want Peter to die? Maybe Arthur was the one who saved Peter's life?

            VB, I think that's a possiblility with Claire being able to heal others like Linderman. That would be cool. She was saying how she was losing all feelings. That's kind of how Linderman's personality was. He was the coldest man ever.

            The thing is, Peter said, "I didn't hit the ground as hard as I should have," meaning either Sylar or Arthur slowed him down.

            Lesbian Love?

            When Elle and Claire were on the plane, I thought they were going to crash, leaving Claire as the lone survivor. I don't know what Claire was thinking, bringing her on the plane. When they were holding hands, it was kind of hot. I agree that they need to make out.

            Nathan Kicking Down Doors

            Why didn't Peter tell Nathan about Sylar being their brother? It's just going to set up another "OMG I can't believe Sylar is my brother" moment.

            What Nathan needs to do is bring the Haitian to Pinehearst. Arthur is no match for the Haitian. But yeah, flight is pretty useless when you're trying to kick someone's ass.

            Hiro Eats Dung

            I'm looking forward to the next episode. But damn you election for making us wait two weeks! It looks like Hiro is going to travel back in time and see everything that happened in the past.

            I'm looking forward to seeing Arthur's supposed death. I also want to see other members of the company, includng Isaac Mendez's father. I'm curious to see what their powers were.
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              We also get Sylar's background which involves Elle somehow. I read in magazine there will a cool scene in a kitchen.


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                Claire (Hayden) Pic of the week:

                It would be a better pic without that doucebag Milo Ventimiglia. You suck at acting!

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                    “Heroes” Shake-Up, Loeb & Alexander Out
                    by Jonah Weiland, Executive Producer

                    A major shake-up for the “Heroes” production staff took place this weekend, as writers/co-executive producers Jesse Alexander and Jeph Loeb have been let go from the program, this according to a report Sunday evening from Variety.

                    Both writers/producers have been with the show since its inception and have been instrumental in the production, running day-to-day operations under the guidance of series creator Tim Kring.

                    The change comes at a critical moment for the program, which has struggled in the ratings in its third season, down from Season Two, amid complaints from fans and critics about the direction of the program. According to Variety, the duo were “let go because of [NBC] execs' frustration with the creative direction of the show.”

                    Sunday evening, CBR News spoke exclusively with Loeb who said, “As of today, Jesse Alexander and I have left ‘Heroes.’ I'm incredibly proud to have been a big part of the success a show with eight Emmy nods and a win this year for I will miss the superb cast and writing staff and wish everyone the best.”

                    Loeb has completed writing/producing the fall finale, the last episode of the “Villains” chapter titled “War.”

                    Alexander commented on the dismissal Sunday evening on his blog. "I write this with a heavy heart. As of today I am no longer a writer/producer on 'Heroes.' I could not be prouder of all the work I did on the show and wish all my Heroic Scribbler pals the very best."


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                      I think we can all agree that Claire and Elle need to make out.

                      Elie is in Sylar's past? They supposedly end up married in the future, but I didn't know they had a past.

                      I agree with whoever questioned Daphne's ability to keep it from Parkman that she is double crossing him to Pinehearst. She hasn't really demonstrated any superior intelligence and obviously doesn't want to be doing it so I don't see how she would be able to keep him out of her head.
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                        So the Company let Sylar do his thing just to study him. Sets up a nice reunion with Elle. Claire won’t be happy if Elle lets her know her know her dad helped Sylar become what he is.

                        It was cool how they tied in season 1. Good character stuff in the episode.


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                          Solid episode. Damn Arthur Petrelli is a bad ass. End of the episode was the best part.
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                            Claire pic of the week:

                            God Bless America!
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                              I thought the episode was very good...

                              There were two glaring plot holes.

                              Plot Hole 1:

                              Arthur Petrelli died before the show started, correct? If so, why was he living right before HRG and Mohinder met, and Claire ran into that fire? Wasn't he dead six months before that? I guess the writers can say that they were jumping time periods. It was just strange.

                              Plot Hole 2:

                              Why didn't Sylar recognize Elle when he was trying to "Sylar" her before she short-circuited the power, allowing all the cons to escape from Level 5? Given how he felt for her, I don't think he would have tried to kill her, despite her powers. Or maybe he felt betrayed by her.

                              I think it would have been cool if he said something like "you're going to pay for betraying me" when they met each other in Level 5, making the audience go, "Wow! How do they know each other!?"


                              Sad Times

                              African Isaac is dead. I'm very upset. I thought he was a cool dude.

                              Hiro Screaming Like a Girl

                              Anyone else find this amusing?

                              Arthur used Peter's ability to travel to Africa, but how did he know where to find Hiro and African Isaac?

                              Say goodbye to your powers, Hiro... unless Ando suddenly realizes his own powers and stops Arthur somehow. I don't know, something's going to happen. We all know Hiro can't die.

                              Three Down, One to Go:

                              I guess we now know that African Isaac drew Sylar in the top right of the picture. It didn't look like Sylar, but I guess it is because the whole point of the show was to look at the background of the four new villians.

                              Erm, three new villains? What happened to Nox? I'd like to know some background on him.

                              BTW, I thought it was cool that Flint and Meredith are siblings, and the connect they made with Meredith torching the train and Claire running into it was awesome, despite the aforementioned plot hole.

                              The Company

                              I liked seeing Arthur and Linderman being devious together.

                              However, I was pretty disappointed that they didn't introduce any other members of the Company. I would have at least liked to have seen Isaac Mendez's father, who is rumored to still be alive.

                              The Eclipse

                              I did notice that the heroes obtained their powers when the eclipse showed up. That's also when Adam Monroe became invincible.

                              Arthur seemed pretty concerned about it. Will more people get new powers?

                              Can't wait for next week.

                              Theory of the Week

                              I'm going back to the Hiro-Ando thing. We've never seen Ando show those emotions that seem to spark the powers for the first time. I think he'll freak out at seeing his best friend getting killed, which will reveal his cool red laser-shooting powers.
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                                VB your pic is not working.
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