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  • #46
    Up $284.28

    I'm excited I get to bet on Skelton. I think he wins this game.

    $60 to win $147.85

    Cardinals +3
    Browns +1


    • #47
      $20 parlay to win $$94.55

      Cowboys -7
      Jets ML


      • #48
        Up $204.28

        I felt like I got run over with a bulldozer last week. I was stuck in a bar for a birthday thing watching the Giants game on the big screen with all the other games on different televisions. I had to stand there and restrain myself while I wanted to reap mass destruction on everything around me. How could you not be ready for a ****ing onside kick? The place was just in shock, you had to see it. I went straight home and went into hibernations for a few days. I couldn’t listen to the radio, read the newspaper, or go on the internet much. Time to move on. As with all other heartbreaks in sports, it goes into the memory banks which make sports special. I also had to watch me lose all my bets all day, that Cowboy game hurt too. My gambling season will be going down with the Giants if they don’t respond, which I fully expect them too. Justin Tuck does a weekly radio interview every Monday. He’s soft spoken but smart, and knows what he’s talking about. He’s taken on a leadership role like Eli has. He’s everything you could want on and off the field. This team is in good hands and I expect to see it this Sunday.

        $250 to win $217.39
        Giants +3


        • #49
          I need something on the 1:00 games

          $30 parlay to win $$65.54
          Lions +4
          Redskins +7


          • #50
            Up $19.62

            Looks like I will have a losing year, have to get lucky this week

            $50 parlay to win $128.26
            Bengals +10
            Cardinals +6

            I only get the Jets game on tv

            $25 to win $61.37
            Raiders +4
            Bills +3
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            • #51
              Down $55.38

              $25 parlay to win $65.00
              Seahawks +11
              Colts -3

              $40 parlay to win $85.21
              Ravens -3
              Packers +3
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              • #52
                Ravens wont cover. but good luck


                • #53
                  Up $4.83

                  $75 parlay to win $164.35
                  Packers +3
                  Seahawks +10


                  • #54
                    $30 parlay to win 82.17
                    Ravens +3
                    Jets +9


                    • #55
                      Down $100.17

                      $75 parlay to win $160.71
                      Bears +4
                      Steelers -3


                      • #56
                        Down $175.17

                        Going down in flames. I'm not stopping now, the year is almost over

                        $50 to win $43.48
                        Steelers -4


                        • #57
                          Down $131.69

                          $75 to win $78.75
                          Packers -3

                          $13 to win $156.00
                          James Jones first player to score a td


                          • #58
                            Down 65.64 for the year.

                            I went with Jones over Nelson. The best way to describe this football year for me would be disappointing. Between this, the Giants and fantasy, all three should have ended up better.