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Should I Try to Trade For Brady for Playoff Push?

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  • Should I Try to Trade For Brady for Playoff Push?

    My team is 2 games back of the last playoff spot with 3 weeks left.

    My team looks like...

    QB-Keenum (HOU)
    RB-Lynch (SEA)
    RB-Johnson (TEN)
    RB/WR-Vereen (NE)
    WR-Allen (SD)
    WR-Austin (STL)
    TE-Carlson (MIN)
    FLEX-Rainey (tB)
    FLEX-Boykins (GB)

    WR-Mathews (MIA)
    WR-Boldin (SF)
    WR-Douglas (ATL)
    WR-Little (ClLE)
    WR-Manninham (SF)
    TE-Eifert (CIN)

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    I offered Vereen & Boykin for Brady & Donald Brown.


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      I can't imagine anyone would go for that trade. Where are they getting better in that deal? You're giving them a backup RB coming off a long injury and a guy that is useless when Cobb comes back soon for the #1 RB on the Colts and Tom Brady. Unless this guy has Peyton Manning and Drew Brees as backups and hates Donald Brown with every inch of his being, you don't stand a chance of getting this done.


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