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  • 2015 Rate My Team Thread

    I figure I might as well get this started. Had my draft last night in a sort of weird scoring league. The commissioner is a n00b and decided that everything should get points (there's punter points in a non-punter league), so it's hard to know what to call the scoring. Major differences are 6 points for passing TDs, 2 points for every 5 receptions (similar to a 0.5 PPR), and bonuses for large yardage (rushing or receiving) touchdowns, or total yardage over 100 or 200. It's a 10 team league and I was drafting 4th in the snake. The commissioner has mentioned that there will be keepers going into next season, but didn't specify how many or what that will entail. Either way, I tried to target younger players when possible. I feel good about my RB and WR situation, but my QB and TE positions leave a bit to desired.

    QB: Matt Ryan and Tony Romo (not wild about these, but QBs were being overdrafted due to the points boost)
    RB: Eddie Lacy, Lamar Miller, Todd Gurley, Andre Ellington, Doug Martin
    WR: Julio Jones, Randall Cobb, Julian Edelman, Jeremy Maclin, Martavis Bryant
    TE: Dwayne Allen, Austin Sefarian-Jenkins
    D/ST: Colts (playing matchups: their first five offenses are Buffalo, Jets, Titans, Jacksonville, and the Texans)
    K: Matt Prater

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    I hope the RB situation is great, it's the same as mine. My league is a 17-year-old dynasty league and I'm the defending champ. Standard scoring, 10 teams, deep rosters. We start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DST. We have a separate rookie draft where we get 5 guys. If we don't use them all season, we can keep 2 of them in addition to our 5 "regular roster" keepers.

    QB - Drew Brees, Ryan Tannehill, Tyrod Taylor
    RB - Eddie Lacy, Lamar Miller, Todd Gurley, Isaiah Crowell, Terrance West, CJ Spiller, Mike Davis, Thomas Rawls
    WR - Demaryius Thomas, Antonio Brown, Sammy Watkins, Kelvin Benjamin (named as rookie keeper before injury), Kendall Wright, Marvin Jones, Philly Brown, Robert Woods, Jaelen Strong
    TE - Martellus Bennett, Kyle Rudolph, Jordan Reed
    K - Justin Tucker
    DST - Bengals


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      Erm, dynasty? You're only keeping 7 of 25 players.

      QB: All look good. Like Tannehill's youth and Taylor's upside.

      RB: First htree should be studs for a long time. Would have opted, if possible, for Duke/Crowell instead of West/Crowell, but that's good enough. Like Spiller and Rawls, IDK who Davis is.

      WR: Stacked. I mean, there's issues with Philly brown but outside of that I really don't see a hole there.

      TE: Depth here should have nice upside. I like it.


      As for mine, 3WR, 8 team, standard. This is after one trade I made. We can keep up to three players next year, this year I kept Brown, Forsett, and Hilton.

      QB: Romo

      RB: Lacy, Forsett, Morris, Ivory, Abdullah, Yeldon

      WR: Antonio Brown, Julio, Hilton, Hopkins, Robinson, Landry

      TE: Gronkowski

      K: Tucker

      DST: Arizona

      An opponent said he'll rethink Romo+Landry+(Robinson or Ivory) for Luck after Week 1. Is that a better trade for me that simply Romo+Hopkins for Luck>


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        The first trade keeps the top end of your depth intact better, but IMO either of those trades is a pretty big win for you. They don't touch your starters or primary backups and you upgrade to a top 2 QB. You would potentially own the top point scorer at each position.


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          That's not a "deep league", BillsFan.


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            I just completed my last two fantasy drafts. Both are 10 team leagues. Here's my auction draft. It was my first time with this format and I tried a strategy that seemed to work of nominating players I didn't want, but would get high bids to try and sap available money from others. This league is ESPN standard scoring.

            QB: Ryan Tannehill, Philip rivers
            RB: Eddie Lacy, Lamar Miller, Andre Ellington, Bishop Sankey, Ammer Abdullah
            WR: Calvin Johnson, Odell Beckham Jr., Martavis Bryant, Stevie Johnson
            TE: Greg Olson, Tyler Eifert
            D/ST: Rams, Colts
            K: Matt Bryant

            My other league is 10 team with 0.5 PPR, standard snake (I was 3rd)

            QB: Andrew Luck, Marcus Mariota
            RB: Le'Veon Bell, Todd Gurley, Ameer Abdullah, TJ Yeldon, Ryan Mathews
            WR: Brandin Cooks, Allen Robinson, Shane Vereen, Martavis Bryant, Roddy White
            TE: Jimmy Graham
            D/ST: Dolphins
            K: Matt Prater


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              10 team league, standard

              QB- Matt Ryan
              RB- Lamar Miller
              RB- Adrian Peterson
              WR- D. Thomas
              WR- Jeremy Maclin
              TE- Martellus Bennent

              BN- Alfred Blue
              BN- Ameer Abdullah
              BN- Joseph Randle
              BN- TJ Yeldon
              BN- Tre Mason
              BN- Davante Adams
              BN- Vincent Jackson

              I regret taking Randle so early now but I like the fact that I have a lot of depth at RB, week 1 I'm going to roll with Adams in the flex.
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