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  • 32 Team Dynasty Interest

    Hey guys, I came here a few years ago looking for people for a 32 team dynasty league and I got a few of you guys and Ethan stuck around and is a really great owner. Including winning it all last year! That post has the most views for a non-sticky post with 8k. During that process some people suggested that they would be interested in joining in a WalterFootball 32 team dynasty.

    I've been thinking about starting up a league but I want to gauge interest of people who want to join before I put in all the work to start it up.

    Anyway these are features and rules I feel strongly about and will likely make it in.

    .5 PPR
    Real Teams -- My idea for this was to inherit the Packers for instant but to help balance at the beginning you only keep a certain amount of players for that team, the rest then go into a league wide draft to fill out their teams. This will help GMs who inherit bottom feeder NFL teams to be on relatively similar footing as teams who pick the Packers, Broncos etc.

    Let me know if you would be interested in this sort of league and if you joined what are some features/rules you would like to have in it.

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    In of course


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      This was posted last year but I think we should get this thread back up and running. It would be cool to have a 32 team dynasty league. I'm in