E-mail from Andrew H.:

I got frustrated while watching DeAngelo Williams, a fantasy monster, stay shackled against the Eagles because he plays on a team with a fiery, turnover prone QB with a reconstructed arm.

Then I got to thinking, it's not really Jake Delhomme's fault. It's Carolina's GM's fault. He's the one who hasn't made an attempt to address the QB position (even going back to 07 when they had to exume Vinny Testaverde's corpse to play QB for them, the subsequent 08 draft, which would have made perfect sense as the time to draft a legitimate franchise QB, seeing as how the franchise had just suffered a season-long QB injury-filled debacle, but no). Let alone giving Delhomme a contract extension with $20M in guarantees after he spit the bit in epic fashion in the playoffs.

That's why I'm nominating the Panthers GM, whoever the hell that is, for Jerk of the Week.

Condensed version of my case:

2007 Delhomme injury, Testaverde reanimation, presenting the 08 Draft as a perfect QB draft.

2008 draft, takes Jon Stewart (when they already have Deangelo Williams) instead of Joe Flacco (when the only have Jake D)

2008 playoffs, most embarrassing self-debaclization by one player ever, followed by extension of that player's contract with $20M in guaranteed money (instead of just releasing him and starting Joe Flacco in year two)

2009 Hamstrings DeAngelo Williams fantasy value with terrible QB play (instead of Joe Flacco), and pseudo-RBBC with injury-prone backup but genetic freak the Daily Show.

I know all of Carolina/Delhomme's games won't be as bad as that one, but I hate Carolina's GM. What a douche.