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Thread: Where better for Haynesworth?

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    Where better for Haynesworth?

    Washington isn't going to get any value for him given that everyone in the league knows they don't want him and he doesn't want to be there.

    His contract is cheap over the next 3 years ($16M over 3 years).

    He has character issues.

    Welcome to Cincinnati Albert.

    Bengals trade 3rd & 4th round picks for Albert. Bengals select best DE or S on the board in the 2nd, the best OLB 3rd round compensatory pick, and get either a DE or S with the 4th round compensatory pick (whichever not addressed in the second).

    Leaves them to just go with athletic upside people in the 5-7 picks.

    No large holes left on the roster.

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    3rd and 4th? Yeah right, you're gonna have to offer more than that for a guy of that calibur

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    Albert to the Titans for a 3rd?!?!
    The NFL has JUST been put on notice....

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    Because clearly drafting any player automatically fills the need of his respective position.


    WHY THE **** ARE PEOPLE SO ****ING DUMB!?!?!?!! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!

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