Holy crap, I just got about a dozen e-mails from Broncos fans who called me an idiot for my season preview. I thought that grouping them together on here would be nice (a la the Lions-Matthew Stafford debaclization last year). Note that some of my responses are duplicates because responding to lots of e-mails takes time.

From Fax:

This is so much of your analysis about the Broncos that is wrong. However, I will focus on just your statement that the Broncos have replaced Cutler, Marshall and Scheffler with Orton, Thomas and Branson. This is simplistic and wrong. Cutler is replaced by Orton and Tebow (Orton had a better year last year to boot). Marshall is replaced quite nicely by Gaffney, Thomas, Decker and Royal. Scheffler hasn’t done much in his career and doesn’t need to be replaced.
So, here is where the Broncos stand to date in the trades of Jay Cutler, Tony Scheffler and Brandon Marshall:
Broncos have received:
Kyle Orton (Cutler trade)
Robert Ayers (Cutler trade)
Richard Quinn or David Bruton (Cutler 3rd Rounder and Broncos 3rd Rounder were traded for Richard Quinn and Bruton)
Demaryius Thomas (Cutler trade)
Tim Tebow (BMarsh and Cutler trade)
Eric Decker (Cutler Trade)
Miami's 2011 2nd Rounder (BMarsh Trade)
Perrish Cox (Scheffler Trade)

Broncos have traded:
Brandon Marshall
Tony Scheffler
2009 5th Rounder (Cutler Trade)
2010 4th Rounder (Tebow trade)
2010 7th Rounder (Scheffler Trade)

This looks like it will be quite a haul.

My Response:

Thanks for the e-mail, but you completely misinterpreted what that was supposed to mean. I didn't say he traded Cutler, Marshall and Scheffler for those three players. I said he replaced Cutler, Marshall and Scheffler with those three. If you scroll down and look at the transaction log, you'll see that I didn't mean how you think I interpreted it. Trust me, running this Web site is my full-time job and I watched most Broncos games last year. I know they didn't swap those three straight up.