I would like to thank everyone who doubted the Seahawks. You just made some hardcore Seahawks fans and "risky" betters a lot of money. Because the Seahawks beating the favored division champs, and quite decisively I might say, I just wanted to hear what people thought about this game and if anyone has a change of opinion after it.

I will admit that the Seahawks still need to get their run game going pretty desperately, but then again they were playing against the 49ers. On a happier note the Seahawks D was able to make Alex Smith, who many thought would have a break out year this season, look like a fool as well as shut down Frank Gore, Michael Crabtree, and to some extent Vernon Davis. The defense also managed to accumulate 2 INTs (1 for a TD) as well as pressure Smith (although only posting 2 sacks). I wont even get into the run defense that limited the Niners to 2.6 ypc.

As for the offense Hasselbeck made an early mistake with an INT on the first play from scrimmage, but followed it up with 2 TDs through the air, 1 TD on the ground, a 78.3% comp, and a QB Rating of 108.3. Oh and only sacked 1 time with freaking Polumbus playing LT. Forsett managed 43 yds on 7 carries (6.1 ypc), although Orange Julius still had the most carries with 8 (seriously Carroll?). Mike Williams looked great, Deon butler caught a TD on a fantastic route, Carlson had some trouble but got it going late in the game, and even Dieon Branch had a pretty snazzy TD catch that left Carroll looking dumbfounded.

Is this enough of a statement for people to stop *****ing about how bad the Seahawks are? Maybe not quite yet, but it certainly has to change the mindset of most towards Pete Carroll, Matt Hasselbeck, and the Seattle Seahawks. We will have to wait and see how they do on the road because it is obvious Quest Field and the North West fans have quite an influence on the outcome of games, but this is a great sign and hopefully enough to turn some heads.

Now that I am done with my homeristic rant I would love to hear what everyone else's thoughts are on this game. One must also take into account that this could be a sign that the Niners aren't what they were built up to be. None the less this outcome should make any Seahawks fan proud.

EDIT: (BTW I have been out of town for the weekend and really didn't feel like sifting through the week 1 live in game thread for thoughts and opinions on the Seahawks game. Sorry for the inconvenience but I thought a showing of this caliber deserved some individual attention)