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Thread: Finley to I.R. / more new Injuries -.-

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    Finley to I.R. / more new Injuries -.-

    kareemcopeland It's official, finley to IR. Anthony smith to 53-man roster. #packers
    8 minutes ago

    If you havent dropped him yet , do it now !
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    Poor Packers.

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    Finley going on IR
    Posted by Mike Spofford on October 18, 2010 – 11:54 am

    Head Coach Mike McCarthy said during his Monday press conference that TE Jermichael Finley would be going on injured reserve, ending his season.
    He also said that LB Brady Poppinga, who sustained a knee injury in Sunday’s game, would have arthroscopic surgery on Tuesday, which presumably means he’ll be out at least a couple of weeks or more. Also, WR Donald Driver (quad) and LB A.J. Hawk (groin) sustained injuries in the game, but McCarthy only said they would probably miss some practice time.

    He was non-committal on the potential return of LB Clay Matthews (hamstring) and DE Ryan Pickett (ankle) from injuries this week, saying he would know more later in the week. Also, he said T Mark Tauscher (shoulder) would be out at least a couple of more weeks yet, but that he is getting better.
    A full transcript of McCarthy’s comments will be posted shortly.

    great news

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tango View Post
    If you havent dropped him yet , do it now !
    was only able to get mercedes lewis so im not too thrilled. plan on trying to make a trade for vernon davis cause the guy in my league with him is 0-6
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    A horse doesn't want you to rape it.
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    Athletes are super into the gang banging of chicks. It breeds team work.

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    Be lucky to finish the season at this rate
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    21.26 - Vincent Brown WR
    22.4 - Pierre Thomas RB
    22.11 - Scott Wells C
    24.4 - Jimmy Wilson CB
    24.11- William Hayes DE
    26.4 - Brandon Myers TIGHT
    27.29 - Dawan Landry S
    28.4 - Byron Bell OL
    29.26 - Zach Bowman CB
    30.4 - Chris Jones DT
    31.2 - TJ Graham WR
    31.26 - Gerald Hodges LB

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    Sounds like the Packers are last season's Bills minus the whole losing thing
    Alex Carrington for mayor

    Congratulations Andrew Luck, You are storing your winning Lottery Ticket in a Styrofoam safe until 2012, the manufacturer of this safe does not cover hazards such as Injury, Rookie Pay Scales, or declining skills

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    You really have to feel for the Packers. I would be rooting for them more if I didnt lose Ryan Grant and Jermichael Finley from my two money leagues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tango View Post
    great news
    I hope the Packers beat the Vikings.

    I may live in Florida, but I bleed Chicago navy & orange

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgiaJeff View Post
    I hope the Packers beat the Vikings.
    Outside of AP and Harvin there is nothing on the Vikings that scares me right now. Bottle those two up and you win.

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    holy crap on top of ALL OF THIS Hawk and Driver get hurt too?

    we just can't catch a fucking break can we
    The NFL has JUST been put on notice....

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