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Thread: A look at the Miami Dolphins contract situation.

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    A look at the Miami Dolphins contract situation.


    A few of my thoughts:

    I think Lex Hilliard returns
    I like the write up on Fasano. LOL
    If Miami does resign Vernon Carey (I doubt it) Then I think they release Ritchie Incognito. John Jerry Steppedin this year and looked good.
    Bye Bye Langford. Sign Solia no matter what it takes.
    The Y Bell write up must be a typo. I take it as he ranks 7th.
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    What a lazy bastard. Look at PFF, copy paste and submit to editor.
    BTGM - Houston Texans

    First Round (No. 1) - Jadaveon Clowney, DE/OLB
    Second Round (No. 56) - Jeremy Hill, RB
    Third Round (No. 65) - Gabe Jackson, OG
    Third Round (No. 84) - Jimmy Garoppolo, QB
    Fourth Round (No. 106) - Jack Mewhort, OT
    Fourth Round (No. 120) - Anthony Johnson, DL
    Fourth Round (No. 135) - Ed Reynolds, S
    Fifth Round (No. 141) - Seantrel Henderson, OT
    Sixth Round (No. 177)
    Sixth Round (No. 181)
    Sixth Round (No. 205)
    Sixth Round (No. 211)
    Seventh Round (No. 256)

    CMD V - New York Jets

  3. imagine they did release incongito ..

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    Incognito should stay and he should come out and say he did bully Martin as he had a $1 bet with the entire team and all the coaches and front office people and the owner that he could get Martin to switch places with the crazy Homeless guy outside the stadium.

    Quote Originally Posted by Yes, mostly likely answer is yes, obviously View Post
    So then Chris Benoit was a Browns fan?
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    I suspect Gong is like an alien or barbarian who I look down on at first. Then I begin to suspect that he is actually a well-meaning guy who has much to teach us about life, until he puts his head through a glass ant farm.

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    That does seem the only logical thing to do in this situation.
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    You guys are right im wrong.

  6. MIAMI—Saying that the recently released Wells report on patterns of harassment within the Miami Dolphins locker room “doesn’t tell the whole story,” offensive lineman Richie Incognito expressed disappointment to reporters Wednesday that the 144-page account left out the best stuff he did to former teammate Jonathan Martin. “I was hoping that this would finally set the record straight on all the great **** I did to that Jmart loser, but it doesn’t even come close,” said Incognito, claiming that the independent report’s detailed descriptions of the racial slurs, homophobic taunts, and personal threats he directed toward Martin failed to do justice to the extent of his “totally hilarious” abuse. “I mean, I read the entire report, and they didn’t even mention the time I pissed in his Gatorade cup and then watched him drink it. And how about what me and [teammate Mike] Pouncey did to him while he was sleeping on that flight? Whoever wrote this garbage just wasn’t paying attention.” Incognito added that in order to “clear this whole thing up,” he was in the process of writing up a 680-page addendum to the Wells report that he hopes to release to the public later this week.

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