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Thread: CMD III Wild Card Weekend NFC Game 1: New Orleans Saints @ New York Giants

  1. CMD III Wild Card Weekend NFC Game 1: New Orleans Saints @ New York Giants

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  3. Write Ups

    New York Giants

    New Orleans Saints

    For your convenience, we have a brief overview of both our offense and defense game plans, as well as how we are to defeat the Giants on top for those who don’t want to do too much reading. If you would like more in depth analysis or read about a certain position, it is listed here

    We see the giants as having a meh front 4, one excellent OLB against the run (briggs), one solid LB (Connor) and one abysmal against the run LB (Hayes). Expect us to run early and often behind our studly offensive line. Steven Jackson will wear down the Giants big men. Jason Peters will negate Aldon Smith (not that we even know how he’d do as a 4-3 DE in the NFL. If smith lines up on the opposite side, we will slide the protections that way and leave Peters on an island against the other DE, a matchup he should dominate. The line should also allow Cam plenty of time off of play action, or in spreak formations to pick apart any corner on the Giants not named Rogers.

    The Giants offense is pass heavy, which could be trouble in Windy Janruary New York. We are not homerific enough to think we are going to stop Peyton a lot, but we feel like we can get to him via his awful left side of the line. We are going to hit Peyton a lot (hello bounties! Up yours goddell!) We will be trying to throw off peytons rhythm by jamming his WR’s. We know the game plan, its just going to execution. They will, however, put up some points…we just don’t think enough points.

    We feel we can consistently move the chains, eat up the clock, and make this a special teams game where we feel we have a definite edge as Crosby is used to kicking in windy conditions, has a huge leg, and made 87 percent of his FG’s this year, plus has postseason heroic performances. Whereas Ryan Succop, is well, Ryan Succop.

    We will be running a Carolina Panther based offense. We have Cam Newton, perhaps the most exciting player in football today who combined for 4700 yards this year as a rookie. We have surrounded him with weapons nearing what he had this past season in Carolina (Julio Jones, Tony Gonzalez, Johnny Knox, Jeremy Shockey) while upgrading his WR2 position (Nate Burleson). We have also added a power running game with one of the most physical runners (Stephen Jackson) and run blocking fbs (Greg Jones) in the league. We believe we have the best Left side of the offensive line in the league (Jason Peters, Steve Hutchinson, Chris Myers) with an average right side (Davin Joseph, Ryan Harris)… As a total, that’s 4 2012 pro bowlers on our offensive line which should provide Cam tons of time to pick apart secondaries, or provide lanes for him or Jackson to run in. Cam also can avoid the rush and is an awesome passer against it (see qb section in the players page).


    ZOMG! ITS PEYTON! WOW! Ok, got that out of the way. Peyton has been amazing throughout his regular season career and is one of the best ever. However, no one in fact knows how he will be this year. If he can take a hit, if his arm strength is all the way back, and we wont know until game starts. Even so, before you go, ZOMG! ITS PEYTON MANNING, please read below as we have both info on Postseason cold Peyton, as well as how we plan to stop him (sorry its long)

    Teams that believe Manning is the only thing standing between them and the Super Bowl might want to take a step back and take a long, hard look at Manning's postseason history.
    Manning is one of the all-time great QBs, but if there's a black mark on his record, it's the consistently underwhelming performances year after year in the postseason.
    Manning won 67.8 percent (141-67) of all his starts in the regular season, with a team built around his skills. Same quarterback, same team, same advantages, has gone just 9-10 in the postseason (.473) -- typically losing when the prolific offense of the regular season tanks in the postseason.
    The Colts reached the playoffs in 11 of 13 seasons with Manning at the helm, but also failed to win a playoff game in seven of those 11 appearances -- the most one-and-done playoff appearances by any quarterback in history.
    Even in Manning's single Super Bowl-winning season of 2006, the quarterback failed to sparkle. In fact, he threw just 3 TDs in four playoff games that year, against 8 INTs -- the worst TD-INT ratio of any Super Bowl-champion QB.

    A bigger concern, of course, is Manning in frigid conditions (in new york, Janruary playoffs) His record in games trapped in sub-40 degree temperatures is 6-5, with a pedestrian 15 touchdowns and 12 interceptions

    An even Bigger concern is his offensive line, especially the left side

    Jeff Backus allowed 8.5 sacks along with 7 penalties. One of the worst LT Ratios in the NFL.

    LG Holland was cut before camp, then resigned during the season cause the cowboys had no other options. Before this season he had started 4 games since the end of 2007.

    Eric Winston is a zone block scheme guy who allowed 7.5 sacks and 7 penalties this season. Winston excels in run blocking, in fact may be the best in the league at it, but alas, the rest of the line is not built for what he excels in.

    Victor Cruz 40 time was 4.49, obviously he is faster then that. Once he reaches full speed he is perhaps one of the top 5 fastest guys in the league, however, for whatever reason, he doesn’t seem to accelerate that quickly to reach that speed. Expect us to stick Woodson on him, Jam him up for as long as we can, with help over the top from Otagwe with Urlacher patrolling the middle at points regardless of where Cruz lines up. We feel this strategy, along with the suspect left side of the line, plus peytons non mobility should allow us to minimize Cruz big plays.

    DeAndre Levy is actually taller (6/2, to 6/1) and faster then Aaron Hernandez (4.56 to 4.64). We believe that most of Mannings throws will be going in this direction, but that we can break up about half of these throws.

    As far as the Rest of the defense, we will be playing a hybrid 2-4-5, 3-3-5 against peyton. We will have Darnell Dockett and Will Smith inside as we have no worries about the Giants run game. Carter will rush from either side, Williams will then rush from either Carters side (which will typically be against the pourous left blind side of Peyton), or drop back into middle (slant) zone coverage. Urlacher will generally be patrolling the middle of the field, stopping run plays, and occasionally blitzing right up the middle to keep Manning guessing

    We list Godfrey on Robert Meacham as Meacham basically has only one route, which is run deep, and Godfrey is really fast (maybe his only great skill). Mathis will line up on James Jones and Bump the hell out of him as Jones really struggles against that kind of coverage, which will also throw manning off
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    Weird defense formation, but I went with the Saints.

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    That's a pretty weird formation, but you know what, it's ballsy and I like taking that risk.

    As much as I love Peyton, I think I'm just going to give this to the Saints.

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    I'm really just not a fan of the Saints defense at all, wacky formation or not. A lot of guys are just there for name recognition, most of them are declining, old, or simply not effective anymore. Went with Giants.

  7. I'll enjoy our lead while we still have it.
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    I like the formation shift, also the defense isn't that bad, people are just ageist around here
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    Quote Originally Posted by vikingfan173 View Post
    I like the formation shift, also the defense isn't that bad, people are just ageist around here
    Eh. Will Smith's done, Carter's 33 and coming off ACL surgery. Mathis and Atogwe are both done, Godfrey sucks, Moore barely played last year, who knows how DJ Williams performs at rush linebacker. Best guys there are Dockett, Urlacher, and Woodson, but Woodson's declining and Urlacher's coming off surgery.

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    Ugh, great work on the writeup Bcb (and Link, if you did anything). I wish the Giants had a writeup, because I feel bad voting for a team with no writeup in the playoffs, but the Giants are an awesome team. The Saints, in my opinion, have a top-5 offense and a below average but not bad defense. The Giants have a top-5 offense and an above average defense. Edge: Giants. Although I love this Saints team and have had a boner for your offense for awhile now. Again, I love how you schemed this week. Creative and smart. I'll say 31-27 Giants.

    Finally, I understand that by saying Peyton would win a playoff game in the cold, I am forfeiting part of my soul.

    Edit: Also, Jason Peters is out, right? That makes me feel a smidge more confident in my vote.

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