View Poll Results: Which Browns Fan is more 'Intelligent'?

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  • "The Man of 144 IQ yet still works in Wal-Mart" Joey Potter

    5 45.45%
  • "The Nonconformist Browns fan and Wannabe Troll" GongKong

    6 54.55%
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Thread: Which Browns Fan is more 'Intelligent'?

  1. I actually wish I could vote for him instead of against him after reading that.

    Its not like hes saying its okay, hes just saying it happens so deal with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GongKong View Post
    Funny thing is that you think you are "extremely intelligent" yet you don't understand a few paragraphs. Whatever, I'm the idiot for pointing out the obvious, I guess
    Change "you think you are" to "you know you are" and it is an attempt at trying to make point. I'll admit to just skimming it but what I saw was a bunch of generalizations and confirmation bias. I'll go back and reread at some point and may change my judgment based on what I see. I think you at least have the right to that.

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    I don't think he was being too unreasonable. Drunk driving is abhorrent, but it's naive to think that only the most abhorrent people do it, if that makes sense. Based purely on statistics, the vast majority of DUIs aren't caught.

    However, just because it's relatively common (or at least more common than you would think looking at DUI statistics) doesn't it isn't a terrible thing to do.

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