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Thread: Vanderbilt head coach in trouble for using WF.com system for new hires

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    Clausen should have leaked a picture of his supposed girlfriend that got him into one of those fights to debunk those two ogres.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wraith36444 View Post
    I hate to do this, but...

    I bet that after this pic Clausen was like:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leelee View Post

    Not only does being an 'alpha male' have zero correlation to being good at football, it's just wrong. As basically any girl can attest, any bozo can try hitting on you. And as for having a 'hot' girlfriend, if you're a QB, you don't even have to try.
    Sure, any bozo can try hitting on a hot girl, but 95% of those bozos will just strike out.

    The one who has the confidence and ability to *get* that girl (i.e. take her home, date her, marry her, whatever) is clearly a cut above. That's what this coach is trying to say.

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