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Thread: Mafia Forum

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    Mafia Forum

    Mafia Forum is open for business, upon request. Mods can move all Mafia-related threads here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DenverTyrant View Post
    I have a small *****.
    Quote Originally Posted by jepg View Post
    I apologise to the entire Walter Football community for my bigoted views.

    I should be put on an island and nuked.
    CMD V Green Bay Packers

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    this is a day we all shall remember for all eternity...

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    thanks walt! excellent!
    A mans reputation is what his friends say about him. His character is what his enemies say about him

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    Life has defining moments, define the moment or the moment will define you

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    Walt still won't play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walter View Post
    Mafia Forum is open for business, upon request. Mods can move all Mafia-related threads here.
    No love for the "Clovdyx Appreciation Forum"? I know it was requested....
    Quote Originally Posted by SwAg Dynasty View Post
    I don't think I've ever had summer reading, except in 3rd grade when I just drew pictures on a standardized reading test. Apparently I was retarded, told my parents I would never read beyond a middle-school level. Oh, how the educational system makes me chuckle.

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    We should make a holiday for this. Every year on June 4th, half the world should kill people at night and then during the day, vote to lynch the suspects!

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    This is awesome!

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    - Noah Porter

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    This is awesome

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