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Thread: Wednesday Night Fantasy Football Mock Drafts

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    Would it be possible to do FFC instead? I can just copy-paste the picks there instead of writing them all up. It also doesn't like ESPN has too many draft rooms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walter View Post
    Would it be possible to do FFC instead? I can just copy-paste the picks there instead of writing them all up. It also doesn't like ESPN has too many draft rooms.
    No problem.

    Link for the site. http://fantasyfootballcalculator.com/mockdrafts

    And room 1354155 starts in 16 minutes and is open so let's go there.

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    For everyone signing up for this mock, please stay in here all 16 rounds if you can so we can have realistic results for the site mock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragnarok View Post
    No problem.

    Link for the site. http://fantasyfootballcalculator.com/mockdrafts

    And room 1354155 starts in 16 minutes and is open so let's go there.
    2 spots left. 10/10 on WFers right now. Jump in!
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    Damn, just missed it.

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    Chat log

    Admin: Welcome to the live mock drafts at Fantasy Football Calculator. Good luck!
    KaiserYou: aww it didn't let me use the smurfing
    KaiserYou: greater than sign
    KaiserYou: ffffffffffffffff
    KaiserYou: now my name looks retarded
    KaiserYou: hey rags, I know you're ssmurf
    KaiserYou: *s smurf
    SanchO: Yay
    KaiserYou: I can't even say s smurf
    KaiserYou: he's NOT TOWN ALIGNED PEOPLE!!
    WalterFootball: For everyone signing up for this mock, please stay in here all 16 rounds if you can so we can have realistic results for the site mock.
    ctrmcougar: hopefully we fill the room
    KaiserYou: I saw where ESPN had Antonio Brown ranked 826 or something like that. I just lol'd
    ctrmcougar: have they not updated from last year?
    WalterFootball: I'll tweet this out in 5 mins if we're not full
    IR: Walt you jumping in the mafia thread tonight.
    Ckane138: Good evening ladies
    ctrmcougar: and can you still draft Farve?
    KaiserYou: hi coward
    KaiserYou: no I just looked lol
    KaiserYou: can't draft JaMarcus either
    Ckane138: No more Taco Wallace (
    WalterFootball: I have begun reading the madness in the mafia thread
    ctrmcougar: what? i heard he is making a comeback!
    That makes no since: No Lynch in the Hizzouse
    KaiserYou: hi Joe
    SanchO: lol good luck walt
    KaiserYou: oh I thought it was joe
    SanchO: oh steal joes line
    IR: That thread is crazy already
    That makes no since: But here's it's number
    That makes no since: so call it maybe?
    Ragnarok: Walt, good luck catching up in Mafia
    ctrmcougar: it is oddly slowing down now
    WalterFootball: thank you, i had no idea there would be so many posts
    Ckane138: 10/12 WFers so far.
    SanchO: We tried to warn you
    WalterFootball: haha i'll get through it
    pheltz: Its mostly garbage
    That makes no since: Is it okay if I take a kicker in the first round?
    ctrmcougar: We talk about noodles for a little
    SanchO: who is slutbanger
    KaiserYou: take Marshawn clov
    slutbanger: as long as you don't make any more jokes
    That makes no since: Hey Swag.
    KaiserYou: swag?
    That makes no since: I saw Slut
    That makes no since: I read L's.
    Link: Walter, would be mad if I drafted Tebow in the first?
    Ragnarok: Not Swag, it doesnt say LaronBanger
    Link: would you-
    KaiserYou: I don't think Laron would be getting banged Rags
    Ragnarok: Swag can dream
    WalterFootball: yes
    slutbanger: oh man, clove, link and kaiser? the forecast calls for bad jokes with a chance of terrible ones
    KaiserYou: hahaha
    KaiserYou: I'm going to laugh when the first guy is a random
    Link: Is that yes for me?
    SanchO: Its McNulty
    That makes no since: I make awesome jokes.
    Ragnarok: skill = McNulty?
    slutbanger: that's your best one ever
    KaiserYou: lol
    That makes no since: *****, I'll stab you.
    WalterFootball: Sweet, we have 12
    KaiserYou: who is the first person?
    That makes no since: Is it really McNulty?
    Ragnarok: Walt shouldn't post the actual mock. Just post the chat smurf talking.
    slutbanger: skill = ckane's dad?
    KaiserYou: I capitalized the K and the Y for my favorite product ever
    KaiserYou: KY Jelly!!
    ctrmcougar: with your computer?
    KaiserYou: yessir
    IR: He goes through many computers
    KaiserYou: I destroy keyboards and monitors
    Ragnarok: with his 3 1/2 floppy
    Ragnarok: SKILL WHO ARE YOU
    Link: I imagine you would if you stuck yoursmurf in it.
    SanchO: lol smurf
    Link: smurf = dyck
    ctrmcougar: smurf i everything
    ctrmcougar: is*
    KaiserYou: I smurf your mom
    That makes no since: Wanna smurf tonight, Link?
    Link: Anyway, screw you slutbanger, my Brazilian law enforcement joke was brilliant.
    That makes no since: fact
    KaiserYou: or fiction?
    IR: Whose "That Makes no since" and "Slutbanger"
    That makes no since: Beyond belief.
    Link: Yes, your GF is fiction.
    KaiserYou: I broke up with her
    That makes no since: No Lynch
    Ragnarok: So...you joined a new webcam site?
    IR: Gotcha
    Link: You can't break up with a computer, you paid for her, I mean it.
    IR: He means he restarted
    KaiserYou: I love all the jokes but I'm being serial
    That makes no since: GL all
    Link: Just because you "fit" into the USB slot, doesn't mean she's "the one".
    That makes no since: (except for slutbanger, he called my jokes bad)
    Ckane138: I'm pissed that sort by Alpha isn't a ranking of girlfriend hotness.
    slutbanger: ...
    KaiserYou: aww link with the homer pick
    ctrmcougar: too much risk
    That makes no since: Your arm okay, Link?
    Link: No, Jimmer's taking care of business right now.
    ctrmcougar: still? wow
    ctrmcougar: i took my vote off you
    Link: He's got the nice, fluid, pumping motion.
    KaiserYou: I'm a little disappointed that clov didn't take marshawn
    That makes no since: Why would I take marshawn?
    KaiserYou: you should get Gus Johnson over there
    KaiserYou: "RISE AND FIRE!!"
    ctrmcougar: what's with the hype on mathews? why is he 1st round?
    SanchO: Mathews is going to be an every down back
    KaiserYou: *squirts everywhere after that announcement*
    KaiserYou: mah wet vajayjay
    Link: Jimmer's ass is the net.
    That makes no since: Walt, can you do best pick/worst pick for each round?
    IR: Im with your Cougar. I hate Mathews.
    KaiserYou: Forte? ewww
    WalterFootball: I usually like to do 2 best/worst for every 2 rounds
    Ragnarok: I htink Forte has a great year
    ctrmcougar: rags just got worst of round
    KaiserYou: grampa Pheltz, let's speed it up next time .
    That makes no since: I was going Sancho
    KaiserYou: :P
    Ragnarok: and look at the other RBs there
    pheltz: sorry, chatting with the neighbor
    Link: I also dislike Sancho's pick.
    KaiserYou: it's all good, I'm giving you a hard time
    slutbanger: no one cares you bag of bones
    SanchO: He will be a workhorse
    That makes no since: I thought you guys were into sheep.
    ctrmcougar: guys, the NFL is slavery
    Link: Shut up Mendensmurf.
    That makes no since: only if traders overpaid their slaves millions of dollars
    KaiserYou: I wantz Peterson!!
    Ragnarok: Now this may get me worst of the round
    Link: Worst of round guaranteed.
    KaiserYou: AP!!
    ctrmcougar: ouch
    That makes no since: Yep.
    Link: lawl
    That makes no since: It did, Rags.
    KaiserYou: lol
    ctrmcougar: above Staff and Brees?
    Ragnarok: rushing yards and rushing TDs
    That makes no since: It's okay, he scored 35 TDs last year. Right, Link?
    Link: Who's since?
    ctrmcougar: he did win me my championship last year
    That makes no since: NO LYNCH
    Ragnarok: ok, nevermind, Bradshaw gets worst
    Link: Who's No Lynch?
    That makes no since: A homo
    Link: lol smurf
    That makes no since: Kaiser, I just got why you want me to draft Marshawn
    KaiserYou: lol r-tard
    KaiserYou: sllllllloooooooooowwwww
    ctrmcougar: too much value there
    KaiserYou: but he got paid!
    ctrmcougar: hate TE this early, but it is Gronk
    Link: /wf logic
    KaiserYou: I wanted Bradshaw. I think it's a good year to take 2 RB's
    That makes no since: I'll take biggest gamble fo the round
    KaiserYou: good pick No lynch
    KaiserYou: AD is the greatest
    SanchO: Walt has no RBs, hmmm
    Link: Actually cake is the greatest.
    KaiserYou: he puts Christian Ponder on his back
    WalterFootball: I hate all RBs this year
    ctrmcougar: i said the same thing in an earlier draft
    KaiserYou: Walter, the RB quality isn't that great though after the first 2
    Ragnarok: God...I was thinking, "I gotta remember not to mention any undrafted guys"...and then I realized it wasn't CMD
    WalterFootball: I don't think it's good in the first 2
    ctrmcougar: all 3 of the top guys have problems
    slutbanger: yeah, kaiser has no idea what he's talking about
    KaiserYou: I'll take Mathews in the middle of the first with another workhorse potentially in the 2nd
    slutbanger: thumbs up
    Ragnarok: ...I think there's grass in my salad
    ctrmcougar: nicks is droppping a lot
    Link: into Nas' ass
    SanchO: Damn i was about to take marshall
    KaiserYou: NFC North passing D FTW!!
    pheltz: homer
    ctrmcougar: just wait till Aaron Berry takes over as a shutdown corner
    That makes no since: Glad I took a WR early
    KaiserYou: Sancho is nxt up yet?
    That makes no since: Nice picks, slut
    SanchO: no idea Kaiser, its on tv here anyway so i wait for it
    slutbanger: thanks, brah
    That makes no since: ...that sounded much more hateful than intended.
    KaiserYou: I'll admit that I chuckle at Link's caps
    KaiserYou: Homer pick time!!
    KaiserYou: Dawwww yeah
    IR: I have an irrational hatred for Colston
    ctrmcougar: relying on ponder/webb is rough
    That makes no since: 6/10. not super homerific, but not good pickk
    ctrmcougar: how is stafford still there?
    That makes no since: STFU
    Link: cuz ur gay
    KaiserYou: Link will take him
    ctrmcougar: no he wont
    KaiserYou: aww I just saw him go
    KaiserYou: good pick link
    That makes no since: Please be healthy...
    SanchO: Greenes a big bust
    Link: He doesnt have boobs, does he?
    IR: Greene blows ass
    That makes no since: Absolutely hate that pick.
    That makes no since: I was debating Dez and Thomas. Good pick, IR
    IR: Thanks. I have always been a fan of Dez. Hoping for more consistency this year.
    pheltz: Damn, my WF Dyansty squad is stacked.
    ctrmcougar: my RBs are once again terrible
    pheltz: great pick on beannie
    IR: Really strong value with Vick.
    That makes no since: Who figures to be the #1 in Dallas?
    That makes no since: Dez or Austin?
    ctrmcougar: beanie is good value, but isnt a starting RB, is he?
    ctrmcougar: Dez if he learns the playbook
    That makes no since: He went over 1K last year, I think?
    IR: Personally I think Dez
    That makes no since: 1,047 yards, 10 TDs. Should be the starter, Cougar
    KaiserYou: Dez is a monster if he ever gets his head on straight
    KaiserYou: too much talent
    ctrmcougar: i meant in fantasy. is beanie a number 2 this year?
    That makes no since: Ah
    pheltz: fack you
    Ragnarok: haha
    KaiserYou: Pheltz likes his tight ends
    Ragnarok: You mean his ends tight
    KaiserYou: *****
    Link: srsly?
    Link: not censored?
    Link: RAG IS A *****
    KaiserYou: I'm good like htat
    KaiserYou: *that
    KaiserYou: need more fingering exercises...
    Link: try your ass
    KaiserYou: =)
    Ragnarok: hmmm...time to take the best RB available
    KaiserYou: Tiki Barber?
    KaiserYou: don't be a ***** Sancho
    That makes no since: Edgerrin James?
    KaiserYou: don't take him
    KaiserYou: yay
    IR: Ben Tate is not a #2
    SanchO: Ha i almost took him
    Ragnarok: I'll take him over Starks
    That makes no since: He's a low end #1 if somebody breaks Foster's leg, though.
    IR: True. But thats a lot of hoping
    That makes no since: Depends on how much cash Rags has.
    Ragnarok: But Foster got paid?
    ctrmcougar: for NFL top 100, welker's highlight was the superbowl drop
    IR: Its time for everyone to take backup QBs to screw over Skill
    That makes no since: Did skill ever say who he is?
    IR: Not sure
    ctrmcougar: wayne is going to have a rebound year like smith with newton
    That makes no since: you only say that because Painter is terrible.
    SanchO: Dont you guys get your picks ready ahead of time?
    Ragnarok: pheltz does, then he forgets
    KaiserYou: lol another Pheltz is old joke!!!
    That makes no since: Pheltz isn't that old, is he?
    Link: over 9000
    slutbanger: no wf is just that unimaginative
    SanchO: I spent ages looking for doug martin lol
    pheltz: he's on my roster
    KaiserYou: ugh at least he's going to be the starter
    SanchO: i realised that after my exhaustive search
    pheltz: What's Ingram gonna do this year?
    That makes no since: Cap'N....
    That makes no since:
    SanchO: RBs are so awful lol
    That makes no since: wut
    Ragnarok: I like the Pead pick
    IR: TY. It locks up STL's backfield for me
    pheltz: Tough to take a handcuff when you only have 2 RBs though
    IR: There isnt anyone worth taking over Pead in the RB department right now
    IR: I can find a fill in couple of points guy later thats just as good as I would find now
    That makes no since: Not a fan of that pick, Kaiser.
    KaiserYou: me neither
    Ragnarok: eehhhh
    KaiserYou: he's serviceable at the start of the season, which is when I'll need him
    SanchO: ugh common slut banger
    KaiserYou: I wish Joe was here so he could take Ochocinco
    KaiserYou: and then proclaim he will have a great season
    Ragnarok: I wish Vitor was here to take Mendelhall
    That makes no since: I'll draft him in the 15th if he's there
    Ragnarok: Good Lord, Walt is on a RB run
    WalterFootball: haha I have to be after my first 5 rounds
    ctrmcougar: i wanted rodgers too
    That makes no since: Do you always carry 5 RB?
    pheltz: Oh coward wtf
    ctrmcougar: he will take over the job
    Ragnarok: get qb, te, wr early then a bunch of backs and play matchups?
    ctrmcougar: my first year in fantasy i played matchups the entire year at every position
    ctrmcougar: made it to the semifinals
    That makes no since: I like to think I'm the early 2000 Colts of fantasy
    KaiserYou: I'm not a big fan of that strategy
    That makes no since: I'm great at making the playoffs, and terrible at staying in them.
    ctrmcougar: i had no idea what i was doing
    KaiserYou: I prefer getting the workhorse backs and playing matchups or getting value elsewhere
    ctrmcougar: i dont normally do this, but might be worth it
    Ragnarok: the hell did fleener go before gonzo?
    That makes no since: You know smart drafting, Rags?
    Ragnarok: Walt gets to give himself worst pick!
    Ragnarok: I do
    Ragnarok: , he said as he took a defense too early
    That makes no since: Think of the exact opposite.
    That makes no since: (just kidding Link, you're still my boy)
    Ragnarok: Jared Cook sucks
    KaiserYou: no kid, he doesn't
    SanchO: Starting WR in the 12th
    Ragnarok: Yes he does
    Ragnarok: I know the titans better than you and ya know it
    ctrmcougar: who is going to take moss?
    Ragnarok: not Walt, he'll take another RB
    Ragnarok: gasp!
    pheltz: Walt, your team is vomit worthy. I hope you're just testing a strat.
    KaiserYou: round 13, time to take other people's handcuffs
    WalterFootball: I actually like this team a lot
    KaiserYou: how many rounds here? 16?
    Ragnarok: I kind of like the strategy Walt has
    KaiserYou: nvm 15
    pheltz: Well, its unconventional. I'll give you that.
    WalterFootball: I hate all the RBs this year
    Ragnarok: I would be doing the same thing Walt is with one of my RB spots
    WalterFootball: I mean, I'd love to get Rice, McCoy, Foster, etc. but I don't like many other ones
    pheltz: Gotta get someone on my roster older than me.
    That makes no since: You drafted Favre?
    KaiserYou: Pheltz likes look at them text messages
    KaiserYou: of his nuts
    pheltz: Oh, uh, hey Jenn. Its uh, um, Pheltz. I huh, uh, maybe we can get together. Huh, uh, ok.
    Ragnarok: Id get together with her
    KaiserYou: Don't lie Pheltz, you wanted to get with Favre when he was a Jet
    IR: Compare your teams to mine and then kill yourselves
    Ragnarok: Favre was never a jet
    Ragnarok: or a Viking
    KaiserYou: he was a Falcon!!
    Ragnarok: He retired after 2008 and stayed that way
    KaiserYou: then Tarvaris Jackson was the QB when we beat your ass twice in 09?
    Ragnarok: yes
    That makes no since: I like my roster a lot, except Flynn and Moreno, and Daniel Thomas is iffy
    ctrmcougar: I live my team
    ctrmcougar: weak at RB, but good
    WalterFootball: I think almost everyone's going to be weak at RB this year
    WalterFootball: so might as well be strong elsewhere
    That makes no since: *IF* Adrian Peterson can stay healthy, I'd be set
    pheltz: This one's for you GeorgiaJeff
    ctrmcougar: i like skill's RBs
    KaiserYou: I love my first 7 picks
    WalterFootball: haha big if
    That makes no since: That being said, he won't stay healthy.
    SanchO: I like my team
    Ragnarok: I like Forte a lot year
    KaiserYou: I did meh after the 7th
    Ragnarok: Good draft guys
    ctrmcougar: Looking forward to seeing this on the site
    Ragnarok: See you next week
    ctrmcougar: this was fun
    KaiserYou: yep I'm looking forward to it
    KaiserYou: back to the Mafia thread
    That makes no since: Good draft, guys.
    That makes no since: can somebody post the image on the forums so we can debate?
    KaiserYou: Walt copy the chat log too for lulz

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    I tried posting a screenshot of the draft, but the image didn't work. What a rip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by No Lynch View Post
    I tried posting a screenshot of the draft, but the image didn't work. What a rip.
    Walt will have it in tomorrow's write up.

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