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Thread: Wednesday Night Fantasy Football Mock Drafts

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    Chat log:

    Admin: Welcome to the live mock drafts at Fantasy Football Calculator. Good luck!
    Clovy Clov Juice: Thanks for not stealing my spot, Toke.
    WalterFootball: Who are teams 1, 6 and 9?
    Token: I would never steal your spot, Clov.
    Clovy Clov Juice: I don't know, Walt, but I gotta admit
    Token: I'm not sure they're from WF
    Clovy Clov Juice: I wish I was boobs.
    Lucky 7: I read WF all the time!
    Clovy Clov Juice: Hey Pheltz.
    Lukic in yo ass: who is boobs?
    Lukic in yo ass: i am reporting him for an offensive name
    Token: lol
    Clovy Clov Juice: I bet it's L's
    Token: oh wow
    Token: 4 was a bad choice
    B-True: I'm doing two of these right now. I thought this was gonna be at 9.
    Sancho: who are you
    pheltz: Hi guize.
    Lukic in yo ass: B TRUE TO YOURSELF
    Lukic in yo ass: B TRUE TO YOUR HEART
    Clovy Clov Juice: I don't know why I picked such a high spot
    Clovy Clov Juice: The highest I've ever drafted is 10th
    B-True: I like picking 4th, but that was taken.
    Clovy Clov Juice: I've never done PPR before. It's just 1 point for 1 catch
    Clovy Clov Juice: right?
    pheltz: Hence, Point per reception
    Token: In standard ppr, yea
    Clovy Clov Juice: Some leagues have restrictions, Grandpa. I know this new technology scares you
    Clovy Clov Juice: I think I've seen one where it was 3 catch minimum for 1 point, then 1 point for each after
    Lukic in yo ass: I heard that Walterfootball guy likes men
    Lukic in yo ass: and picks players according to looks and not ability
    Lukic in yo ass: not that there is anything wrong with that
    Token: He only picks 100% USDA men
    WalterFootball: teeheehee
    Clovy Clov Juice: Now we test Bassett's ability to multitask
    Clovy Clov Juice: If my picks start to take a while, just flood chat.
    pheltz: So angry clov
    Token: Darren Sproles has 7.4k all purpose yards since 2009
    Token: The most by over 1.2k yards
    Clovy Clov Juice: Angry?
    Sancho: ugh ugly spot
    Token: That's a bit ridiculous
    Token: Ray was in 2nd with around 5.8k yards
    Sancho: Picking 5 sucks
    Token: I didn't even notice CJ was so high in ppr
    WalterFootball: I feel like picking everywhere sucks this year
    Lukic in yo ass: i bet boobs is afk
    pheltz: Yeah, you're a big meanie and hurmy fellings with your words
    Clovy Clov Juice: what words?
    pheltz: Your hurtful ones
    Token: Go with Richardson, I know you want to.
    Clovy Clov Juice: oh yeah
    Clovy Clov Juice: those ones
    Lukic in yo ass: Ryan Mathews. STEAL
    Taylor091: I wanted Larry.
    Lukic in yo ass: damn walt
    Sancho: FF has been destroyed by spread and committees
    WalterFootball: Yeah I feel like you have to take absolute sure things in the first 3-4 rounds this year
    Token: Did boobs really pick Peyton?
    B-True: Wait, what? Who the hell is this guy?
    WalterFootball: I have a feeling I'll be stuck at RB again
    Lukic in yo ass: who is this teamy time and why is he wasting my timytime
    Sancho: CJ and Forte, sweet
    pheltz: lulz
    Token: I was hoping to come around for gronk lol
    Sancho: Brees as the 5th QB? Ok
    pheltz: 5 Qbs in the first 30 picks of a PPR? Ok.
    Lukic in yo ass: god damn my teamytime
    Lukic in yo ass: browns & Jags rb
    Lukic in yo ass: like they always said, run the ball when in front
    pheltz: That's quite a WR trio Walt
    WalterFootball: Boobs broke my heart with that Sproles pick
    Token: Indeed
    B-True: Walt does BPA I see. I go for specific positions.
    Lukic in yo ass: did Victor Cruz get paid?
    Lukic in yo ass: if not then I'm happy with him
    Token: Damn you Lucky 7
    Sancho: Lloyd? Hooray
    Taylor091: Quite happy so far getting my #2QB, #7+8 RBs and #2 TE
    Sancho: Walt, whats your thoughts on harvin atm
    Lukic in yo ass: someone pick poor michael turner
    Lukic in yo ass: u *******s
    Token: Nope
    WalterFootball: I'll talk about that as soon as he's taken, don't want to influence anything
    Lucky 7: Didnt harvin request trade today?
    Sancho: Fair enough
    Token: And he skipped afternoon practice
    Token: I think I have a decent ff wr corp
    Lukic in yo ass: Dwayne Bowe? CMD stud
    Lukic in yo ass: Matt Cassel? smurf that guy
    Lukic in yo ass: smurf
    Lukic in yo ass: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    Clovy Clov Juice: F you guys.
    WalterFootball: I think Harvin is fine, he's still practicing so I'm not concerned about him
    Sancho: Think he will be traded? Value?
    WalterFootball: Charlie talked to an NFL GM today who needs a WR. he doesn't think Harvin will be traded
    pheltz: Welp, I know the worst pick of the 5th then.
    Token: Turner?
    pheltz: Lulz.
    B-True: Yay, my teams the most colorful!
    Token: gay
    Token: not that there's anything wrong with that
    Sancho: lol
    Sancho: Thanks Walt
    B-True: Hahahaha
    Token: You just got the steal of the draft Taylor (Torrey)
    Lukic in yo ass: doug martin?
    Token: Not to be a homer or anything.
    Lukic in yo ass: can he dougie?
    Token: Justin Smith not in the top 15 of the nfl top 100
    WalterFootball: WTF Brandon Pettigrew is listed twice
    Lukic in yo ass: randy moss lol
    Token: Is he really?
    Lukic in yo ass: Matt Ryan sucks. But his division sucks more
    WalterFootball: yeah he was grayed out twice when i took him
    Lukic in yo ass: 6 confirmed games against crappy Ds and 4 in a dome
    Token: Yea, I homer'd Boldin a bit
    Lukic in yo ass: they call him taiwan jones
    Lukic in yo ass: because he's from taiwan
    Clovy Clov Juice: Is the love for Jamaal Charles because he was injured early
    Clovy Clov Juice: while AP got hurt late?
    Lukic in yo ass: ok I have to leave
    Lukic in yo ass: laters
    Lukic in yo ass: my team is GOAT
    Token: I believe so Clov
    Token: JC was injured in the 1st or 2nd game wasn't he?
    Token: So he should be ready to go by the time the season starts
    Sancho: smurf my bad
    Sancho: Keep in mind that was an auto sorry
    hawaii: So Walter...how's team hawaii
    Clovy Clov Juice: Stacked
    Token: Sancho or Clov, Vereen is starting this year right?
    Sancho: not decided
    Clovy Clov Juice: Should be a camp battle between Vereen and Ridley. I expect Ridley, because he got more carries this past year
    Sancho: Probably Ridley
    Token: damn
    B-True: I think I'm the only one that hasn't picked the same position twice in a row
    WalterFootball: Hawaii has a chance to be very good, but very risky picks
    Clovy Clov Juice: Please, nobody take my next selection
    Clovy Clov Juice: Hint: It's Ryan Leaf.
    hawaii: Thanks for the input..
    Lucky 7: Well if your giving feedback Walt... How's my squad look?
    Clovy Clov Juice: Token
    Clovy Clov Juice: 12 and 11 up yet?
    WalterFootball: Rodgers is going to win games for you, but WR depth is a major issue. But you can find them on the waiver wire so it'd depend on how you handled the season
    hawaii: no much depth on wrs lucky
    hawaii: not
    Token: Not yet
    Clovy Clov Juice: TY all for letting Gost slide
    Token: 13 was jared allen
    B-True: How's my team looking?
    Lucky 7: In flex wr/ rb I only like to keep 3 wrs and play 3 rbs each week... Is that a good strategy?
    WalterFootball: like it a lot, RB depth is the only issue but everyone will have that problem
    Token: 12 is MJD clov
    hawaii: imo...top 3 picks strong B...but i gotta see how the rest of team plays out
    WalterFootball: I wish there were 16 rounds here instead of 15 since 16 is the norm
    Lucky 7: Thanks for feedback. Appreciate it
    Lucky 7: Have a good season
    Clovy Clov Juice: Good draft, guys.
    Token: Yep
    WalterFootball: Write-up will be posted Thurs night
    B-True: And mr. irrelevant is...
    Token: who
    Clovy Clov Juice: Sounds good, Walt.
    WalterFootball: LOL i forgot to take a kicker
    B-True: Good job. I got the best one.
    WalterFootball: Had too many bench spots and miscalculated, my bad

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragnarok View Post
    That's because yall couldn't wait a couple minutes. No one else post room numbers from now on. Or this happens.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by SanchoPanza View Post
    The hell is your problem? So mad I missed the write up mock.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SanchoPanza View Post
    I'm sad
    Prayers out to Eric Berry.

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    Got Jeremy Bloom in the 15th round of my real mock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PSUShenanigans View Post
    Got Jeremy Bloom in the 15th round of my real mock.
    I saw Willie Parker still available. lol. They need to update some things.

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    10 tm mock: Matt Ryan/Ryan Matthews/Matt Forte/AJ Green/Julio Jones/Fred Davis/Sproles

    bench: Cutler/Stevan Ridley/Torrey Smith/Percy Harvin

    im up to do another one if anyone is interested

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    Quote Originally Posted by vikingfan View Post
    10 tm mock: Matt Ryan/Ryan Matthews/Matt Forte/AJ Green/Julio Jones/Fred Davis/Sproles

    bench: Cutler/Stevan Ridley/Torrey Smith/Percy Harvin

    im up to do another one if anyone is interested
    ESPN or FFC?

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    your are such a dick. I promis you [sancho] if we meet, I will smash your teeth out in real life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tokenbk View Post
    ESPN or FFC?
    either is fine with me, FFC might work faster for me tho

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    join me

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