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Thread: Wednesday Night Fantasy Football Mock Drafts

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    if more than 5 missed it, we could do an alternative draft ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rednose View Post
    if more than 5 missed it, we could do an alternative draft ^^

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    Can I get in on tonights draft?

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    Lol nevermind.

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    I'll set one up. Who else is interested?

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    I'd be in

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    A few minutes off, but 1375787

    12 team, no PPR

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    Quote Originally Posted by thebigok5 View Post
    i vote ppr
    Shut up noob!
    2013 BDL and 2014 CMD Champion

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    Rags you posting something here in a few?

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    Chat log:

    Admin: Welcome to the live mock drafts at Fantasy Football Calculator. Good luck!
    War Graves: There we go.
    Ragnarok: Who is War Graves?
    Thor: Made the cut!
    Hoodmorning: Barely made it
    Sancho: WF names please
    BB: I'm BB
    Sancho: lol
    WalterFootball: That speed rush was insane
    Ragnarok: Man, whoever misses out on the cut on the redo is gonna be pissssssed
    Hoodmorning: I barely post on the forums but I read a lot. Im PDT
    War Graves: Just a random lurker. Heard about this on Twitter.
    WalterFootball: It took a long time to fill last week
    Justin Blackmon's DD: thebigok5
    Hoodmorning: post a lot more on the actual site at the bottom under the name Vikes Fan
    pheltz: boom
    Sancho: so everyone is wf then
    War Graves: I read the site a ton though, just don't post anything.
    War Graves: Yeah.
    WalterFootball: OK so we are doing 2 RBs, 2 WRs, flex?
    BB: SO whats the scoring system
    WalterFootball: ignoring the 3-WR thing they have set up here
    Ragnarok: Walt, yeah
    WalterFootball: standard i guess
    War Graves: Sounds good.
    Sancho: Sounds good
    BB: Standard?
    WalterFootball: non-PPR
    War Graves: Standard is 4 pt passing TD?
    WalterFootball: yeah
    BB: I know what standard means
    War Graves: Just making sure.
    Justin Blackmon's DD: oh crap, all my #'s are 6 for a pass td and ppr
    BB: who are you?
    Justin Blackmon's DD: just some dude, i dont really post on the forums
    Ragnarok: we have 10 regulars and 2 lurkers I think
    Justin Blackmon's DD: thebigok5
    Sancho: more lurkers than 2
    BB: Everyone make fun of the new guys
    War Graves: I am a lurker, but I promise I'm not an idiot. Maybe.
    Ragnarok: who other than blackmon and war graves?
    Thor: I keep up with walters website but im not registered on the boards
    WalterFootball: it's ok if your pass TDs are 6, it's not that huge of a difference
    Sancho: did everyone leave the other one?
    Ragnarok: I think so
    Justin Blackmon's DD: nah i know i just gotta change the math on excel
    KG: I did
    WalterFootball: i feel bad that someone from the other one didn't make it. i didn't think it'd fill up so quickly this time
    BB: Oh well
    Ragnarok: as long as myself ad Walt are in, thats all that matters
    Sancho: rag you pompous ass
    Ragnarok: hehehe
    BB: Rags better not kill me
    Sancho: You were soooooooooooo mad last week
    Ragnarok: I was a sad Rag
    Ragnarok: BB, I will always kill you
    Hoodmorning: lol
    BB: I'm stealing all Walts sleepers
    Ragnarok: Even if I don't kill you, someone will kill you to try and frame me
    WalterFootball: damn it BB
    Ragnarok: So I will still be the cause
    BB: Rags sad but true
    Hoodmorning: lol every single one of them
    BB: yes everyone
    BB: And I hate these rankings
    War Graves: Yeah they're awful.
    War Graves: I stopped using this site because of it.
    Hoodmorning: lol
    Ragnarok: I'm getting paid right now. I love my job
    Hoodmorning: the worst is espn though. I notice that every year. Always project the biggest bust candidates as locks for best statistical years
    War Graves: I like ESPN over CBSSports.
    War Graves: But yeah I agree.
    Hoodmorning: lol they project steven jackson over trent richardson this year
    KG: I disregard every major site's rankings
    War Graves: Probably the right call.
    KG: and exploit the rest of my league who use ESPN's rankings which is the site we use
    War Graves: I'm still fairly new to fantasy though so I still like to get a general lay of the land on what people think.
    Ragnarok: Over/under on how many times pheltz falls asleep at his computer during this?
    Hoodmorning: lol I agree with KG. Its really funny when people just go with the sites rankings and leave every sleeper open
    Hoodmorning: helped me in a large number of leagues last year
    WalterFootball: I want to go RB early for a change
    Hoodmorning: then give me rodgers
    WalterFootball: see what happens
    KG: i got laughed at when i called out Antonio Brown's name last name at the draft
    KG: wasn't on the cheat sheet
    War Graves: Are we assuming anything as far as holdouts go?
    KG: and this is a return yards league, so 10th ranked WR and a championship later, i got the last laugh
    Hoodmorning: nice
    War Graves: Mainly Wallace/Forte.
    Hoodmorning: I love antonio brown this year
    War Graves: Loved picking him up off waivers last year.
    KG: i do too
    KG: more targets and higher average depth of target than wallace last year
    BB: man my team looks good
    Hoodmorning: lol
    Ragnarok: dammit
    BB: are we aloud to talk about undrafted players?
    WalterFootball: yeah it's a mock draft, why not
    WalterFootball: if this were a real draft, that shouldn't be allowed
    Ragnarok: and here we go for another worst pick of the round
    Sancho: you timed out?
    Ragnarok: nope
    Hoodmorning: At least AJ Green isn't a bust
    Ragnarok: But I think Green will be a top 3 WR this year
    Ragnarok: And after Richardson, I hate the RBs right there
    Hoodmorning: yeah, after richardson and mcfadden are gone I just can't live with myself taking an RB in the second round
    WalterFootball: Was going to take Gronk, nice pick
    Hoodmorning: thanks, kinda surprised he fell to me
    Ragnarok: I was debating between Gronk, green and jennings
    WalterFootball: Ugh, hate the RB-WR combo
    War Graves: Would you have taken Stafford there?
    WalterFootball: yes
    War Graves: Figured. Harsh.
    Ragnarok: lol, you got Kielbasa'd
    WalterFootball: haha yes i did
    KG: damn, was going to take Graham
    Hoodmorning: Ack...I hate that I still don't have an RB, but Cruz and Marshall are just so much better than Lynch....
    WalterFootball: RBs are tough this year
    Ragnarok: Yes, that was a homer pick
    Hoodmorning: And there goes the RB I was waiting for....
    pheltz: smurf
    WalterFootball: He usually goes Round 2
    MD4L: Still have a ton of players I like at WR and QB
    Hoodmorning: Doug Martin?
    MD4L: Risk/Reward pick obviously.
    War Graves: Praying Jackson has one more year in the tank left there.
    Hoodmorning: He let me down in too many leagues last year for me to trust him again :/
    Hoodmorning: of course I said that about welker before this last season and that turned out great.........
    War Graves: Damnit!
    War Graves: Double damnit.
    Sancho: I thought id missed picks by now, damn this is slow
    Ragnarok: dammit, Britt went
    Sancho: damn it i wanted lloyd, steal
    Hoodmorning: NO TORREY NO
    Ragnarok: I'll take him over DeSean or VJax
    Hoodmorning: That's cuz hes them but better, younger, and has a QB with one helluva arm
    Sancho: Best RB corp ive had so far in mocks
    Hoodmorning: you must not do many public mocks
    Sancho: Remind me that when you pick scrubs later
    Hoodmorning: I had one where I got chris johnson, trent richardson, and doug martin. Not to mention my receivers were Andre Johnson and Julio Jones......sometimes people are really stupid
    Sancho: ok thats never going to happen
    Hoodmorning: it happens when you do a mock with all people who are either trolls or fools
    War Graves: My favorite are the people who will draft QBs rounds 1 and 2 because "their league is a 2 QB league".
    War Graves: How does that help in a mock when no one else is doing that?
    Ragnarok: Thats why we do this
    War Graves: And bless you for it.
    Hoodmorning: yes, thank you so much
    Hoodmorning: this is honestly my first mock with people who actually know what they are doing
    WalterFootball: had to do it
    War Graves: I know that hurt you.
    WalterFootball: haha yes it did
    Ragnarok: War Graves you mother smurfer
    War Graves: I apologize for nothing.
    BB: I hate the carolina RBs
    Hoodmorning: Carolina and Washington are where good fantasy RBs go to die
    War Graves: Me too, but who am I going to take, Shonn Greene?
    BB: pretty much
    BB: hmm good point
    Hoodmorning: LeGarrette Blount )
    Sancho: Leshoure? Lol
    Ragnarok: What?
    Ragnarok: You know he is practicing again
    Sancho: I like Best and Smith better
    Ragnarok: Ew
    Sancho: plus hes suspended for 2 games
    Ragnarok: oh no
    Sancho: and off the injury
    War Graves: Leshoure is sadly the safest.
    Ragnarok: I think he will be the primary back
    War Graves: That's how bad it is there.
    Sancho: 3 red flags
    Ragnarok: And the other two will get hurt
    Ragnarok: guaranteed
    Hoodmorning: Leshoure may be the safest, but he won't see playing time until both best and smith get their annual injuries
    War Graves: Best can walk into a door and his career is over.
    pheltz: Bacup QBds in the 8th? Ugly
    MD4L: The greatest story was he got busted for weed and ate it so the police wouldn't notice
    Justin Blackmon's DD: super troopers
    War Graves: Worked in Super Troopers.
    Sancho: correct pheltz
    War Graves: Damnit Blackmon.
    Justin Blackmon's DD: i know a lot about troopers
    Sancho: Decker :
    Ragnarok: Jared Cook sucks
    War Graves: I think KG's on autopilot now.
    Hoodmorning: I cant believe Denarius lasted soooo long past DHB
    Justin Blackmon's DD: i just can't see moore getting more then 1000 yards
    Sancho: Moore is an excellent pick
    Hoodmorning: And yet in games where he and Palmer were both healthy he stocked an average of a little over 100 yards and a TD per game......
    Hoodmorning: and finished out the season leading the team in receiving in the last few games
    WalterFootball: yeah, loved the Moore pick, I would have taken him next
    Justin Blackmon's DD: that was 3 or 4 games, and dhb did
    Thor: pheltz, any comments for walt on that back up qb?
    pheltz: Too early
    Thor: lol
    pheltz: He always does that though
    Hoodmorning: dhb has repeatedly disappointed and Moore was injured for a large portion of last season. Didnt do well when trying to play through the pain, but when he was at full speed he was killin it in the slot
    MD4L: I wanted Peyton
    Ragnarok: pheltz took the one player who might be older than him
    pheltz: lol
    Hoodmorning: I like how the site's rankings have randy moss as the top available receiver
    pheltz: like the quiz pick
    Ragnarok: this is definitely a year to wait on QBs
    pheltz: Uh huh, uh huh
    MD4L: So Walt, when does this get posted?
    Ragnarok: I do like my team so far.
    pheltz: your rbs are trash
    Sancho: Crap i timed out
    Sancho: I wanted Tamme there anyway, from 12 on its auto
    WalterFootball: unfortunately, not until the weekend because of the NBA Draft
    Justin Blackmon's DD: oh good someone found him
    Sancho: nvm, if i make a lost it will pick for me, still here!
    Hoodmorning: If tim tebow has an errant thought...
    Hoodmorning: is it a christian ponder?
    WalterFootball: lol

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