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Thread: Wednesday Night Fantasy Football Mock Drafts

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    Quote Originally Posted by vikingfan View Post

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    ****, its full

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    Walt got the very last spot

  4. Quote Originally Posted by SanchoPanza View Post
    Were you afraid there?
    I was

  5. For those of you not in the mock, this is going to be an interesting write up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LayDownDead View Post
    For those of you not in the mock, this is going to be an interesting write up.
    Now, now...you only say that because BJP has fun picks.

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    I really hope to see Matthews in the top 5...
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    Quote Originally Posted by vikingfan View Post
    I really hope to see Matthews in the top 5...
    Not going to happen.

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    Chat log:

    Admin: Welcome to the live mock drafts at Fantasy Football Calculator. Good luck!
    SanchO: lol before the code right prod?
    Prodigy: Smart man Sancho, smart man
    Ragnarok: hahaha
    Ragnarok: I knew someone would do that
    SanchO: Its easier when theres much fewer 14s
    the My Team machines: are you srs? it wouldn't allow the s3x machines
    Prodigy: Yeah, knew it had to be the next one to come up, hopefully Walt makes it in
    XIII: Not looking good.
    Kaiser: I MADE IT!! smurfS GOING DOWN
    XIII: Whew.
    Ckane138: 14 team eh?
    SanchO: lol walt got the last spot
    Kaiser: Coward you can leave now
    Ragnarok: thank god
    Kaiser: go on
    Prodigy: Haha Kaiser
    md4l: This is standard right?
    Kaiser: bye Coward
    Ragnarok: standard tonight
    Ckane138: smurf yo'self
    Kaiser: team 4's going inactive
    Ragnarok: ppr tomorrow
    SanchO: is everyone wf? i count 9 at least
    WalterFootball: Holy crap, spots 6 and 4 failed for me but i got lucky the 3rd time
    the My Team machines: can i change team name?
    SanchO: no
    Kaiser: who let the black man draft first?
    XIII: I don't post on the forums but yeah I'm WF.
    SanchO: cool
    BJP: Same
    KG: same with me
    Beeper King : same here
    Prodigy: Did VF make it in?
    KG: always lurking, but never post
    SanchO: so everyone but 8?
    Laydowndead: Any non WFers?
    Ckane138: Everyone report position 13.
    No Lynching ErBody: Does it count if I wish I didn't post?
    Kaiser: virginfan didn't make it?
    Kaiser: you report me and the draft cuts off
    XIII: Why would a random join a 14 man..
    SanchO: no it doesnt
    the My Team machines: lol kaiser and no lynch's 'jokes'!!! this should be comedy gold
    WalterFootball: Wait, why did my team name change to BJP?
    SanchO: Is that mcnulty
    Ragnarok: It didnt?
    Prodigy: Its good still on mine
    Kaiser: hi mcnulty
    No Lynching ErBody: That was my guess.
    the My Team machines: i'm hate masturbating to a picture of tbod. what does that tell you?
    SanchO: oh yeah
    WalterFootball: weird
    the My Team machines: we all have our idiosyncracies
    No Lynching ErBody: That parents should apply for licenses?
    the My Team machines: or some spelling variation thereof
    Laydowndead: http://i561.photobucket.com/albums/s...ing-in-dry.jpg
    the My Team machines: that url description terrifies me to my very core
    No Lynching ErBody: Sancho
    Ragnarok: lol
    Laydowndead: It involves an ewok. Even more afraid?
    No Lynching ErBody: I have no idea what your post on the Rankings meant.
    Kaiser: why would you make them bite the pillow? let them scream
    Laydowndead: Lmfao
    Kaiser: BTW just have to mention this:
    Kaiser: SOMEBODY VOTED ME #1!!
    SanchO: that persons clearly retarded
    Prodigy: I have a feeling it was you
    Ragnarok: I have 30 bucks in sushi here
    Kaiser: McNulty wasn't voting Sancho
    Ragnarok: nom nom nom nom
    SanchO: so kaiser is retarded
    SanchO: thanks prod
    Kaiser: cuz I didn't vote Swag #1 or anything
    SanchO: neither
    No Lynching ErBody: ....That post didn't clarify it in the slightest, Sancho
    No Lynching ErBody: But I did laugh.
    SanchO: I voted IR no.1
    Kaiser: hannah storm is sexy
    the My Team machines: is this mafia talk?
    SanchO: Oh no lynch. i just dont like that attitude
    Prodigy: That was directed at Kaiser Sancho. lol. You arent retarded.
    WalterFootball: i voted DT No. 1
    Kaiser: her hair is all messed up
    SanchO: i know, i meant in conjunction with that i said
    SanchO: lol walt
    WalterFootball: -)
    Kaiser: whoever did her hair needs to be lynched
    the My Team machines: WHERE IS CKANE
    Kaiser: gone
    Kaiser: Coward bolted
    No Lynching ErBody: Your words cut me deep, Sancho I thought we were bro's
    Ckane138: smurf off
    Prodigy: Ckane has a deep hatred of Kaiser. Its great really.
    Kaiser: I will later tonight CKane.
    the My Team machines: do you actually think that is a witty remark? like, actually?
    Kaiser: idgaf if people hate me, means that I'm making an impact on their life
    the My Team machines: people don't hate you. people hate that you don't realize no one cares about you
    Kaiser: it's still hate
    Prodigy: Who is TMTM?
    SanchO: mcnulty
    the My Team machines: nunya
    the My Team machines: nunya smurfing business
    No Lynching ErBody: My favorite mod.
    Ckane138: This isn't PPR or anything? Just standard draft?
    Prodigy: Im not convinced
    WalterFootball: standard yeah, with 14 teams
    Kaiser: McNulty's my favorite mod as well
    XIII: Good luck. I love you.
    the My Team machines: I like this XIII guy.
    Prodigy: lol
    WalterFootball: umm
    SanchO: lame
    WalterFootball: i picked Arian Foster
    SanchO: no you didnt
    SanchO: lol
    Laydowndead: Why is Ray Rice 6th behind Mathews?
    Ckane138: I'll trade you for Rice.
    WalterFootball: yeah i did
    the My Team machines: that happened to me last mock
    Prodigy: Arian Foster going Vegan terrifies me
    the My Team machines: apparently FFC hates handsome people
    WalterFootball: when i picked Foster it said "it's not your turn to draft"
    the My Team machines: i'm up, guys.
    the My Team machines: ew this spot sucks
    Laydowndead: That happened to me in a different draft, Walter
    Ckane138: Still better than WF drafts.
    Kaiser: take Steve McNair if he's there
    Laydowndead: Must be a glitch
    SanchO: burn
    Ragnarok: Never speak of that draft again
    No Lynching ErBody: McNair?
    Prodigy: Totes awk
    the My Team machines: don't you guys hate tbod?
    Kaiser: nah we only hate Kaiser. Everybody else is irrelevant
    No Lynching ErBody: I don't hate Kaiser.
    Prodigy: I hate Anosh
    SanchO: lol
    Prodigy: I should have wrote him in on my top 25
    No Lynching ErBody: I considered including Phatal.
    the My Team machines: you nerds did Top 25 rankings for a game that conists of 40 people? Nice.
    Prodigy: Yup, thats McNulty
    No Lynching ErBody: lol
    Ragnarok: Isnt that what you mom did to rank her lovers form the last week?
    the My Team machines: ...
    No Lynching ErBody: 4/10
    Kaiser: LOL A MOM JOKE!! you're a smurf
    Kaiser: smurf
    No Lynching ErBody: Came off forced and unnatural
    Prodigy: 2 typos too
    Ragnarok: oh well
    Kaiser: fkin terrible execution
    the My Team machines: you guys rival Link for comedy skillz
    No Lynching ErBody: Thanks!
    Kaiser: that's why I've stoped making the jokes and started making fun of everybody who tries to make a joke
    SanchO: lol Link V McNulty is the greatest
    SanchO: Link never wins
    No Lynching ErBody: I like to think Link always wins.
    Kaiser: link is a dink
    SanchO: doink
    the My Team machines: If anyone on this forum was shoved in lockers and given wedgies in high school it is without a doubt Link
    WalterFootball: Hakeem Nicks
    WalterFootball: wooo got my pick in
    the My Team machines: Walt how many real drafts do you do approx.?
    BJP: I picked him too huh
    Prodigy: lol whut
    XIII: Wha the
    WalterFootball: usually 7
    SanchO: Who is BJP?
    Prodigy: Is there two people at that 2nd spot?
    SanchO: is there 2 guys in one spot somehow?
    WalterFootball: lol i told you that it says BJP for me
    BJP: weird
    Prodigy: BJP get your ass out
    the My Team machines: hahaah this draft is so strange
    SanchO: who picked newton?
    BJP: i did
    Kaiser: new draft?
    SanchO: nah
    Ragnarok: nah
    SanchO: walt can still analyse this
    Laydowndead: Is M. Night Shyamalan directing this mock? What a twist
    the My Team machines: how is there not a commercial about cam newton's laws of motion
    WalterFootball: I picked Newton too
    SanchO: LOL
    the My Team machines: hahahahah now that I like. Nicely done, LDD
    BJP: do you just want to tell me who you want when the pick comes around walt?
    WalterFootball: yeah sure, i'm going off my top 250 sheet though
    Ragnarok: the smurf is going on?
    Laydowndead: I never saw it coming. 2 people in the 2 spot
    md4l: I'm living wrong or there's 15 ppl in this mock?
    Ckane138: Has Walt finally lost it?
    the My Team machines: uh oh. i might have frozen
    Ckane138: I had October 2012 in the 'when does Walt lose it?' pool.
    Ragnarok: Walt ran out of cereal and went nanners
    the My Team machines: Who is LDD?
    WalterFootball: we could do a team draft
    the My Team machines: i got turkey patties with cranberries and stuffing embedded. i'm half excited and three-quarters scared
    Laydowndead: I'm a WF member
    Laydowndead: Kind of a lurker
    No Lynching ErBody: we're all lurkers
    the My Team machines: How do you feel about tbod?
    No Lynching ErBody: He's a douche.
    the My Team machines: Boy howdy, is he ever.
    Kaiser: troll my ******* Sancho
    SanchO: why
    Prodigy: I feel like I can predict half of Sanchos team before we even draft
    Kaiser: stud WR's!!
    SanchO: I decide pretty early who i like and dont like
    the My Team machines: i hate ross tucker so much
    Laydowndead: Walter, even though I got Dog Killer don
    Laydowndead: 't worry, I'll get a good backup
    the My Team machines: Who is the Beeper King? Best team name in here
    WalterFootball: haha we shall see
    Beeper King : thanks
    No Lynching ErBody: I still think QB Philadelphia Eagles #7 was better.
    md4l: I was in a mock earlier and someone named their team Cromartie's Kids
    the My Team machines: Ckane, have we won the NBA CMD yet?
    md4l: No one is topping that
    Prodigy: haha
    Laydowndead: Janoris Jenkins' Kids
    Prodigy: I swear I laugh at everything McNulty says. I dont know why. It scares me sometimes
    Laydowndead: He'll have just as many in like 5 years
    No Lynching ErBody: Hey Rags
    the My Team machines: Janoris Jenkins reminds of the first epsiode of Always Sunny
    Ckane138: The gay bar?
    No Lynching ErBody: Do you think your ability to sell insurance would be improved if you had larger breasts?
    BJP: who do you want walt?
    WalterFootball: definitely Gates
    Ragnarok: Of course
    the My Team machines: Yeah isn't the gay dude's sister Jelani Jenkins or something
    No Lynching ErBody: ....I guess I have to chalk this one up to the wife, then.
    the My Team machines: let's ask md4l. he probably knows her
    SanchO: Yeah that Cromartie one was great
    WalterFootball: Chris Wells or best RB available
    WalterFootball: these guys all suck
    BJP: i had him on the queue
    WalterFootball: in an ideal year, Chris Wells would be a 7th-round pick
    WalterFootball: but there are no RBs anymore
    Ragnarok: I hate you Walt
    the My Team machines: Walt you should have gotten in the WF.com Dynasty league. We can kick tbod out if you want in
    the My Team machines: THe best part of the league is how much everyone hates Midguy
    Prodigy: I love when all the teams before you on the turn have QBs already so you know you get the one you want
    md4l: it's not cuz he's black
    Kaiser: stfu *******
    Kaiser: don't tell them what I'm picking
    Ragnarok: I love the taste of raw fish
    the My Team machines: md4l: i'd be lying if i said that wasn't the reason
    Kaiser: I love the smell of raw fish. Somebody told me I'll love the smell of vagina then
    md4l: You didn't even have to explain that to me mcnutty
    Ragnarok: If you can eat sushi, you can eat smurf
    Kaiser: smurfing sancho
    No Lynching ErBody: It feels the same, too, Kaiser.
    SanchO: Enjoy Greene
    Kaiser: he was the best left lol
    Kaiser: if it's ground and pound for the Jets again then I'll be fine
    Ragnarok: Yeah...id rather take a chance on Ridley than any of those guys just drafted
    the My Team machines: KG I'm going to punch you in the smurf
    No Lynching ErBody: Not the smurf! Anything but that!
    KG: i settled
    SanchO: Id have Best before the other 3 drafted this round
    Kaiser: rounds 7-15 taking QB's every round
    Kaiser: let's go
    SanchO: cool
    Ragnarok: I refuse to draft Best
    XIII: Apparently RG3 has said that Hightower is the RB to pickup
    Kaiser: hannah storm has nice tits for 50+ yrs old
    XIII: Shanahan has got in his head already.
    Kaiser: Hightower for the 2 weeks he's not injured
    WalterFootball: let's go with Best because MD4L is going to take RBs
    md4l: how did you know that?
    the My Team machines: he racially profiled you
    No Lynching ErBody: woman's intuition
    Ragnarok: lol
    Prodigy: haha
    XIII: lol
    WalterFootball: DHB
    WalterFootball: -)
    BJP: I've been just about to draft every player you've said so far
    Ckane138: Robert Meachem's on the Chargers? I didn't know that. I bet that contract's terrible, right?
    Beeper King : 4 years, $12 million
    SanchO: really?
    the My Team machines: Beeper King gets me every time
    SanchO: smurf thats great
    Ckane138: 4 years, $26M? Jesus Christ
    SanchO: oh yeah
    the My Team machines: Meachem? More like Reachem (because I reached on him...)
    XIII: I don't get it.
    SanchO: I like Meachem a lot
    the My Team machines: i went next level 13, don't worry about it
    WalterFootball: everyone either loves or hates Meachem
    No Lynching ErBody: I have no feelings about the guy.
    Prodigy: Sancho weeps as Titus Young goes off the board
    SanchO: Dont care
    XIII: I send him flowers on Valentine's Day.
    No Lynching ErBody: Does he put out?
    SanchO: he just reached
    XIII: No.
    No Lynching ErBody: Damn you Kaiser
    Kaiser: hate me now?
    No Lynching ErBody: No.
    Kaiser: Gerhart + Rodgers for AP?
    Kaiser: I'm not happy at all with this team
    No Lynching ErBody: you might have the best receiving corps
    the My Team machines: jeezus, hurry up
    the My Team machines: i should hope so, since he took 3 in his first four picks
    Kaiser: if it's 3 starters, I definitely have it
    WalterFootball: yeeesh nothing left really
    WalterFootball: we need Wrs so Santana Moss
    md4l: Oh man
    Kaiser: BJP, take Randy Moss next round
    the My Team machines: Jacob Tamme feels like your doing him a disservice. No one can catch a pass and then hit the deck quite as fast as Jacob 'Armadillo' Tamme
    WalterFootball: lol Kaiser
    Kaiser: md4l your an ass
    WalterFootball: Jonathan Baldwin i guess
    Kaiser: *you're
    md4l: someone else loves Kendall Wright this year?
    the My Team machines: Jon Baldwin's still on the board? I think that's great value
    the My Team machines: I took him and AJ Green in my big money Dynasty league last year and I feel great - nay, stupendous - about it
    md4l: oh man we
    the My Team machines: KG you're killing me, bro
    md4l: still got 6 rounds left???
    the My Team machines: zzzzzz
    SanchO: totally
    the My Team machines: do we need a QB in this league?
    Kaiser: lol
    No Lynching ErBody: Probably not, man.
    the My Team machines: i'm gonna risk it
    Kaiser: no need for QB's
    No Lynching ErBody: I see no reason you can't be the NYJ of fantasy football
    Kaiser: more useless than taking a kicker
    XIII: lol
    the My Team machines: i can pick up rusy smith on the waiver wire
    Kaiser: anybody else listening to music while you draft?
    the My Team machines: doing chem homework. it's actually more exciting than the draft
    XIII: Watching UFC.
    SanchO: why suh slow
    the My Team machines: walt, can you go easy on my team when you critique this draft? My mom reads your stuff and doesn't like it when you're mean to me
    WalterFootball: haha ok don't worry
    XIII: Rofl holy smurf
    Kaiser: I'm only doing this draft because I need something to hold me over until Jennamarbles puts up her latest video
    md4l: lol
    Kaiser: .
    Kaiser: .
    the My Team machines: is that pornography?
    Kaiser: -.-
    Kaiser: you don't know who jenna marbles is?
    Ragnarok: i dont
    the My Team machines: of course I do! no, i really don't.
    Kaiser: nice pick with Delone Carter
    No Lynching ErBody: TY
    No Lynching ErBody: She's a relatively attractive chick that makes stupid (yet entertaining) Youtube videos
    Kaiser: if they go ground and pound he should be good for 5-6 TD's just as a backup
    SanchO: i think i can guess a md4l pick on this turn
    WalterFootball: Silent Bob
    Kaiser: RANDY!!
    WalterFootball: (Kevin Smith)
    md4l: lol
    Ragnarok: Yeah, I did it
    Kaiser: worst pick of the round to rags
    SanchO: Moss is really motivated
    Prodigy: Its absurd how high FFC ranks him
    Ragnarok: He'll put up more points than Jabar Gaffney
    SanchO: boom knew Luck was comin
    SanchO: Fleener now?
    Kaiser: no he won't lol
    Ragnarok: he will
    WalterFootball: Fitzpatrick
    md4l: hush
    Kaiser: Tebow and Nash are talking at the ESPY's
    XIII: FFC's rankings are based on where users draft people isn't it?
    XIII: Ugh damn you I wanted Fitz.
    Kaiser: Nash has to be thinking: "How do I get more assists than you do completions per game"
    KG: yes
    SanchO: Is it?
    SanchO: So if you reach for someone over and over it will adjust the ranks?
    XIII: I think that's how it works.
    the My Team machines: Kevin Nash?
    Kaiser: yup
    SanchO: ha
    Kaiser: Steve Nash
    the My Team machines: Is he related to Kevin Nash?
    Kaiser: Kevin Nash averages more torn quads per year than Tebow completions per game
    SanchO: WOW
    SanchO: nice
    SanchO: lol mcnoqb
    No Lynching ErBody: Kevin Nash averages over 3 torn quads per year?
    No Lynching ErBody: What a boss.
    Kaiser: yup
    the My Team machines: I'm all in on the Bucs haha
    the My Team machines: My new name for Kaiser is Paul Kaiser, because I'm a huge Mad About You fan
    Kaiser: please fall to me
    Ckane138: I'm avoiding Bucs. Because otherwise I'd have to watch them.
    Kaiser: please fall to my pick
    Kaiser: F***
    Prodigy: Kaiser wants a TE someone take the one he wants
    Kaiser: *******s
    Prodigy: or not
    Kaiser: no I wanted Carson Palmer
    Prodigy: either way im happy
    Ragnarok: I know Im gonna get all the rushing yards for the giants and pats
    the My Team machines: Except for my team being really bad I like it
    md4l: lmao
    Ckane138: Nah, Sammy Morris will get all the carries.
    Prodigy: You dont have any white guys so thats a plus
    the My Team machines: Jaaaaaash has to be a halfer though, right?
    md4l: yes he is
    the My Team machines: Is Blake Griffin a ginger? He looks like some freak you create in a video game
    md4l: man I wanted Houston defense
    Kaiser: I'd just like to say hi to all my legions of fans that will be reading the chat log
    Kaiser: i love you guys
    Ckane138: Sup Kaiser's mom.
    md4l: Ya, blake is mixed, though he's haitian
    md4l: which is the biggest shocker ever
    Kaiser: my mom is Leelee, don't tell anybody
    No Lynching ErBody: Not.
    No Lynching ErBody: Surprised.
    md4l: Fleener is gone
    No Lynching ErBody: At all.
    SanchO: aw man
    SanchO: Saw that coming prod
    Kaiser: lol at all the homer picks
    the My Team machines: Did anyone see that Chris Paul Blake Griffin interview when Griffin went full retard and Van Gundy yelled "was blake griffin in a trance?" probably the funniest thing i've seen
    Prodigy: Didnt notice Kaiser took Daniels from you.
    Ckane138: Damn I wanted Smurfson.
    md4l: so ckane you just not going to take a TE
    Ckane138: He's buried deep in the rankings for some reason.
    XIII: I noticed lol.
    the My Team machines: hey, ckane, pipe down
    SanchO: Daniels or Celek or Olsen is fine with me
    XIII: I had to change to Alpha to find him.
    SanchO: Burleson will get overtaken by Young
    No Lynching ErBody: I know.
    No Lynching ErBody: That's why he's my fifth string receiver.
    WalterFootball: he's way down the list - Alex Green RB
    Kaiser: I'm taking Corey Dillon soon, I heard he's making a comeback
    XIII: Switch to Alpha sort to find him quicker.
    Prodigy: These rankings have Tim Dwight over Lavelle Hawkins. Bold prediciton.
    md4l: lol
    Kaiser: oh snap!!
    Ragnarok: Lavelle sucks big floppy donkey smurf
    Ckane138: Aaron Rodgers hold my diiiiiiiiiiiiick
    Kaiser: take him MD4L
    WalterFootball: that is not Alex Green!
    the My Team machines: the late rounds of fake drafts are really, really fun
    BJP: couldn't find him sorry!
    Kaiser: MD4L take Alex Green
    Prodigy: haha
    XIII: Switch to Alpha Sort at the top of Players
    WalterFootball: lol it's ok
    WalterFootball: Randall Cobb
    Kaiser: noooo
    md4l: im sorry kaiser
    Ragnarok: if you had taken both green AND cobb i'd have been piisssseeedddd
    Kaiser: I thought you were going to steal him from Walter
    Prodigy: smurf I wanted Cobb too
    WalterFootball: lol pretend that they're taken
    Kaiser: you're good at that
    SanchO: lol
    md4l: lol
    Prodigy: lol martellus bennet
    SanchO: Starter
    Kaiser: the bryant mckinnie of Tight Ends
    WalterFootball: Rags, I'm giving you Bennett in the write-up :-P
    No Lynching ErBody: Don't do it, Ckane
    Ragnarok: at least give me green haha
    WalterFootball: lol
    WalterFootball: we'll both have them, it'll be confusing
    KG: smurf
    KG: i want taiwan
    SanchO: I can guess Kaisers pick already
    Ckane138: I'm bolting.
    Ckane138: Deal with it,
    md4l: He never drafted a TE
    SanchO: coward
    SanchO: lol no te
    SanchO: Dallas Clark or Kellen Winslow time!
    SanchO: Eh Dustin Keller would be alright
    Prodigy: Leave it to McNulty to draft a kicker only 2 rounds after his starting QB
    the My Team machines: take that back
    SanchO: Addai? lol
    Ragnarok: Walt, I should get extra credit for getting two backfields
    Prodigy: Nope. I meant it.
    the My Team machines: TAKE IT BACK
    the My Team machines: Addai is in NE? Did not know dat
    WalterFootball: that's pretty awesome
    SanchO: Kaiser to take Ponder here
    SanchO: fine i will then
    Kaiser: YOU MOTHERsmurfER
    Prodigy: lol
    md4l: lol
    No Lynching ErBody: I guess I have to take my kicker and my back up QB, right?
    Kaiser: all according to plan, I got Tebow
    Beeper King : haha Tebow
    Kaiser: Kaiser is a good boy
    md4l: Joey Galloway/JJ Stokes/Roscoe Parrish/David Boston/Derek Hagan
    md4l: All ranked above Brian Hartline
    Kaiser: Kaiser is a good boy
    Prodigy: Yeah for whatever reason FFC has all of the low tier WRs below the retired ones. lol
    WalterFootball: Cardinals defense
    No Lynching ErBody: nobody better take my QB
    BJP: ill handle the kicker haha
    Kaiser: of course KFC4L takes a dolphin
    WalterFootball: lol ok
    Ragnarok: oh, Ladainian is available!
    Kaiser: take him
    WalterFootball: nice, maybe post-surgery Peyton will suck in the red zone
    WalterFootball: lol Kliff Kingsbury?
    No Lynching ErBody: Dude's a hoss, amirite?
    Kaiser: who?
    BJP: and my friend was his agent for a bit
    WalterFootball: i love how Kingsbury has a Week 12 bye
    Kaiser: no but...
    Kaiser: Kaiser is a good boy
    WalterFootball: former QB for the Texas Tech Red Raiders
    Prodigy: FoRM would be proud
    WalterFootball: played like maybe 5 preseason games for the Patriots
    No Lynching ErBody: Well I went John David Booty last time. Hard to one up that
    Kaiser: former Viking
    WalterFootball: yeah i liked this one better
    md4l: They took Kordell Stewart off these rankings after he announced his retirement a couple weeks ago
    WalterFootball: CKane, do you really have no TE?
    Ragnarok: lol
    Beeper King : you can still take Kevin Dyson
    No Lynching ErBody: A friend of mine picked up Chris Henry off the waiver wire in one league a couple years back.
    Laydowndead: Nothing better than being American
    No Lynching ErBody: This was a YEAR after his death.
    Kaiser: ugh this team sucks
    WalterFootball: wow
    Prodigy: Damn I should have taken Armanti Edwards
    Laydowndead: lol cassel
    WalterFootball: Doug Pederson is still in this database
    Kaiser: Stanzi ahead of Cassel?
    Laydowndead: USA number 1
    Laydowndead: thats all I have to say about stanzi
    WalterFootball: John Skelton is a free agent in these rankings
    Beeper King : TO is ranked ahead of Gabbert
    No Lynching ErBody: Next draft, I'm getting Brett Basanez.
    No Lynching ErBody: That's probably a real person.
    Kaiser: I'm taking him before you
    Kaiser: because Kaiser is a good boy
    WalterFootball: nice, it'll have to be the 2-QB one tomorrow
    No Lynching ErBody: Oh no! You can't!
    Kaiser: later jokers

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    Jul 2011

    I thought I drafted a bad team but other people liked it.

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