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Thread: Wednesday Night Fantasy Football Mock Drafts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragnarok View Post
    We really need 12 tonight.

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    2 or 3 spots still up for grabs. Fill it up fellas.

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    Chat log from the mock:

    Admin: Welcome to the live mock drafts at Fantasy Football Calculator. Good luck!
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: hi guise
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: KAISER IS A GOOD BOY!!
    Prodigy: Walt, got your own team this time?
    WalterFootball: yes, thank God
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: wow has nobody taken notice yet?
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: hi BeeperKing
    Beeper King : hi
    Rednose: really 3 slots left
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: where is Clov?
    Rednose: slow joining today
    WalterFootball: ugh just 3 more
    Prodigy: Hey Beeper King is back. Cool beans
    Rednose: lol wtf?
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: ummm..so he has 2 teams?
    WalterFootball: 2 Boss Hogg Lous?
    Rednose: thats not cool
    WalterFootball: better than a computer
    BOSS HOGG LOU: I grabbed a spot on my phone, when I loaded the draft on my laptop, it put me in a different spot. I will back out on my phone
    Ragnarok: You are still locked into that spot
    Ragnarok: SO dont back out
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: that throws the draft off because it's 2 QB
    BOSS HOGG LOU: is there any way to leave one of the spots?
    Prodigy: Dont believe so
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: no
    Rednose: I guess it's ok, since today noone is left out
    BOSS HOGG LOU: I guess I will draft 2 teams then. Sorry. I figured if I loaded the page logged in it would just load me in my spot
    WalterFootball: that's OK, better than a computer
    BOSS HOGG LOU: "That's What She Said"
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: is clov #6?
    Prodigy: lol yesterday we got 15 people in a 14 team league, today we cant even fill up a 12
    WalterFootball: lol yes, poop
    poop: poop
    Rednose: you from WF?
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: hey Prodigy, did you see the latest Bobcats signing?
    WalterFootball: this is a 2-QB mock draft btw
    Prodigy: Who, Sessions?
    Prodigy: Hes a homo
    WalterFootball: dozen is a computer?
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: yeah. The playoffs scared him so much that he made sure he would never go back to them
    Prodigy: He better not take any play time away from Kemba
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: do spots 1 and 12 know the rules?
    Rednose: please take this as a 2-QB draft
    dozen: 2 qb right?
    Prodigy: dos quarterbackos
    Prodigy: Just in case
    Mumbles Mockteam: 3 wr no flex correct?
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: shut up prodismurf
    Prodigy: Kaiser, this is your last chance to impress me. 3 strikes and your out.
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: damnit
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: I wanted Rodgers
    WalterFootball: 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 flex
    WalterFootball: 2 QBs
    Mumbles Mockteam: cool
    Rednose: surprising
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: I think that Rodgers should be #1 in any 2 QB draft
    Rednose: not that
    Rednose: Id have brady and brees as 2 and 3 here
    Prodigy: Damnit I didnt think MD4L would take Brady. You arent a true fan!
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: Rodgers scores more than anybody else, I can wait a bit on the QB's
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: and I don't want Brees with him holding out and that team having so many changes
    MD4L: lol
    WalterFootball: wow horrible spot to be in
    Ragnarok: romo?
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: alright maybe I'm not going to wait on QB's
    Prodigy: God damn im gonna end up with Alex Smith and Sam Bradford or something
    MD4L: oh man
    Mumbles Mockteam: ahaha
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: oh quit *****ing
    Rednose: lol, what a run
    Prodigy: Youre right, ill just take Ponder
    WalterFootball: i was worried none of the QBs would be available on the way back
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: smurf you Prodigy, that's my boy
    BOSS HOGG LOU: Romo hasn't been a 1st round pick ever, in anything
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: even in top chokers?
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: do it Prodigy!!
    BOSS HOGG LOU: Well Played Kaiser. Well Played
    Prodigy: smurf me
    Rednose: tbh, romo is underrated in FF
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: haha
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: he did it
    MD4L: lol
    Rednose: doesnt have to play playoffs there
    Prodigy: Any QB that is left has just as many question marks as Vick and only 2 can realistically match his upside
    Prodigy: screw you guys
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: still got him!!
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: NOM NOM NOM
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: dem rushing TD's
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: the team with the most Pats so far...MD4L..
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: traitor
    MD4L: i should have went Matt Moore/Ocho then
    Prodigy: Eli asked Pheltz if he made the cut in the Rankings thread. I cant tell if hes joking or not, but its still funny
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: lmfao
    Ragnarok: hahahaha
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: i'm glad I got my stud RB's, I'm good to go now
    Rednose: boss?
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: lol I just told Eli he made it
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: oh screw you walter
    Ragnarok: Nice pick Walt
    WalterFootball: haha sorry
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: I wanted to take Schaub but i needed another good RB
    Ragnarok: Kaiser...I'm a traitor
    Ragnarok: a bad bad traitor
    Rednose: schaub is a great pick
    Rednose: best qb left after the run
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: hahaha Rags
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: I just noticed that
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: MD4L take Brandon Lloyd
    Ragnarok: why not? I'll get every point that team scores
    Ragnarok: and double up on a lot of it
    Rednose: we'll have 2 ultra competitive divisions this year
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: never said it was bad, it's good because Chicago will be scoring a lot. The whole NFC North forgot how to play defense
    Ragnarok: I agree
    Ragnarok: And I never said you said it was bad
    Prodigy: Fitzpatrick blows
    MD4L: Fitz was a great pick
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: homer time
    Prodigy: Damnit I wanted Harvey
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: 1/2 of the connection has been set up
    Prodigy: Im gonna smurf block you
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: haha MD4L took Lloyd
    Rednose: I really like fitz, except for his beard
    Ragnarok: Ok, I love my team right now.
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: I would love to play you week 6
    Prodigy: haha
    Ragnarok: Haha I know. Basically forfeit one week, but be at full strength every other week
    Rednose: rofl
    Ragnarok: Its a pretty solid strategy if you can do it
    Rednose: damn you, I knew youd take him
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: I really like my team too
    Prodigy: It would be, but I dont plan on losing.
    Ragnarok: 4 of your players will get hurt
    Ragnarok: all but rice
    Rednose: rags and me both gave away a week
    Prodigy: Except in week 5 when my WRs and McFadden are on byes and Vick is hurt
    Rednose: 2 qbs with the same bye in this kind of league?
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: not a big fan because in theory 4 teams won't have backups
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: 12 x 3 = 36
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: only 32 teams start a QB
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: 33 if you count QBBC in New York
    Rednose: lol
    Ragnarok: i dont need a backup really though
    Prodigy: And the 3 headed monster in Seattle and Miami!
    Ragnarok: short of injury
    Rednose: I think making a flex where you can start a qb solves this problem
    Ragnarok: This is either the greatest or worst team ever
    Rednose: depends a lot on the saints
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: yeah I'm not big on the Saints this year
    Ragnarok: Walt, I would love an in depth analysis on how I built this team
    Ragnarok: I don't think the Saints will drop off a cliff
    Prodigy: I cant believe im about to pick this guy in the 7th round...
    Ragnarok: Boss Hog Lou, you might wanna getyour QBs
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: F*CK YEAH!!
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: somebody take Tebow FFS
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: MD4L take Tebow
    Prodigy: poop I wanted Flynn. Now im clueless
    Prodigy: And locker was next...
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: you wanted Christian Ponder, admit it
    Ragnarok: Alex Smith!
    Rednose: I like walters team best, at the moment
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: Korn on the Kolb?
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: you can have Jimmy Clausen!!
    Prodigy: Im going to petition that Armanti Edwards be under QBs
    Ragnarok: looks like my week 6 bye week is about to be broken
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: is Locker going to start for the Titans?
    Ragnarok: unsure yet
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: my team is going to have rushing TD's out of the *******
    Prodigy: Not more than me
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: debateable
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: *debatable
    Prodigy: It'll be close
    Rednose: you got a strong variance on your team, prodigy
    Rednose: might completely suck, might turn out very strong
    Prodigy: It will be great. No doubt.
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: lol no
    Rednose: rice holds out and pulls a cj1k, vick and dmc injured
    Rednose: great season
    Prodigy: At least my injury prone players are proven.
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: and DJax doesn't care
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: add that to the list
    Prodigy: He Hate Me
    Prodigy: I wonder if Rod Smart is draftable
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: nah you aren't as hated as me
    Rednose: what do yall think about shonn greene this year? does he get his breakthrough, once tebow starts
    Prodigy: True. Yours would be more like "Everyone hates me"
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: He's going to get 10 TD's this season I think
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: Jets returning to ground and pound really helps his cause
    Prodigy: Im not liking this 2 QB thing
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: lol noodle arm
    Rednose: yea, usually it should only be done in a 10 tm league or with a qb flex
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: 20 team 2 QB leagues are awesome
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: Rednose I love your team minus the RB's
    Rednose: I dont like sjax
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: FJax is going to split I think too
    Beeper King : 31 year old RB coming off of a broken leg? i'll pass
    Rednose: I hope not, he was phenomenal last year
    Ragnarok: If not for spiller playing well last year, I'd like FJax this year
    Ragnarok: DAMN you Walt
    Prodigy: Goddamn you Bernice!
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: what do you guys think of my team so far? I think it's really solid
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: Prodigy doesn't have to worry bout me not drafting well here
    Rednose: youre bunking a lot on rookies
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: yeah but the franchises of those rookies gave a lot for them
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: I agree they are still rookies. RG3 will get me a lot of rush yards and TD's
    WalterFootball: sorry Rags
    WalterFootball: is anyone here planning on coming to the live fantasy draft we were talking about in the Rio Mafia thread?
    Rednose: I like MD4L and Walts teams the most now
    Prodigy: lol what?
    Ragnarok: Walt, live where?
    WalterFootball: fantasy league at my house
    Ragnarok: Thatd be a fun road trip haha
    Ragnarok: I should pick up Ellijay and run up that way
    Rednose: wow, ingram dropped low
    WalterFootball: IR runs a fantasy league that drafts at my house every year. we had like 6 ppl drop out, so we mentioned on the forum that it'd be cool to get a live draft together for this league
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: as usual I'm the last to take a tight end
    Rednose: haha, I like philly, but my vacation budget might get strained with the flight
    Prodigy: Well CKane didnt even take one yesterday so you are wrong again Kaiser
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: well that's because Coward is stupid
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: in the first draft I believe I was the last one to take one
    Rednose: what do you think about mendenhall as "sleeper"?
    Rednose: coming back 2nd half of the season or so?
    MD4L: nope
    WalterFootball: won't play till November but he's a nice bench stash
    WalterFootball: of course you may cut him because you need the roster room
    Rednose: might have a few good games late in the year,
    Rednose: yea, thats what happened to me last year with bradford
    MD4L: So everyone is doubting Isaac Redman?
    Rednose: had him on my bench waiting to break out
    WalterFootball: i could see Redman keeping the job tbh
    Beeper King : Mendy sucked last year too-ruined my team
    Prodigy: Redman is a monster. Hes not giving the job back. I agree
    Rednose: I actually dont like mendenhall at all, but in the 11th round, I think he is worth the risk
    Ragnarok: So Walt, do you love my early strategy? Or do you love my strategy?
    Rednose: so, who are the defense for early in the year, walt? did you already post it?
    WalterFootball: I think you're going to lose in week 6 lol
    WalterFootball: it's up
    Ragnarok: Haha well yeah
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: nobody takes the Vikings defense
    Ragnarok: I know
    Beeper King : What's with the FFC defense rankings? KC second to last?
    WalterFootball: weren't paying attention to the end of the year
    MD4L: I would love if this was my actual team
    Beeper King : they shut down rodgers
    Prodigy: USA vs. Domican Republic. Must see TV
    WalterFootball: what channel?
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: say what? Walter was the first to take a kicker
    Ragnarok: a kicker in the 13th by Walt?
    WalterFootball: well i would have gone DEF but two of the teams after and before me have taken one
    Prodigy: ESPN
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: it's a mock draft. smurf taking kickers
    Rednose: sanchez or gabbert ?
    WalterFootball: i want USA to win the gold obviously, but i want them to lose one game so Kobe shuts up about beating the Dream Team
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: matt moore
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: or garrard
    Rednose: I said it in blah before
    Prodigy: I used to love Garrard. He was so fun to watch.
    Ragnarok: DT did say Gabbert would get 4k yeards
    Ragnarok: yards**
    WalterFootball: John Skelton's a free agent
    Rednose: the original dream the was the best team in any sports ever compared to the competition
    Beeper King : agree. he won me a chamionship back in 2010
    WalterFootball: 1992 Dream Team would beat this team by 20+ points
    BOSS HOGG LOU: I remember when the guy was crying at the free throw line because MJ fouled him
    WalterFootball: lol the other teams were so scared of that team. they were just happy to play against them
    Rednose: I bought some dvds on ebay of those games
    Rednose: they are just awesome
    WalterFootball: i might just do that
    Ragnarok: chances that Kaiser takes Joe Webb here...
    MD4L: I actually think the 2008 team was better than the 2012 squad
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: none because I'm not CKane
    Rednose: would it be cruel to take johnny knox?
    WalterFootball: is Tyson Chandler really the starting center on this team?
    MD4L: He's the only center on the team
    WalterFootball: lol wow
    BOSS HOGG LOU: CP3 would be on Magic, Kobe on MJ, Lebum on Barkley, Melo on Bird, Ewing at Center
    Prodigy: Durant would be starting over Carmelo
    WalterFootball: yeah, Ewing and Robinson would destroy Chandler, it wouldn't be fair
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: can we do 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 2 TE league in the future?
    Rednose: wtf prodigy?
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: instead of flex, do a second TE
    BOSS HOGG LOU: Magic would make light work of CP3
    WalterFootball: yeah i don't see why not
    Prodigy: DRAFT ALL THE QBS!
    Ragnarok: Prodigy...5 QBs?
    Ragnarok: Hey Walt, I'd love to see a couple write ups on the teams overall
    Ragnarok: Like my strategy...or Prodigy taking 5 QBs
    BOSS HOGG LOU: anybody doing anymore drafts?
    WalterFootball: I'll mention the teams overall, just note that this won't be posted till next week
    WalterFootball: i need stuff to post while away
    Ragnarok: got it
    Prodigy: Id rather stash a couple QBs on my bench who could win a starting job. Its better than taking a kicker or defense.
    KaiserIsAGoodBoy: Love my team
    WalterFootball: USA losing 4-2.
    Ragnarok: My team is awesome
    Ragnarok: except for week 6
    BOSS HOGG LOU: Drafting from the iPhone was different

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    anyone around for a mock?

  8. I'm in if you need 1 more!

  9. Is there going to be a mock today?

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    I'm in to mock.
    49ers CMD VI

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