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Thread: Wednesday Night Fantasy Football Mock Drafts

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    Nevermind, I found it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragnarok View Post
    It's easier this way. And it's what we always do.
    Quote Originally Posted by Walter View Post
    Never mind, was looking under the PPR tab


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    Damn... I guess I missed it?
    Sig Bets

    Sig Bet - Levine Toilolo will have at least 40 receptions in 2014 (ChicagoJay)

    Title Bet - Toilolo will have 4+ TDs in 2013 (ChicagoJay) - TD Count: 2 :(

    Round 1: Vic Beasley, OLB Round 2: Benardrick McKinney, ILB/OLB Round 3: Nick O'Leary, TE Round 4: Jermaine Whitehead, FS Round 5: Terry Williams, NT Round 6: Antwan Goodley, WR

    Quote Originally Posted by Alastair View Post
    It's a little outside of my scope of practice, but I believe the Browns have some form of auto-immune disorder that has been sinking the team into the ground for around 30 years. Many quarterbacks and coaches have come and gone, but none have been able to fight off this condition. There are some players with star talent on the roster, but the since there isn't enough hive immunity from sucking, the Browns continue to falter and can't seem to produce wins. I'll defer here to Johnnyallstar as he might have some information on the Browns' timeline of recovery and chances of reinjury.

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    Chat log from the mock tonight:

    Admin: Welcome to the live mock drafts at Fantasy Football Calculator. Good luck!
    God: we really should be doing this under the PPR tab
    Ragnarok: Its not a big deal.
    God: I'm a dyke
    SanchO: hot
    Hurricane Ditka: cool story bro
    SanchO: Hey MD4L
    God: I love my girlfriend's vajayjay
    God: it's so quiet in here tonight
    Ragnarok: Im playing ncaa13
    God: does it still suck?
    Hurricane Ditka: NFL 2k5 is where its at!
    Ragnarok: i enjoy it
    SanchO: How the hell is this not full already
    God: I haven't jizzed yet
    Ragnarok: I dunno
    God: hold up, I'll blow in a minute
    Hurricane Ditka: ...
    Ragnarok: We have some weeks were it gets full quick and some were it doesnt
    God: UGH!!
    Ragnarok: where*
    God: there I climaxed
    WalterFootball: so is this PPR?
    Hurricane Ditka: yep
    God: I'm picking AP #1
    God: we're drafting like it was 2011 right?
    SanchO: Thats def Kaiser
    MD4L: Can we do a WR/RB/TE flex
    God: only if I get a raised leg flex out of your mom MD4L
    Hurricane Ditka: Drafting like it's 2006 SEXY REXY BABY!
    God: oh shiz 2006!!??
    God: where's LT?
    QB Dog Humper: Where's Favre?
    God: and Shaun Alexander
    SanchO: Oh Bobs here, nice
    WalterFootball: btw this write-up will be posted Fri morning
    BobLoblaw: Hi, all.
    Hurricane Ditka: hi
    God: did it really take Slowcho that long to figure out who I am?
    Ragnarok: I hope not
    Rad Railz: so this is PPR? I don't do a lot of PPR, figure I'd give this a shot
    Hurricane Ditka: yep
    Ragnarok: Yes its PPR
    WalterFootball: for the 9-11 people who just joined, this is PPR
    SanchO: Yes its PPR
    God: OMG NOT PPR!!
    Hurricane Ditka: we have 9/11 people here?
    WalterFootball: and the write-up will be posted Fri morning
    JamaicaKings: Wow, ok. I'm not used to PPR, but this should be cool
    QB Dog Humper: never forget, PPR
    God: is Prodigy here?
    SanchO: no
    God: damnit
    God: I was going to report him
    Ragnarok: Who are sabotage and jamaica
    WalterFootball: i like how it says "God damnit"
    JamaicaKings: I saw it posted on Twitter, so i figured I'd give PPR a try
    SanchO: No wonder it was slow to fill, everyone was doing the logical thing of lookjing under the PPR tab
    Hurricane Ditka: Are we using the FFC starters?
    Ragnarok: rb, rb, wr, wr, rb/wr
    Sabotage: Always wish they made the chat bigger
    Hurricane Ditka: ok thanks
    footballfanspot: 15 rounds or 16?
    Hurricane Ditka: 15
    MD4L: Ugh we can't do the TE as part of the flex too?
    WalterFootball: this is 15 rounds for some reason
    Hurricane Ditka: "12 teams. 15 rounds. 60 seconds max per pick. Computers draft after 1 second. "
    WalterFootball: yeah i don't see why not, you going to take Gronk and Graham, MD4L?
    SanchO: Yeah he is
    MD4L: Yes
    WalterFootball: haha
    Hurricane Ditka: Last year, there was someone who had Gronk and Graham in one of my leagues.
    WalterFootball: how'd they do
    God: I'm using all the time to make my pick
    God: it's a hard decision
    WalterFootball: God, damnit
    Hurricane Ditka: Take Rice and be done with it
    Sabotage: Taking Bryan Anger with the 11th pick
    BobLoblaw: First FFC mock. I like the setup.
    Sabotage: Bob...do you post on FF?
    QB Dog Humper: I hear that Welker guy catches a lot. No brainer #1
    BobLoblaw: What's FF?
    WalterFootball: common man
    Hurricane Ditka: If you time out twice you get banned
    God: what?
    SanchO: not banned
    God: I was deliberating between Rice and McCoy
    SanchO: but kicked from the draft
    God: it's a hard decision
    Hurricane Ditka: "If you time out twice you will lose the ability to draft manually."
    footballfanspot: im ending up in the "worst picks" section for this one
    Hurricane Ditka: I'd take Matthews there if this wasnt ppr
    footballfanspot: he caught like 60 balls last year
    SanchO: I thought for sure Rags would take Rodgers
    BobLoblaw: So, am I the only person down on Mathews this year? Maybe my Chargers hate is too strong.
    MD4L: No I am too
    Ragnarok: CJ2K catches a lot of balls
    God: giggity
    QB Dog Humper: ESPN is down on him
    Hurricane Ditka: you don't say?\
    footballfanspot: espn is down on him, they just havent heard of him
    SanchO: Lets use the cheat sheet to guess Walts picks
    footballfanspot: *isnt
    Hurricane Ditka: he broke it already, taking MJD over AJ
    QB Dog Humper: I wonder if Aa-Rod humps dogs
    WalterFootball: i thought AJ would come back to me
    Ragnarok: lol md4l
    Hurricane Ditka: A-Rod hates people with cancer.
    God: wth?
    Hurricane Ditka: look it up
    God: oh g...I mean oh me
    SanchO: You guys dont do many mocks huh? Thats a great strat
    Hurricane Ditka: AARGH
    Hurricane Ditka: was hoping to get brees
    footballfanspot: i was surprised he was there
    Hurricane Ditka: same
    JamaicaKings: Crap
    Hurricane Ditka: Jennings at 27 in ppr, yes please.
    footballfanspot: we're even now, i wanted jennings
    Hurricane Ditka: ha
    SanchO: A no Rb round?
    Hurricane Ditka: why so quiet?
    SanchO: Oh Md4l ruined it
    Hurricane Ditka: lol
    Rad Railz: agh i thought i could wait on martin
    Sabotage: was hoping to get him on the wrap around
    MD4L: I really wanted to get Cam
    God: because he's black?
    Hurricane Ditka: so is vick
    QB Dog Humper: so is garrard
    Hurricane Ditka: and Campbell
    WalterFootball: ugh
    Hurricane Ditka: dont time out
    JamaicaKings: What the crap...that is not who I picked!!!
    Hurricane Ditka: FFC assumes this isnt ppr
    MD4L: AP fell far
    Hurricane Ditka: he sucks for ppr
    JamaicaKings: he woulda fell farther
    God: lulz walter took s-jax
    Hurricane Ditka: wow
    MD4L: do you see the other RB candidates?
    JamaicaKings: Steven Jackson was my pick
    WalterFootball: I'll note that in the write-up
    SanchO: LOL
    Hurricane Ditka: BLARRRRRRRRRRRGH!
    God: yeah buddy, got marshawn in the 5th
    MD4L: Pretty happy that the other top TEs are getting picked now
    God: really now, bowe was on the board and I didn't see him...
    Hurricane Ditka: DHB?
    Ragnarok: Shocker by bob there
    SanchO: Early for Young
    BobLoblaw: I'm allowed to homer once or twice.
    WalterFootball: I'd have considered Young at 7.08
    God: lol I'm stacked at RB
    SanchO: here comes Jacoby Ford
    WalterFootball: well, two RBs are injury-prone and one will be suspended, so that could change quickly
    BobLoblaw: Might have overdrafted Peyton, but the upside is too much tehre.
    Ragnarok: Ok, I have to do this...
    God: if Marshawn gets suspended then I start him later in the season when he's fresh
    Ragnarok: Stafford, CJ, Forte, Jordy, Torrey, Desean, Vernon
    Ragnarok: Thats not bad
    God: terrible WR's
    SanchO: for ppr yeah
    SanchO: agreeing with God there
    God: *blesses Sancho*
    Hurricane Ditka: McCoy Sproles Jennings Smith Maclin Ryan Pettigrew
    Hurricane Ditka: ftw
    SanchO: Hillman? Ugly
    Ragnarok: Not the best for PPR, but bpa when I got them
    MD4L: Two TE has worked well so far
    Rad Railz: ugh
    SanchO: Celek lasts till the 14th sometimes
    MD4L: Ryan Williams is a great pick
    Hurricane Ditka: Vick rd 9
    SanchO: Palmer lol
    God: bob homers again
    BobLoblaw: There's my other homer pick.
    Hurricane Ditka: usually someone takes vick rd 5
    God: vick is a steal round 9
    God: plus I got a good QB in case
    Hurricane Ditka: rg3 for trade bait
    BobLoblaw: I actually was planning to take Cutler there, but he went 2 picks early.
    SanchO: Phew got the QB i wanted
    God: lol rg3 for starter later in the season
    SanchO: Why take Law Firm in PPr Walt?
    WalterFootball: he was my best RB available in PPR
    BobLoblaw: Is this 15 or 16 rounds?
    QB Dog Humper: 15
    Hurricane Ditka: 15
    MD4L: 15
    SanchO: 15
    Ragnarok: 15
    Hurricane Ditka: 14+2
    Hurricane Ditka: -1
    BobLoblaw: thanks
    SanchO: 15
    SanchO: Floyd is the no.4 Wr though'
    Ragnarok: take the average age of Siena's gfs and add 3
    BobLoblaw: Floyd won't stay at #4.
    Hurricane Ditka: (yes he will)
    Ragnarok: dammit
    MD4L: So people how do yall think of the two TE strategy
    Ragnarok: I wanted to take brown
    God: meh
    God: you are really weak at both RB and WR
    MD4L: I have high expectations for Martin and Lloyd/Moss are both #1 WRs IRL
    God: Lloyd could easily produce more than expected of him but Moss is with a new rookie QB
    Hurricane Ditka: Tebow?
    WalterFootball: why not Tebow? QB1 numbers once he takes over in October
    Rad Railz: well i mean eli doesn't have a bye until week 11 so by then
    WalterFootball: rushing TDs in the meanwhile
    Hurricane Ditka: imo freeman would've been a better pick
    WalterFootball: Freeman unlikely to post QB1 numbers
    WalterFootball: he has to get over his personal demons not sure if he's done that
    Hurricane Ditka: what?
    Hurricane Ditka: a kicker?
    footballfanspot: al davis is that you?
    BobLoblaw: Yes. Al speaks through me now.
    God: emmanuel sanders was a great sleeper pick....last year
    SanchO: I like Tamme a lot more there than where ive been seeing him go lately
    Ragnarok: He has a better chance of giving me something than Brian Quick
    footballfanspot: i would have taken tamme like 2 rounds ago if he didnt have the same bye as my starter
    JamaicaKings: hahaha, just cuz I can
    God: lolno rags
    God: Brian Quick will be starting
    God: RUDY!!!
    MD4L: Imo Wright is in the best position of any of the rookie WRs
    WalterFootball: agreed
    God: it's between him and Quick
    Ragnarok: Sanders will get more points than Quick
    Ragnarok: no doubt
    Hurricane Ditka: Alshon Jeffery?
    God: no he won't
    footballfanspot: quick has more upside
    SanchO: I like Quick and Wright
    God: Quick is going to be thrown into the fire week 1 as a starter
    Ragnarok: quick has upside. no denying that
    WalterFootball: Jeffery doesn't understand the playbook, apparently
    footballfanspot: he'll probably be his team's #1 receiver, but he might not be any good
    God: bradford has to throw to someone
    Rad Railz: no, he could just get sacked
    Ragnarok: Fisher is going to want to run more.
    Ragnarok: now, next year I like quick
    Hurricane Ditka: time for the supersleeper pick
    Hurricane Ditka: anyone want to take a guess
    Rad Railz: Davone Bess
    Rad Railz: I don't know random guess
    Hurricane Ditka: no
    QB Dog Humper: Devin Hester
    God: nobody cares, just draft
    footballfanspot: TO?
    Rad Railz: that was way less exciting than I expected
    WalterFootball: Cutler loves Bennett
    Ragnarok: Yes he does
    Hurricane Ditka: ecactly
    Hurricane Ditka: god hates kickers?
    Rad Railz: oh i don't have a backup QB... crap
    God: real pros don't draft kickers, they pick one up
    Ragnarok: oh well
    God: Christian Ponder: top 15 QB in fantasy this year. book it
    Hurricane Ditka: lol nope
    God: vikings gonna score a lot of points this year
    WalterFootball: well if God says so
    Hurricane Ditka: for the other team?
    BobLoblaw: Lots of people left I'd be happy to draft.
    Rad Railz: seahawks play vikings D Brady's bye
    Hurricane Ditka: Matt FlynnAaron Rodgers
    Rad Railz: i guess I'll pick up a D in the FA...
    SanchO: I assume 16 rounds anyway
    Hurricane Ditka: I dont remember seeing someone not drafting a D

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    anyone up for one now

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    dont know how to start a mock so someone get one going

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    anyone up for one today

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    I'd be up for one later today, around 3-4pm perhaps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rednose View Post
    I'd be up for one later today, around 3-4pm perhaps
    is that my time west coast or east

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    east, sorry
    so around now ^^
    I'll be around for 2-3 hours

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