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Thread: Wednesday Night Fantasy Football Mock Drafts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mitchell View Post
    I'm in a keeper league and I have until tonight to decide who I want to keep.. I went into the season with Hillis, Blount and Mathews and obviously only one of these guys make sense as a keeper.. HOWEVER, I was offered Cam Newton for a 5th round pick in return for a 7th.

    So essentially my question is, Cam Newton or Ryan Mathews as a keeper?

    Either or would b good. Do u like Rb or QB more?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by esr44 View Post
    OK, I'm signed in. Whenever the start time is I'm cool. Thanks.
    OK, great! I'm going to try to adjust the time to see if it boots ya. Stand by...

  3. Quote Originally Posted by kollkash View Post
    OK, great! I'm going to try to adjust the time to see if it boots ya. Stand by...
    OK, it looks like it kept ya. I'll change it back to 11pm EST and wait to see if it gets filled.

    This is a link to a 10-team, 2-QB w/ flex mock on MockDraftCentral.com. Start time is 11pm EST unless we can get it filled earlier.

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    Chat log from tonight's mock:

    Admin: Welcome to the live mock drafts at Fantasy Football Calculator. Good luck!
    WalterFootball: Are 7 and 12 computers?
    Windows 3.1: no
    a: no
    SanchO: No it says computer if they are computer
    Prodigy: What format are we doing?
    WalterFootball: i meant 7 my bad
    Windows 3.1: just people who lack creativity
    WalterFootball: this is 2-QB PPR?
    SanchO: 2 QB PPR it seems
    Windows 3.1: yes
    WalterFootball: this should be interesting
    SanchO: Is everyone here from Walterfootball then
    Blash: yup 2 QB PPR
    Windows 3.1: lurker at the forums
    a: yes lurker
    footballfanspot: 2 RB, 3 WR or 2 RB, 2 WR, flex?
    Windows 3.1: 2r 2w WRT flex
    a: hey walt-been following your rankings for awhile...this year seems like you have Bust for a lot of the top RBs(i completely agree) but why rank them so high then?
    a: potential?
    WalterFootball: i don't think i have many so high
    WalterFootball: 2 RB, 2 WR, flex
    AlexPaul: and to confirm, 2 QBs?
    WalterFootball: yeah 2 QB PPR
    Windows 3.1: yes
    a: 4/20...20% bust rate
    Windows 3.1: remember guys, 15 rds at FFC
    WalterFootball: who are a, 11 and 12?
    SanchO: a is a lurker
    SanchO: 11 and 12 remain unknown
    Prodigy: Cant believe that they have Brady ranked 12 here
    Prodigy: And Brees way down too
    Windows 3.1: I know Walt's pick already.
    Blash: Walts going with Vick i hear
    Windows 3.1: lol
    WalterFootball: my favorite player
    AlexPaul: shhhh, can't say his name
    Blash: o ya thats right his name is taboo
    Windows 3.1: Dog Killer #7
    Windows 3.1: LETSDOTHIS!
    Blash: Eagle 7
    Windows 3.1: No one wants CJ2k?
    WalterFootball: i want CJ2K!
    WalterFootball: damn it
    Windows 3.1: I knew it!
    Blash: lol
    Blash: u cuddnt pass up Foster tho Walt
    WalterFootball: yeah i know
    Blash: blah
    a: i kinda like what blash is doing
    a: it may never work..but it looks nice
    Blash: lol its 2 QB PPR everys going for QBs lol
    SanchO: this is weird
    Blash: mhm
    Windows 3.1: Blargh
    WalterFootball: ugh i hate having an RB and WR from the same team but he's too good to pass up on
    Blash: all u need now is Schaub Walt
    Windows 3.1: you could get Schaub for maximum scoring
    WalterFootball: haha true
    a: lotta loyal followers in this mock..avoiding vick like the plague
    Blash: i almost picked him
    WalterFootball: Vick lasted until the 9th round in a recent mock
    WalterFootball: Sancho!!
    SanchO: smurf it had to
    SanchO: sorry
    Blash: lol
    a: is there a flex?
    WalterFootball: yes
    Windows 3.1: yes
    Blash: A get Turner xP
    SanchO: @ Walt-Richardson stock down?
    WalterFootball: yes
    footballfanspot: richardson is a brown, he has cursed written all over him
    WalterFootball: haha sorry
    Prodigy: QB is officially disgusting now
    Windows 3.1: yup
    a: do you think AlexPaul is a giants fan?
    md4l: Andrew Luck is still available
    Windows 3.1: all serviceable options taken
    md4l: besides that, yup
    Blash: ok now QB is garbage
    a: i think josh freeman could have a nice bounce back year..new coach..very easy schedule..and upgrade at receiving options(vjax + dallas clark has look sharp in camp)
    Windows 3.1: 4 RBs?
    a: now im confused
    Windows 3.1: WTF?
    Windows 3.1: care to explain 12?
    Blash: 12 is bot
    11: did this thing just glitch? i didnt pick mike wallace
    SanchO: no
    Windows 3.1: bots arent that stupid
    Blash: lol
    Blash: damm u Walt I was hoping he fall to me next pick
    Prodigy: Lol that never would have happened
    Windows 3.1: I see everyone is in on the damning walt bandwagon!
    Blash: hey i can hope cant i
    Prodigy: Josh Freeman in the 6th has to sting
    a: i like wags eam alot
    Wags: I have PPR studs but meh QBs
    Blash: its solid
    SanchO: Considering the rules, im ok with my team
    Wags: is it a flex or RB/WR flex?
    Wags: like could I start 2 TEs?
    Windows 3.1: you can start 2 tes
    Windows 3.1: i think
    a: now i like your team even more lol
    Wags: haha
    Windows 3.1: I like my team
    Windows 3.1: Gore in the 7th
    WalterFootball: yeah flex can be TE
    Blash: so whos going to pick T.O.?
    Wags: 11/12 are screwed for QBs
    Blash: mhm
    Windows 3.1: ERROR 404: QB NOT FOUND
    Windows 3.1: In all seriousness, how the f do you go 8 rounds without a QB in a 2QB draft?
    Prodigy: It must be a bot
    Windows 3.1: Bots don't take bench until they fill their other positions
    Blash: troll?
    Prodigy: Maybe he thinks he could trade some RBs for a QB then
    a: its prob a troll
    Windows 3.1: yea
    Windows 3.1: or else he would reply in chat why he has 5 RBs
    Blash: He clearly must b a Panthers fan, nothing but runningbacks. A team of RBs
    SanchO: MD4l you here
    md4l: Ya
    Blash: damm u prod
    SanchO: Early for Davis?
    Blash: wow wags got Bowe, forgot no1 picked him
    md4l: I sorta panicked, but not really
    Prodigy: Walt, do you think Bowe is going to hold out into the season?
    Wags: I think he's worth the risk in the 9th round
    WalterFootball: i heard he'll be back before the start of the season
    SanchO: Best? No chance
    Windows 3.1: Kevin Smith will be the Lions RB
    Windows 3.1: For the season
    Prodigy: Ha Jahvid Best
    Prodigy: Kevin Smith wont stay healthy for a whole season. You kidding?
    Blash: i got some faith in Best
    Windows 3.1: more likely to stay healthy than Best or Leshoure
    Wags: Kevin Smith, Leshoure, nor Best will be healthy... it's gonna be Keiland Williams haha
    Blash: ooo a defense
    Windows 3.1: 10rds without a QB
    SanchO: DeAngelo Williams in the 10th? Ok then
    Prodigy: Kenny Britt was a worse pick than the defense. lol
    Windows 3.1: Is Maurice Morris still with DET?
    Blash: dont think so
    Prodigy: No way hes in the league still
    Prodigy: The Lions will probably sign someone like Benson after all of their RBs go on IR
    Blash: i heard the skins r looking at Benson
    Windows 3.1: I just looked it up, he is.
    Windows 3.1: Morris is still with the Lions lol
    Wags: I'm a Skins fan.... we are not signing Benson or Grant
    Prodigy: I thought that was Ragnarok. Whoops
    Blash: nah Rag couldnt make it tonight
    Windows 3.1: Walt, stocking up on GB RBs I see.
    Prodigy: Noooo Greg Olsen!
    Windows 3.1: he's a bum
    Windows 3.1: screwed my fantasy team last year
    Prodigy: Hes going to have a big year without Shockey taking targets from him
    WalterFootball: on Alex Green yeah
    a: oh cmon he was prob drafted in your 13th round last year..how could that pick screw your fantasy team ?
    Windows 3.1: I thought he would be an amazing supersleeper and didn't draft any TEs before him!
    Windows 3.1: all the TEs are gone now
    Prodigy: Jared Cook is going to be a stud this year. Cant believe he was there for me in round 12
    Windows 3.1: you're doing what I did with Olsen last year.
    md4l: lol
    Windows 3.1: woot
    WalterFootball: fast draft
    Prodigy: Why the hell do you guys take kickers
    Prodigy: Standard drafts last 16 rounds. Like ESPN for example
    Windows 3.1: why not?
    WalterFootball: yeah i don't know why FFC is 15 rounds
    Windows 3.1: I have a strategy for K
    Windows 3.1: Yahoo is 15 also
    Prodigy: Hah Kevin Kolb is his 2nd QB
    Blash: lol Kolb
    Prodigy: Go Prodigy

  5. Quote Originally Posted by JoeLegend View Post
    The one time I want to do it everyone rushes in

    If you're interested...

    This is a link to a 10-team, 2-QB w/ flex mock on MockDraftCentral.com. Start time is 11pm EST unless we can get it filled earlier.

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    Can't believe I forgot about this.

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    So there was somebody there from another website? Interesting...

  8. Sorry, its turns out I wont be available. Hopefully another time.

  9. Many open slots available for 10 team, 2-QB mock on MockDraftCentral.com:


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    I am sad I missed it tonight.

    Also, holy crap this thing brings in a lot of new posters.

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