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Thread: NFL Mafia: Game Thread

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    NFL Mafia: Game Thread


    The following game is property of the NFL. The NFL prohibits the use of any pictures or descriptions of this game without its express written consent.


    It’s that time of year again. SuperBowl time… But that’s not what everyone cares about. Everyone cares about the real event that takes place a week prior to the SuperBowl – you know, the headlining event of the NFL Season – where all the “big names” from around the league come to Hawaii to do nothing during practice, get drunk, and find some hot Hawaiian bitches to fuck… You know, a normal weekend for NFL players.

    And so it goes, practice on Day 1 goes by with people just standing around and joking – maybe doing the occasional jog around to look like they’re doing something for the cameras. Then they get to go sign autographs in the crowd – but what they’re really doing is scoping out the poon to be had. It continues like this for most of the week, until midday Friday when a freak storm caused massive damage… Like 100 mile per hour winds, 100 foot waves, yada yada the whole shebang – oddly the stadium was completely untouched doe It was just a mess. To the delight of the NFL players though, the airport’s run ways are covered in debris from the chaos of the storm, which means they would be /stuck/ here for at least another week! Another week they intended to live up.

    Come Sunday afternoon, coaches, honored guests, players, fans, etc. all head to the stadium to watch a half-ass football game… 10 minutes in, it’s 35-35, like most Pro Bowls it’s really retarded. It’s the event where the JoeLegends of the world tell you a player is good because he is there and put up stats and whatnot. The score is 70-70, 3 minutes later, and the announcers, SwAg Dynasty and Snake, are talking at lightning pace to keep up, then all of a sudden they need not continue…

    The thundering noise echos throughout the stadium, screams are heard, lots of clattering as fans scamper away from the cause of the blast… The camera finally pans to the site… The announcing booth, destroyed…

    SwAg Dynasty is dead. He was Brett Favre, Special Guest Announcer, Town-Aligned.

    Snake is dead. He was John Madden, Madden NFL 12 Blows, Town-Aligned.

    So much for safety for all NFL employees… Looks like there is a group of malcontents among all in the stadium… Now who could they be…

    RULES -- Read these.

    ^ I even spaced them out to make them look less intimidating so you can read them!

    Unless it says otherwise in your Role PM, you may NOT talk about the game outside of the Game Thread.

    Voting during the Day Phase will end once we get to a majority decision.

    In order to vote for someone to get lynched during the day, you must bold their name, you must unlynch one person before you vote to lynch another.

    The night phase will last exactly 24 hours unless SwAg Dynasty and Snake receive every PM. That means if you have a Night Ability, you have 24 hours to send in your PMs to SwAg Dynasty and Snake unless otherwise noted. Should you not want to use your night ability, send a pm saying so.

    No editing or deleting your posts in the game thread. Double, triple, quadruple, quintuple, etc. posting is fine.

    We reserve the right to mod kill and forcefully end a lynch.

    NO DEAD POSTING! Once you're dead, you're out of the Game Thread. Simple.

    NO POSTING SCREENSHOTS OR DIRECTLY QUOTING FROM ROLE PMs. Role claiming is fine but do it in your own words. No posting fake PMs either. Failure to do so will result in being Mod killed.

    No Dead Chats.

    Do not post information regarding your PM from the Night prior to the Write-up being posted

    If your PM says not to say something, don’t. There will be no second chances and
    you will be modkilled.

    Do not read the Who's Online list

    Most importantly…HAVE FUN!


    1. SanchoPanza: Rex "Sexy Rexy" Ryan, Motivating Man, Town-Aligned
    2. Daniel Brown
    3. Body Burner: Brandon Marshall, Totes Psycho, Daniel Snyder-Aligned
    4. PSUShenanigans: Tony Romo, Attention Whore, Town-Aligned
    5. bcb1213: Calvin Johnson, Megatron, Town-Aligned
    6. InjuredReserve: Albert Haynesworth, Man of /Explosive/ Anger, Town-Aligned
    7. Ragnorok: LaRon Landry, God, Indepedent-Aligned
    8. Morgus: Greg Jennings, The Putter of The Team on His Back, Town-Aligned
    9. Lukic: Peyton Hillis, CIA Agent, Town-Aligned
    10. PhoenixRogue: Ben Roethlisberger, Rapist, Town-Aligned
    11. Blue: JaMarcus Russell, The Skittler, Mafia-Aligned
    12. miamidolphin4life: Adam "Pacman" Jones, Mister Make It Rain On Them Hoes, Mafia-Aligned
    13. ctrmcougar: Kellen Winslow, ****ing Soldier, Independent-Aligned
    14. Link: Peyton Manning, Watcher, Town-Aligned
    15. NorthernCharge: Roger Goodell, NFL Monarch, Town-Aligned
    16. Dusty: Jerome Simpson, Drug Dealer, Daniel Snyder-Aligned
    17. Vikingfan: Tim Tebow, Man of God, Town-Aligned
    18. Vitor: Nnamdi Asomugha, Shutdown Corner, Town-Aligned
    19. Ckane138
    20. JoeLegend: Walter Cherepinsky, Voice of the People, Town-Aligned
    21. Simonds: Michael Vick, Dog Lover, Daniel Snyder-Aligned
    22. EllijayFalconsFan: Vince Young, Cry Baby Bitch, Town-Aligned
    23. Tango: Gene Atkins, Mad Bomber, Independent-Aligned
    24. Hunter: Greg Williams, Mastermind, Mafia-Aligned
    25. rackcitysteelers: Brandon Meriweather, 2x Pro Bowler, Town-Aligned
    26. vikingsteve26: Tom Brady, Golden Boy, Town-Aligned
    27. The Deaner: Matt Cassel, Punk-Ass Bitch, Town-Aligned
    28. mdb17: Julius Peppers, Streaky Defender, Town-Aligned
    29. ChicagoJay: Clay Mathews, Body Guard, Town-Aligned
    30. No Lynch: Ray Lewis, Intimidator, Mafia-Aligned
    31. Taylor091: Ndamukong Suh, Penalty Machine, Town-Aligned
    32. Tokenbk: Reggie White, Man of Rebirth, Daniel Snyder-Aligned
    33. Xero: Joe Thomas, Blindside Protector, Town-Aligned
    34. Walter: Daniel Snyder, Buyer of Talent, Daniel Snyder-Aligned

    Snake's OP...Right below this post.

    Phase Log:

    Day 1: Nothing Happens
    Night 1: Divine Intervention and Drugs saved vikingfan, CJ thrown to the dogs, and Link is banging 70 virgins.
    Day 2: The taste of victory.
    Night 2: Body Burner and Morgus fight over a stripper and bcb is against America.
    Day 3: mdb dies 2 games in a row after lynching me. Owned.
    Night 3: LaRon dies oh and other stuff happens that is less important <.<
    Day 4: VF should watch his mouth and Lukic gets dispatched one last time.
    Night 4: NLights gets mauled over a chick.
    Day 5: Hunter dies.
    Night 5: Cougar dies for his country and Vitor turns his back on the wolfpack...Two are gone, two return.
    Day 6: Best. Day. Phase. EVAR!
    Day 7: Not as good as Day 6, but pretty good.
    Night 7: Breaking News with Joe ends.
    Day 8: We made you do something. ****tards.
    Night 8: A Pro Bowler falls.
    Day 9: Dusty is free!
    Night 9: Everyone's shit is broken!
    Day 10: Money, money, money! Doesn't buy happiness ):
    Night 10: Two attempts on CJ in 1 Night.
    Day 11: MD4L lynched in less than 10 minutes. Racism at it's finest.
    Night 11: Nothing happened!
    Day 12: Hunter dies, again.
    Night 12: PR's senseless raping ends and Token knocks on the wrong door.
    Day 13: Sancho hammers Hunter.
    Night 13: Hunter gets revenge for being hammered.
    Day 14: Hunter falls once more!
    Night 14: ... ... ...Nothin.
    Day 15: Hunter FINALLY dies.
    Night 15: Nothing.
    Day 16: Deaner's time is up.
    Night 16: Nothing
    Day 17 I: Elli kills himself lol
    Day 17 II: Even dead Gods can still dream.
    Night 17: Nothing
    Day 18: Xero's brain gets splattered.
    Night 18: Nothing
    Day 19: TAYLOR SMASH!
    Night 19: Nothing!
    Final Day: So many winners!

    Wrap-up Posts:


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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel View Post
    Me and my gun buddies aren't paranoid, but let me tell you about how Hillary's gun squads will come into your home to take away your God-given freedoms and guns, while forcing you to gay marry illegal immigrants and turn your home to Muslim abortion clinics.

    That's how you sound.

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    Fucking First Bitches (minus Snake).

  4. Got my PM, ready to put the team on my back

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    Swag, Snake, I cannot play. I'm sorry. There are others who want to play. Please send them my PM instead.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Nasmatic View Post
    Swag, Snake, I cannot play. I'm sorry. There are others who want to play. Please send them my PM instead.
    Bailing because he got a lame role. Weak

    I'm trolling :P

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    Hah, and yet you're here.
    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel View Post
    Me and my gun buddies aren't paranoid, but let me tell you about how Hillary's gun squads will come into your home to take away your God-given freedoms and guns, while forcing you to gay marry illegal immigrants and turn your home to Muslim abortion clinics.

    That's how you sound.

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    Lynch swag?

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    Yes! Finally! I have been super excited about this mafia ever since I signed up Let's get it going!

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    lol, I love how Swag and Snake completely refused to remove Nas from the list of players.
    Quote Originally Posted by jepg View Post
    I apologise to the entire Walter Football community for my bigoted views.

    I should be put on an island and nuked.
    Quote Originally Posted by jepg View Post
    Blue is right

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