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Thread: Live Super Bowl XLVII In-Game Thread

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    I have no idea who to pick for this game. The 49ers are obviously the better team, but the Ravens playoff run has been pretty weird.

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    I'm probably not going to be on the thread much.
    Quote Originally Posted by MDude View Post
    If the 49ers make it to the 2014-2015 season NFCCG, I will paypal you and every other 49ers fan on here $200.

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    49ers - 23, Ravens - 20. MVP = Crabtree.

    Quote Originally Posted by EllijayFalconsFan View Post
    I hate you Kyle Orton, I hate your family, I hate your dog, if you have cats I hate those, I also hate any fish you have, I hate your hobbies, I hope you fail at most things you do.

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    I probably won't be on because I'll be writing a couple papers
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    Ravens 28
    49ers 27
    MVP: Flacco

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    Hot tub Super Bowl party tomorrow. I'm going to be a prune by the end of the game, but it'll totally be worth it.
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    From the draft:
    Quote Originally Posted by GongKong
    Wilson isn't a starter and Seattle didn't need a back up QB anyway. convert him to wildcat or WR? dumb pick and too early anways
    Quote Originally Posted by Blue
    Seahawks could come out of this draft without a single 2012 contributor.
    From 2014 preseason:
    Quote Originally Posted by MDude View Post
    Russell Wilson is no better than Nick Foles or Alex Smith.
    Quote Originally Posted by MDude View Post
    I suspect he is nothing more than a slightly above average QB.

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    Ravens 28
    49ers 24
    MVP Ray Lewis

    Make it happen God.
    Quote Originally Posted by Morgus View Post
    We just don't properly comprehend DT's genius.

    We're playing chess, he's playing Yahtzee.
    Quote Originally Posted by ArKaiserAttack View Post
    I only cross the sidewalk on red when I'm with a girl. Then I make a quip about how edgy I am.

    Hours later, I'm masturbating into my rocky road

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    28-17 Niners. Gore mvp
    Quote Originally Posted by MDude View Post
    If the 49ers make it to the 2014-2015 season NFCCG, I will paypal you and every other 49ers fan on here $200.

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    I think the Ravens win.

    Although the 49ers do have the Falcons factor going for them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alastair View Post
    It's a little outside of my scope of practice, but I believe the Browns have some form of auto-immune disorder that has been sinking the team into the ground for around 30 years. Many quarterbacks and coaches have come and gone, but none have been able to fight off this condition. There are some players with star talent on the roster, but the since there isn't enough hive immunity from sucking, the Browns continue to falter and can't seem to produce wins. I'll defer here to Johnnyallstar as he might have some information on the Browns' timeline of recovery and chances of reinjury.

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