I'll keep this anonymous, but I received an e-mail from a player's mom yesterday. Here's what it said:

Any player who makes it to the NFL is not a body at any camp! They are hard working players trying to make the roster. I resent people like you who insult players! If you don't have anything good to say why say it at all? FYI, [John Doe] was playing all positions on the o-line during mini camp with the 1st team and playing well.

Jane Doe Mother of John Doe XX Miami Dolphins 2008

My Response:

Jane Doe,

Thank you for the e-mail.

I'm sorry you didn't like my comment about your son, but it was not said in malice, nor was it meant to be insulting. It was factual; [John Doe] hasn't played a regular-season game since 2005.