Being the commissioner of the League that is discussed in this post and in the NFL picks section. I have to clarify a few things.

Lets start that the great WalterFootball was in this league last year and not once did he complain about the waiver wire. the first time I heard about it was when I asked him to be in the league again this year. As I do every year, I ask everyone to review the rules in advance and let me know if they don't agree with something and if they bring up a valid point I have no problem of changing. Not one person has complained about the waiver wire once. I guess it's the excuse he needed because he did not make the playoffs of a league that had the worst draft ever. Oh I know he has no time to pick up players, but he has time to analyze a draft that he is not in and keep track of a league that should not concern him. The person that he is referring to as BoBo in his rants is my roommate, who replaced Walt in the league and has never played fantasy football before. He is also very busy working two jobs, managing a dozen of his investment properties and you know having sex with girls and going out. We call him BoBo because his real name is Boris and he is of Russian decent. Oh I see how that is funny, wait Walt where are your parents from? the funny thing is that I like Walt and his parents are really nice people. It's fine that most of his parties are filled with Dudes, but hey it is what it is. the sad thing is that when I first found out that Walt had a website, I told all my friends about it because they bet thousands a week and they all became frequent visitors to his site. These are the same people he just bashed in his Colum. I don't go to his website and had to hear it from them, so I am posting this.

The person that is feeding all this information to Walt is his neighbor and business partner Steve, who is in my league. Steve is one of my best friends and someone I have known for years. Steve also was in the league last year and proclaimed his team was the best at the start of the year. Steve did not make the playoffs...Guess they are not very good at fantasy. Steve is a natural attention whore, but this comes with his personality and his career of a sales women and this is why we love him. He has a tendency to post his various sales ventures on our message board in the league. Steve once again thought he had a great team and let us know about it. he felt real good about getting Brady in the second round. I thought this was not a big deal because in my opinion Romo was a better option, but hey what do I know I only won the league last year plus I don't pick a QB till the later rounds anyway.

Here is where we come to some stuff that made me mad. Brady goes down as the early game last week. I do not care because I hate the Pats and did not have any of them on my team. The whole day goes by and I log on again at around 9pm. I check the message board and what do you know Steve is talking all types of smack to another player. I look at the time of this post and it is 7:22. I read the nonsense that he posted and moved on to the transactions almost sure to find someone has picked up Cassel. What do you know the stupid babbling idiot did not pick him up yet. Just because I want to rub it in his face and for the pure joy I grab him. Side note Steve is 5th on the waiver wire and I am second, so in traditional rules he doesn't get him anyway. 5 minutes later I get a text *****ing and moaning how the league sucks and how the waiver wire is messed up and he was busy all day to pick him up. hey duesch bag you were on at 7 and instead of picking him up you wrote some dumb stuff on the message board! Play better!

Now today I get a phone call from Bo-Bo saying that Walter has written something else. I guess he found some time in his busy schedule to write more about a league that he is not in. Could of picked up a player in that time. BTW..I checked the transactions and there is a max of like 6 per week. So, I go on this website and try to dig through all the useless crap on it, like the Mock draft for 2039. I eventually call the person that told Bo-Bo about the article and he directs me to it. I read it and it says that I picked up Brady 20 minutes after he went down...Now now that is not true. I guess Steve has been telling half truths to make himself look good. Now not only is he writing about a league he is not in, he is also lying on his website about a league he is not in. Another thing, 70 points from Steve's team is not a surprise when Brady goes down, so don't make a big deal about it.

Now Walter if this was such a bad league and for a significant amount of money I would of paid double to be in it with your expertise. Don't make me go over last years draft and show your readers what you did.

Igor(Yes, that is my name...It's Russian and Walt will probably think it's funny)