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Thread: Worst fantasy Draft ever

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    To be honest i found the colum amusing.

    I just think the Colum is enough ya know.

    You dont need to start an every week update like VB wants.

    Anyways I am just way to friendly and care way to much about other people....i dont even know bobo

    And i guess i m a hypocrite cuz if you would make an everyweek update i would probably enjoy them....

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    Man what a cry baby, guess he had a lot of time to post a "stupid message" wasting his time when he could have picked someone up in his league
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    Quote Originally Posted by Walter View Post
    LOL you would be right, VB
    I would like Bobo's scores...lol @ that draft

  4. I AM HERE......The reason this whole thing started.....I am a beast, a monster, an owner, and a dominator.....But we can discuss later.

    BO-BO updates will continue, because I have confirmation on all party's that, that is perfectly fine, and everyone is OK with that.

    Yes, you are contradicting yourself, by saying that you don't think Walt should write about Bo-Bo, but yet you would think it is funny. Therefore, it sounds like you want this to continue, and it will!

    Iggy Biggy Smalls is angry at the world, and looking to take it over, which is why he has so much ****ing energy to write a 5 page column. OTHER than that, he is the best bartender in Philly!

    However, he is 0-2 in his league and I am 1-1! I don't need Cassel, I will crush opponents in Iggy's league!


    I agree with Iggy that this van turn into some type of column. I don't know about the battle column, but going back and forth creates controversy, and is very entertaining. So, I am willing to participate.

    BTW, check this out


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    If you can't bash someone over bad fantasy football draft picks then there isn't any point playing. Seriously, half the fun in fantasy football is the trash talk. you guys needs to lighten up.

    Quote Originally Posted by a2x View Post
    Hey Walt.

    You know i m from Germany and that i am really thankful that you are doing all this stuff about football and everything but you are totally missing the point in this discussion.

    i dont think its funny that you go on bashing bobo.

    sure my first fantasy draft was better but i followed your website.

    if bobo has no time you have to accept it. i think its nice from him to fill in.

    also its not cool that you go on bashin bobo instead of discussing the matter.

    Iggy has some good points you cant/dont answer.

    dont talk around it talk about it...

    one of my good friends over here is named igor we also call him iggy.

    he is a pretty cool dude.

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    I drafted David Garrard in the 3rd round in one draft this year. I am 2-0 in the league but that's not the point. The point is, I drafted David Garrard in the 3rd round this year. And I expect to be ridiculed for it.

  7. Being 2-0 is great, but that's some real weak ****, drafting Garrard that high man! Seriously, were you on crack or something??

  8. Just a quick update because I am not sure if the BoBo updates have been going on and where they are. He won his first game last week and guess who it was against? It was Schmidty! How ironic....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iggy24 View Post
    Just a quick update because I am not sure if the BoBo updates have been going on and where they are. He won his first game last week and guess who it was against? It was Schmidty! How ironic....
    Haha there goes a winless season
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