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Thread: Heroes Season 3 (Please No Spoilers)

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    Heroes Season 3 (Please No Spoilers)

    Did anyone watch the season premier yet? I have it downloading as i type this. I can't wait! Is it awesome?
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    Season long bets

    Trent Richardson Under 825.5 RY 3 units
    Tom Brady Over 4400 PY 1 unit
    Eric Decker Over 825.5 RY 5 units
    Mercedes Lewis Over 500.5 PY 3 units
    Geno Atkins Under 8.5 Sacks 3 units
    Calvin Johnson Under 11.5 TDs 3 units
    Ravens Over 8.5 Wins 3 units
    Bills Under 6.5 Wins 3 units

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  3. just finished second episode saved it for me was unsure after the first

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