Wow. Could be the best season ever. I can't believe Sylar is a Petrelli. I want to hear the explanation for this.

Some notes I picked up:

1. We now know how Peter was able to see himself flying and blowing up NYC in Season 1. He absorbed his mom's ability and saw visions. Pretty cool that the writers had the foresight for this.

2. Hiro talking to Ando about the future is an example of the Grandfather Paradox. By seeing the future and becoming wary of Ando and not trusting him, he's setting up a potential rift between the two friends.

But I don't think that was really Ando in the future. I'm calling it - I think it was that Knox character... the one who turns your nightmares against you. Hiro's greatest nightmare would be his most trusted friend killing him. I believe that's what he saw. Like I said, I'm calling it - it was Knox shooting the red laser; not Ando.

3. I called Linderman being some sort of ghost before it was revealed... OK about 30 seconds. When Nathan and Linderman were first playing chess, I said to myself, "Wait a second? Has anyone acknowledged that Linderman is here??? Because it's kind of odd that he's playing chess for Nathan so late."

Linderman can't be a ghost because he healed Nathan, obviously. Does he have another power where only certain people can see him?

4. Noah Bennett is a bit misinformed. Once he saw that Sylar had healing abilities, why didn't he shoot him in the head? As Victoria Pratt said, "One shot to the head." Right?

5. Bob is dead

6. I don't like this new Mohinder. I liked the bumbling scientist. I don't know what's happening with him. It actually looked like he was de-evolving.

7. I don't know where to start with Nikki Sanders. Perhaps the Haitian had something to do with this... But how did she get a new ability? Maybe all of Nikki's split personalities have different powers. Jessica had super strength. Gina had the power to do lines of coke and still be lucid 10 seconds later. Now Tracy can freeze people to death.

8. LOL at the scene where Parkman thought the turtle told him to drink water out of the plant. "Thank you, Mr. Turtle."

Let's get some discussion going here because this is going to be a long 7 days. I may rewatch these episodes again so I can notice if anyone ever spots Linderman.