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Thread: Worst bowl sponsor/title?

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    Feb 2008

    Worst bowl sponsor/title?

    So, after the addition of the "EagleBank Bowl" and the "Magicjack St.Petersburg Bowl"s....I'm just wondering which bowl (or 'winter practice game' as the case may be) do you guys think absolutely takes the cake as the worst bowl of the bunch in terms of name?

    The Magicjack St.Petersburg bowl is pretty ridiculous - its sponsor is some phone jack thing that plugs into your computer. A special phone jack is sponsoring a bowl. Geez.

    There's a couple other absolutely dumb ones...

    -San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl....because, living in GA, i'm totally gonna look up a credit union in friggin' California. ...Dumb.
    -Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl...so a helicopter manufacturer gets its own bowl, too. Good thing they namedropped themselves in a bowl game, considering i'm in the market to purchase a new helicopter, of course.
    -Chikfila Bowl. I know this used to be the Peach Bowl, which was an ok name...but now it's just the sponsor name, which is a dumb dumb idea. Where's the McDonald's Bowl? Or the Subway Bowl? Anyone feel like making a trip to the Burger King Bowl in the future? (Though I'd go to the Taco Bell Bowl; TB can do no wrong in my eyes....ecoli aside)

    It's getting fairly ridiculous - what do y'all think are the worst bowl titles, and which horrible ones do you foresee in the future? (You know more are coming)

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    Calgary, Alberta

    Papajohns.com Bowl. The "dot-com" just sells it.

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    Apr 2008

    I was gonna say Papajohns.com Bowl as well.

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