As per Walts request:

Ok, here is the write-up (I am leaving the game stuff for your enjoyment):

As you know I attended the Jets game today:

· OK, it is official, Jets fans are the worst. Your team is up and you are booing…the cheerleaders? Seriously, and they were selected to the Pro-Bowl… Even Eagles fans would not sink that low.
· Nothing beats a game day experience than drunk fans and I had one next to me screaming obscenities about Favre and how he and his wife are white trash…good times.
· Two fights broke out, between fans, which is always nice.
· Also, in the 4th Quarter, the Meadowlands turned into Dolphin Stadium in two ways. One there were a ton of empty seats and Dolphins chants abounded.
· If I ever wanted amusement, I would watch Mangini on the sidelines, acting like Art Shell, barely moving and showing no emotion.
· I should also mention the celebrations at the Meadowlands:
o Jets First Down: Announcer goes “Jets”, people go “first down”, I go “groan”
o Jets field goal: 1 round of fireworks
o Jets touchdown: 3 rounds of fireworks

· On to the game itself: I was convinced that Chad thought at times he was still playing for the Jets and he had a near pick in which he threw the ball between the numbers to number 50 on the Jets.
· Still he put himself together, and improved as the game went on, throwing impressively.
· Favre, was his turnover prone self and decided to give the Fins 7 points, which was the margin of victory (I went to the bathroom right before that play…needless to say I was pissed that I missed it)