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Thread: Prospect-to-team projections

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    Josh Freeman- Tampa Bay

    Other than the obvious fact that Tampa needs a QB you also have to remember Raheem Morris was DC at Kansas State Freemans Freshman year. So Morris is familiar with Josh

  2. Crabtree in Seattle - A big target for Knapp's offense
    Tyson Jackson in Denver - Denver needs a 5 technique Defensive end
    Piera Jerry in Atlanta - Perfect replacement for Grady Jackson
    Gerald McRath in Indianapolis - Small, fast linebackers are Indy's preference
    Andre Smith in Oakland -- Another knucklehead in Chokeland

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    If Plax gets jail time, Kenny Britt will look awesome in a Giants uniform.

    If he does come back, I'd love to see Knowshon Moreno take Derrick Ward's place on the team.

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    Knowshon Moreno to the Broncos.... WOW!!!

    Clay Matthews to the Browns....

    **The Bulldogs are Taking Over the NFL**

  5. Rey Maualuga and the Patriots. I hate to say it, but Maualuga's stock has been dropping for some petty reasons. He will fall to the Patriots, they will draft him, and he will be an absolute beast because the Patriots routinely Sh*t gold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Draztek View Post
    What lead to your change of heart on Brace?
    watching him play a bit more. I wouldn't mind if he were in Atlanta, but it's not that lock for us like people are thinking. it's a very iffy scheme fit.

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